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Bens Dilemma

Author: BobJJ123
Publish Date : Jun 26, 2008
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A man meets a woman and is smitten by her beauty. When he meets her, he takes pleasure in adoring her and pleasing her. They marry; she tires of all the adulation and good things he bestows and starts an affair. He divorces her and has his revenge.

* * * * * * *

On graduation from the university, Ben Pennington was one of those lucky ones who found immediate success in his chosen profession. Ben was also exceptionally good at his profession and diligent in his performance. At the age of twenty four he had been selected to go, as Chief Engineer, to the small manufacturing town of Fallbrook and head up a new research and development group with a salary well into the six figure range.

As he prepared for his new job, he researched the company records for information on his new place of employment and found that Fallbrook was a mill town with an abundance of cheap, unskilled labor which was what the company needed to operate it's production line in their new manufacturing plant. It had no college or advanced educational training facilities after high school and only 40% of those starting high school completed it. It was well situated near a railroad and an interstate freeway and only forty miles to the nearest small city with an orchestra, choral group and similar intellectual pursuits.

Then, as he approached Fallbrook, his worst suspicions seemed to be confirmed as he saw the slovenly, unkept appearance of the town in general. Front yards were often parched dry and filled with old cars, miscellaneous junk and plain trash. The houses, almost without exception needed paint and most appeared in need of major maintenance.

As he passed the people on the street, he slowed to study them. Again, almost without exception, the people appeared slovenly and unkept. He classified them as societies 'losers' and without hope, ambition or caring. He sensed that he'd be laqcking in friends here.

Then, as he drove past the new, well kept, manufacturing plant that his company had build, his spirits brightened - perhaps it wasn't all bad! His own facility lay in a modern, six-story office building which housed the offices for the mill on the lower four floors and his own facility on the upper two. His spacious office on the sixth floor was glassed on one side to offer a view of the surrounding country and had a private bath and kitchenette. Seeing his new office did much to brighten his mood.

Over the next few days, he busied himself with hiring new employees. First, his secretary and office assistant who he hired after interviewing several more experienced people. The woman was a local woman, about forty years old, divorced with two kids and sincerely begging for the job. After explaining to her that his one absolute requirement was loyalty and a single breach was grounds for dismissal. All else was subject to review and forgiveness!

Elsie reported for work the next day and it was immediately apparent that she wasn't the sharpest tool in the drawer but what she lacked in intelligence she more than made up for with devotion to her job. Within a week, she had become indispensable. Clerks and typists were hired by Elsie with my approval.

Meanwhile, the Engineering staff was arriving from headquarters. Four engineers were situated in their offices within a week and hiring of draftsmen and sub-professional people had begun.

It was the second week, as he waited for the elevator that he first saw Heidi. It had been as though he'd never seen a beautiful woman before. He felt his body quicken as he boarded the elevator and turned to face her coming on board. She had smiled and seemed warm and friendly. It was the next day when she boarded the elevator as he was descending to go to lunch. "Hi!" she said, "My name's Heidi."

Ben responded quickly, "Name's Ben and I work up on the sixth floor." Then, with that they were at the ground floor, debarking and Ben said, "I was just going to lunch alone. Would you care to join me" It had come as a surprise as she smiled and agreed to accompany him. Then, as they walked, Ben began what he hoped was a cover appraisal of Heidi.

First thing he noticed was her general demeanor - she moved with a purpose, confident, strong and positive! Her red suit was conservative even as it fit her well. Her blond hair, blue eyes and creamy complection needed only a hint of makeup and her slender body was well toned and in good physical shape. He was sure that nothing in Fallbrook could match her grace, charm and beauty.

Ben quickly assumed the responsibilities of a gentleman as he opened the doors for her, assisted with her seating in the restaurant and saw to her comfort. At first he had hoped to impress Heidi but as she graciously acknowledge his little acts in a genuinely appreciative manner, he began to take pleasure in serving her.

The lunch led to dinner the following evening and Ben took great pride in showing off his date to a number of leering men as they passed and found even greater pleasure in serving her. It was after their second dinner date that Ben kissed her goodnight and he reveled in the pleasure. Then, came the usual dating and fooling around as they became familiar. The pattern was always the same as Ben continued to please and adore her and she always graciously acknowledged his expression. It was comfortable for both.

