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Basketball Recruit

Woman showing boobs
Author: Stoneypoint
Publish Date : May 10, 2008
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18 year old young woman has sexual encounter in her basement by sexy 31 year old man. He shows her the finer points of being felt up and fingered and she loves every second of it.

* * * * * * *

It was their annual Fourth of July party. Ashley's mom told her to go and bring out some more refreshments. Her mom also told Ashley's brother to help out even though he was busy sitting and talking with his friends. Reluctantly he eased his way out of the chair.

"Carol" the dreamy looking neighbor chimed in "let him have his fun. I'll help Ash bring it up." Carol was thanked him. Like all the others she always thought of him the same way. As he headed inside, Carol watched his walk; to her it was the classical sexy strut.

A former athlete, he kept in shape. A good shape for sure sporting lean broad shoulders and a trim waistline which he put on display for all to see, he was happy he that he was able to exhibit his manly figure for all the women such as Carol and even Ashley too. Even young Ashley appreciated and yearned for it as well.

They all talked. He knew they all talked about him and his incredible body. His wife did too and she'd smile when she heard them talk amongst themselves. He was the prize trophy husband and in turn she was his prize trophy wife.

Little did Ashley's parents know that "Uncle Bobby" and "Aunt Sue" who lived next door to them were actually swingers. Yes they were and they were into it as if it was a full time job for the two of them. They aspired to having the most fun they could with it.

There was more. What he liked doing was more wicked then that. Ashley was caught all the time by him stealing looks. She loved checking him out any time she could. When she'd hear him fire up his mower she knew one thing. He would be in a pair of shorts and only a pair of shorts which meant his chiseled upper body was being showcased specifically for her.

However what she didn't know was he was doing it for her and her alone. She'd be the first one outside volunteering to wash her parents cars, pick up sticks or trash, or anything just so she could keep an eye on the sexiest body she had ever seen in here life.

Yes his body was wonderful but "Uncle Bobby" was even more wonderful. He'd catch her watching him while mowing. He'd look over and wave, smile, and wink. Once he did she'd blush like a 14 year old girl.

He loved it. He loved being watched by that specific young woman too. Seeing as she was prettier then most, seeing as she was a gifted little athlete that she was, and seeing as she was now a newly anointed 18 year old that she was it meant she was as legal and as sexy as his own wife or for that matter Ashley's mom too.

She was a virile young woman to him and to him that meant opportunity was knocking!

A young woman with so much talent that college recruiters and coaches came knocking from every school around and topping it off "Uncle Bobby" was knowledgeable about the schools that came calling. She and her parents often sought his advice.

But down in the cellar she was busy pulling out the cases of pop and beer from the large refrigerator. While pulling them out she heard footsteps. Thinking it was her brother she called his name out telling him to help her.

He spoke up and she instantly recognized the voice. She froze. Not believing he was downstairs with her and all alone she couldn't believe her ears. She was so excited they were all alone and nobody else was with them.

Bent over pulling out the cases, he watched her young shapely ass in the colorful short summer dress she wore that day. That dress did things for her figure she never imagined. It turned an 18 year old young lady into a sexy looking 30 year old woman that day.

His eyes began to soften. His heart quickly grew fonder of the ass and legs before him as her dress pulled further up her back exposing more and more of her backside. He watched the back of her legs. He adored the contours and muscle he saw. He savored them like she was prime tenderloin or better.

Long, shapely, and well-developed her legs showed their sexy and exquisite definition. He loved that about them. He adored the body before him. He was crazy about her figure in every sense of the word. Only his loving wife knew he was. He was nuts about other women, but this gifted sexy athlete held a special place in his heart.

31 years old and with a thick wavy head of dark hair Bobby and his chiseled face, lean muscular frame, and charming good looks dreamt of the day he could be all alone with Ashley so they might talk. The suave and charismatic "Uncle Bobby" stood tall at 6' 4" and finally found that opportunity.

"Hey Ash I told your mom I'd give her a hand and help you out."

