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GI Lust

Publish Date : Jun 5, 2008
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My off again and on again boyfriend & I screwed each other all night. He was being deployed to the middle-east the next day. I can't remember how many times I got off with some of the best orgasms of my 24 years.

* * * * * * *

My off again and on again boyfriend & I screwed each other all night. He was being deployed to the middle-east the next day. I can't remember how many times I got off with some of the best orgasms of my 24 years. I dressed in sweats to take him the airport. His plane docked and the departure gate opened. I kissed him several times with big hugs. And he left to the east coast & then to afghanistan on an 18-month deployment. I was really feeling lonely already. but, still horny. I watching & looking at the people in the airport terminal. I had noticed a lot of servicemen arrive from somewhere.

I hurried back home showered and dressed in a tight pair of denim cut-offs and a silk blouse. The jean material made a perfect Camel-Toe at my crouch. I was getting turned on just looking at myself. A pretty camel-toe is what these GI's were looking for. I had a thin rose-colored blouse on & breasts are 36C's and naturally tight to together showing some cleavage. My nipples are straight out about 1/ 2" It looked like I just came from one of those wet T-shirt contest.

I drove back to the airport terminal and I pretended to look for someone. This GI in gray camouflage came up to me and asked if I needed some help. He said, "Hi there, Missy. Need some help" Sorry, I'm Ron US Army. 101st airborn. I noticed that you are looking for someone. May I help you" he asked. Ron was rather attractive. I played like a 70's dumb blonde. I reached up and twirled my brown hair around my fingers and said, "Yeah Ron, you can help me. My girlfriend was flying in today but I donno her flight number or airline. She just said she would be here this morning" I continued, "I have been on both sides of the terminal and end to end I donno many times. I just don't see her"

Ron, being a military gentleman he asked, "Have you thought she may in the airport lounge looking for you "Maybe she is. let's go look" I said. When we got down there the place was packed. It was lunchtime and the people were everywhere. There was small table in the back behind the ceiling lights. "Hey Ron there's a table" The table setting was in the darkest section of the room. My pussy was as wet as could be. I was thinking this GI is going fire his missile at my cunt. I was so excited.

We sat and ordered drinks. Ron said he was returning from a tour in iraq, he was glad to be on us soil again. We talked over some drinks. Ron made his move. He looked right down silk blouse. "Hummm" He said, " I haven't seen anything so beautiful in so long. My areola was shrinking to nickel size and my nipps were really stuck out there. He slowing moved his hand under my blouse, I stopped him from going any further so not to seem like I was there to pick up guys. May I, He asked. He tweaked my right nipple. My panties were soaked by the time he said another word.

"My-My" he said, "looks like these are standing at attention, I giggled like ah dumb blonde. "What do you mean" He began to mold my breasts like there was modeling clay. My respiration had deepened. My emotions had turned from lust to desire. I started squeezing and rubbing his crouch. He too was at full attention. I excused myself to the ladies room to remove my denim shorts.

I came back out with my loose jogging shorts and no panties. By then the bar was so full of travelers our table had been consumed by people. I didn't hesitate one bit. I sat on Ron's lap and that rifle he had in his pants. He knew what I was doing. I rose a little; I took out his dick, I moved the leg material so he could have access to my honey pot.

I sat back down. One slip I was full of cock. We just sat there nonchalantly. I used my pussy contractions to fuck this guy while he was flexing his dick inside my pussy. Soon I was caught up in a world shattering orgasm just at the same time Ron shot his load against my cervix. That feeling gave me yet another orgasm. I had forgotten where I was and started screaming,

I'm Cumming! I shouted out loud. FUCK ME! WITH THAT WONDERFUL COCK. Do Me Harder. Pleas Harder! The bar managers soon showed up. I said I was overwhelmed with my husband coming home I couldn't wait any longer. About 6 weeks later. It was true. Ron was my husband.....

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