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Fuck Buddy Travis

Woman showing boobs
Author: Stoneypoint
Publish Date : Jun 13, 2008
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Travis who works with Mike meets Mike's sister Alicia. Each finds the other cute and sexy which leads to a night of sex and future endeavors.

* * * * * * *

"Hey" Mike says to his sister. Walking in he's still grubby and sweating from a day of mowing lawns and she returns the same greeting back to him.

On the couch she's eating chips while drinking a pop and watching some TV talk show about black men, plus size women, and the fascination of having sex between the two groups. She's fascinated by it but as soon as she sees the two walk in she changes the channel.

"This is Travis. We work together on the same crew." Travis says hi. "This is my sister Alisha." He says hi again to Mike's older sister but calling her by her first name the second time. As Mike and Travis walk into the kitchen Travis' eyes stay focused on Alisha as long as they can. Both sets of eyes follow the other as smiles result in the exchange.

"Nice lookin' sister" Travis tells Mike.

"If ya thinks so... you're free to think that. A little too big don't ya think" Mike says indifferently. Travis says yes patronizing Mike, but doesn't believe what he said to Mike. He finds his sister to be cute and cuddly regardless if she's older and they're only 19.

"God damnit all" Mike screams out! "Isn't there ever any god damn food in this house" he screams slamming the refrigerator door then two more cupboard doors. "Jesus when's mom going to get to the store" he whines. Walking back out Alisha looks up from a magazine while still munching on the chips she brought home from work. "Where's mom" Mike asks her.

"Don't know" Alisha replies as she shrugs her shoulders while looking at his buddy the tall and well built Travis. His husky solid frame shows through his sweat stained t-shirt. Mike in the meantime is turning in every angle but towards Alisha or his buddy Travis who are checking one another out. "You can go and get some shit at the store. Ya know we have that account with them."

"Guess I gotta" Mike replies still infuriated. "Come on Travis go with me... or do ya wanna wait here till I get back... with potato chip head here"

Looking at Mike and looking at his sister he tells Mike "Geez whewwww I'm beat man... would ya mind" Mike says no but doesn't realize there's even a remote attraction between Travis and his fat and pretty sister. He asks Alisha if it's a problem and without smiling she says no.

"I'll just hang here and do whatever" Travis tells Mike. Mike says he'll be back in 30 to 45 minutes at the latest, walks out the door, but comes right back in. "It'll be an hour and no more then an hour and a half. I got to pick something else up too so sit tight dude" he tells Travis.

Travis says he'll be okay and looks at Alisha. "You'll be cool won't ya" he asks sarcastically. She smiles and tells him yes.

"Sweet... me and the cute fat ass bitch all alone" he tells himself. "Hmmm maybe's she's a banger" he wonders. "Hey Alisha... ya like fuckin' good looking black guys I got good cock ya know" he asks thinking to himself as if holding a conversation with her.

"So whatcha doing" he asks her aloud as she eats the chips and drinks her pop. She tells him she's not doing anything as she smiles pretty for him. He tells himself she got lots of "soft goodies" under her halter top.

Loose and low cut he doesn't hold back looking at her upper body. He looks at the halter top which lets him see too much titty and cleavage and the sweet nectar her juicy plump upper body could offer.

"God... sure like to fuck that" he thinks.

"Want some" she asks handing the bag his way. He says yes, grabs some chips, and notices lots of crumbs splattered in between her bouncy boobs and cleavage. He smiles while looking at the crumbs and chips them.

She looks down; she sees what he's looking at. She laughs and picks off some of the smaller chips and crumbs from between her larger titties. He watches while she does. She looks up, smiles, and tells him "Well... they still tastes good" and laughs lightheartedly.

He laughs with her and agrees says he'd agree if he was doing it; that they probably are still real tasty that way. Both of them laugh as she looks down at her hearty succulent chest.

"Mmmm I'd sure love trying them that way" he says to himself, but out loud he says "mmmmmm good chips aren't they"

"Yep they sure are" she responds. "You know... I sure wouldn't mind having you eat them off my boobs. Wish I could tell ya that" she thinks. Handing the bag towards him she asks "Want some more" He grabs another handful. "Wanna pop" she also asks. "Got some right here in the cooler next to me" she tells him. "They're still cold too."

"Yeah sure thanks" he tells her and add "I'll get it." She points to them. They're underneath the end table next to the couch. Standing up he steps around her, gets down on his knees, and leans around her to pull a cold pop out. Pulling the tab he kneels straight up. On his knees he's smack dab in front of her practically. "What were you watching when we came in" he asks.

