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A Week in London

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Author: Tafod Arian
Published: 08-Sep-04 Revised/Updated 12-Jun-17
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'A Week in London' contains graphic consensual sexual scenes between adults. This story is FICTION. It does NOT depict the relationship between actual living people. It is NOT intended for readers under 18 or those who are easily offended by such descriptions. If you are UNDER 18, or if you ARE offended by pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE to read. If material of this nature is illegal in your area and you continue to read it, it is YOUR responsibility. All rights reserved: Permission is hereby given to distribute this story via electronic means only, for non-profit use. This header must remain intact. All rights for this story remain the property of the author.

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This story is dedicated to Melanie - she knows why.

I was due to spend a week in London visiting the head offices of the company to present my ultimatum to the board. From Heathrow I took the company limo to my hotel in central London and settled in. I was a bit jet lagged from the trip so I enjoyed a quiet dinner in the hotel and an early night. The next morning, following an early breakfast and a jog in Hyde Park, I dressed carefully and conservatively for the first meeting. I took a taxi, arriving at the company's City office building just after ten o'clock, leaving plenty of time to prepare myself for the difficult first session.

I was met at the reception desk by a professionally attractive girl in her early twenties who conducted me to the boardroom where the meetings were to take place. She was a trim young brunette with an exceptional figure and stunning legs, sheathed in dark nylon and well displayed by a tight short, but not too short, skirt. I could not fault the company on the initial impression made on visitors. Although physically attractive her conversation was banal verging on the shallow and she was less interesting on this account although by her body language and non-verbal signals she clearly found what to her was an important visitor intriguing. She was obviously available and I was looking for a companion for the evening. However, I decided to hold off and see what developed, I could always see her again as I was leaving.

In the anteroom to the boardroom the receptionist, whose name I immediately forgot, introduced me to the managing directors PA. Mrs Edwards. She organised coffee while the board was concluding their preparations for the day's crucial agenda and sat and talked with me while I took the refreshments. She introduced herself to me afresh as 'Julia'. She was about five foot nine, slightly plump with styled blonde hair falling in soft waves to her shoulders. She was dressed in a dark business suit the skirt of which was just above the knee. She had taken off the jacket revealing a white sheer silk tight-fitting blouse with a neckline just low enough to display the beginning of her cleavage. She was wearing dark sheer tights and neat patent leather shoes with about a three inch heel. As she stood to pour the coffee it was clear that my initial feeling that she had quite an exceptional figure was correct. She held herself erect with her head poised on a long slender neck, square shoulders supporting fairly plump prominent breasts clearly defined through the silk of her blouse. She was wearing a bra with lacy shoulder straps and delicate lace cups which made an intriguing pattern through the silk. She did not appear to be wearing a slip. Her body narrowed to a slender, but not thin waist and then swelled to fairly plump broad hips. As she turned away to sit down after bending forward to hand me my coffee I saw that she had a very well made behind, clearly outlined by her tight skirt.

I collected my impressions while I sipped my coffee. When she bent forward I had had a view of her cleavage which showed great promise and her bottom was magnificent. She had a musical voice and a ready laugh and the time passed very pleasantly until it was time for me to meet the board. Before leaving her I asked if she had plans for later, thinking I might take her to lunch. She said that the managing director was planning a working lunch to explore my proposals in more detail, and it was clear that while she was aware of the importance of the meeting, she was unaware of just how critical it was going to be for the company. I thought the she looked disappointed. As the company secretary invited me into the boardroom I motioned him to wait a moment and, turning to Julia, I invited her for tea at my hotel later that afternoon. She had booked my hotel so she knew that it was respectable and I told her that I would send a car for her. I could see that she was flattered and she agreed with a quick smile just before the closing door took my mind from her and I was forced to concentrate on the business that had brought me to London. The meetings lasted all morning, through lunch and I left at about three o'clock to go back to my hotel.

I had a quick shower after arranging for a car to pick up Julia. I dressed in a smart business suit with a conservative tie as I knew that she would still be in her office attire. I went down to the lobby just before four o'clock in time to see a car draw up and Julia get out. She looked as enticing and intriguing as I remembered. She was wearing her jacket over her white blouse and carrying a small neat handbag. I met her in the lobby and she gave me a quick smile, seeming relaxed. "Is it too early for a drink, or would you prefer afternoon tea" I asked her. "Let's have tea" she said "I have something to ask you and you may prefer not to start drinking too early!". "Intriguing" I thought.

I indicated the way to the conservatory and allowed her to precede me appreciating the way her plump buttocks moved smoothly under the thin material of her skirt which was short enough to show dimples in the flesh of her neat legs just behind the knees as she walked. The maitre d'hotel conducted us to a table in the foliage close to the murmuring water of a little fountain allowing us considerable privacy. As he held her chair for her to sit she slipped off her jacket giving me another view of her cleavage and demonstrating from the way that her breasts strained against the silk of her blouse that she was indeed well-made. I ordered tea and looked into her blue eyes. "Well, Julia" I said "what is so mysterious. Why should we not be drinking".

"It is the company's annual dinner dance this evening and the chairman has invited you if you would like to come, please do". She said eagerly. "I would very much like it if you would be there". "I should be a little out of place without a partner, don't you think" I asked. She shook her head. "Lots of people go without partners. I hoped that you would come so I have arranged a place for you at my table with my husband, another couple and my husband's PA. You may not have known it but he is a Senior Accountant with the company". I certainly hadn't known it! I thought for a moment. This was an intriguing and attractive woman who I should certainly enjoy getting to know a lot better. What better place to start than a dinner dance. "I should be delighted to come" I said. "That's marvellous" she replied taking an invitation from her handbag and handing it to me. "All the details are on there and we should have a lovely evening". "We certainly should if I have anything to do with it!" I thought.

The tea arrived and we had a pleasant hour while I learned a great deal about her, her husband and their lives. She was a charming and entertaining companion and, all too soon, it was time for her to leave to prepare for the dance. I called a car to take her to the station and shook her cool hand. "I look forward to seeing you this evening, Julia, and to meeting your husband". She gave me a quick smile, tapped her way down the hotel steps and was gone.

I went to my room and had a brief sleep to refresh myself then a long hot bath followed by a cold shower. I dressed carefully in my dinner-suit and was ready just about in time when the telephone rang and the arrival of my car was announced. It was a brief journey only to the large central London hotel where the function was to be held and, on entering, I was shown to the ballroom which had been taken over by the company. Tables were spread around a small but adequate dance floor and a small combo was playing unobtrusively from a small stage in the corner. I entered the ballroom and just stood looking round. I did not have to wait long when there was a gentle touch on my wrist. I turned to view Julia with pleasure. She was wearing a stunningly simple black cocktail dress just off the knee. It had a fitted low-cut bodice accentuating and displaying to perfection, her splendid breasts. She was wearing small stud earrings but no other jewellery. Her soft blonde hair had been put up emphasising her long slender neck and drawing even more attention to her splendid bosom. She smiled at me.

"Come and meet my husband, Alan" she said, leading the way through the crowd to our table. I followed, appreciatively eyeing her splendid bottom. She introduced me to the other people at the table. The other couple I was polite to but they were instantly forgettable. I was much more interested in the husband and his PA, Samantha. Alan was tall and dark with a rather arrogant air and his attitude to Julia was casual to say the least. He seemed much more interested in his PA, a rather sulky-looking red-head with a neat but not exceptional figure. I could not understand his apparent preference for his PA when he had such a beautiful wife. I followed the dynamics of the situation through dinner with interest and it was clear that there was strain in the air and Julia was far from happy with what was happening. It began to be clear to me why she had been so keen for me to be present at the dance.

As things developed I found myself talking more and more to Julia as her husband continued to ignore her. I learned a lot more about their family life. I began to appreciate that she was a rather unhappy insecure person which made her vulnerable.

At the end of dinner at the coffee and brandy stage the music became more insistent and people started to dance. I saw Alan give Samantha a rueful look which was not missed by Julia. He took his wife's hand and they went to dance. I smiled at Samantha but did not offer to dance with her. She looked even more sulky but I just enjoyed my brandy and had a few words with the company chairman as he circulated among the tables. Samantha looked very impressed and much more interested as he addressed me with some deference. However, I was not interested in Samantha! Julia and Alan returned to the table. Alan was looking tense with compressed lips and Julia was slightly flushed. They had clearly been having words on the dance floor. I did not give them time to settle. "Would you mind if I danced with your wife, Alan" I asked politely. He did not even look at me but just waved his hand in consent. Julia's flush deepened. I took her by the hand and led her to the floor.

The band were playing a slow waltz and I took Julia in my arms holding her firmly but not too closely. I held her cool right hand in my left and my right hand was in the small of her back above the swell of her splendid buttocks. She was a good dancer and I am an expert so the dance passed pleasantly. I looked into her blue eyes and asked her suddenly "Are you happy Julia" This was a critical time. Had she denied her unhappiness I should have left her to make the best of her life with an unappreciative and, probably unfaithful, husband as I had no wish to make things worse for her. However, although I suspected that she was unhappy I was surprised when she clutched my hand tightly, digging her nails into my flesh and gave a convulsive sob. "Of course I am not happy, you fool" she blazed "can't you see what he is up to with that little tart Samantha". "I think he is a fool" I said "you are much more beautiful and intelligent than Samantha and if he can't see that then perhaps he doesn't deserve you."

She looked searchingly into my eyes and I slightly tightened my hold, pulling her gently closer until her breasts were brushing my chest and I lowered my right hand a fraction holding her a little more intimately just above the swell of her buttocks. I led her to a shaded and rather deserted part of the dance floor and drew her just a little closer. I was going very slowly as I did not want to frighten her. I put my lips close to her ear and whispered gently "Don't be unhappy, pretty Julia, there is no need. Let me make you happy. I can change your life for you if you will only trust me". She gave a deep gasp. "You mustn't say things like that!" she whispered "what about Alan". I turned her so that she could see their table and he was openly holding Samantha's hand while the other was on her thigh under the table. Julia gasped again, flushed and went pale. "Oh God!" she said "it's happening again and he promised it wouldn't after last time". "Julia" I said "if a man has strayed once he will stray again. Let me make you happy". I drew her closer to me and kissed her ear feeling the swell of her splendid breasts pressed against me. She gave a deep sigh. "This is wrong" she whispered. I looked across at the table. Alan and Samantha had disappeared. She followed my eyes and went pale. I led her to a vacant table. "Just sit there for a moment" I said, and went back to our table where the other couple were still sitting. I quickly found out what had happened.

