Badly Caught

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Published: May 17, 2008
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A girl is thrown out of a night club and is offered a lift home the lift home doesnt go to plan.

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The doors of saucy night, night club opened and a huge bouncer led a young girl out by the arm, she searched through her purse for some change for a taxi, finding none she scanned the area, Joel sat in his car watching the beautiful young girl, his cock began to harden as he checked her out, her top only covered her boobs but still showed them off , at least a c he thought it showed of her toned tanned stomach and her short skirt showed off her legs, he drove to where she was standing

"need a lift" he questioned,

"yeah please" she replied opening the car door and climbing in

" could you take me to penwithick please"

"Sure" he pulled away

"so then what's your name how old" Joel questioned

"im 18 taz" the beautiful girl replied. She saw him checking out her body

"oh you just missed my turn" she said confused "I know I thought we could make a little stop off"

"no im sorry iv had enough tonight" he placed a hand on he thigh and turned down a dark lane into a well covered lay-by, she pushed his hand off "please I just want to go home"

" you could at least thank me for the lift" Joel probed

"ok okay I'll give you a blow job!" She started to panic as he grasped her perfect boob. she unzipped his jeans and a huge penis sprung out she began to slowly suck and kiss his cock working her hands to "suck harder!" Joel ordered, she sucked a little harder he pushed her head down onto his cock "harder!" She gagged as his cock reached the back of her throat she sucked as hard as she could, he started to pull and push her head up and down face fucking her hard! She sucked as hard as she could. He took his cock out and climbed on top of taz, she struggled but he pinned her down reclining the seat right back and pulling off her clothes he pinned her down and rammed his hard cock into her tight pussy she gasped as it hurt "shut up!" Joel growled as he started to fuck hard and fast he shuddered and taz felt his load fill up her pussy, his body hell limp on her his softening cock still inside her. Finally he got up "clean me off you stupid slut" he forced his sticky cock in her mouth she started to suck the come off his cock grew hard in her mouth again he took it out

"I bet you are really good for anal" he smirked

"no please look iv given you a blowjob and let you fuck me please just let me go" he grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the car bending her over the bonnet and slapped her ass, a bright light paused the situation, Joel force taz's head down and looked up into the blinding light, a police car and stopped right in front of them. Joel loosened his grip his heart thumping, strangely taz didn't move maybe he could pull it off, make it look like it was some kinky fun and not rape... Two male police officers stepped out of the car. "Sorry to disturb you sir but you may be in danger."

"In danger What do you mean" He slid his cock out of taz's pussy and pulled his trousers up, taz stayed still. One of the officers went over and grabbed her hair dragging her up; he looked at her face and smiled. "You were just raping an escaped prisoner" Taz struggled as the police officer man handled her onto the car bonnet pulling out his handcuffs "get the fuck off me! Im not going back to that shit hole, get off me you arse hole!" taz screamed outraged as she was pinned and cuffed

"Wait rape It wasn't rape!" Joel protested.

"Look mate chill out I think it's what she deserves you can finish her off if you like" Joel shook his head his cock had soon deflated after the police had arrived. "Fair enough I will have my turn we have a while until the army turn up" Joel stared in disbelieve as the two police officer unleashed their cock as taz struggled against them and yelled from them to get the fuck off. The officer behind her pushed his cock on her pussy lips, the other guy pulled out his taser gun and pressed his cock on her lips.

"you've felt one of these before haven't you bitch! Needle sharp darts sticking in you and 50,000watts running through your body, now I bet that isn't pleasant, you bite me and I swear I will stick this up your cunt understand" the guy grabbed her head and started to face fuck her like a whore, the guy behind slapped her ass hard leaving a red print of his leather gloved hand. He put his hands on her hips and slammed his cock into her, he pulled her back by her handcuffs as he trusted into her slapping her ass harder and harder. The guy at the front finished first he pushed her face down on his cock and ordered her to drink it, he filled her mouth with hot sticky cum forcing her to swallow it down, then the second guy slid his cock out and rammed it up her ass making her scream and filling her to the brim with cum. The guy at the front pulled out his hand cuffs and restrained her ancles, she stayed naked and covered in cum bent over the bonnet her ass bright red.

"this is what happens when you escape from prison bitch, its not a nice arrest and a bit of an argument, you get fucked big time! And the army get involved, this was nothing tonight from what your going to experience" taz stood up and hopped as fast as she could towards a hedge, the police officer aimed and shot his taser gun, hitting her in the ass with it, she fell to the ground her body paralysed with electric shocks.

"I'll let the army guys know you tried the great escape again" he teased as he grouped her boob and twisted her nipple. The night erruped with the sound of a earthquake as a huge 4 tonne camouflaged lorry pulled up, around 12 guys in camouflaged uniform jumped out "where is she"....

The end

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