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Dr. Zorak

Publish Date : Jun 10, 2008
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Dr. Zorak, our guest lecturer for the day, entered the room and after introducing himself, turned down the lights, started the slide show and began droning on about respiratory function. He reminded me of Ben Stein's character in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

* * * * * * *

"Hey Cindi," Chris grinned as he slid onto the stool beside mine. "Another exciting day in Human Biology, huh"

I glanced up; chin cradled in my hand, and grinned at my adorable lab partner - laughing eyes and mussed brown hair - just my type. "Oh, big fun. We have a guest lecturer today," I replied, glancing at the chalkboard. "Today we get to see a slide show and learn all about the joys of the Respiratory Function Study done by Dr. Zorak from the Medical Center."

"Thankfully we sit way back here. No one should notice when I fall asleep." Chris grinned, stretching his upper body across the lab table.

Dr. Zorak, our guest lecturer for the day, entered the room and after introducing himself, turned down the lights, started the slide show and began droning on about respiratory function. He reminded me of Ben Stein's character in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

I turned to Chris and grinned at him mouthing "Bueller..." Chris covered his mouth to stifle a laugh and shook his head. I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote 'I am so bored already,' and passed the note to Chris.

'Me too.' he wrote back. 'But what would you rather be doing'

I sat and considered that question for a moment. Chris and I had been flirting with each other for months, since the school year had begun, and I was dying to "get to know him better."

'Having lunch' I wrote back.

'What do you want for lunch' Chris asked, sliding the note back to me.

Seeing a golden opportunity, I quickly wrote 'You' on the note and slid it back. Chris glanced at the note and then looked over at me quizzically. I nodded and licked my lips in what I hoped was a seductive manner. Chris shifted uneasily on his stool and glanced back down.

'You mean it' the next note read.

I leaned over and whispered in Chris' ear, "Yeah, I mean it. I'll show you how much I mean it." I placed my hand in Chris' lap, gently massaging his rapidly stiffening cock. Chris gasped slightly and leaned back on his stool, offering me better access to his crotch.

Grinning, I glanced around quickly and found the rest of the class enthralled with Dr. Zorak's lecture. I yanked Chris' zipper down and slid my hand into his pants, finding to my great delight, that he was not wearing underwear. I wrapped my hand around his thickening prick, and began to lightly run my hand up and down. Chris grunted quietly and I pulled his cock from his pants, giving my hand more room to explore.

I felt myself beginning to salivate as I ran my hand across the head of his dick, finding the precum gathered there and using it to lubricate my slow stroking. Chris' cock throbbed in my hand as I stroked him, quickly reaching full hardness.

I took another quick look around the room to be sure we had not been spotted, and then slid to my knees under the lab table.

"What are you..." I heard Chris whisper down at me. His voice abruptly cut off when my intentions became apparent and I began to stroke the shaft of Chris' cock, feeling it harden more to my touch. I slipped his cock into my mouth massaging his heavy balls in my hand. Humming quietly, I slid my mouth up and down that velvet-covered rod, swirling my tongue around the head and tasting the precum gathered there.

Chris tasted and smelled slightly musky, as if he'd been working out some time before coming to class and hadn't yet had a shower. I found the scent and taste of him wildly arousing and began working my mouth on him in earnest. I felt Chris' thighs tighten slightly around my head and I glanced up to see his fingers white-knuckling the edge of the lab table.

Encouraged, I opened my mouth wide and began to deep throat the deliciously hard cock in front of me. I heard a muffled gasp and then felt Chris' hands tangle in my hair. Not wanting him to cum too soon, I slowed down and simply ran my tongue around the head of Chris' cock.

I slowly worked my mouth all the way down again, not stopping until my nose was buried in Chris' pubic hair. I placed my hands on Chris' thighs, feeling the muscles flexing there as Chris squirmed on his stool. Swallowing, I worked the head of Chris' cock with my throat muscles. Chris started to fuck my mouth harder, going deeper with his lovely hard cock. It felt wonderful. I felt Chris' thighs tense further and I began to slide my mouth enthusiastically up and down his rock-hard penis.

Chris' dick became even more rigid, the head of his cock beginning to throb, and I knew he was close to cuming. I wanted to, no, needed to make him cum. I was that desperate to get a mouthful. I was sucking like a woman possessed. I began flicking the tip of my tongue along the sensitive ridge running along the underside of Chris' cock. Chris grunted and I felt his legs come up and wrap around my ribcage. Moving my head up I began to suck gently on his cockhead and I felt him begin to spurt. This set Chris off and he shot a hot mouthful of cum into my throat.

He tasted delicious - slightly salty and faintly sweet - I swallowed as much as I could and I lapped up every drop, sucking him dry. When I was sure he was done, I kissed the tip of his now-deflating cock and then quietly slid out from under the table.

I slipped back onto my stool just in time for Dr. Zorak to finish his lecture. The class applauded politely and then we began to file out. I grinned at Chris looking like the cat that had just eaten the canary.

As we were leaving, Chris grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the classroom and in the direction of his dorm.

"Come on Cindi." He said. "I haven't had my lunch yet."

"Yummy", I said.

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