I went back to Julia. "His story is that there has been an emergency at work and they have had to go back to work on some printouts before the board meeting in the morning. He said that he would not be home tonight". Julia looked concerned. "Do you think that that might be true" she asked tentatively. "I know it isn't true" I said bluntly "nothing is more important to the board than my meetings with them tomorrow and it has nothing to do with any fictitious printouts that Alan might invent." She gave a loud sob and looked at me. "What am I going to do" she said miserably. I looked into her sad eyes.

"I think that you need to think about things" I said" and it will not do you any good to go home in the state that you are in now. Let me book you a room here and you can have a good night's sleep and we can talk at breakfast. I shall be free after three o'clock tomorrow afternoon, we can decide later what you will do in the morning and after that we can spend some time putting your life back together". She squeezed my hand and looked into my eyes and I knew without her speaking that she had agreed. She was still looking uncertainly at me and without difficulty I read her mind. "You will need stuff for tonight if you are going to stay here and some fresh clothes for the office tomorrow". She looked at me gratefully. I took her hand and led her from the ballroom to the reception desk. I booked her a room and ordered the company car. "You can go home and get what you need. It is still quite early and Alan will certainly not be there". She still looked hesitant. "Would you like me to come with you" I asked her. She smiled brilliantly "That would be wonderful".

I helped her into the car and as I did, her breast pressed against my arm. It felt wonderfully resilient and springy. As she sat her dress rode up a little showing the beginning of beautiful plump thighs. She did not pull it down. I sat beside her in the darkness of the car as she gave the address to the driver. It was only about a fifteen minute drive which was over all too soon. "Please just wait. I'll only be a few minutes" she said. Just before she left the car I put my hand on hers "Bring your passport, Julia, just in case". She was distraught and in a mood to agree with what was suggested and she just nodded wordlessly. When she returned she was carrying a suitcase which I put into the boot for her. She had changed into a neat dress which complemented her colouring and figure. As she got into the back of the car I reached for her hand and put mine over hers on her warm thigh. I put my arm round her and drew her to me so that she was resting with her head on my shoulder her soft full breast pressing deliciously against me. I could smell the soft scent of her silky hair. She was trembling slightly. I kissed her ear "Don't worry, Julia" I whispered "everything is going to be all right". I tilted up her chin and put my lips to hers giving her the gentlest of kisses. She shuddered and grasped my hand tightly looking into my eyes. I could see the streetlights glinting from her shining eyes. "You wont hurt me will you" She begged hoarsely. "Julia" I said "I would never hurt you. Nothing will happen that you do not want and nothing will happen until you want it to. You are too stressed out tonight. We are going to go back to the hotel and you are going to get a good night's sleep. Then we will breakfast and I will go to the office. I will do what I have to do in the morning and tomorrow afternoon we will begin to plan to put your life in order". I kissed her gently again and she nestled against my shoulder as the car drew up to the hotel. I saw her to her room and took her case inside. She looked worn out with the stress of the evening. I took her unresisting body in my arms and kissed her very gently. "Sleep well, Julia" I said "I will ring you in the morning and we will breakfast together". She seemed much more relaxed now that decisions were being made for her and the door closed on her brilliant grateful smile as I went to my room to catch up on my jet-lag. Before I went to bed I arranged for red roses to be delivered to Julia's room with her early morning tea and, satisfied with my arrangements, I quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.

I awoke early the following morning and quickly prepared for the far from routine day ahead. I rang Julia's room and she answered immediately. She seemed overwhelmed by the roses and it was clear that this was an unhappy lady who had not been having much attention paid to her. I told her that I would collect her when she was ready and to call me. I plugged my lap-top in to the ISDN line that I had pre-ordered and attended to my e-mail from the night before. I also interrogated the company's personnel records using my security code and filled myself in on Alan and Samantha. I was just finishing when the telephone indicated that Julia was ready. I had spent some time while in my bath thinking things over and I had decided that last night I had gone at her pace. She was so frightened angry and confused that that had been the right thing to do. However, morning brought the realisation that it was time to introduce her to the fact, however gently, that I was the leader in whatever relationship we were destined to have.

I went to her room and tapped on the door. She quickly opened it and stood aside with a quick nervous smile to let me in. She was dressed more or less as she had been the day before and it was clear that this was her office 'uniform'. I slowly walked to her giving her time to move away if she wanted to but she smiled a little nervously and waited for me to approach her. I took her in my arms and kissed her neck before whispering in her ear "Good morning, pretty Julia. Welcome to the start of the rest of your life". I moved my kiss to her cheek and then, looking into her clear blue eyes, to her lips. For the first time I made my kiss rather more demanding, moving my lips insistently against hers which slowly relaxed allowing me first to touch and then to brush her lips with my tongue. She gasped at the rather more intimate contact. I was holding her firmly so that the fullness of her silk-covered breasts formed delicious soft mounds against my chest and I moved my hand from her waist so that she could feel my thumb brush the lower curve of her full breast. She gasped again. I kissed her again in the same way, without pressing further, and she relaxed more in my arms comfortable now with the caress. I slowly released her "Time for breakfast and a little talk" I said with a smile. She smiled back, still nervous and picked up her small handbag. I allowed her to precede me to the conservatory where we were shown to the table deep in the foliage that I had reserved much earlier that morning.

She was too nervous to eat and just ordered orange juice and croissants so I joined her, reserving coffee for later. I let her talk knowing that what she had to say would have been building up in her all night and it would be easier for her if she let it out - and it all poured out of her as she sat destroying a croissant in her twisting fingers. "What am I going to do about Alan" she asked miserably "he went off last night with that little tart Samantha. It is not the first time that he has done it either. He has had a string of similar women since soon after we were married. It is not as though there is much in our lives. He is never home and when he is we have nothing in common. For years we have had separate rooms and sex has been a joke since he started his games. He never bothered much before and he doesn't bother at all now. I'm so unhappy". She gave a loud sob and a tear rolled down her cheek which I blotted away with a tissue.

I looked across the breakfast table at the extraordinarily beautiful but unhappy woman. "Julia" I said " if you will just trust me I will make everything right for you. You can have Alan out of your life for ever. I will give you the opportunity to live the life that you deserve and you can decide whether to take it or not. There will be no pressure and the decision will be entirely yours. This is the plan for today. I have meetings until three o'clock. I arranged with the chairman last night that you be seconded to me as my PA while I am here so we will be spending a lot of time together and we can get to know one another. There is no need for you to come in to the company today and I should prefer it if you didn't because I do not want you being upset by Alan. Whatever you decide after this week I think that you know in yourself that Alan is part of your past and has no place in your future". He face had begun to brighten while she was listening to me and she nodded. "You are right, Jeff" she said, using my name for the first time "do you know, I believe that you are right".

"Spend your time quietly in the hotel relaxing this morning, go for a swim or use the gym if you like. Have a fairly light lunch because we shall be having dinner early tonight. I have tickets for a concert which I am sure that you will enjoy. After today I have no commitments until the weekend so we can sleep in tomorrow". I paused for a moment, this was rather delicate. "You may need some clothes and I don't think that it is a good idea for you to go back home. Regard this as a loan if you like and pay me back when it is convenient". I slipped my gold card across the table to her. "Go shopping for whatever you think you need and meet me back here at three o'clock. We will have tea and we can continue our chat then". "I couldn't!" she gasped. "Please do" I said "it would please me a lot". She smiled and put the card in her handbag. I got up from the table and leaned over and kissed her soft cheek. "I have to go. The maitre d'hotel has just signalled that my car is here. Have a nice day and I'll see you back here at three o'clock". She smiled and took my hand which to my surprise and delight she pressed to the lower curve of her soft breast. I smiled into her blue eyes as I cupped my hand against the fullness of her bosom and kissed her again before I left.

Following the conclusion of successful negotiations which meant that I now owned the company, the limo took me back to the hotel. I went to the reception desk and reserved the honeymoon suite for the rest of the week but still kept our two rooms. On entering the conservatory I saw Julia immediately. She smiled shyly at me and came to meet me. I took her in my arms and without any prompting from me she pressed her full firm body against me and raised her lips to mine. Her mouth slowly opened and she accepted my deep intimate kiss, her breasts heaving against my chest. I kissed her sweet mouth a moment longer and led her to a private booth in the ferns where we could sit side by side. She sat close to me, a lot of her inhibitions seeming to have disappeared.

She was dressed in a thin yellow silk dress which admirably complemented her colouring and showed off her figure to perfection. I put my hand under the table on to her thigh which she covered with her own pressing it into her soft flesh. Her attitude had certainly undergone a change form the morning and she had obviously been doing a lot of thinking. The waiter brought us drinks and then left us alone. As at breakfast, when she began to talk she could not seem to stop. It was like lancing the boil of her unhappiness. "I can't stand it any more" she said "I have been thinking about it all day. My marriage is a sham and my life is a joke. Since I married Alan it is as though my life has been on hold and I can't put up with it any more. You have done nothing except show understanding and kindness without asking for anything in return. But I want more from you than that. I think that I am reasonably attractive and my life has been passing me by. I know that you are only here for a few days but I want to spend the days and nights with you".

"Are you sure about what you are saying, Julia" I asked her "because if we spend the next few days together then your marriage is over. You will never be able to go back to Alan". "If you do not want to spend the next few days with me my marriage is over anyway. While I was out this morning I threw my wedding ring into the river. I will never go back to Alan. Please help me, don't turn me away". I looked into her eyes. "If I spend the nights with you Julia, I will want to make love to you, you know that don't you"

"God, yes!" she said breathlessly "but I don't just want you to make love to me. That is what my mother used to call it. I want you to fuck me hard over and over again. I want you to do anything you want to me and I want to do everything to you that I can to please you". In the privacy of the foliage I put my arm round my beautiful companion under her armpit directly on to her breast which I began to slowly and firmly squeeze. With my other hand I tilted her lips to mine and gave her a slow deep searching kiss sucking on her hot tongue. She gasped and pressed herself against me. I continued to feel her while I broke the kiss and looked deep into her blue eyes. "Are you sure about this Julia darling" I asked " there is absolutely no pressure on you at all". "God yes!" she gasped again "after the last few years I think that I need a good hard fuck more than anything else in the world". Now that she had begun to talk I was interested how quickly her language had become very basic. It was clearly a reaction to the restrictions of her marriage and I knew that it would bring added spice to our relationship.