Another month passed; then two, and Heidi and Ben drew closer and more intimate. When Ben had taken her home from a movie, it was still early and Heidi suggested that he might come in for a drink. Of course, Ben accepted and soon the couple were seated on her sofa, sipping wine.

It was sometime later when he looked into Heidi's eyes and saw something. . .something both enticing and fearful. It was then that he turned his head slightly downward and their lips met in a kiss. At first, it was an exploratory kiss to determine the nature and extent of their desires; then, it became more meaningful as their lips parted and their tongues met. Then, it became more urgent as they sought greater intimacy and it was Heidi kept their emotions under control.

As he had pressed her for further sexual advances, Heidi at first refused; then relented on a single point or two and the couple explored their intimacy further but still within the set confines.

Though frustrated, Ben, continued to pursue her. She was certainly the best thing that had ever happened to him and he accepted her rules in order to please him. It wasn't all bad. . .She was Ben's in all other respects and he never felt prouder than when she was ogled by other men and she responded by taking his arm and holding it to indicate she was his alone.

It was on 11:59 p.m., New Years eve that Ben proposed and Heidi accepted his proposal. Then, as the ball dropped, they kissed and the kiss was like none previous. Their tongues had met and their passions had ignited as never before. As they kissed and Heidi pressed her body to his, Ben knew that there would be no rules this night. It was the time he had been waiting not so patiently for.

Half an hour later, Ben and Heidi were alone in the bridal suite at the hotel where the party had been held. After they broke from their kiss, Ben had gone directly to the hotel desk and registered for their best room as Heidi stayed by his arm and offered her silent assent.

Then, once in the room, the ardor and the excitement seemed to abate and it was just a man and a woman, alone together, contemplating sex for the first time. Neither seemed quite sure what to do next as they kissed - this time softly on the lips! Then, they looked into each other's eyes for some assurance that this was what they wanted.

Ben kicked off his shoes and shed his sport jacket as he got more comfortable; then, he led Heidi to the big bed and seated her gently on the edge, There he dropped to his knees and removed her shoes, one at a time, slowly before kissing her hosiery covered legs. Then, as he moved up, his hands caressed those legs and pushed the long formal up over her knees. "So beautiful!" he said as he left her legs and moved to kiss her on her lips.

As they kissed, Ben's hands were busy at the back of her formal gown and Heidi broke the kiss only when she heard the Zip of the zipper that held her dress in place and felt the cool air as it gaped open. Then, she turned again and kissed Ben with renewed passion before whispering ni his ear, "Tonight, I want you. I want you to be mine tonight!"

On hearing this, Ben had a rush of lust and excitement such as he'd never experienced before and fought the impulse to rush and to gain time to regain his control, he helped her remove her formal and took it to the closet where he hung it next to his coat. Then, he turned and helped her with the half slip that she had worn under the formal as he continued to fight his instincts, It was when he saw her standing, facing him in her bra and panties that he surrendered to his baser instincts and took her in a powerful embrace where he kissed her and reveled in the feeling of her exposed flesh.

Then, as Heidi opened the buttons on his shirt, he touched her bra covered breasts for the first time. The urgency, that he had fought earlier, continued to drive him - to impel him to act with her in areas where they'd never gone before. As he felt his trousers drop to his ankles along side his shirt which lay as it had fallen on the floor.

He had stooped to remove his trousers when, on arising, found himself staring at two beautiful breasts and after the initial sensations had passed, looked up into Heidi's eyes and found only lust and passion. He felt his own cock at full arousal and ready as he moved with her to the big bed and got comfortable.

As Ben began to toy with her breasts, he felt a certain familiarity as his hands had reached under her clothing to feel and caress her many times during their previous petting sessions and now with greater access, he explored as never before. Then, as he bent down to kiss her nipple, Heidi grabbed his head and pulled him to her. He began to kiss and suckle as her hands controlled his movements over her breasts. Several times, she cried out in passion.

For Ben, it was instinct alone that had controlled his movements. As his hands preceded his lips across her belly and into her hairy mound, he felt her rising passions again and a surge of excitement passed through him. Then his fingers began to explore as he felt her inner labia and vaginal opening. First one finger, tentatively; then two fingers inserted into her love canal and his lips tenderly suckling her exposed clit.

