Please No

Author: Fem_Likes_To_Be_Tied_down
Published: Jun 27, 2008
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Hannah thinks her pervy friend is just playing with her emotions, but a shopping trip they take together goes horribly wrong.

"Yeah ok James, I'll go into town with you."

It wasn't a date; we were good friends, even though he seemed to think we were good friends with liberties. An occasional squeeze of my butt would happen, or a fondle of my breast which would occur in an embrace. I would always tell him to stop it, slap his hand away and go back to talking with some of my girlfriends.

I went into town by bus; wearing a brown summer dress from next and a shoulder pull to keep them from the light breeze. He came to meet me off the bus, taking my hand as I daintily stepped down the stairs, and pulling me into a hug, his hand running up my thigh as he did so. I told him no, slapped him away and he dismissed my defence, putting his arm around me and leading me to a new shop at the back of M&S, Legends.

We had gone around corner after corner, the shops slowly thinning out to houses as we reached the outskirts of the town. We reached a park, a rundown swing remaining on the yellow, dried up grass. I spotted a public bathroom, and worrying about the emptiness of the place and he being so over protective of me recently, I would relish this time alone, away from him.

"I'm just going to the bathroom Jamie; I'll be back in a tick."

I entered the stinking bathroom, holding my nose as the smell of acid urine filled my nostrils. I looked in the cracked mirror and fluffed up my black hair, which lay in long, curly ringlets after years of respect and no straightening products. My green eyes shine in the dim yellow light and I pouted my lips in a sexual way to give my self confidence. I pulled up the neck of the dress; I didn't want James getting any ideas.

"You shouldn't pull that down, a low cleavage looks good on you Hannah."

I started, lunging forward in shock. What was he doing in the girl's bathroom; it's a girl's bathroom. I looked at him nervously tucking my hair behind my ears and then looked down.

"Um what are you doing..."

I didn't finish my sentence, for he came inward and stood behind me so I could see him in the mirror. I stared at the mirror, scared of what could happen. He advanced forward and leaned on my back, nuzzling my neck with closed eyes and placing his hands on min, holding me down.

"Jamie, I want to g..."

"Hush Hannah, don't say anything."

He spun me round like I was a doll, not a human. His lips locked forcefully onto mine, causing me to gag and fight away just to breath. With his left hand he pulled my hips towards his as I reeled away as much as possible, but to no avail. The right hand fought away my scratching fingers which attacked his face constantly, trying to push him off.

He removed his hands and used his strength to push me onto my back and hold me down by my neck with his right, sausage like fingers. I clawed at his arm, which stayed rigid like wood, and his left hand explored under my dress.

He gripped my knee firstly, using his muscles to pull m forward as I tried to retreat from his closely advancing groin. Then he felt up my leg, gripping the pale, toned flesh like a hunk of meat.

"Get off me!" I rasped in desperation, but he just chuckled in my pain. My legs convulsed as he gently stroked my inner thigh, getting closer and closer to my private area, which was what he wanted. He softly stroked the skin around my vagina, not touching it yet but teasing me.

I lashed out with fists, but he easily dodged as my eyes seemed to become heavy with the lack of oxygen. I collapsed my head into the sink ready to give up, but he had other plans.

"You're going to be awake for this you little tease. Like hell I'm going to let you get out of this that easily."

He turned on the sink tap, letting the freezing water rush into my mouth, shocking me back into the world I didn't want to be in. his hand went back down under my dress, going straight to cupping my vagina through my panties. He rubbed up and down trying to stimulate me into becoming wet, and I tried to resist, but under the gushing water I concentrated most of my energy on breathing, leaving my willpower for stooping myself being turned on low. He soon felt my under ware becoming wet from his stimulating of my clitoris, and took this as a sign as me enjoying it.

He stepped back, allowing enough room for him to remove my lacey panties. He got them down to my to my knees before I realised what was happening and squeezed my legs together as hard as I could. A blow to my stomach sent waves of pain through my body. He turned off the tap, and I took in large gulps of precious air. Using his arm around my neck he pulled me to his face and sneered in my ear.

"Do as I say you little bitch, don't resist me ok 'coz if you do I'll give you more of the rough treatment, and I only turned off the tap so you could see me, after so many years of grooming, finally have you for myself."

He pulled me forward, my panties now laying lifeless and crumpled on the floor, and spread my legs wide. I didn't resist I had no more energy. He unzipped his trousers, and pulled his member out from his boxers. Tars fell from my eyes as he held me close in an unbreakable embrace. He used my forced juices to moisten his foreskin and down his member, but I could not see the length. I was glad, it made it less real.

He entered me in a painful movement that felt like he was ripping me apart, and without hesitation began rhythmically entering deeper then shallower. He held my hair with one hand while rubbing my swollen clitoris roughly with his other hand. Every so often he would pull my hair and chuckle with excitement and pleasure, causing me to coil backwards in pain at his whim.

He stopped with the hair pulling and pulled down the straps of my dress to reveal my bra and 30c breasts. Pulling down the cup he played with my nipple and fondled my chest, more for his pleasure as it did nothing for me as my tears rolled onto his hand.

"Please stop" I murmured, half heartedly. As I said that he howled in pleasure and his breathing became more rapid and he moaned and groaned as he climaxed. I felt nothing as he came inside of me, but even after that he kept pumping away, tearing up my hymen and the inner walls of my vagina.

He pulled out finally and slapped me cruelly across the cheek. H glared at me, studying my facial expression. He slapped me again, harder with a quick grunt.

"You little fucker! You were meant to come with me, or at least after me. You'll regret this you slut. I get to see you everyday and everyday I'll torment you until you beg for mercy."

He backhanded me like a pimp, sending my tired cheek red with blood. He forced another kiss onto my lips, pulling me off the sink and practically holding me off the floor by his hand gripping my butt.

He left then and there, leaving me a spoiled teen, innocence ripped from me by a close friend. I picked up my blood stained panties and put them on, and walked out of the door, faking confidence all the time.

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