"Wait a moment, darling" I said and withdrew my arm from round her. "Please just excuse me for two minutes". I went to the reception desk and instructed that after we had gone out for the evening that our belongings should be moved to the honeymoon suite and I cancelled our two separate rooms. Returning to her I sat down and the waiter brought the drinks I had ordered. When he had left us I put my lips to hers again. Without hesitation her mouth opened under mine and her tongue entered my mouth. I put my hand on her thigh and slowly moved it up until it was on her plump stomach just above her pubic mound I pressed my hand a little harder and she gasped. I took her little hand and kissed it.

"You look beautiful, darling" I said "just right for this evening". She looked a little disappointed and I knew what was running through her excited mind. I pressed my lips to her hair. "It will be all the better for waiting, I promise" I whispered. She put her hand on the top of my thigh as close to my prick as she dared and squeezed. I smiled, I could wait.

I let her precede me to the dining room admiring the way the sheer silk clung to her thighs and to the cheeks of her bottom. We had a light dinner and it was time to leave for the concert. I knew that she was bilingual in English and German from her CV on the company personnel records so she should enjoy the evening. I had booked tickets at the Wigmore Hall to hear a performance of Schubert's "Die Schone Mullerin" sung by Peter Schreier on one of his rare visits to London. I was sure that Schubert's longing soulful music of love would sound a requiem in her mind for her dead marriage, and would enable her to begin to draw a line under the unhappy times allowing planning to begin for a happier future. She was entranced by the music as I thought that she would be and, as I had chosen a short concert it was still quite early when we caught a taxi to return to the hotel.

Immediately we were in the darkness of the taxi she became bold, pressing herself against me and lifting my hand and pressing it to her lips and then to her breast. I began to thoroughly feel her full breasts through the thin silk of her dress. Her nipples instantly erected against my roving hand. Taking my cue from her I thought I would see how much she meant by her apparent descent into crude language in the conservatory. I squeezed her breast firmly and put my other hand on her knee. "You have beautiful big sexy tits, darling" I whispered "I could feel you and play with them all night". She gasped. She was so excited that as she put her hand on my thigh it landed a little higher than she perhaps intended and she felt my prick under her fingers. She gasped again but did not pull her hand away. In fact she began to slowly fondle my prick and balls through my trousers. I moved my hand slowly under her dress enjoying the sexy feel of her nylon-covered thigh until I reached bare flesh at the top of her stocking just below her cunt. I slowly moved my hand up until I was touching her panties and then I casually cupped her cunt in my palm as I pressed my lips to hers in another deep kiss. Her eyes widened as she felt my hand on her cunt under her dress and she spread her thighs slightly. She was still gently feeling my prick. I took my lips from hers and whispered into her ear. "I have your cunt Julia darling. You are mine now to do as I please with". She squeezed my erect prick wordlessly.

I saw that we were approaching the hotel so I gently with drew my hand and allowed her to compose herself. She put her hands demurely in her lap as the taxi drew up and the commissionaire opened the door. As she walked into the hotel she was still blushing from the events in the taxi. She looked absolutely beautiful.

I knew that she was too excited to wait any longer to be alone so I led her to the lift and took her up to the penthouse. I had collected the key earlier before we went out and when I opened the door she suddenly realised where we were. She walked in and looked around wonderingly. As I had arranged, there was champagne on ice, which I opened, and a light supper laid out for later. The room was softly lit and there were red roses everywhere. She just walked round in a daze, looked in the large bathroom and looked at me in amazement. "You have arranged all this for me" she whispered. "For us, darling" I corrected gently, walked to her and took her in my arms drawing her closely to me. There was something I knew I had to mention. "It's all right" she blushed "I'm on the pill".

I began to kiss her at first gently and then more thoroughly. As she panted under my caress, I dropped one hand to her bottom and began to fondle her plump buttock through the thin silk. "You have such a lovely arse, darling" I whispered. She kissed me even more firmly sucking on my tongue and I knew that this kind of language turned her on, that it was what she wanted to hear. I released her for a moment and slipped off my jacket and tie and then taking her in my arms again I did not hesitate but, looking into her eyes I slid the zip down on the back of her thin dress. It fell from her shoulders and I let her work it over her hips and step out of it. I just looked at her in appreciation. She was quite simply an amazingly erotic sight in a sheer thin peach-coloured bra through which I could see her nipples protruding, high-cut thin matching panties pulled deep into her cunt the fleshy outer lips of which I could see clearly defined through her sheer nylon. Her stockings were supported by a lacy suspender belt in the same delicate colour. The fact that she was overall very slightly plump gave her a deliciously voluptuous air.

I slipped my trousers and shirt off, just keeping on a pair of boxer shorts through which the contours of my prick and balls were very evident. I sat down on a large comfortable armchair and drew Julia gently on to my knee. I put my arm round her on to her breast and began to feel her sexy tit through the thin silk of he sheer bra. I began to kiss her, a kiss which she returned enthusiastically and she gasped as she felt the stirring of my prick against the cheeks of her bottom. I put my hand on the inside of her nylon covered thigh and slowly moved it up on to the naked soft flesh above her stocking just below her quivering cunt. Looking into her eyes I slid my fingers inside the leg of her panties and gently drew my forefinger down the grove of her moist available cunt. She gave a loud gasp into my mouth against my kiss and a shudder went through her body as I slipped my forefinger between the lips of her cunt and began to gently finger-fuck her. I was going very easily so that I did not hurt or frighten her but she was rapidly getting worked up and was eager for more shuddering against my exploring finger. "Oh God!" she gasped against my lips "you are so good, so gentle". "And you are so sexy, my darling" I whispered. I continued to work her up with my finger, feeling her sexy tit and looking into her eyes as I kissed her when her eyes suddenly widened, she gave another loud gasp and went rigid as she came in my hand. She burst into emotional tears.

"That was so lovely. I have never felt that before. Alan could never do that for me". I cuddled her close one hand resting on her tit and the other just gently cupping her wet cunt, smelling the sweet smell of the perspiration of an excited woman. "You are with me now, darling, and that is just the beginning". She began to cry quietly but I knew that they were tears of joy and relief. "I am so, so happy" she whispered" I wish tonight could last for ever". "Trust me, darling" I said quietly, kissing her ear "everything is going to be all right".

As she calmed down I looked into her eyes, reached behind her and unhooked her bra. I gently slid it off down her arms and her full breasts fell into my hands. They were quite simply magnificent, full and firm with hardly any sag tipped by prominent nipples surrounded by large pink areolae. "Raise your arse, Julia" I whispered and I slid off her panties. She was now naked in my lap apart from a suspender belt and sheer dark stockings. I let her see me looking leisurely at her body. Below her fabulous tits she had a small swell of a round little stomach accentuated as she lay back against me. Her plump thighs were slightly apart and I could see the open groove of her wet cunt surmounted by a little bush of curly blonde pubic hair. "What an enticing little piece you are, Julia darling" I whispered "I will never get tired of playing with your sexy body"

I gently lifted her from my knees. "Go and lie on the bed, darling and I will get us some champagne" I said. She smiled at me and walked to the bed and lay on her back, propped up with her thighs slightly apart. I poured our drinks and took them to the bed. "Take off my shorts darling" I said quietly. She pulled my shorts down and looked in astonishment at my prick. It is just over eight inches long when erect and, more to the point, is very thick. I am circumcised so there is a large threatening head like a small orange. I have correspondingly heavy balls and thick pubic hair extending back to my arsehole. When I am excited, and I have seldom been in a better situation, there seems no end to my powers and I am capable of several ejaculations in a single session. I sat on the bed and looked at Julia but did not touch her. She reached out her hand and put it gently on my semi-erect prick closing her soft fingers around the shaft. "Oh my God, it's huge!" she gasped as she slowly began to wank me. She certainly was not shy and it was clear that while her physical sex life with Alan appeared to have been minimal, she had an active imagination and few repressions and was ready to enter into the spirit of things.

I lay down beside her on the bed and drew her into my arms. I kissed her softly on her moist, open receptive lips, briefly touching the tip of her tongue and then I slowly drew my tongue down the proud column of her slender neck to the centre of her cleavage where I gently licked the salt of her perspiration. She sighed and grasped my prick tighter, digging her other hand into the flesh of my thigh. I could feel her fingernails gouging at my muscle. I softly ran my tongue across her full firm breast until I reached the nipple and began to run the tip gently round the roughish pink areaola. She began to wank me with more purpose. I glanced up into her sparkling excited eyes and slipped my hand between her parted thighs on to her expectant cunt. I began to gently finger-fuck her again as I took her breast into my mouth and began to suck firmly on the prominent nipple teasing it with my teeth and lips.

Her cunt was so moist and receptive that I had no difficulty in adding a second finger and I began to finger-fuck her more firmly using the whole of my fingers. Her knees parted spasmodically and she drew her heels up to her arse splaying her thighs widely and displaying her cunt and arsehole. I continued to suck and tease her tits moving from one to the other until her nipples were hard and erect. She began to lose control of her breathing again and her eyes widened. She stopped tossing me off and I knew that she was getting near the edge and was unable to focus on anything except the powerful sweep of the unfamiliar emotions possessing her body and piercing her to the soul. I sucked her tit more strongly using my tongue on her nipple and buried my fingers up her cunt until I could feel her cervix with the tips. "Oh God, Oh God!" she squealed in a high pitched wail and came again in a body-wracking orgasm. She was drenched with sweat and the juice from her moist cunt wet my hand. She burst into tears again and I slowly and gently moved my hand from her quivering cunt and rested it on her belly, wet with the perspiration of her emotion. I removed my lips from her heaving breast and gently brushed them against hers, looking into her wide blue tear-filled eyes. "That's all right, darling" I whispered "just let it all out" She carried on sobbing for a few moments and then slowly brought herself under control. I took a scented tissue from the bedside table and gently mopped her sweaty brow as I again brushed her soft lips with mine.