Heidi had cried out again - this time with a sense of urgency! "Do it now!" she cried.

Ben had bedded a few women before and had felt the rising passions but they had been mere experiments in eroticism and the love had been fleeting at best but this was different. This was an act of pure adoration and he sought only to please is lover. Of course, in so doing he had increased his own pleasure. Heidi was special and he wanted this first time to be special too.

Then, as he had suckled and played in her genital area, Ben felt no sense of urgency as he recognized that Heidi was deriving much pleasure from his ministrations. With three fingers in her vagina and a flood of lubrication pour out of her, he had continued to toy with her clit. She had cried out again - this time in low guttural sounds like an animal in pain!

Then as their passions increased and their body's became perfectly coordinated, they were driven by an urgent need for satisfaction, Their desires had become less directed towards pleasing one another to their own pleasure. . . each striving to attain their peak.

As they each strained to reach some here-to-for unattained peak their act became more violent - more demanding! Soon. all that mattered was the attainment of that goal - the epitome of pleasure! Then, suddenly they had attained their goal in a crescendo of passion, feelings, lust and a hundred different lesser effects. Their power of reason blunted by pleasure and their body's poring forth the results.

Their mutual orgasm was so completely engrossing that after Ben's last spurt of semen into her belly they simply lay together in silence - in awe of the momentous act that they had just completed. Then, as Heidi lay in deep thought, Ben began to adore her as they settled into their peace and serenity. When Heidi spoke, she remarked, "I had no idea it could be so good!"

New years day might have been eventful or uneventful for the lovers. They spent their whole day in the bridal suite, dressed in the white robes or in bed. Heidi had never been more beautiful nor Ben more adoring.

The next few months were exciting ones for the couple. It was decided that they would buy a nice 4,500 sq. ft. log home on 3 wooded acres in the nicest area in the vicinity of Fallbrook. Then having purchased the home, they commenced furnishing it with stylish furnishings that suited the decor. It was an exciting and happy time for both as they planned their future together and each element fell in to place.

Heidi had been there when the new Master bedroom suite was completed and as she viewed the big bed her mind began contemplate how it might feel to use it for the first time. Then, all afternoon, at work, her erotic thoughts grew and she felt the growing urgency of her needs. By five o'clock her body had quickened as her nipples grew sensitive and her vagina moist. She met the elevator. . .

Then, seeing Ben on the crowded elevator, she moved back so that she was pressing her backside into him to sandwich him between her and the elevator wall. To the unsuspecting Ben, her move had been a total surprise and, caught unaware, he was instantly aroused. . As he contemplated what had caused Heidi's aggressive actions, she leaned and whispered in his ear, "The new bedroom suite came today."

Nothing more was said as the couple left the elevator and went to Ben's Mercedes where they rode in silence as their excitement continued to build. Once, while stopped in traffic, their eyes met and each saw the urgency of their situation in the other. Each had developed a healthy appetite and it grew by the minute as their needs and desires soon exceeded any in their past experience.

Then, as the big Mercedes approached the new home and the garage door opened, Ben eased the big car into the garage. As he stopped, Heidi and Ben moved into the house and on to the master bedroom with a fixed and steady purpose. Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said.

Then, with a whoop of joy, she showed Ben the bedroom for the first time as she kicked off her heels and threw her suit coat over a chair. As she continued shedding her clothes, she admonished Ben to hurry and her sloppy excited kiss served as ample inducement.

As Heidi shed her panties, she jumped on the bed and called to Ben who was seconds behind, "Hey!. Yow wanta' fuck me" she called out, "I'm gonna' give you a ride you'll never forget." Ben had never heard her so randy. . . he liked it!

As Ben rushed to join her on the bed, his arousal remained complete and he flopped on his back next to her in order to administer his adoring caresses to her breasts and body. Heidi, now horny beyond control moved over him and positioned herself for an immediate impalement. With a quick look into Bens eyes to insure he was with her, she had inserted his cock into her quim and began to ride him in wild abandon . . .