Finally she was able to stand up. She turned around and all was right with the world as she gawked at her adorable visitor. He knew she was surprised at his presence and all alone with him he knew she felt he dripped with incredibly good looks. He was there to attend to her needs as well as his own selfish ones too.

He needed her. All she wanted was for him to pay attention to her. All she expected from him was for him to think and say she was a really pretty young woman. She knew she was pretty, but she was humble about her looks. She knew she found him attractive and adorable. She wanted him to block every one else out and simply give his undivided attention to her as a woman and not some kid who had a crush on him. That is what she hoped for that day.

"Talk to me Uncle Bobby; ask me questions" she told herself. "Tell me how pretty and attractive I am to you" she added. Walking towards her, he was polite. He smiled as he looked directly in to her eyes. His way of looking at her made it all seem as if he was looking into the depths of her soul.

He knew what she wanted. He knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted his undivided attention. She wanted his unending praise. She wanted him to touch her soul and she wanted to feel special once he left.

Looking her in the eye with his gentle stare he said "It is so amazing to me Ash how much you've grown in the last couple of years."

She smiled and said thank you in a coy manner.

"In fact I was just telling 'Aunt Sue' how beautiful you are lately. I was telling her how amazing you are; how talented you've become over the last year" he added as he gazed upon her tall and slender winding figure.

She blushed and looked away. His smile widened.

As his eyes groped her body he went on to add "And you've matured so... well so nicely. You've changed into this amazing talented basketball player and I feel I am the luckiest man in the world right now. To have watched you grow up; to be able to watch you mature" he added and watched her react to his remarks, he smiled tenderly.

"I bet you didn't know I felt this way did you"

Stunned by his presence and overwhelmed by his compliments she knew what he meant by growing up and by maturing. She looked down and away at first.

"Oh sure you are" and saw a decorative mirror against the other wall.

"Come... come and look at yourself Ash. Come and see what I see in this mirror" and he ushered her across the cellar to show her. In her short colorfully expressive dress she wore specifically for him, it said it all as he began to make his point.

She knew he meant she had matured; growing into a full fledged woman. She wasn't completely convinced quite yet. She knew he meant she had developed specific aspects a grown woman develops, but at the time she was na´ve about their connotations.

Standing behind her both looked at her image in the mirror. Her hair flowed freely past her shoulders. It was graceful like she was. It was silky like her personality. He loved it. He loved what he saw. Her smile, eyes, and face were cute. They were sexy and of all people he knew they were that for sure.

He told her how pretty she was and her heart exploded. She waited for more. She waited for that moment. He told her what she wanted to hear. A smile surfaced as her heart grew fonder. It not only fluttered but it soared excitedly.

"Look at this figure" he said.

He saw the contours of a shape he loved. The dress helped him see it more clearly. He gazed upon the outline of her full-grown boobs. Her dress wrapped itself around them to assist in driving that point across. Larger then life for any 18 year old with boobs her size she had to adapt to the game of basketball and did a superb job in doing so. He savored them. He delighted in them especially when he went to watch them dance at the games.

"It defines you as a spectacular young lady Ashley. Not only is your talent as a basketball player overwhelming, but your... your figure is so" and he paused for a moment keeping her wondering what he would say next. "Ashley it is sooo womanly" he went on to say her bearing the signature smile she loved to see.

She looked at her boobs in the mirror. She gazed upon them. With spaghetti straps holding up her dress, it came down low enough so it showed him hints of her mature cleavage he loved knowing she wanted to display.

So far he hadn't violated her nor touched her in any manner. Standing so close to behind her, Bobby aroused her. Never did she ever imagine he would be so close to her and hold a conversation with her that she felt it could be classified as an intimate one. No she never imagined that at all. As he complimented her and her body she hoped and prayed he might do something, anything at all.

