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Erotic Skout Chat Friendship Story


Author: avvy19
Published: 27-Feb-14 Revised/Updated 11-Aug-17

This is my first story, I have been an avid reader since 5 years and always used to feel that are these incidents real or fiction till it also happened with me but a real incident in Feb 2014...

* * * * * * *

As you all know that social media has captured the imaginations of young, old alike. So keeping in tune with changing times, I also purchased a smartphone and downloaded Facebook, twitter etc. It was a great and my friends coaxed me into opening a skout account so that I join the group, to say about me I am a nice guy but not fair 5 feet 7inches, good built fair body person who has a nice libido.

I opened skout account and was soon addicted to it, reading jokes, getting in touch with all friends. All forward erotic things on skout. Daily I sued to upload one pics as usual ,I had one nice messages which I wanted to send to my buddy but by mistake while sending I selected wrong profile and it went to Komal (name changed). She posted a message that anyone have vidhyapeeth college no . I said I have then our chat started ...and some message and then I gave her the required no , then slowly we started to chat ,abt general topic daily. Like that we continued our chatting daily then one day I asked to show her pics . I was embarrassed and in fact scared ...Komal will not have me as a friend and I taught she will block me . but suddenly I got mail from id that I am not Sony its Komal, she was actually a medical college student who had been interacting with me from the last one week.

By seeing her pics I commented sexy figure, I taught for a second and then again I wrote sorry and asked apology saying I will not comment like that ,that I got a ping back, saying that its ok and normal in these days . she asked to send my pics and I send my pics I was expecting her to ignore or severed all ties or report me but here it came in reverse , she said you are good and even you are the person who enjoyed my pic and said best figure sexy ass . I started with her asking that can we be friends and. I replied that I am sorry for the pic which was for my friends. Komal replied "no worries" and its general asking pics for verification . This started our conversation overskout . We chatted for whole night, it did not appear that we were strangers or for that matter just knew each other and had a professional relationship.

This continued for 2-3 days where we freely exchanged whats app no . The third day I was drinking fruit, suddenly I got message from her , we started chatting and like studies , hobbies and interests everything at moment she asked , do you have have girl friend , I replied no but she didn't believe that I don't have gf . even I made promise to her and finally she believed .i asked her the same question she had before but now . I said to het I want to ask one question to you but don't mistake suddenly she replied , hey I knw what you are going to ask : if my guess is right " r u virgin ".

I asked question and following was the conversation

Me- yes but how you guessed

Komal- I know that its because today is open world man , these question are normal in chats

Me-when you lost

Komal - at age of 17 with my ex-boyfriend and what abt you r u virgin

Me - yes till now only self and some times by seeing blue films

Komal- don't tell lie r u telling truth but how it can be

Me - iam telling the truth and even I don't have girl friend.

Komal - why , is ther any specific reason

Me - iam short temper guy and study concentrated and also laziness in me that's the reason.

Me - I asked her can I have sex with you I don't know where I got guts to ask and waiting for the reply , suddenly I got ping saying lets see and first we can understand each other.

Like that daily our chat continued , with out seeing her message or chatting with her the daily was like a hell and even I said to her the same thing. Then she responded that ok I will do message and chat with you daily. And when ever she gets free time in class , she used to call me and ask what I am doing and where I am . I used to respond the her question , there we started truth and dare games, as you all know about the game rules , I also explained to her the same thing and she accepted the rules.

We started to ask question to each other continuously and if some tell wrong answer to the question and they have to da what ever the winner says

If first round she lost and the I asked to her send a non veg pictures and then she sends me a pic in black lace nighty which was transparent, it was see though and was clicked under table lamp so I could clearly see outline of boobs and the nipples are erect. I was already high and this snap made my harmonies rise. I got an erection, I was nude and stroking myself.

Komal-how was the pic.

Me-made me horny

Komal- I do not believe you

Me- wish I could show you what your pic did to me

Komal- show me send me the pic

Drunken man and sexy woman in front, my rational mind had switched off- I send my pic with my erect long dick showing prominently. I got call from Komal, she said she is now hot after seeing the pic.

It was not normal routine for her to call me and chat with me daily . one day it was 12 in night. She said she is alone and she needs a man and said I want to have phone sex with you now itself And even I was hot mood too;I asked to her to wait for 2 minutes and in that time I went to terrace to talk freely with her, I again called her and she took up in first ring itself and asked where I am I said iam in terrace alone and what abt you I asked

I am standing in balcony and I asked her in what dress you are she responded that She in the same dress. Komal is 4 feet 8 inches with knee length hair, dark black eyes, 34-36-38. I asked her to close the door and She closed the door as I got in and next moment I asked her to remove to my remove my shorts ( phone sex chat ) .and asked to suck my dick. She started to make like sucking my dick like lollipop , slowly she started then reached to jet speed as I cant hold for so much time , I came in her mouth then I just smooched her and without leaving her lips, I pushed her against wall lifted her night up, placed her lace panty to side, pushed my jeans and brief down and just plunged my red hot cock inside her. She started moaning heavily and was also wild, her nails were all over my back and she was biting my neck with each stroke of mine. We were so hot that I forgot about condom, I just came inside her. We remained in the same position for 10 minutes after that. it was so beautiful like a painting of Husain.

After an hours I said to I want to have sex with you really , without any hesitation even I also want to have you in bed avvy( my nick name ).like this we continued our sex chat over phone and sometimes I asked to hear my self-job(masturbation) sound and sometime I used to hear sound. Now we have planned to meet up in her place which is near to her college by may month in the middle. I am waiting for the day to come as soon as possible in the month of may.

Friends please suggest me some new style and give me comments for my story in my mail box avvy19@icloud.com I will write the second part as soon as possible. People who are all from hyderabad, can contact me for good massage , I have trained in ancient method and as well as modern methods to relieve your stress , sure you will like it once you get massaged by me.

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