"Everything is all right, my sweet" I whispered "just relax". She gave a deep shuddering sigh and took my hand from her soft stomach clutching it tightly. "You are so good and gentle with me" she whispered "I have never felt anything like that before. I realise now that with Alan I never had a proper climax and he was my only other lover. You have done so much for me in such a few hours". "I told you, Julia darling, tonight is just the beginning" I whispered into her ear through her hair now moist with perspiration. She looked emotionally exhausted and it was beginning to get rather late. I was unsure how much more she could stand. She was trembling quietly in my arms. I whispered into her ear "Go and have a nice shower, darling, you will feel much calmer. Then we can have supper. We have all night before us". She squeezed my hand and gingerly got up from the bed on shaking legs. I enjoyed the creases and dimples in her buttocks as she took off her suspender belt and peeled off her stockings. She went off to the bathroom and I lowered the lights even more and lay back and relaxed, pondering my good fortune.

I dozed lightly until I heard her hair-dryer stop and I got up, pulled on a terry-cloth robe which I loosely belted and laid out the supper. Julia came out of the bathroom and stood looking shyly at me. She looked absolutely stunning in a short sheer black silk nightie with a low-cut scalloped neckline fitted closely to her round plump breasts. It reached to her hips and was set off by a skimpy pair of panties which clung to and emphasised the prominent fleshy lips of her cunt. She had drawn her longish blonde hair into a ponytail which accentuated the youthful lines of her sweet face and somehow drew attention to her wide blue eyes. I crossed to her and kissed her gently, feeling her breast through the silk and squeezing her buttock with the other hand. She was now completely relaxed and trusting allowing me the complete freedom of her body.

I sat her beside me at the low table and began to feed her morsels of smoked salmon on dry crackers. She had never had caviar of which I had ordered a silver dish on a mound of crushed ice and I poured her ice cold vodka to accompany it. We ate very sparingly, feeding each other choice morsels of the exotic food. Neither of us needed the stimulus of alcohol after what had happened between us and I wanted her fully aware for the rest of the evening and night. Still, a little iced vodka with caviar on thin salted wafers never hurt anyone. We finished with a rather bitter lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate and Irish coffee which I made in the small kitchen. I could tell that the sheer unusualness of the occasion and the unexpectedly exotic nature of the food had begun to simulate her again. I poured her an iced mineral water with a slice of lemon to cleanse her mouth and palate after the rich tasty food and the stimulus of the strong Irish coffee and drew her into my arms. I looked into her eyes. "We have so many plans to make darling, but not tonight. Let's just go back to bed".

She smiled up into my eyes as I began to fondle her tit and reached through the gap in the front of my robe and began to fondle my prick and balls. "Come on", she whispered excitedly. I stood up and picked her up in my arms. I stood holding her with my hand squeezing her tit gently through the silk and I began to give her a deep slow kiss. She returned my kiss and put her soft arm around my neck. I carried her to the bed and laid her down gently, slipping off my robe and stretching out beside her. "You look really sexy in that nightie, darling" I whispered into her ear through the soft blonde tendrils. "I hoped you would like it" she said shyly "I bought it this morning especially for you". I could never tire of playing with her sexy body. I began to kiss her, exploring her lips and gums with my tongue and she returned my kiss passionately. I moved my hand to her full breast and began to feel her again through the silk delighting in the exotic feel of the fabric under my hand. Her nipple instantly erected and I slipped my hand down the low-cut bodice and began to fondle her bare tit, tweaking and occasionally gently twisting the prominent nipple between thumb and forefinger. She gasped. I moved my other hand on to her thigh and slipped it under the hem of her nightie until I was gently brushing her panties with my knuckles. I noticed immediately that they were wet. She was very excitable! I slipped my hand up the leg of her panties and began to feel all around her fleshy cunt, running my fingers down the groove of her slit, just teasing her clitoris and then sliding backwards to the rear of her cunt and on to the soft skin of the perineum between cunt and arsehole. Her breathing quickened against my kiss and she reached for my semi-erect prick, which soon hardened under her caress, and began to toss me off with some purpose.

I took my lips from hers and whispered into her ear "If I do anything to you that you do not like or feel uncomfortable with, please tell me, darling. I want us to be completely happy with each other". She kissed me wordlessly, continuing to wank me. I moved my finger, moistened by her excitement, further back and slipped the tip into the dimple of her arse hole. She stiffened but just kissed me more firmly and pressed herself against me, tossing me off, as I very gently finger-fucked her tight clinging arse.

I took my finger from her arse and my hand from out of her nightie and, lying on my side, gently moved Julia on to her side so that I could take her in my arms. She took her hand from my stiff prick and put her arms around me. I moved both hands down her back until I was clasping her full fleshy buttocks one in each hand drawing her body close against me so that my stiff prick was rubbing against her hot cunt through the silk of her nightie. I began to firmly fondle her arse pulling her on to my prick and gently rubbing it against her cunt. She began to flush and to breathe more heavily. I was enjoying myself just holding such a sexy woman in my arms and playing with her when she whispered urgently against my lips "God Jeff! I can't stand it any longer. Please fuck me hard".

Without moving more than necessary I slipped her panties off and, while still lying on my side facing her and feeling her arse, began to rub the end of my stiff prick against her moist and willing cunt. She put one leg over mine so that her thighs were quite widely parted opening the slit of her cunt. The end of my prick easily slipped between the fleshy outer lips. She gasped loudly and looked searchingly into my eyes. I kissed her and, increasing the pressure of my hands on her buttocks, slowly pulled her towards me sliding the whole length of my prick up her receptive channel in one smooth movement until I was completely sheathed in her flesh to the balls. I just lay with her, kissing her gently, with the whole length of my prick stuck hard up her, not moving. She was panting loudly and, taking her lips from mine, looked into my eyes, biting her lower lip.

I began to slowly fuck her just using about four inches of my prick while I looked into her eyes. Knowing what she wanted to hear I started to whisper to her "You are a really sexy piece, Julia. Your tight hairy little cunt makes a lovely fuck". She gasped and dug her nails into my back. I began to fuck her a little harder. "Come on, Julia darling" I said quietly against her hair "I am going to fuck the arse off you tonight and every night". Her hips were beginning to move rhythmically with my thrusts but, lying on her side, she had a limited range. I gently moved her on to her back without removing my prick from her cunt and began to ride her harder. I kissed her briefly and then put both hands on her tits squeezing and moulding them. She was breathing much harder now and her hips were moving in time to my long deep thrusts. I felt her beginning to pant into my mouth as I kissed her and her hips moved rhythmically thrusting her pubic bone into me and pushing her cunt as deeply on to my prick as she could. Her thighs went round my back and she clasped me tightly. I felt her heels pressing into my bum and her nails began to claw my shoulders. Her breathing became shallower and faster and a blush started on her neck and spread to her chest. I took my mouth from hers and she threw her head back and began to gasp loudly. I began to squeeze her plump firm tits in time with my thrusts. I knew that she was close to coming and I began to ride her harder, shagging the arse off her and squeezing her tits as they bounced on her bucking body with each thrust. She began to emit high pitched squeals on each thrust and as I saw the flush spread over her breasts she suddenly squealed even more loudly and her body went into spasm as the waves of a powerful orgasm swept her. Simultaneously I felt the warmth in my balls and my prick hardened further as I shot a copious load of hot cum into her willing cunt.

I relaxed on her sexy body while she calmed down and got her breath back. She moved a little so I slowly withdrew from her and rolled on to my side keeping one hand on her inner thigh just below her cunt and the other on her heaving breast which I continued firmly feeling as I gently massaged the soft flesh of her thigh. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. "You are so clever" she whispered "no-one has ever made me feel like that before". "And you are so beautiful and sexy" I said into her ear "you have a lovely sexy body with a beautiful arse and sexy tits. I am never going to tire of fucking your tight little cunt. I will shag the arse off you every night before we go to sleep and in the mornings when we wake up as well".

It was a little odd how the more basic the language the more turned on she became. I was not complaining. I put it down to a reaction against a conventional upbringing and the repressions of her marriage. I stood her up and gently removed her sweaty and clinging nightdress. I began to gently kiss her perspiring face moving quickly down to her breasts. As she stood shaking against me I put one hand between her thighs which parted at once and began to finger-fuck her gently, every so often just tickling her clitoris with the tip of my finger. I began to feel her arse firmly with the other hand, pulling her on to my exploring fingers as I took her breast into my mouth and began to suck hard on her sweaty flesh. She was trembling like a tuning fork by now and in a very few moments she came again on my fingers and began to sob. "You have to stop, darling" she begged "it is too much. I can't take any more just now". I released her, kissing her gently and led her to the shower.

We showered together and I washed every inch of her, kissing each part as I washed it. I carefully washed her hair and while she dried it I finished my shower. When I came out she had put on another sexy nightdress, this time a sheer white full length affair with a long slit up the side to her waist. She was sitting combing her hair and I could see the whole length of her sexy leg up to her hip through the slit. In the mirror I smiled into her eyes and let her see me admiring her breasts, straining against the thin silk, the prominent nipples and pink areolae clearly visible below the delicate low-cut lace neckline. "You look stunningly beautiful, darling" I said simply. She smiled brilliantly at me in the mirror. I drew on a clean white terry-cloth robe and sat watching her at the dressing-table, marvelling at my good fortune.. This was certainly a trip to remember.

She came and sat beside me and I reached for her hand. We just sat in silence for a while. I was thinking of the future while Julia was, perhaps, saying good-bye to her past. I glanced at the clock. "It is very late, darling and you are very tired. Would you like anything before we go to sleep". She seemed unable to decide so, leaving her to relax for a moment, I went through to the adjacent sitting room and called room-service ordering thin rare roast beef sandwiches with a pot of tea. That would nourish her and not keep her awake, although depending on how I slept, she may need some energy in the night! I also called the house-keeping department and had the bed re-made with clean fresh sheets and ordered a single orchid to be placed on her pillow. Going back into the bedroom, I gently pulled Julia to her feet and led her through to the sitting room where I settled her on a comfortable chaise-longue while we waited for our late supper.

After supper, as her eyes were beginning to droop and she was clearly too tired to talk I took her hand gently and led her to bed. She looked wonderingly at the fresh bed and picked up her orchid, smiling up into my eyes. "Thank you so much, you perfect, perfect man" she whispered. I settled her in bed and sat beside her as I watched her fall asleep, holding her hand. She struggled to stay awake and I delighted in watching her slowly lose the battle as her breathing become deep and regular. As the room was warm she was covered only by a thin sheet which did little to hide the contours of her sexy body. I felt myself becoming erect again as I watched her for a long time and thought about the future. I had already decided what I wanted to do. I had decided within five minutes of meeting her, all that remained now was to sell the future to Julia. I released her hand and gently kissed her cheek before lowering the lights.