She wished he would touch her ever so slightly just so she could say to one of her close personal friends "Do you know that dreamy sexy guy next door Guess what he did He felt me! He felt me up! He touched my boobs! He touched my tummy and... And guess what else he did Just guess what else he did" she wanted to say to someone close to her meaning he kissed her

And before she knew it he did feel her inadvertently. Standing so close behind her she felt his breath against the back of her neck. It was exhilarating! His warm breath hit her ever so slightly causing a stir within her. Already aroused to a degree it put her in a heightened state of mind.

It caused her to suddenly breathe sharply. She gasped feeling a bit uncomfortable. Suddenly she felt his lean physique flat against hers. Ashley felt weak all over. She began to feel euphoric. She felt mesmerized. She felt like she could put out for him at that moment. A riveting succession of jolts followed. Rushing through her from every angle and every turn he excited her like nothing in life ever had.

She didn't want him to move; not at that point she didn't. She couldn't bear that. She had to have him stand as close as he could stand. She didn't know what was next, but she knew she loved feeling his body against hers.

Standing flat against her he started pointing out her assets, but she thought she felt something poking her in the small of her back. She couldn't sure. Her head perked up. Her eyes perked up.

"Was that what I think it was" she wondered. "Noooo... no way it couldn't be" she thought. "Is he... no he couldn't be could he" she asked herself.

She actually hoped he was because that meant she turned him on. She was woman enough to have turned "Uncle Bobby" on! She of all people, of all women made him horny! To Ashley it meant she was sexy to him.

"I am sexy to him I can't... it can't be" she thought. It isn't possible!"

"Do you see what I mean" he asked.

"No tell me" she told herself. She hoped to god he'd be more specific.

"Ohhh god now he's turning me on! Go on touch me... touch me anywhere you want Uncle Bobby! It's okay do it! Go on do it" she wanted to say aloud. "Touch me anywhere on my body."

Practically skimming his fingers along the outskirts of her full sized boobs she watched with delight as his fingers almost touch them. Hoping and praying he'd feel them along the way she told herself "Ohhh Uncle Bobby feel them; go on it is okay."

He saw it in her eyes. He knew it was her formal invitation to do so. He read her face like a book. It was too easy.

Standing against her his hands trailed downwards. Along the outside of her slim and curvy figure, they ascended upon her hips and then her flat tummy.

Ashley's eyes closed for a moment as she felt his breath on the back of her neck. It felt incredible to her. He felt incredible against her. Opening her eyes up she watched as he described her maturity in ways no one, not even her mom, described how beautiful she had become.

"I wonder what is taking them so long" Carol asked aloud.

Sue was standing close by and overheard Carol. "Oh you know Bobbie. He's probably giving her one of his upbeat pep talks. She is at that stage now you know. She can always use one can't she Carol"

"I suppose you're right. He's such a great guy Bobby is."

"Yep that's why I married him Do you want me to go and get them for you" Sue asked.

Carol brushed it off and went about being a great hostess. Sue smiled and kept Carol's husband busy while keeping an eye on Carol too.

Back in the cellar Bobby's hidden innuendo was that Ashley was a desirable woman now. To him she had become a goddess. She was ready for real womanhood. Did she know it the way he meant it Maybe not, but she'd understand in due time. It was wonderful to her that he pointed things out that he did. That afternoon was perfect.

"You aren't the same skinny little girl you once were Ash. When I see you walking down the street or when you're outside I see a different person now. You are all grown up Ash. You're a woman now. The kind a man adores. The kind of woman a man craves you should know."

"Craves as in yearns to be with" she asked herself.

Looking down at her legs he added "When I see these... these legs parading around" and watched her reaction. "They are as pretty, as gorgeous as any sexy woman's pair of legs I've ever laid eyes on in my life. Look at these" he commanded her. "Ashley they are shapely and with ohhhh Ashley... how does a man resist these" he said in an exasperated tone of voice.

"My... my legs really" she asked nervously.

"Oh yes Ash... for sure they are" he told her and suddenly from out of no where he touched her. He touched her bare legs. He couldn't help himself. He touched them on the outside, but he touched her leg on the outside using his fingertips.

That had its significant implications to him and to her as well.

