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Female face illustrationSextails.com contains hot erotic English and American sex stories of sexually explicit romance, lust and pleasure. These epic tales include works of fantasy and fiction not found on Literotica or anywhere else online, and are intended for mature minded adult readership only. While the majority of our story scenarios are based in the U.S. and written in American English, some stories feature plots from the U.K., India and Asian countries.

Erotic literature can give readers a taste of their deepest, darkest fantasies and often helps them live out their wild and secret dreams. By reading adult stories, rather than watching porn movies, the audience becomes attached to the characters and hooked on the plot. The sexy narrations listed on SexTails.com will appeal to a wide range of people including straight, gay and lesbian. Some sexual fantasies will be of interest to our female readers with writings on sensuous erotica rather than explicit porn stories, other tales of lust may feature pictures of naked women and/or men, depict deprived sexual acts and contain saucy tales of forbidden incest and tabboo.

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Side boob peep

Room 169 - By: Van Kleve - I looped my thumbs into her waist band and forced her panties off, she assisted me by raising her ass to let them slide over her round hips...

Spanked for Being Honest - By: Don Brown - Puberty had left her behind a little, she had the tiniest breast ever, smaller than an apple with the brightest pink nipples...

The Beauty Vs Semen Study - By: Mac016 - He tried to imagine what her tits looked like, what kind of panties she was wearing, if her crotch was completely waxed or if she kept a little strip of hair above her slit...

The Lodgers - By: David Mills - Pat was now sucking my cock and playing with my balls as I raised my bum from the bed and forced my cock into her mouth and filled it with my warm creamy cum...

Return to Ecstasy - By: Owlman - I was so fascinated that I just watched it and before I knew it he was shooting his cum all over his stomach and chest...

Masturbating With My Mom - By: BMYJC - My mother ended up watching me masturbate - ultimately, she let me do the same...

Adult Literature Acronyms Used by Authors - By: SexTails.com - List of abbreviations or acronyms erotic story authors may use when conveying the subject or topic of their adult literature...

Strawberry Erotica - By: RobinRareGem - Strawberry Erotica is an erotic poem, from our poetry section, written and submitted to readers of SexTails.com by author - poet Robin Rare Gem....

Mistretta Erotica - By: RobinRareGem - Mistretta Erotica is another erotic poem written and submitted to readers of SexTails.com by author/poet RobinRareGem...

Devour Me Rock - By: RobinRareGem - How come I tasted every part of his body the hot intense my lips were burning like an inferno but it felt good...

Center Clit Fold - By: Robin Rare Gem - Center Clit Fold is an erotic poem written and submitted to readers of SexTails.com by Robin Rare Gem...

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