I went through to the sitting-room, plugged in my lap-top and checked the news release I had prepared earlier announcing the take-over. I had already forbidden any leak from the board whose company I had acquired but I now released the information to the international wire services so that it would hit the headlines of the financial papers in the morning. I attended to my e-mail from my other concerns and checked an important contract which required immediate attention. These routine details out of the way, I planned the next two days. By the weekend I hoped to have persuaded Julia to live the future I had mapped out. I felt that she would not need much persuading. Although not submissive, she was clearly emotionally starved and worn out from a hopeless marriage. At present she appeared ready to allow me to make the decisions and that was fine by me. Before going to bed I called Reception and arranged the hire and delivery to the hotel of a powerful sports car for our use for the next few days. I put off the lights and went into the dimly-lit bedroom. I could hear Julia's gentle breathing as I gently slipped under the sheet into bed beside her. I did not touch her and rapidly fell asleep.

When I awoke it was beginning to get light. Julia was still sound asleep and I realised that apart from the emotional tensions of the previous evening she had been physically exhausted by my attentions. She was lying on her side with her back to me. I moved to her, fitting my body against hers so that my stiff prick was pressed into the cleft of her full buttocks through the thin silk of her nightdress. I lay for a while enjoying the closeness and the sensuous feelings of her soft arse against my prick. I gently put my hand round her on to the soft flesh of her inner thigh through the slit in her sheer nightdress and slowly slid it up to her cunt. She sighed in her sleep and rolled half on to her back, parting her thighs and giving me better access to her hidden charms.

I gently felt her cunt and then while kissing her neck through her soft silky hair I slipped a finger between the fleshy outer lips and began to slowly work her up. She gasped and her breathing began to quicken. She awoke and put her soft hand over mine, pressing it deeper into her cunt. She turned to me and smiled in the darkness "Hello you" she breathed. "Good morning, pretty Julia" I whispered into her ear, beginning to feel her more thoroughly and starting a gentle finger-fuck with two fingers. "I want you" she gasped, rolling on to her back, parting her thighs and pulling her night-dress aside. I moved between hr thighs and slipped my prick straight up her. She seemed always to be ready for me! Without hesitating I began to fuck her slowly and deeply, gently kissing her from time to time, my hands squeezing and moulding the flesh of her firm breasts through the delicate silk of her nightdress. She lay with her thighs parted passively accepting a gentle morning fuck. The internal muscles of her cunt squeezed and massaged my prick and I made no effort to prolong things as I did not want to exhaust her, I just wanted her to enjoy it. I felt my ejaculation approaching and I began to give her a deep kiss and squeezed the flesh of her breasts. She gave a deep gasp into my mouth as I came up her. She came more gently than last night but her deep shudder, excited breathing and trembling body told me how deeply it had affected her. I withdrew my lips from hers and smiled into her eyes. "That's a lovely way to start the day darling". She squeezed my softening prick with her internal muscles and I slowly withdrew.

I heard the rattle of the trays as the maid left the early morning coffee in the sitting room next door as I had ordered. I kissed Julia gently and went to fetch her coffee. As I came back into the bedroom I just stood and gazed at her. She had propped herself up in the pillows and the silk sheet was at the level of her waist. Her soft blonde hair fell in glorious waves to her bare shoulders and her splendid breasts were clearly outlined as they stretched the thin silk bodice of her nightdress the low neckline of which allowed a deep cleavage. She was lit by the sitting room light shining through into the bedroom as though in a spot-light. She looked absolutely amazing. I stood, holding the coffee, and just looked at her. "You are so beautiful, Julia" I said "you are absolutely gorgeous". I put the coffee beside her on the bedside table and handed her a single red rose. She kissed it, smiled up at me and kissed my hand. I got my own coffee and lay beside my lovely companion on the bed.

We drank our coffee and slowly became fully awake. I left Julia to her thoughts, she certainly had had a lot to think about in the last eighteen hours. With a deep sigh she put her cup down and turned to me. "What are we going to do, Jeff" she asked. I knew that she meant about the future so I said "Don't worry Julia darling, I have plans for the next couple of days and during that time we can talk about the future. Don't be afraid, I will always look after you". She smiled shyly "What are we going to do now then" she asked, reaching for my prick and, gently fondling my balls she began to wank me. I just laughed and gently moved her hand keeping hold of it. "Come on sexy, there is plenty to do today. Go and have your shower while I attend to my mail. When you are through, I will shower quickly and we can go to breakfast. Then we can talk about the day". She giggled and got out of bed. I reached over and smacked her bottom gently. She gasped, flushed and giggled again. "Interesting!" I thought. I enjoyed the exceptionally enticing view of her undulating arse under her nightdress as she went to the bathroom then when I heard the shower start I went to the sitting room and quickly attended to the urgent overnight mail. I checked the share price and was pleased to see that, following the announcement of my new acquisition it had risen both in the City and on Wall Street.

Julia came out of the bedroom dressed in sheer dark stockings supported by a pale yellow suspender belt, matching silk panties and a half cup bra. I never tired of looking at her body even more alluring, if possible, in sexy underwear, than naked. I went to her, took her in my arms and kissed her gently, one hand in her soft hair and the other gently caressing her bottom. "Just put on a summer dress darling" I said "it is going to be a hot day and we have some shopping to do this morning". She pressed herself wordlessly against me and went back into the bedroom. I had my shower, shaved and dressed smart but casual. When I rejoined Julia I was, as always, stunned by her appearance. She was wearing a low-cut yellow silk dress tightly fitted to her bosom and displaying a modest cleavage. I could see as she crossed her legs that she was wearing a lacy slip under her dress. I took her hand and raised her to her feet. I kissed her hand and gently kissed her lips not disturbing her light make-up. You look absolutely lovely, Julia darling" I said "lets go down to breakfast".

Over a light breakfast I began to tell her of the plans for the next two days. After breakfast I planned to take her to Harrod's to equip her with some outdoor wear and then after lunch to drive us to North Wales where I had a cottage. If the weather was fine tomorrow we would spend a day walking in the mountains and return to London either in the evening or the following morning. I said nothing to her about the weekend but she knew that I would be leaving the country then. I could feel that she was putting all her trust in my judgement and she was delighted with the plans for the next couple of days leaving the question of the future to me. That was just fine by me!

We took our time over breakfast and I saw the maitre d'hotel's unobtrusive signal. "Our taxi is here darling" I said "it is going to be very warm. You wont need a coat". As we passed through the lobby the maitre d'hotel said discreetly to me. "Your car has arrived, Sir, I have had it parked in the hotel car park. When you need it I'll immediately have it brought round". I thanked him and slipped a folded note into his hand. He bowed and withdrew.

We spent the morning shopping and easily found everything that she would need. I had brought my own walking clothes with me as, even before meeting Julia, I had planned to spend a day at the cottage while I was here. We had morning coffee on the terrace in Harrod's and finished our shopping, returning to the hotel in time for lunch. Before lunch we went to our suite and packed for the trip. I helped Julia select appropriate clothes for North Wales making sure that she had enough warm gear although I had arranged that the people who looked after the cottage would have laid in the food that they knew I liked and would have a fire going so that the place thoroughly warmed up for our arrival.

I gave a little thought to Julia's dress for the journey. I did not really want her to change as she looked so cool, sexy and beautiful in her thin dress and sheer stockings but I did want her to be comfortable. I was getting to know her better now and my intuition told me that she was a very feminine woman who was much more at home in a sexy revealing dress than in trousers. I decided to leave it. She had enough sense to know if she needed to change when she saw the car. I packed a single case with all that we should need for the trip and Julia packed a few things of her own in a small hold-all.

We went down to the conservatory and had a light lunch. I poured her a glass of cold Chablis but as I was driving I had a mineral water only. We lingered over lunch just chatting as I looked appreciatively at her and gently rubbed my knee against hers under the table. I looked at my watch and, seeing that it was just before two o'clock, decided that it was time to move. Even with the car I had ordered it would be about a five hour journey and I did not want to leave much later. I motioned to the maitre d'hotel and he had the car brought to the front of the hotel. I had already had the luggage put in the car. On the way through the lobby I steered Julia into a very high class dress shop in the luxury hotel and bought a pale yellow shawl to match her dress that would keep her bare shoulders warm during the drive.

Julia gasped out loud when she saw the car. It was a black Lamborghini with black tinted windows. To keep it cool I had had the soft top put on. "What a beautiful, beautiful car" she said breathlessly. I opened her door and assisted her into the low seat, making sure that she was comfortable. Her soft dress rode halfway up her thighs as she settled displaying tantalising glimpses of her lacy slip. She smiled at me making no attempt to pull her dress down as I got in beside her. Instead she stretched out luxuriously in the comfortable deep seat and her dress rose even higher up her thighs. I put one hand on the inside of her soft thigh under the hem of her dress at about the level of her stocking top and caressed her as I kissed her lips gently. She began to breathe more heavily. She was incredibly easy to arouse but this was not the right time. I removed my hand, put her shawl around her shoulders and helped her into her seat belt. I buckled myself in and started the powerful engine.

The journey passed in a flash and it seemed only moments before the brooding Welsh mountain scenery was all around us. The cottage was the old farmhouse 'Pentre' in the Nant Ffrancon Pass surrounded on all sides by mountains with the massive bulk of Tryfan at the head of the pass and the foot of the pass opening to the west and the sea. As I parked the car we could see straight down the pass to the sea where the sun was beginning to set in a rosy glow under low sea cloud. We just sat for a moment watching the sun set then I reached over and unbuckled Julia's seat belt taking the opportunity to thoroughly feel her breast through her thin dress as, tilting her chin towards me with the other hand, I kissed her gently. As the cottage had been warming up for a week a wave of warmth hit us as I opened the door. I showed Julia in and brought in the luggage from the car taking it straight up to the bedroom. She followed me up and looked around with delight. I had not modified the building much but I had installed a large bed and concealed lighting. There was a small but comfortable bathroom and shower en suite. I led her back downstairs. I had had most of the wall separating the kitchen and the large living room taken down so that there was a feeling of space and yet of intimacy. At one end of the living room was a large open log fire now well ablaze with comfortable arm chairs and a large settee in front of it. The other end was taken up with the kitchen area where there was a large old Welsh cooking range in which a fire had been lit and was ready to use.