"Ohhhh god oh shit" she exclaimed. "He touched me! He actually touched my body! Do it again! Touch me again Uncle Bobby!" Her eyes said it all and he knew it too.

He saw the look. It was another invitation.

It was as if he read her mind. Still breathing gently against the back of her neck she thought she felt it again. Against her backside she thought she felt something stiff poking into the small of her back; something pointy was pushing against it she thought.

She leaned backwards just so she could see if it was true. She wanted to see if she could feel it for sure. Bobby knew she did.

"Ohhh god... it's true! It is his... ohhh god yes" she marveled. "Yes it was! Yes it was! Should I do it again Should I" she wondered excitedly.

"Look how you've developed all over the place The definition, the contouring, and all the signs that you're a full grown woman Ash amaze me" he exclaimed as his hands trailed upwards over her hips, across her pelvis, and towards her boobs.

"Yes these breasts Ashley... These magnificent looking, perfectly rounded young creatures" he went on to tell her. "How could a man in his right mind not see how grown and how absolutely gorgeous they are and you are too Ashley"

He made his point. He sold her hook, line, and sinker. It is a gift. He does it well. That is his line of work. A marketing specialist with the gift for gab, Bobby sold Ashley on herself. She had to learn it sooner or later so he taught her how sexy and gorgeous she really was that day.

"Go on feel them! Touch my tits again" she screamed out in her thoughts.

It was in every breathing thought. He knew it too. She watched with intensity as his hands traced along her figure towards her beautiful young bosoms. So round and yet so full of life that only she knew what they truly looked like beneath the sexy and colorful spaghetti strapped dress.

"Ohhhh god Uncle Bobby" screaming aloud for the first time. His hands scooted carefully around them as he told her how immaculate they appeared to him. His cock pounded with enthusiasm. It continued to push against the small of her back while his hand ever so slightly traced along the outskirts of her well rounded tits.

She gasped for air as she felt his hand along her boob. She couldn't believe it. He felt them. He felt her tits. It was amazing this man was feeling her firm round boobs.

In a long sigh he said "Ohhhhhh Ashley yes they are beautiful! They are beautiful indeed. To me Ashley there aren't half as beautiful and sexy as you are, but they are gorgeous" he said to her in triumphant glory.

"Don't you wish I could... well don't you wish we... Ohhh Ashley, Ashley" he exclaimed. Don't you wish we could feel each other like this some more some time Don't you" he asked in a whisper. "Or is that... is that out of line honey."

He had driven her over the edge. She was gong bezerk and cried out "Noooooo nooo nooooo not at all." She turned around sharply to look him in the eye. "Do you have any idea how long I have waited for a day like this Do you Uncle Bobby Do you" she pleaded.

Smiling directly at her he said "no" while his fingers trickled across her flat tummy barely dancing against it as they did. "But I bet a long time" he added. "And get this sweetheart" as his fingers strolled back across her tummy "me too; me toooo you sexy looking woman you."

She fell apart. She almost dropped to the floor. His words had her racing. She wanted to strip down naked, kiss him forever and ever, and she wanted him to have his way with her momentarily.

"I guess you know this already" and she asked him what. "That I'm turned on by you" and suddenly he caught her off guard. Laying his hand against her he slid it down over her crotch. He pushed it inwards

"Ohhhhh god" she cried out "ohhh my god... oh my god" she said whimpering and closed her eyes. He could feel the heat of her body. She was burning up within.

"Did you realize that" he asked. "You really truly turn me on" he added as his hand moved about a circular motion between her thighs.

She looked down. "What is he doing" She looked up. She couldn't believe any of it. "He's... he is touching me" she thought excitedly.

As he gazed upon her his hand moved towards her tummy. It rested firmly against it. She could barely breathe she was in so much shock. It was too much for her. Both looked down at his hand on her tummy. He looked at her. She looked up at him. She was thrilled to death, but at the same time she was shocked as well. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know what to say.