She tells him just a show. "I can watch it later on. I taped it."

"Ya can watch it right now if ya want. I got nuttin' ta do" he tells her.

"True you don't" she tells him.

"But what you really could do" she tells herself "is to unzip my shorts, pull them off, and take a tongue to my pussy. Now that's what ya could do for me" she tells herself. "Try to get me off Travis oh god now that would be real cool" she wants to say.

"God let me at ya woman! Let me ride ya like a cowboy rides his horse bitch. You're so fuckin' sexy and so big and juicy! Well... you are a god damn sexy ass woman Alisha! I mean you are just like I like them" he tells himself. "Cute, white, and sexy ass big" he wants to say to her. "Ohhh fuck I wanna ride ya and I wanna ride ya heavy baby" he tells himself emphatically.

"God I want him to jump my bones! I want him to say something sweet and sexy! I want him to tell me how sexy I am or... maybe I'm not sexy; I don't know. Maybe he doesn't think I am."

"You know something" Travis tells Alisha. "Maybe I shouldn't say this. Maybe I'm way outta line in saying this too seeing as you and Mike are sister and brother. I mean I don't know ya or anything, but well umm I think you are really pretty. And get this" but he second guesses himself before adding "I think those chips on your well your chest like that... well it's kinda cool in a sexy kinda way cool if that makes any sense at all."

"Sexy as in like cool" she asks as her body perks up. She sits up. Picking almost all of the chips off her chest she subtly puts her shoulders back. "You mean this" she asks displaying what's left of them.

"Yeah that's cool to me" he says looking at the rolling layers of tender juicy meat."

"Ohhhh wow... ummm uhhh wow" she says suddenly turned on by his remark. She feels a tingling between her fat thighs. She thinks she feels her pussy swelling some. She tells herself she'd love for him to reach inside down her shorts and tease her pussy any way he pleases.

"Oh god that's so cool Travis" she says too excitably for her own good. He smiles at her reaction and she adds "I mean... well I guess I never thought any uhhh black guy would go for girl like me especially a girl my size and besides I am white ya know."

"Sure wouldn't I Alicia. I mean yeah I think you're pretty. I think you're uhhh umm hot. I mean I'd go out with ya; why wouldn't I Would someone like you even kiss a guy like me I'd kiss you. I'd even... well if things were different right now. If we were you know a couple and even if we weren't... I'd probably have you know uhh well you know" he tried saying.

"You'd have sex Sex with me" she asked him. Me, you have sex" she asked. "Well you mean just like that... as in now" She thinks about the show she had been watching. She thinks about those big girls who like black guys and what she assumes is their tender lovable ways. She thinks about the possibility of a sweet succulent long fat cock they might have and she assumes Travis isn't any different. Her heart beats faster. Her pussy tingles more and more. Alicia begins burning up knowing she'd love to see his long thick piece of hardware in the flesh.

"Yeah why not" he tells her. "I mean I feel it and I assume you feel something too So why can't we As in maybe now while no one's around" he tells her.

She's unable to think straight. She can't control her feelings. Her pussy's beginning to drive her wild and she wants him and his at any costs.

"I mean I do think you're hot too Travis. I think you're well you're a hunk! I got no problem being with you, kissing you as black guys go, or for that matter ummm havin' sex with you at all" she tells him. "Not me uh uhhh; I don't Travis" she says while looking at his body.

Then she throws a weird and dumb question at him. "Uhhh you... you don't think my ass is too big Uhhh you don't think I'm uhhh I am too fat, too large or anything Travis You don't' think my tits are too large either"

"Ohhhh god no way" he says looking at them. He badly wants to lean into her. He wants desperately to lean in to her chest and lick up the remains of the chips that remain in her cleavage and on her tits.

God Alisha... ohhh shit Alisha this is... this is" and his eyes close be fore saying to her "I'm getting all turned on just kneeling her in front of ya."

She reaches for her shorts. She begins to undo them. She unzips them for him hoping he'd lean in and pull off her undies. As she does start to pull off her shorts crumb tumble down off her halter top between her sexy fat thighs. Both look down, but he looks up smiling at her. Just as he begins to lean forward and attempt to lick up all the chips on her legs that have fallen down both hear something outside.

"God damnit... where did I put those" says Mike. He is back sooner then they expect.