Julia was like an excited teenager exploring the old cottage and I just let her enjoy herself as I stretched out by the fire easing the stress of the drive from my muscles. When I heard her coming downstairs after freshening up I opened a bottle of champagne which I had had in an ice bucket and poured us each a glass. She came and sat beside me on the large old settee looking into the fire. "It's just all so perfect, Jeff" she whispered. I put my arm round her and drew her close "You are perfect, my darling" I said into her ear. We sat in silence relaxing and looking into the fire. I sensed that she was sorting things out in her head and needed time with her thoughts. "You stay there and enjoy your drink, sweetheart" I said "while I see about dinner". I flame-grilled a couple of steaks on the modified stove and made a tempting crisp green salad. I set two places at the old dining table and opened a bottle of the best Burgundy that I had. I bent and kissed her and, taking her hand, gently pulled her to her feet and led her to the table. She squeezed my hand and sat down. I poured her wine and just watched her as she began to eat. "Gosh, I'm hungry" she said. We had not eaten since a light lunch hors earlier and had had a long drive without any stops so it was not really surprising. I was learning more and more about my pretty companion and everything that I discovered delighted me. I was pleased to see that she ate with appetite and was not one of those women who pick at their food in a battle against weight. I noted that she had finished her wine so I poured her a second glass. "Thank you, darling" she smiled "it's lovely wine. You are so clever to be such a good cook". We both knew that the dinner had been easy to prepare and that she was playing. Her eyes were beginning to sparkle as the strong red wine took hold. When we had finished I cleared the plates and for sweet we had small bitter Moroccan ice-creams made from yoghurt. Two glasses of rich Burgundy were certainly enough so her so after dinner we sat on the settee by the fire and went back to the champagne.

I thought that it was time that we began to talk about the future so I put my arm around her and pulled Julia towards me so that her soft head was leaning on my shoulder and my hand resting gently on her waist. I already knew how easy it was to arouse her and I wanted her calm enough to listen to what I had to say. This, I felt, was to be my most important presentation of the week.

"Julia darling, we both know that your marriage is over so we have to decide what you do with the rest of your life. I want you to listen to me and not interrupt until I have finished telling you what I have in mind. Can you do that". She nodded wordlessly.

"OK then. You know virtually nothing about me. I have never been married and I have no attachments. I am in no relationships and no-one has any call on me. I live on the West Coast in a large house looked after by enough people to guarantee my comfort and security. As you know I came to London to talk to your board but what you don't know is that I have bought the company". She gasped and looked wide-eyed at me. "I am the head of an international group of banking agencies and I needed a London bank. The one that you work for is ideal for my purposes. Now, about your future, I believe that you know that you would feel happier and more secure if you began divorce proceeding as soon as possible, since your marriage is over, and you need your freedom to plan what you want out of life. I have a large legal team who will arrange all the details. You will not have to worry about a thing". I looked into her blue eyes and continued "There is nothing for you in London at present. I want you to come to the States with me at the weekend. You can take as long as you need to decide and we can get to know one another properly as I would like you to live with me. When and if you are certain I should be honoured if you would become my wife".

Her eyes widened further and she gave an emotional sob. She took my hand and pressed it hard into her soft breast. "Oh God, Jeff" she said breathlessly "do you really mean it". "I have never been more serious about anything darling" I said quietly "all I know is that I love you too much to ever live without you". She did not hesitate. Pressing my hand to her breast she said "Please arrange things so that I can be divorced from Alan. I could not bear to ever be parted from you. I have been so worried about your going away this weekend. Can we be together until I am sure and then I will give you ananswer". I gently kissed her soft lips. "Pretty Julia, we will never be apart again married or not, I promise, my darling" I whispered into her ear. She burst into emotional tears of happiness and, turning to me, pressed herself into my arms moulding her sexy body against me. I gently wiped her tears and put my lips to hers giving her a kiss which though light at first slowly deepened until her mouth opened under mine and, sucking on her tongue I gently explored her soft sweet mouth. A lifetime passed during the kiss and when finally I took my lips from hers she was gasping and her breasts were heaving against my chest. I whispered "You are mine for ever, darling". I gently released her and poured us some champagne. To us, darling" I toasted. She raised her glass still quietly weeping from a mixture of happiness and relief. We finished the champagne as she regained her composure. I stood up and took her hand. "Let's go to bed" I said simply. She got up and kissed me gently. I was holding her lightly with one hand on her waist and the other gently on her arse when I felt the sexy little piece slide her hand between my legs on to my prick which she gently felt through my trousers. "I'm ready if you are" she said, her eyes twinkling in the soft light. I laughed, turned her round and gently slapped her on the arse as she made her way up the stairs.

As we entered the bedroom I moved close behind Julia, pressing my erect prick against the cleft of her arse through our clothes. I unzipped her dress and slid it down over her hips so that she could step out of it and, putting both arms round her under her armpits I began to feel her full tits through the thin silk of her bra. I never seemed to get tired of playing with her sexy body. She pressed her arse back onto my stiff prick as I felt her. I gently kissed her neck. We stood for a moment pressed against one another as I began to tease her erect nipples through the thin silk. She gasped and I stepped back a little, releasing her momentarily as I unsnapped her bra and drew her silky half-slip down over her hips. I slipped rapidly out of my clothes as she stepped out of the slip and dropped her bra. She was now attired in just a pale yellow suspender belt supporting sheer dark stockings and a pair of tiny matching panties pulled up into her cunt. I put my hands round on to her plump tits and began to feel her again as I rubbed my stiff prick against her virtually naked arse. I looked with pleasure at her erotic reflection in the big mirror on the wardrobe door. She was an amazingly openly sexy woman.

I saw her looking at our reflection and her eyes met mine in the mirror. I let her see me slide one hand from her tit down across the slight swell of her stomach to her mound where for a moment I gently played with her pubic hair. She gasped but kept her eyes on mine as I slid my hand between her thighs and began to feel her cunt through the silken panties which rapidly became moist under my fingers. She parted her thighs and her breathing quickened. I released her and gently slipped her wet panties down her legs. "Lie on the bed, darling" I whispered. She lay on her back propped up against the pillows with her thighs slightly parted. I sat between her legs and put my hands gently on her silk-sheathed ankles sliding her feet up the bed so that her heels were against her arse. Her thighs parted and with one hand on the inside of her soft thigh I pressed gently so that they were more widely splayed displaying the pink slit of her excited cunt. I kissed the inside of her thigh above her stocking inhaling the excited woman smell. I looked into her wide eyes as I moved my mouth to her cunt and began to explore the fleshy lips with my lips and tongue, gently tugging her blonde pubic curls with my teeth before moving back to her cunt. I ran my tongue along the whole length of her cunt from her perineal fold at the back to the junction of the lips at the front.. She gasped loudly and put her hand on my head pressing my mouth more firmly against her cleft.

I began to thoroughly kiss and explore her excited cunt with my lips and tongue. I found it easy to pass the outer lips as her excitement and the position of her thighs had caused them to part. I slipped my tongue between them and began to massage the delicate inner lips moving from back to front until I felt the bud of her clitoris on my tongue. When I reached her pleasure bud she gave a deep groan and her heels pressed more firmly into the bed. Her body tensed and she wound her fingers in my hair pressing my face even more firmly into her sex. I alternated between pushing my tongue as far up her cunt as I could, tongue-fucking her, and pausing to suck and tease her clitoris. Her heels began to drum against the bed and she began to emit squeals in time with my thrusting tongue. Gauging her condition, I paused slightly and began to suck and tease her clitoris without giving her any rest. She gave a loud squeal, clamping her thighs around my head and holding my mouth firmly against her with my tongue up her cunt as she came in a shattering orgasm. I just stayed as I was until her shivering body calmed down and her thighs relaxed. I took my mouth from her cunt and looked into her startled wide tear-filled eyes. "Oh God!" she gasped when she could speak. "I didn't know that it could be like that. No-one has ever done that to me before". "Did you like it, precious" I asked. "My God!" she said breathlessly "it was the most heavenly feeling! Thank you so much".

I moved up the bed, took her in my arms, gently parted her thighs again and slowly slid my stiff prick up her. Without saying anything I rolled on to my side, pulled her even more closely to me and buried my lips in her soft hair as I began to slowly fuck her. As she had just had an orgasm she was incredibly relaxed and we just moved gently together in our own world. I felt her internal muscles beginning to squeeze my prick and I knew that she was beginning to become aroused again so I began to fuck her a little harder. I put my arms around her and began to mould the soft cheeks of her arse, pulling her on to my prick. We were now shagging quite hard and her breathing was becoming ragged again. I rolled her gently but firmly on to her back and began to ride her harder shagging the arse off her again. I squeezed the firm flesh of her tits harder as they bounced on her bucking body with each thrust. She began to emit high pitched squeals in time with each thrust and as I saw the tell-tale flush spread again over her breasts. She tensed and suddenly screamed loudly as her body went into spasm as the waves of another powerful orgasm swept through her. Simultaneously I felt the warmth in my balls and my prick hardened further as I came again into her willing cunt. I lay relaxed and sweating on her exhausted body then rolled off her to let her recover. She felt for my hand and squeezed it. "Thank you, you beautiful man" she whispered gratefully. When we had calmed down I squeezed her hand.

"It's getting late, darling and you are tired. Go and have your shower and I will make us some tea. She smiled at me, took off her suspender belt and stockings and went to the bathroom. I re-made the bed with fresh clean linen and went downstairs to prepare a pot of tea and a light supper. By the time I was back she had dried her hair and was sitting at the dressing-table looking amazingly sexy in a virtually transparent toga-style short nightie with a slit virtually to the armpit, just belted with a flimsy tie. She was not wearing panties. She went and laid propped up on the bed while the tea brewed and waited as I had my shower. I came into the bedroom naked and stretched out beside my lovely companion.