He turned her on like no guy had ever turned her on in her life. This was no boy. She was with a man; a real life man. He was the dreamiest man she knew and this dreamy sexy man was all over her young 18 year old body like nothing she's experienced in her life. She couldn't nor did she want to stop him. She didn't have any inclination of stopping him either. She didn't want anything at that point to stop.

She fell apart. She wanted him to kiss her. She wanted to kiss him. His dreamy eyes pierced her soul and much more. His dreamy hands persisted moving all over her. All that was left to do was for his dreamy lips to pursue hers and life would be perfect.

Slowly his hand found its way back down, but all the way down at the bottom of her dress. His eyes continued to pierce hers. She looked down and noticed where his hand settled in. Rubbing her ever so slightly his hand closed in on the inner section of her thigh. That was an all points bulletin which put her on high alert.

"What... what is he doing" she wondered nervously. Her eyes widened. His hand pushed the skirt upwards. "No don't" she her eyes said to him. She told herself as his hand pushed her skirt up further "Ohhhh god he's turning me on even more!" Her eyes closed.

Feeling her flesh more and more to the inside, her soft rich thighs felt incredible to him. He watched with delight as he felt her silky strong thighs. He did say a word while caressing them tenderly. He only watched her react. His hand moved closer and closer and even closer to her erotic intersection of life.

He smiled cautiously. He watched with pleasure as his hand moved over her inner thigh.

"Ohhhh god no please no don't Uncle Bobby don't" she told herself even though she spread her legs further apart.

In a whisper he told her "It feels incredible doesn't it"

Opening her eyes and looking at him she nodded her head yes. She looked down where his hand was placed. It was almost against her panties. She looked back up at him. She didn't know whether to feel scared or ecstatic about what he was doing with her.

Suddenly his other hand fell down by the side of her thigh. She yelped excitedly. Gradually both hands began pushing her dress up. Slowly they converged underneath her dress over her underwear and passed her sleek tummy. Upwards they both went and closer they both came and as they did she watched with amazed glory as they came to rest for a moment upon her naked round boobs.

"Uncle Bobby... Uncle Bobby ohhhhh yes feel them" she cried out in an overjoyed tone. Yes Bobby yes yesssssss" she called out wearing a grand smile on her face. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath of air as his hands squeezed her bosoms affectionately.

He smiled and delighted in his task. They were hearty boobs and every inch of them brought pure joy to him as he savored the moments his hands rested on them.

One finger then the other came to rest of her tiny little nipples, moving them around and around until she felt them tingling almost painfully. Her face indicated it and he stopped teasing them like he did.

"Mmmmm you have awesome boobs Ash just awesome and exhilarating boobs.

"Really I do" she asked. "Ohhh god don't stop feeling them... please don't stop" she begged. He said he wouldn't, but he knew where his prize was and he wanted it sooner or later come hell or high water he told himself.

"I'd sure love to kiss these" he added as his hands moved about them in a circular motion. Every so often he squeezed them too and she smiled and smiled watching him feel her tits.

But he knew it had to end because wanted and craved feeling it more then anything else. He slowly eased his way ff them and back down past her tummy. She looked at him with a look that said "What are you doing huh what are you doing"

He slid his hands back down passed her underwear slowly and eventually to the inside of her warm majestic thighs. "Noooo don't Uncle Bobby don't" she pleaded but not out loud; her eyes said it all.

"Mmmmmm it's nice and warm around there which means only one thing" he told her "like me you are... ohhhh Ashley you are one horny woman aren't you"

She didn't speak up. She couldn't speak up. She was overwhelmed at his interest in her pussy. Nodding her head she was horny but didn't want to admit it. She looked him in the eyes as she felt his hand move about her inner thigh. Settling in against it, his hand eased closer towards her warm damp crotch.

"Yes ohhh yes... no ohhh nooooo" she told herself. "Noooo oh god no don't" wishing him to stop what he was about to do. She loved it but feared what he was going to do.

"Ohhh god touch it, feeeel it. I wish you would... I wish you'd feel me" continuing to contradict herself.