Travis jump off the floor and scampers to a chair on the other side of the couch. Alisha pulls up her shorts and tries zipping them up, but can't before Mike gets inside.

"Hey Travis... can ya help me bring in a couple bags They're in the back seat. Hey fat ass" he calls out to Alisha "can you get off that lazy ass of yours and bring in a couple of them too I'm not the only one around here that can do work ya know... fat ass."

"Stop calling me that Mike" she demands. Just because I'm bigger doesn't give you the right to call me it so shut up" she says yelling at her younger brother.

Outside she and Travis bring in the rest of the bags from the car. As she bends over to reach inside he squeezes Alisha's wide and round squishy ass.

"Aint no way it's not sexy Alisha. I'd love putting my teeth in this" he tells her holding her wide squishy ass in his hand for a few seconds.

She giggles and shakes her ass for him as he holds her big round ass. "Mmmm yes I would... yes I would indeed baby!"

"Then have at it right here and now" she tells him still bent over.

They carry in the groceries while she walks ahead of him. He whispers loud enough how sweet it looks. Just before she walks inside the kitchen he grabs her shorts from behind. Smacking it once she holds up for another, but he squeezes the soft large ass and tells her under his breath "God I want it. God I want you soon."

She turns and looks up. "And soon it shall be" and winks at him for good measure.

In the kitchen Travis and Mike talk about work and joke around. Alisha feels like she doesn't belong and goes to clean up her mess. Afterward she goes to her room. Mike yells out he's taking Travis home and she yells down acknowledging what he says.

Outside on the porch, Mike realizes he wants something from his room and heads inside and upstairs. Walking by her room her door is open. She has no top on as he passes by.

"Geez Alisha put something on" and goes to his room.

She ignores him, shuts her door, and heads to her window. She taps on it getting Travis' attention. He looks up and sees her almost naked without a top on and in her bra. She's "loaded" with a set of tits he wants to dig his face and cock into. Licking his lips to signify he loves them, she cups them and lifts them up higher. He smiles and gives her a kissy face along with licking his lips again.

Backing up to see her chest and cleavage he doesn't realize how close to the steps he is. Suddenly he falls backwards tripping over himself. She doesn't know how to react. She can't behave as though she knows about it, but yells "Oh my god" twice and puts on her top.

Running down the hall and down the stairs she goes to his side. On the way she calls out Mike's name and says something's wrong with Travis. By his side, she has him sit up and scoot over to the steps. It turns out he tripped on them which she saw initially, but she told him to explain what happened before Mike came.

It was swollen and he could barely walk on it. He was limping and in severe pain. They ask if he wants to go to the emergency room, but he tells them no he will be okay. As he stands and limps awkwardly to Mike's car, Mike insists he goes to the ER. Travis says he doesn't want to.

"I'll call ya later tonight dude. What's the number here"

Mike gives it to him, but Alisha goes and writes it down for him. Having Mike's cell, number she puts hers down instead and gives him her email address to on a piece of paper. Handing it to him she inconspicuously smiles and winks.

Understanding what the wink and smile were for he tells her "Nice meeting ya; see ya round I suppose."

She smiles and says "Ditto" but can't wait till he calls her.

He doesn't realize the cell phone number is hers and actually thinks it's Mike's while wincing and behaving as if in severe pain all the way home. At his apartment he has to drag himself up two flights of stairs. He tells Mike he'll be fine and once out of Mike's line of sight and see's him drive away he runs up the stairs and emails Alisha as soon as he possibly can.

She tells him to call her, but he says he doesn't have her number. "Yes you do. I gave it to you; not Mike's" she replies. While online he calls her on her cell and they talk until her mom and Mike get back.

"Come over tonight" he tells her. "I'll be fine and you'd make great company since I'm so messed up."

"Mom" I'm going to a friends; don't know when I'm gonna be home. See ya later" she says after dinner and speeds out the front door.

Wearing something similar to what she wore during the day she showers before dinner and puts on perfume just before she leaves for Travis' place so he'd find her more sexy then he told her she was earlier that day.

Pulling into his apartment complex she tells herself it isn't the greatest of places, "but heck who cares I'm gonna spend time with him. He likes me, I like him, and that's all that matters."

Knocking on his door she realizes he's got a sprained ankle. "Damn I should've put on my nurses uni" she says aloud. "I could play nurse and patient with him" she jokes as she giggles outside his door.