As we lay and relaxed she suddenly said "You did mean all that you said downstairs didn't you I couldn't bear it if you let me down". I propped myself up on my elbow and looked into her eyes. "I meant every word darling" I said "I could never let you go. I want to be with you always, day and night". She sighed happily and began to drink her tea and to eat the small sandwich that I had made her. "What are we going to do tomorrow" she asked me. "I am going to take you to the most beautiful valley in Wales and we will have a nice long walk and get plenty of fresh air. Then either tomorrow night or early the following morning we have to get back to London".

I could see her eyes beginning to become heavy after the exertions of the evening. I kissed her gently and lowered the light and as last night, I held her hand and watched her drift off to sleep. I settled down myself and fell asleep quickly. I awoke some time in the middle of the night. I knew from the light that it was a long time till morning. I did not want to tire Julia as I wanted to take her walking that day but I had a raging hard-on. She was lying with her back to me so I slowly moved against her and parted her thighs giving me access to her cunt which I moistened gently with my pre-cum and then very slowly slid my prick up her soft yielding hole. She sighed softly in her sleep and I very gently began to fuck her. It became a game to see if I could come in her without waking her. I was very gentle and her breathing remained deep and steady but interestingly enough, the muscles of her cunt reflexly squeezed my hard prick deliciously. It was tantalising not to be able to feel her lovely tits while I was fucking her but that would certainly have woken her up. The squeezing motion of her lively and receptive cunt worked it's magic and I came up her without disturbing her sleep. I slowly withdrew from her and went back to sleep. It might almost have been a dream.

I awoke the next morning to the feel of soft hair against my cheek and to the rich smell of coffee. My beautiful bedmate was bending over and kissing me awake while the fresh coffee that she had prepared was ready for me on the bedside table. She looked gorgeous. She was still dressed in her sexy nightie and her golden hair fell in rough tousled waves over her bare shoulders. I kissed her back and pulled her down so that she was sitting beside me on the bed. I kissed her nipple through her nightie and asked mischievously sliding the tip of my finger into her cunt "Did you have any nice dreams last night then" She looked at me and down at my finger in her and gasped "You didn't! While I was asleep!!! You wicked, wicked man!!" I laughed and drew her down onto me and gave her a proper good morning kiss. I gave her arse a quick feel and a slap and again she wriggled deliciously as I slapped her bottom. "We are going out today, darling. Go and have your shower and dress in warm trousers and a nice thick sweater. I'll make breakfast and then I'll get ready". She obediently went off to the bathroom while I went downstairs and prepared porridge and a fried breakfast for us which I put in the oven. Julia came down in a pair of dark warm slacks tucked into thick climbing socks and carrying a thick sweater. Her breasts strained against a thin tee-shirt through which I could see the lacy cups of her bra. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony-tail. She looked like a teen-ager! She was just too tempting. How was I ever going to keep my hands off her I walked to her and kissed her. "The breakfast is in the oven, I'll be down in five minutes". I spun her round so that her back was to me and I reached round and began to feel her tits through the thin tee-shirt and bra. "If you don't want me to touch you up every time I come near you you shouldn't look so sexy!. It's your own fault really!!". She put her hands over mine and pressed them into her soft bosom while simultaneously pushing her plump arse back against my prick. "Don't ever stop feeling me" she begged. I laughed and went upstairs.

When I had showered and shaved, I dressed for a day on the mountains and came back down to the living room. After breakfast we finished dressing and I put a small rucksack into the car. We drove the two miles up the pass to Ogwen Cottage where climbers were already gathering for the day. I parked the car and led Julia through the fissure in the cliff by the cottage, over the stile and along the rough track leading into Cwm Idwal. After two miles we reached the cwm. She just stood entranced by the quiet beauty of the lake surrounded by cliffs leading up to the great gash of the Devil's Kitchen at the head of the cwm. I knew that she would not be fit enough to tackle the Devil's Kitchen so I had an easier walk in mind. I turned along the track at the east end of the lake and headed south with the great bulk of Tryfan on our left and the shattered cliffs of the north face of Glyder Fach on the right and headed up the steep path by the small stream running out of Llyn Bochlwyd five hundred feet above. Going at Julia's pace and allowing plenty of rests it took an hour and a half or so to reach the lip of the cwm. We could now look back down into Cwm Idwal and get a different perspective on the sheer beauty of the place.

After sitting and having a drink for half an hour Julia was ready to go on. I led her along the path, flat at first but gradually becoming steeper, beside Llyn Bochlwyd. Looking ahead we could see the path begin to rise steeply to a pass on the horizon. This was our next objective, Bwlch y Ddwy Glyder - the Pass of the Two Glyders. Going at Julia's pace it took two hours to reach the pass and she was relieved that this was the highest we were going today. On the left the tack led up to the sharp rocky west ridge of Tryfan while on the right the path was by the marshy Llyn y Caseg Fraith, the Lake of the Dappled Goats, up to the summit ridge of the Glyder range - maybe on another day we would do that. It was now about two o'clock so we sat against a dry stone wall after crossing the stile marking the head of the pass and had our lunch. We rested for an hour until Julia felt ready to go on and I led her down the gentle slopes of Nant Yr Ogof, The Valley of the Cave, towards the road and our car. It took a couple of hours negotiating the marshy spots in the valley and investigating the eponymous cave before the ground flattened out and we came to the stile leading to the paved road. We were a couple of miles south of Ogwen Cottage. A gentle walk of about fourty minutes beside the sparkling Ogwen Lake brought us back to the car. It was now about four o'clock in the afternoon and there were still about two hours of daylight left. Julia had had enough walking so I occupied her by giving her a quick drive around the mountain roads so that she could enjoy the fading light on the rocks and peaks. We stopped for a quick drink at Pen y Gwrdd, the famous climbers hotel at the head of the Pass of Llanberis overlooked by the cliffs of Crib Goch, sweeping up to Snowdon and then I drove us back to the cottage arriving as the sun set.

We entered the warm cottage. The people that look after it for me had re-made the fires in the grate and in the stove, cleaned up and made the bed with clean fresh linen. On my instructions there were now red roses in living room and bedroom and the faint scent of the blooms filled the air. Julia collapsed on the settee by the fire. She was not used to mountain walking and she was clearly fatigued. "Tea, or a drink, darling" I asked her. She didn't hesitate. "I'd love some tea". I put the kettle on and sat beside her holding her hand as we looked into the fire. "It's been such a lovely day" she said quietly, squeezing my fingers. "I wanted you to see where I spent my childhood" I answered. We had our tea and I gently pulled her up by the hand. "Let's go and shower and change before I make dinner" I suggested. I allowed her to precede me to the bedroom where I stripped off my sweater and tee-shirt, then my trousers leaving me only in a pair of boxers. I watched Julia take off her sweater and strip off her slacks. She was now just dressed in her thin tee-shirt over a sheer bra and a pair of very skimpy black panties. Well it was just too much!!!

I took her in my arms and kissed her then eased the tee-shirt over her head. I unsnapped her bra and slipped off my boxers, giving her cunt a quick feel as I did. She was moist, not altogether to my surprise. I pulled her panties off and laid her on her back on the bed, her thighs automatically parting. I was straight up her in one movement and I began to shag her hard gripping her tits tightly and looking into her wide eyes. She was so ready after a day with no sex that she began to pant almost immediately. She dug her nails into my shoulders and clasped me round the waist with her plump thighs. I rapidly rode her to another squealing orgasm and collapsed on her sweaty body panting. I rolled off her as I was too heavy to stay for long and held her hand as we recovered. "That's what you get for being so sexy" I murmured. She giggled. "It was just lovely!".

We went and showered together after which I slipped on a pair of boxers and a tee-shirt and went down to see about the dinner leaving Julia to dry her hair and get ready. I grilled two salmon steaks, made a green salad and opened a bottle of the best Chablis which I had kept on ice. I was interested to see how Julia would dress for the evening. She came down in a very low-cut white silk blouse clearly defining the lace of a delicate bra underneath. She was wearing a very short pleated skirt about six inches above the knee and a pair of skimpy black panties which were evident at each step as her short skirt flicked up as she came down the stairs. For a change, her legs were bare. She had left her soft hair loose in blonde waves over her bare shoulders.

I took her in my arms and kissed her gently, leading her to the table where I settled her in her chair. "You look absolutely stunning darling" I whispered as I kissed her ear through her soft hair. She took my hand and smiled up at me as she pressed it to her breast. I gave her a quick feel and another kiss and then released her while I served the dinner. I poured her wine and she ate avidly, clearly very hungry after a day in the open air. As last night, two glasses of wine seemed enough and I did not want to make her drunk or too tired which was why I had kept the food and drink very light but tasty and nutritious. We had a light bitter lemon sorbet to finish and I put on some strong coffee and opened another bottle of champagne. Julia left the table and went and sat on the settee looking into the fire. I made Irish coffee and brought her a glass together with a glass of champagne. She smiled up at me and squeezed my hand.

I had one more surprise for her. "I'd like you to read this" I said, handing her a press release. It was addressed to my personnel director with a copy to the wire services announcing Julia's appointment as Executive Vice President of my group of companies responsible for market intelligence and overseas development. She read it twice, unable to take it in and looked at me in shock. "I couldn't" she gasped "do you really mean it". I looked into her wide, startled eyes. "You certainly could and of course I mean it. Listen to me, Julia. You are employed in a position at present which is way below your potential. You have an honours degree in economics. For the first six months you will be working closely with me learning the nuts and bolts of running my business. I don't think you will need it but if you do I will arrange for you to go to Harvard to do an MBA. After six months I am confident that you will be capable of running your part of my organisation independently making decisions without supervision. Incidentally you will have a starting salary of $300,000 a year and a full package of stock options which will make you financially independent for the rest of your life. We can't do it from here as I deliberately left my lap-top in London but the first thing we do when we get back will be to issue that press release". She began to sob quietly clutching my hand and I realised that it was more with relief than anything. I knew that she needed time for all this to sink in so I poured her more champagne and put a Mozart string quartet on the stereo. The hot fire, champagne and the gentle strains of early Mozart worked their magic and she began to relax.

We just relaxed together contented in the subdued light of the fire drinking Irish coffee and champagne and eating rich dark chocolate. Julia seemed to realise that there was no need for her to show me any gratitude. She understood that we were now life partners and that it was natural for me to want to share everything I had with her. I just needed to give her time to get used to things and to the possibilities of her new life. So much had happened to her and for her in a few short days. A couple of hours passed in companionable silence and as the music came to an end I kissed Julia's cheek and took her hand. "Come on, darling" I said "it's late. Time for bed. We have to get back to London tomorrow morning and we are flying out on Concorde in the afternoon".