Heidi rode like a woman possessed of demons or driven by powerful forces of nature. When she had first inserted him into her vagina, she hadn't been properly prepared but in her aroused state the additional friction only added to the moment. Then, she realized that she was on top, she would know in seconds, the power position, and in less than a minute, she was in the throes of ecstacy. She came hard and long and cried out. It was with Heidi's third peak that Ben blasted his load of cum into her belly.

This time, their was no tender afterglow; rather, their excited state remained high as they showered and played in the shower. Then, Heidi suddenly dashed from the shower to the jacuzzi and splashed in as Ben followed behind. As they had adjusted to the bubbles and relaxed, their excitement seemed to abate and they began to adore each other.

When Ben took her out of the pool and on to the chaise lounge, Heidi was ready and when Ben came to her it was in a relaxed and loving state. This time, there was no excitement - at least not like before. Time was of no consequence to the two lovers as they played at coitus and extracted pleasure from their intimacy.

It was after ten o'clock when Ben and Heidi went into the Chinese Caf for dinner.

Then, the week before the wedding, Ben and Heidi were moving their personal items into their new home and stocking shelves, etc., as their final act before they were married. It was as Heidi put away her best lingerie and sleepwear that a smile crossed her face and she stopped what she was doing.

A few moments later, Ben, busily storing his tools in the garage looked up to see Heidi approaching him in a very sexy, see-thru negligee with matching bra and panties. "Wow!" was all he could say as they rushed together for the master bedroom. Then, without further ado, the negligee was gone and the bra and panties offered only a minor diversion as they raced towards coitus.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a wildly excited state as they alternately fucked and worked at getting moved in. After a wild session of excited copulation that ended after only a minute or two, they returned to their tasks; then, impelled by their appetites, they met again to copulate for a few minutes. Sometimes it was in the bedroom; once on the family room sofa and once on the den floor.

It was nearly dark when they donned clothes and went to dinner.

The wedding had been the social event of the Fallbrook year with nearly 400 guests. Everyone said the bride was beautiful and she was adored by most of women as well as the men. Then, Ben and Heidi were married.

After a short honeymoon in Florida, the newly married couple returned to their dream home and settled in to married life. Ben adored his wife and she served his every need. Their life was centered on each other and their home. Every morning at 5:00 o'clock they were awake and up for good sex. . . the very best as they experimented and improved their techniques.

When Ben got to his office at 7:00 a.m., he had been satisfied with a good fuck and a good breakfast. Then, in the evening, they did things together and reveled in each other.

They had been married about eight months when Heidi seemed to be unhappy - discontented! Ben was quick to notice and after some discussion had found that she was lonely for a social life outside their home. It was he that suggested she start a weekly girls night out.

For a time this seemed to be the therapy she needed and things were good again. Each morning after a girls night out, Ben was rewarded with her most passionate sexual favors.

Then, as the months passed, Heidi began to become sullen and unhappy again as Ben tried unsuccessfully to determine the cause. It was as though she didn't know herself or she didn't want to reveal herself. When her birthday approached, Ben bought her a new red mustang convertible and for a few days she seemed happy. Even as he continued to adore her more vehemently than ever, she seemed to grow more distant.

Then, it was girls night out and Heidi left as usual and Ben went to his shop to work. When Heidi didn't return at her usual 10:30 or 11:00 o'clock he began to grow concerned. She might have been in an accident or taken ill. By midnight, his concern had heightened and he retired to bed unsure of what to do next. It was after 2:00 a.m. when he heard the door open and Heidi approach the bedroom.

He relaxed as he feigned sleep, expecting her to come to bed and love him as usual. Instead, she passed the bed and went directly to the bathroom where he heard the shower running for a long time. When she finally came to bed, she moved farthest from him on the big bed and rolled on her side, facing away from him.

Next morning, they had their usual morning sexual encounter but something was missing. Heidi made all the right moves with her body but something was dreadfully wrong! Ben's mind was troubled as he worked through the day. He loved Heidi! His whole life had been altered around her and his greatest pleasure was adoring her. Then, an ugly thought crossed his mind, "What if she had been unfaithful to him What if there was another man" and he forced himself to dismiss the thought.

It was over the next day or two that the ugly thoughts kept recurring. When he had called home near mid-day to ask Heidi to lunch, she had offered a lame excuse about going to lunch with the girls and refused him. Then, he had seen her friends together, returning from lunch and when he casually asked about her they reported that they hadn't seen her.