Having not come to the door yet she tries the door and it opens up. Sticking her head inside she calls out. "Travis hey uhh Travis this is Dr. umm Alisha. I gotta call that you were in need of uhhh our well my services."

She hears nothing.

"I'm your in-home visiting doctor Travis so" but she stops to listen for him again, but hears nothing. She walks in and closes the door. She calls out for him again. She hears something, but isn't sure what she hears.

She walks in further and realizes he's in the shower. Signals go off. A grand smile surfaces on her curious face. Her blood pressure soars to new heights. She's too intrigued and excited to what exists down the hall way. She lets her imagination go.

Hear the shower running she stands outside the bathroom. She knocks on the door. Hearing the knock he reaches outside it and pulls in a plastic chair to sit down on it. He grabs the soap and lather's up.

"Yeah Alisha is that you" he calls out.

"Hiiiii how are you" she asks assuming he's still in pain.

He tells her he's okay and tells her its okay to come in. Her heart rate soars even further. Her pulse gets faster. She's jittery and would love to join him inside the shower if she could. She's close to asking him she wants him so much. She feels her pussy tingling and pangs of stimulating pleasure run rampantly throughout her.

"Travis" she begins to ask him "would ya" but she decides not to ask.

"What...would I what" she asks her back.

She tells him it is nothing and stands against the bathroom door imaging what he looks like naked in the shower.

"Wanna see me without my clothes" he asks kidding around.

"Ohhhh fucking right I would" she tells herself. "You bet your sweet tight black ass I would Travis!"

"Well do ya or not" he asks teasing her.

"Yeah but that's okay ummm maybe some day soon" she replies.

"Oh okay whatever" he tells her saddened that she wouldn't say yes. "Hold on alright" and he shuts off the water and reaches around to grab the only towel in the bathroom.

Wrapping the towel around himself he makes like he's favoring his ankle and hobbles out. Sitting on the ledge if she bent over a little she tells herself she could see it. She tells herself she wants to look at it. She begins to command herself to lean over and look, but won't. She's being too timid about it and looks at him and his thick brawny frame.

"Do ya like what ya see" he asks.

"Ohhh... uhh yeah sure of course I do! Ummm I uhh like it a lot" she tells him.

"Glad ya do because I really like what I'm seeing uhh too. Uhh wanna uhh go to my room"

She's nervous and excited as hell. She doesn't know what to expect. She starts thinking about the talk show she was watching earlier and how black guys love to be with or date bigger white women.

"Well do ya or don't ya" he tries asking her politely.

Closing her eyes she tells herself "Oh fuck oh shit ohhh god... I'll go with ya and I'm willing to fuck you forever... and ever!"

"You okay Alisha" he asks as he looks at her halter top which was different from the one she wore earlier that day. He asks her again. She's drifted off but he doesn't realize it. "Love the top" he tells her. "Its uhh sexy like the one you had on earlier. Umm I have potato chips if you're interested" he adds smiling mischievously.

"What huh... what did you say Chips for what" she asks.

He tells her never mind. He tells her his bedroom is down and to the left. He stands up while turns around. He says out loud she's still got a sexy ass and she turns her head and giggles at comment.

Still wet he sits on his bed. He says it's a pain in the ass. She asks of he's got another towel and is willing to dry him off. He says there's one in the small closet outside his room. She grabs one and comes back in. Drying off his legs she wants to dry off his thighs. She wants to dry them all the way up. He knows she does. He can see that she does.

"Where do ya wanna dry me off at Alisha Go ahead" he tells her. "Dry off my body anywhere ya feel like drying it off" he adds.

She looks up as if asking "Are you sure"

"Feel free to dry me off anywhere ya want" he says reinforcing what he iterated a moment ago. "I won't care and I don't mind it at all ya know."

She knew and said "I know ya don't. I guess I just wanna be your night nurse" she says trying to be funny. He laughs putting her at ease.

"Alisha, can I ask ya something" She said ask away. "Have you ever been with a black guy before Have ya ever kissed a black guy I mean romantically and not on the cheek or something like that Have ya ever been with a black guy and had uhhhh you know sex"

Looking down he knew the answer immediately. "I've never been with a white girl either so I guess were even Umm I'd like to be with you and I think ya wanna be with me right And I got lots of potato chips... that's if you're interested of course."

She looked up realizing what he told her. She started to giggle uncontrollably. She told him she hasn't been with a black guy and told Travis about the show she was watching earlier that day and it was because of that show she discovered she really wanted to be with a nice black guy and he was a really nice guy... and he was black too which made him laugh.