His hand slid all the way up to the point of no return. Against it his hand came to its resting place. Excited as ever her heart raced, her eyes bulged, and Ashley looked at him to make sure what she was going to do was the right thing.

Suddenly she lifted her dress up and out of no where pushed them down for him, all the way down past her knees. She smiled once she did and he smiled back. He felt the heat and he felt the moisture permeating from within and it was good! It was very, very good! He pulled away his hands for a moment, but she grabbed hold of them and pulled them up inside her empty dress.

Not realizing it all she knew was she wanted him and she wanted him to feel her cunt as much as he liked.

"You know something" he began in his suave voice "you sure are my kind of woman."

She wasn't sure what he meant but it did not matter as she looked him in the eyes with a sense of pride and joy. She smiled and nodded her head saying to him "And Uncle Bobby you're my kind of man. I've always thought that about you. Did you know that"

"Yes I have" he replied as his hands careened across her virgin bush. "Yes I have Ash." Both of them were smiling. With his bare hand against her hot desirable pussy Ashley's heart raced as her pussy ached for him to finish what he started.

Her eyes offered that final invitation he already knew was out there.

All of a sudden she felt it. She felt the strange but wild presence inside her. It was so odd but in anticipation of it she opened up her legs even more allowing him more movement underneath. He smiled directly at her as his fingers proceeded further inside her. Ashley looked down and upon seeing what she saw couldn't believe any of it. His fingers subtly found their way in a young tight, hot, and very wet pussy.

She wanted it! But she wasn't sure if she did at all. She loved it, but wasn't sure if she ever did from the start. It was all so invigorating, but it was the scariest feeling ever.

Inside she was screaming for him not to and at the same time screaming for him to not stop what he was doing. Her eyes spoke volumes and he delighted in all of it. He watched and watched and pleasured his young filly as she gulped down emotion after emotion while his fingers moved all back and forth inside her glorious right cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh god... ohhhhh fucking god" she screamed out at the top of her lungs! "Yes ohhh yes Bobby yes" she shouted as his fingers twirled freely. She loved it all and he saw that she loved every last bit of it. Looking at him at him with desire she held within there was also a bit of fear that he saw and he would soon comfort her as well.

He felt her in ways she knew she knew she always wanted to be felt. He touched her in ways she's always wanted to be touched. Oozing with grandeur she wanted so much more she couldn't believe any of it was going on. She had been turned on by the sexiest man in the area she knew.

"It's going to be fine. You are going to come out of this and love everything that's happened to you today" he told her with a hint of a smile. He winked and continued feeling inside her pussy. "This does feel sooooo incredible doesn't it" he asked in a gentle tone of voice.

Ashley nodded her head yes as she looked upon the uninvited suitor with adoration.

He caressed her clitoris making her yelp and shriek unexpectedly. He dug in deep exposing her to a man's finger s for the very first time ever. Exercising her cunt the way she craved it she never wanted it to end.

Either way he fingered his sexy mature 18 year old neighbor it was a magnificent experience to her and she didn't want him to stop ever. She never wanted it to end.

"Ohhhh god Bobby... ohhhh my god don't stop please don't' stop" she exclaimed "you are sooo soooo ohhhh awesome. You are the greatest" she told him.

"I know and so are you" and as he continued fingering her pussy he leaned in and laid an intimate juicy kiss on her cheek. She was too overwhelmed to respond to it, but it was all pleasurable for her

"I will go and see what is keeping them from bring the pop and beer up; don't worry."

Caught up in what they were doing the door had opened unbeknownst to either of them. She walked down the stairs slowly. She wondered if he was down with her. She thought he was. Hearing sounds she didn't say a word and sat down on the steps to watch them for a moment. Music blared outside. People talked and laughed in the background. It was a typical Fourth of July party.

She stood up and walked to the landing where she stood watching for a moment longer.

"Bobby... Bobby" she screamed angrily! "What the hell are you doing She went off on him. She went into a tirade. Bobby pulled away. Ashley pulled away.

