My Cum Filled Day

Published: Jun 10, 2008
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I was sitting in the hotel bar having just attended the most dreadful seminar on "Cell Phones - The Ultimate Customer Service Tool." The only highlight - the speaker kept referring to "servicing", rather than "serving", the customer.

I was sitting in the hotel bar having just attended the most dreadful seminar on "Cell Phones - The Ultimate Customer Service Tool." The only highlight - the speaker kept referring to "servicing", rather than "serving", the customer. Maybe it's my rural background and memories of studs servicing mares; or maybe it was the fact that I was horny as hell, but every time he said "service" I felt this... twinge. Plus, the speaker was a hottie! I'd just ordered another drink when of all the gin joints in all the hotels the speaker came in. Having recognized me from the seminar, he joined me at the bar. "What did you think of the seminar" Should I tell the truth Uh, no! The possibility of sex is rarely served by the truth. "I learned a lot." Not entirely a lie considering I did learn that no matter how boring a seminar is if the speaker is hot, I can get wet. He almost seemed surprised, "Really What did you learn" "That you have the deepest brown eyes I've ever seen." He laughed somewhat nervously, ordered a drink and replied, "I'm a phone salesman, not really a public speaker, so I was afraid my presentation might have been a little dry. " Well, I don't know about the presentation being dry, but I sure wasn't." He hesitated, then smiled shyly; those big brown eyes just penetrated mine. We talked, and drank, and got increasingly flirtatious. Then my phone rang. I got it out to turn it off but having rarely used it, I fumbled. He took my hand and guided me toward ending the call. "I sell phones. You need a new one." To which I replied, "I'd love to see... yours." As he rose to leave I noticed something else had risen as well. "Uhhmm..." I gasped. He sheepishly closed his jacket and walked toward the elevator. I anxiously followed. The doors opened to an empty car, thank god! Being on the top floor, not knowing where his room was, and wanting the longest ride possible, I pushed "1" to which he asked, "Going down" Rather than answer him I decided to show him. I wrangled his coat until it fell to the floor. Then I pulled him close to me. I tugged at his shirt tails until they were free of his pants and proceeded to move his suspenders from off his shoulders. I love suspenders; sexier than a belt and much easier to maneuver. Gently and slowly I slid my hands down his arms until I reached his slacks. With increasing pressure I moved my hands from his waist to his zipper. At this point, I knelt down. I massaged the bulge in his pants for a few minutes and then feverishly unzipped his pants. I saw the fruits of my labor protruding from beneath a pair of boxers. Mmm... I love boxers. They leave something to the imagination. But with his magnificent erection before me I didn't need much of an imagination! I approached his boxers as if I was unwrapping a present. Merry Christmas to me! With one hand I moved his shorts aside. With the other hand - and a gasp - I retrieved from its hiding place the most amazing cock. "Oh my god!" What to do first! I couldn't wait! I started with a kiss on its glistening and perfectly crowned head. I looked up and could tell he was already enjoying this. He moaned in agreement. With my right hand I held his waist. With my left I firmly grasped his cock. Slowly I licked my way from the tip of the head to the base of the shaft where I gently tugged at his hair with my teeth. I then moved back up and circled its head with my tongue. I wanted it in my mouth! And I get what I want! It was almost more than I could take in but once my throat settled down it was all mine; that gorgeous, throbbing cock inside my moist warm mouth. I then moved my mouth to the tip of his cock and while still holding his waist with one hand I firmly grabbed the shaft with the other hand. I then started moving my mouth up and down the top half of his cock. Again. And again. As I worked on the top half with my mouth I pumped the bottom half with my hand. Then I held his cock steady while I slowly licked the entire length of his shaft from bottom to top and back down. Then up and down again. When I reached the base of the shaft I didn't stop. I kept going down until I had one of his perfectly shaped balls in my mouth. Mmmmm. I still had one hand on his shaft so I used my other hand to massage his other ball. Then I engulfed his magnificent cock with my mouth. I kept going down. And up. And down. And up. Over. And over. Sucking and pumping. He was moving his hips to the rhythm of my mouth. He had to be close to cumming because I was! I looked up into his eyes. They were closed; his head tilted back, "Ohhh..." escaped his lips. I kept pumping and sucking. "Ohhhhh...!" became louder and more frequent until finally he thrust himself into my mouth and came. I swallowed most of his warm sweet cum but scooped some out of my mouth, opened my blouse and massaged it into my heaving breasts. My nipples were rock hard and became even more so when at that moment I came, squirting my hot juices all over the still-moving elevator. God, I felt incredible! From the look on his face, he did, too. I sat back on the heels of my feet for a minute then stood up while buttoning my blouse. As he zipped his pants I moved his suspenders back onto his shoulders and lightly kissed him on the cheek. The elevator was finally down all the way. All I could think was, "Thank god for tall buildings and customer-servicing salesmen!"

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