In the bedroom I slipped off my clothes and gently undressed Julia. I knew that she was tired and that she would feel much more alive after some sleep so I kissed her gently and we lay down together. I made no attempt to arouse her but just lay with her naked in my arms kissing her soft lips from time to time very gently. She began to become drowsy and I watched her fall asleep in my embrace. I gently disentangled myself without waking her and composed myself for sleep. It had been an exciting, interesting and very satisfactory day!

When I awoke it was still dark and, checking my watch, I saw that it was still two hours until dawn. Julia had had a good sleep and I was feeling ready for some more fun. She was lying on her back so I put my hand between her thighs and began a slow finger-fuck. She gasped and woke to find my fingers playing in her cunt which was already moist. She turned to me and raised her lips to mine. We began a long slow sexy kiss as I continued to feel her and she began to toss off my stiff prick with her soft hand. She looked into my eyes, took her lips from mine and buried her face in my neck. I felt her soft breath on my neck as she whispered shyly "Can I suck you I've never done that to anyone but I want to do it for you". I just smiled into her eyes, put my hand in her blonde hair and gently moved her head towards my prick.

I felt her cool breath on my prick and balls and then the gentle touch of her lips as she nervously kissed the thick shaft moving slowly up to the tip. The tip of my stiff prick was enveloped in Julia's soft mouth and I looked down at the sweet rosebud of her lips stretched around the shaft. She ran her tongue around the bottom rim of my knobhead very delicately and began a slow rhythmical sucking, drawing my prick deep into mouth and combining it with a gentle wank. It felt really great and I looked down at the exotic blonde with her hair tumbling in soft waves over her shoulders. Although it was the first time she had done it she had the idea very quickly and I lay back with my arms behind my head enjoying myself while my pretty companion sucked me off more expertly as she became more used to the situation. Her soft mouth was too exciting for me to last long and I felt the familiar warmth building up in my balls. I did not want to frighten her by coming into her mouth without warning, time for that when she was more experienced. I tugged her hair gently and she looked up at me, her sweet lips stretched around my knob just below the head. I motioned to her and she reluctantly released my prick and came up into my arms. I kissed her, putting on hand behind her between the cleft of her arse and slipping the end of my finger straight up her arse. "That was lovely, darling" I said "thank you!". I began to kiss her deeply as I finger-fucked her arse gently. She took her lips from mine and buried her head in my chest. I pushed my invading finger a little further up her clinging arse. "That feels so naughty but it is really lovely" she whispered shyly. I just let her relax while I finger-fucked her arse and felt her plump bottom.

While I was playing with her bottom and relaxing I began to think back over some incidents from the last couple of days. I remembered how she had squirmed and giggled when I slapped her bottom. "Time to try this out" I thought. I took my hand from her bottom and raised her head so that she was looking into my eyes. "Julia" I said "you have been a naughty girl letting me put my finger up your bottom and you know what happens to naughty girls They get spanked!". Her wide eyes looked into mine but she could see that I was playing and pretended to protest. "Please don't" she whispered "I'll do anything!". "Too late!" I said, sitting on the side of the bed and putting her unresisting body across my lap. I did not want to hurt her but as we were acting out one of her fantasies I wanted to make it real for her. I began to spank her bare arse fairly hard and it reddened beautifully under my hand. Julia squirmed on my lap and began to squeal in time with my slaps wriggling her hairy little cunt against my stiff prick. She suddenly came with a loud squeal and I stopped spanking her and let her relax. I let her up from my lap and watched as she went to the mirror and looked over her shoulder at her reddened bottom. "You're awful" she said, looking into my eyes "I have always wanted to be spanked by a real man. How is it that you know all my secrets". She came back to the bed and stretched out beside me.

To allow her time to recover I kissed her gently and went downstairs and made us some tea. When we had finished I drew her into my arms and began to kiss her as I felt her wet cunt. She never needed much arousing. I turned her so that her back was against me and I gently parted her thighs giving me access to her cunt and arse. I kissed her neck enjoying the softness of her hair and began to feel her tits, teasing and pulling on the nipples while I moved a little forward so that the tip of my prick passed between the outer lips of her cunt. She gave a deep gasp and moved her arse abruptly back against me impaling herself on my stiff prick. I began to slowly fuck her and the combination of my prick shoved hard up her and my hands torturing her nipples quickly brought her to another squealing orgasm. This time it was too much for me and grasping her plump tits tightly as I pulled her closely to me I shot a load of cum into her womb.

I lay holding her tightly my softening prick still up her as her breathing quietened. I lay absolutely still, my hands gently cupping her sweet tits as her breathing deepened and she passed into sleep. I slowly withdrew without waking her and slept myself for another hour before the lightening dawn woke me. Julia still slept soundly beside me.

I quietly went downstairs and started to prepare breakfast, leaving it in the oven so that it would be ready when we wanted it, made coffee and took it upstairs waking Julia with a kiss. She stretched voluptuously and smiled into my eyes. "I've got a sore bottom, you naughty man" she murmured. "I think that your bottom may be sore quite often in the future, sweetness" I said "now I know what it takes to control you". She blushed and smiled at me over her coffee. I kissed her again and went downstairs, still naked, to finish the preparations for breakfast. I heard her come down and turned to look at her. She looked amazing in a long loose tee-shirt reaching to her hips and no bra or panties. Her blonde hair was tousled and wild around her shoulders. I just looked into her eyes and immediately began to become erect again. This woman had an amazing sexual presence.

"Do you fancy a fuck" I said deliberately crudely. I was on her wavelength now! I took her hand and led her to the table where I sat on an upright chair and drew her to me so that she was standing with her back to me and her thighs outside mine a position which spread her thighs giving my stiff prick easy access to her willing cunt. I pulled her closer and pressed my thighs against hers so that her sweet plump thighs spread wider, opening her cunt to my prick. "Guide my prick into your sweet cunt Julia" I said. She took my stiff prick in her little hand and brought it to the spread lips of her moist cunt. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her down on to me, smoothly pushing my big stiff prick right up her. She gave a gasp as I settled her on my prick and reached round her to feel her big sexy tits through the thin material of her tee-shirt.

I began to move Julia on my prick giving her a deep satisfying slow fuck while pleasuring her stiff nipples with my fingers. I carried on fucking her clinging cunt until I felt the heat in my balls and I drew Julia's head back. She turned her head and I looked deep into her cloudy blue eyes, put my lips to hers and gave her a deep sexy kiss while I shot my load into her soft cunt. I could tell from her gasping breathing that she had had a gentle orgasm although it was not as powerful as some of the squealers she had had recently! I relaxed, cuddling the sweaty sexy body in my arms and fondling her plump tits through the thin tee-shirt as my prick softened. I slowly pulled my semi-erect prick from her cunt and raised her to her feet. We went upstairs and showered together. I soaped every part of her, enjoying the slippery feel of her wet body. I felt her hand on my prick again and I became erect. I let her wank me for a moment and then, with her back against the wall of the shower and warm water cascading down on us I went up her again and fucked her to another quick orgasm. She stood on trembling legs as I withdrew from her and washed her again. I didn't say anything but kissed her gently and finished my shower. I left her to wash and dry her hair and to dress for the journey. I dressed and went downstairs and laid out the breakfast which I had prepared earlier.

I heard Julia coming downstairs so I poured her coffee. I looked at her appreciatively as she came into the living room. She was wearing a rather low-cut white woollen dress that I had not seen before which clung closely to her hips and bosom delightfully outlining her figure. She had on sheer dark stockings and neat shoes. She had left her blonde hair loose in waves to her shoulders. The simple dress looked stunning. "You look absolutely beautiful, darling" I said, handing her a long-stemmed red rose "come and have breakfast". She smiled shyly, squeezed my hand and kissed the bloom of the rose, putting it beside her plate. When we had eaten we lingered over coffee. I put my hand over hers. "Just relax, darling" I said "I'll quickly pack the car. We should be laving soon". I went upstairs and packed, loading our small amount of luggage but leaving Julia's personal things for her to pack in her small hold-all. I came back in and had my coffee while she completed her packing and bringing her small bag down she left it by the door. I poured us both a last cup of coffee, made the fires safe and sat with Julia relaxing before the journey. I just left the breakfast things for the caretaker and we went out to the car. I put Julia's case in the boot with the other luggage and locked the cottage door. She was standing by the car looking wistfully at the cottage and round at the brooding mountains. "I have been so, so happy here" she said quietly "it has been just perfect". I put my arm round her and drew her to me. "We will be back before long darling" I said quietly "but it's time to go now".

I helped her into the low seat and put her shawl around her shoulders, buckling her into her seat-belt. I got in and strapped myself in. I turned to her and smiled "Ready" I asked. She offered me her lips and I gave her a deep kiss, putting my hand up her dress to feel her soft thigh above her stocking top. She gasped with pleasure. I prolonged the kiss a moment longer and then released her and started the car.

As before, the long journey appeared to pass quickly and it seemed only a short time before I was picking my way through the London traffic. We drew up in front of the hotel and I left the staff to take our luggage up to our suite while I took Julia to the conservatory and settled her down with a drink. There was not much time to spare and I settled the hotel account at Reception and arranged for the return of the hired car. I called the company and ordered a limo to take us to the airport in an hour, leaving just enough time for the afternoon Concorde flight.

I rejoined Julia and we finished our drinks. "We have not got much time, darling" I said. We went up to the suite and I packed ready to leave while Julia freshened up. While she was in the bathroom I set up the lap-top and attended to the most urgent e-mails from the last couple of days and loaded Julia's press release. When she rejoined me I allowed her to send the press release announcing her new position to the company and to the financial world. She grasped my fingers and blushed with sheer happiness.

A discreet knock on the door announced the arrival of the maitre d'hotel to supervise the packing of our bags in the limo and we went down and settled into the comfort of the darkened vehicle. We were soon at the airport and my position ensured a rapid check-in to the Concorde departure lounge. After a very brief wait, and a couple of glasses of champagne, we boarded the plane which very soon took off carrying Julia away to her new life.


If you would like any more on Julia's future, let me know. I may add to this if there is enough interest. Comments, criticism and suggestions for future stories are always welcome at aled7@yahoo.com

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