"Yes I am. I am black" he said looking at his skin. "Yup I am a black guy and yup I think I'm a nice black guy too. And yup I do like white girls and yup you're a white girl and a sexy big white girl at that" he told her. "So if ya don't mind I'm asking ya if ya would like to spend a few hours with me getting' ta know me cause I sure would ta get ta know you Alisha and not just personally too. How's that grab your undies Alisha"

"Well I'd rather you grab them more then anything" she tells him.

"Then I will" he tells her. "But umm I'm hungry and I gots a hankerin' for some uhh potato chips." He asks if she'd go and grab them off the counter. She walks out swiftly and he lies down on his bed and waits for her to come back. "You hungry at all" he asks.

She wants to say yes. She wants him to lick any and all crumbs off her chest like she wanted him to do it earlier. She's starting to swell and burn u inside again. She starts to think she could care less about eating or him eating and all she wants is that big thick cock of his inside her fat and juicy cunt.

"Nooo Nooooooo I'm not Travis" she says emphatically. "I'm... I'm... ohh god Travis I'm horny! I am horny Travis... horny for you! I want you! I want to get on top of you! I wanna fuck you and want you to fuck me and us fuck each other until we can't fuck any more. Oh god Travis... make it stop! Please make this stop Travis I gotta have you. I gotta have your big and bad black cock!"

"Can I... can I please Travis" she cries out pleading to him.

He slides back pulling her along with him laying her on her back. Climbing over her he kisses her lips passionately. He's crazy for her and wants her in the worst way. She tries screaming for his cock but his lips won't let up on hers.

Finally she tells him in one fell swoop "Fuck me ohhh fuck me hard and fuck me good!"

He slides it in and ravages her pussy senseless. She screams deliriously for more and more of the fat hard cock. With a hand inside them and stroking her clit she loves how he feels deep within and humps him equally as much as he humps her fat fleshy frame.

"Oh fuckin' yeah" she shouts "Gotta love this" he says to no one in particular! "Yeah ohhh god yeah" he screams with incredible pleasure! "You are... you are awesome! You're sexy baby... freakin sexier then anyone I know baby! Yeah fuck me ohhh fuck me harder" he shouts feverishly!

"Yeah ohh yeah ahhh yeah Travis" she replies wanting it harder and harder. "This is great and you are... ohhh god Travis you're so ohhh so yeah awesome baby! Ohh ohhhhh... ohhh my god yeah" she cries out!

He tells her to get on all fours and they switch positions so he can go in behind her. Rocking and swaying together he bangs her just right as his fat thick cock scratches the tips of her clit just right.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah mmmmmmmmmmm it is... that is ohhhhhhhhhh yeah ooohhh ahhh yeah" she cries out some more. "It is soooo awesome Travis! Yes awesome as hell" she repeats confirming to him how her pussy feels due to his cock pounding away at it.

"God you're sexy! Yes you're sexy! Ohh shit I want your tits in my face. I wanna suck them and suck you all over" he says as he fucks like she's a punching bag.

"You... so are you" she screams "you're the fuckin' sexiest thing in the world to me and... and I want to do this all the time ohhhh my god all the time! Yes I do ohhhh yes I do!"

"I'm gonna blow" he shouts.

"Nooo Nooooooo not yet nooooo I'm not even close" she pleads with him and they flip over, he shoves his mouth inside her legs, and starts to dig in. She's wet, smelly, but juicy and swollen as ever which drives him crazy.

Licking her madly he brings her close to a climatic orgasm and she turns over so he can insert it one last time. Humping away she screams out in holy terror as her cunt begins climaxing as she goes off in an orgasmic tailspin screaming and grabbing his back.

Pulling out just as Alicia orgasms he starts jacking off for her! Beating his hard cock he shoots his load up her chest and against her face. He wants to shoot it into her mouth but misses each time while she goes off enthusiastically praising his ability to gratify her sexually. Pulling him down she starts kissing his lips and continues to tell him how good he was.

"Mmmmm god I wanna do this again and again... and again with you."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah me too... ahhhh god yes me too. Will ya be my fuck buddy Alicia I'd love ya to be my personal fuck buddy! So will ya... huh will ya" he begs her as he climbs up her to kiss her cum covered tits.

"All the time" she says with a long worn out sigh. "Yes I will you animal you" and again breathes a heavy sigh of gratification while smiling towards the ceiling as he kisses her supple sexy boobs.

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