Now, she had obviously lied to him and he had to know what she was up to. He went to the local radio shack and purchased a transponder which he placed in the trunk of her mustang convertible which would allow him to track her automobile location at any time. With the receiver in his possession, he could know at any given time where the car was.

Over the next two days, he found nothing unusual in the car's movements; then, shortly before lunch, the mustang was headed north on the State highway, past the lake and stopped aqt the Starlight Motel. Immediately on noting where she was, he left his office and his big Mercedes was headed north.

Fifteen minutes later, he spotted her red mustang parked near the real of the motel where it would not be easily seen from the highway. He stopped,, pondered and went to the hotel desk.

There, he said simply my wife is in one of those rooms and I want to see her to the uncooperative desk clerk. "Perhaps I should get the police out here. . ." and the clerk said simply, "Room seven, , ,Don't make any trouble."

Moments later, armed with the key top room seven, he unlocked the door, shoved it open, breaking the night latch in the process and faced the bed on which his nude wife was being screwed by an equally nude man. On seeing Ben, Heidi screamed, :"What the hell are you doing her" she shouted.

Ben looked at the man who was obviously taking an aggressive stance and said, "Before I kill you I'm gonna' hurt you real bad." It was the tone of his statement that turned the aggression to fear in the eyes of Heidi's love and he'd had enough.

As Ben continued his plan, he checked for the man's identity and on finding it in his billfold, suggested he call his wife and get her down to meet with them. After the call, ben sat quietly speaking only to tell them to leave their clothes off as he wanted the wife to see for herself.

As he waited, he looked at his wife. He wanted to love her and adore her and tell her it was all right. Her wanted her more than anything but he couldn't ever have her again. He let his adoration turn to loathing! Suddenly she was no longer beautiful but just one of the girls from the mill.

It was nearly an hour before a woman arrived. When she came in, Ben saw a pleasant looking woman, very much upset and demanding what was going on. Then, having sized up the situation, she turned to her husband and said, "Her again. I thought you got Heidi out of your system al long time ago."

Then, she turned to Ben and said, "Hi! I'm Sandy. Sorry we had to meet like this but you see I have little control over him." Then, she went on to explain that Her husband, Matt, was the Superintendent at the mill where Heidi had gone to work out of high school and when a position opened up in the main office, It was her husband's recommendation that got her the job. In return for the favor, she fucked him a few times. It hadn't been the first time he had used his influence to bed a girl from the mill there had been several that she knew about.

Then she said, "Matt, you've embarrassed me and used me for the last time. I told you before that any more of these episodes and it was over. I'll tell the boy that you're not coming home tonight."

Ben then turned to Heidi and said simply, "Get dressed and get out of my life. Have your personal belongings out of the house when I get home tomorrow night. There was just time to get to the bank and close all joint accounts and credit cards and transfer funds off-shore. A single $5,000 account was left for her use.

Next day, I called the General Manager at the mill and told him that I had found he and my wife together, during working hours, at a motel. In addition I told him of the rumors that he had used his influence at the mill in return for sexual favors and that several of the women were ready to press charges of harassment.

That night, as I had returned to the house, Heidi's red mustang was parked in the garage and I went inside to address her. Seeing her in the kitchen, preparing dinner as if nothing had happened, I had suddenly felt the loathing return. I hated her with a passion that had been previously reserved for adoration.

She turned and with tears in her eyes said, "I'm sorry! I blew it! I made a mistake! Please don't hate me. Give me another chance and I'll make it up to you! I promise!" Part of me wanted to take her in my arms and love her as my loathing overwhelmed my decision.

"Just get out of my house," I said. It would take years to rid myself of he hate and the loathing that I felt at that moment but it was the only thing to do.

Sandy and her boys are comfortable in their little house without Matt. Sandy works for me as housekeeper and cook for which Ben pays her slightly more than the mill hands. She seems happy with her two wonderful kids. Matt was fired from his job, his credit rating in a shambles and no references for further employment, had gone to live with family in Texas. Ben still sees Heidi often and his hate has left him. As he looks at her now, she might be any of a hundred girls from the mill. . . another loser!

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