Ashley tumbled backwards almost falling on her ass. Bobby stood up straight and turned around briskly. Ashley tried pulling her underwear up swiftly. She fumbled with them. Bobby stepped away even further. He behaved as though he was in big, big trouble.

He didn't look at Ashley. He listened to the woman screaming at him.

"What did he do sweetheart" she shouted angrily. "What did he do to you" her Aunt Sue demanded to know.

Ashley was speechless. She was afraid. She was in shock. She realized what she allowed him to do. Ashley now ashamed of herself and her actions began to cry. She wept and wept.

She loved every second of it, but she couldn't let her "Aunt Sue" know what she let him do. She just couldn't. It was an intimate and private moment for her and him. It was a moment to be remembered in time. It was a very special moment for sure. She was the recipient of one mans fingers wonderful fingers intimately feeling her where it was most special of all and Ashley could not tell Sue what Bobby did to her.

"Get out of here" Sue demanded. "Take all that pop and beer upstairs and leave! Leave the party too. Leave at once! Do you understand me" she shouted. He did as he was told and gone for the day.

"Dear ohhhh honey did he violate you sweetheart Did he" she asked angrily as if completely livid with Bobby. With a look that said she was furious and beside herself she looked into Ashley's eyes.

Ashley looked at her. She realized what she did and what had happened was all wrong. She was ashamed and disappointed in herself. She felt like none of this should have ever happened. Tears rolled from her eyes.

Sue quickly came to Ashley's rescue reaching around her and holding her within the clutches of her arms. Comforting her Sue told Ashley it was not her fault. "Honey ohhh honey it isn't your fault. It isn't your fault" she kept saying as they rock back and forth. "Ohhh baby I know... I know baby" Sue said. "That was mean. I know you didn't like it. I know you never wanted that to happen. "I know" and Sue would go on to tell Ashley she knew and understood what she must have gone through.

Holding Ashley, Sue made her feel so much better about herself. "I know you probably thought you wanted it to happen" she said in a tender voice. "All girls usually feel that way at some time or another sweetheart. I know I certainly did. Awww baby it is okay... it is okay to feel that way."

"It was okay to feel the way you felt with him" she added. "Wanting it the way you did; it is understandable. It really is honey. He is a hard man to resist I am sure. That much I know."

Ashley began feeling better. Her tears began to dry up. Sue made her feel better.

"Are you alright He is in so much trouble. He knows he is in trouble. That man is reprehensible. His actions violated you as a person and as a woman" Sue told her.

"No he didn't" Ashley told herself. "He didn't violate me at all. I loved it to be honest. If only I could tell you that. If only I could say that to you."

"What dear what is it Ohhhhh you poor girl you; all this has shaken you up hasn't it"

"Nooo not at all" she almost began saying. "To be... to be honest with you" she told herself as she looked up at Sue "it was so exciting and so sooo ohh god Aunt Sue it was such a huge turn on to me and if only I could say that I would feel so much better."

Sue held her closely rocking her in her arms as she caressed Ashley's back and arms. Talking quietly she pulled away and told her it will all be better soon. She told Ashley how she'll feel so much better shortly.

"Thanks for giving Ashley a pep talk Bobby. That was so sweet for you to do that. What are they doing now" Carol asked.

"Ohh you know Sue; just like me you know. She loves giving pep talks too" and he laughed and told her he had stuff to and would stop back later on. Kissing Carol's cheek put Carol in high heaven. "You take care and I'll come by later on when all this settles down" he told her. "I'll help you and Dave clean all this up."

"Nahhh you don't have to. We'll be just fine" Dave said overhearing them. "Where is Ashley by the way. Isn't she awesome Beautiful and always willing to help us all out like she does; gotta love the woman huh"

"Yep I sure do" Bobby said walking away.

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Three Naked females

The Kilt is Her Delight - Kirk Deighton

Revenge at the Red Bull - Melody

A Need For a Simple Life - Robert Geoffs

Barry The Cheerleader - Barry B.

Room 169 - Van Kleve

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