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Author: Catherine Zita
Publish Date : Jul 1, 2008
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How could I have these thoughts of sheer ecstasy about someone so much younger than me, Yet, in my sexually twisted mind, it was alright to go there. Until it happened...

* * * * * * *

I'd been thinking about him all day. I couldn't get my mind to stop imagining him attacking me. Sounds weird, I know, but in my mind I knew what I wanted him to do to me. I had fantasized about it for months, it was just so wrong! How could I have these thoughts of sheer ecstasy about someone so much younger than me, Yet, in my sexually twisted mind, it was alright to go there. Until it happened...

It wasn't really something I was actively seeking. I just started seeing him in a different light, and I knew we had some kind of chemistry. I felt it back from him too, but I wasn't sure if it was just a "crush" or what it was. He was just always so attentive of me and really seemed interested. Then, it happened, like a fucked up dream I couldn't wake up from. Nor did I want to wake up. He was so eager and new, it was such a rush!

We were all camping, and everyone had gone to bed. I couldn't sleep, so I stepped outside the cabin to get some air. I was startled to see him sitting out there, it was pretty late. I just went over to make some small talk, seeing as we were both up. He had the cutest smile that would just melt you. We talked for a bit about life and stuff, and then it turned to relationships. Being so young, he never really had a serious relationship, I started telling him about how I thought he was such a "good catch" and any girl would be lucky to get with him. I think I made him blush, he started to get all shy on me and so I just gave him a friendly nudge like you do when you're teasing someone. Then, all of a sudden, we caught each other in some serious eye contact. Neither one of us could look away. It was very intense, but I could feel all the blood in my body rushing intensely! I wanted to look away, but I couldn't...and he wouldn't either. It seemed to last forever...the gaze...like we were reading each others minds...and no words were needed. Then he looked away and seemed to be a little embarrassed. (I think it's the age) he got up and we both went back to our respective cabins...boy were my dreams vivid that night!

The next morning, I felt a little awkward...and guilty for having these feelings. He never said anything, nor did I, for the whole day. We just went about our business like that stare never happened. It's all I could think about though. Very intense and electric, and I couldn't focus on anything else that day.

That night, I couldn't sleep again. Although this time it was because of the night before. So, I got up and went outside again. Disappointed that he wasn't out there this time, I sat alone and just fantasized. I must have fallen asleep on the bench or something, because I was startled awake. I felt a hand touch me, and a soft spoken "hey". It was him. I wondered if he thought the same thing I was thinking. Was that look just a look Or was it intended to become more. I was about to find out and I was incredibly nervous! I felt like a teenager again and it was weird. I should be so cool, I am after all a lot older than he is...so why am I feeling like an inexperienced school girl I was at a loss for words and for the first time since I've known him, I couldn't think of a darn thing to say! We sat there just chillin' for what seemed like forever. I kept thinking of dirty things I wanted o do to him, and wondered if he was thinking the same! Do I say something Do I wait for him to say something Awkward!! Then he did it again...like a huge tease, he went back to his cabin. I was burning up inside...maybe he didn't know what to do...maybe he knew it was wrong too. So now what Do I make the first move Do I try and kiss him and see how that is received What the hell! There's always tomorrow, right

Day 3 into this little mindfuck and I'm like a cougar in heat! This time, I waited for everyone to go to bed and I seeked him out. I told him earlier in the day that I wanted to talk to him later. This was my chance and I wasn't going to blow it (no pun intended). This time, I went for a walk, he watched me leave and followed me. I picked a spot far enough out so no one would interrupt us. It was dusk and very secluded. In my mind, I knew exactly what was going to happen...this time, I would make something happen. It's just so weird when I'm around him, because I feel so attracted to him I could explode, but in the same respect, I feel like it's just so wrong. Maybe that's why I like it so much. I wasn't going to let him leave tonight without at least kissing him! I was starving for him to touch me. I knew I would probably have to make the first move...being so young, he probably wouldn't even know what to do.

We sat on a bench near by and looked out on the lake. There was silence...lots of silence...so I broke it by making a lame joke about being out there alone...together... We laughed a nervous laugh and then out of blue, he told me that he has had a crush on me for a long time. He told me how he would often fantasize about me if I'd been there that day. All of a sudden... he leaned in and just kissed me! It was a quick soft kiss and he was quick to pull back. I looked at him with both shock and pleasure and just grabbed him in and kissed him passionately. Long and deep I devoured his soul! Like I'd been saving all my kisses for him. I kissed him hard, then gentle. It was like tasting the best desert you've ever eaten and I didn't want it to stop! I could feel him kind of shaking so I grabbed his face in my hands stuck my tongue down his throat and just absorbed him to comfort his nerves. I was now the teacher and although I didn't know how far it was going to go, I wasn't about to stop. He hesitantly put his hand on my breast and as I didn't stop him, he started groping me harder and more intensely. He then put his hand under my top and felt my exposed nipples. They were so erect by this time, they could cut glass! I was so wet with anticipation...I felt like I was going to explode!

I put my hand on his lap and felt his hard bulge. It was so hard and ready to go, all I had to do was set it free! I unbuttoned his jeans and and put my hand down his pants and felt his throbbing cock in my eager hand. I rubbed it and stroked it and my pussy was begging for it inside of me! Just then, he stopped kissing me and just looked at me with an almost surprised look. "I can't believe I'm really doing this" he said. "Do you want to stop" I said "Not at all" was his response. And with that, he became more confident and he just took completely over! You would have never known that he was so young by his aggressive behavior. It was absolutely intense! It was like something took hold of him and was controlling his every move! He grabbed me, threw me to the ground and just completely ravaged me! He ripped my clothes almost completely off my body, and attacked me like an animal. He pinned my hands above my head and opened my legs with his knees. Holding both my hands in his one hand, he took his cock and rammed it inside my hot, wet pussy. I cried out in pleasure from the force of his cock entering me and he put his hand over my mouth and continued to thrash me. It was like he had been possessed, but I loved it! He shoved his tongue down my throat and smacked my ass.

The passion was so hot and wild, I'd be surprised if someone didn't hear us. All of a sudden, he got really tender and started sucking my nipples and licking my ears and just feeling me all over. I thought for sure I was going to cum when he started moving his tongue down my body. I could feel my pussy actually quivering and it was so wet, I burst when I then felt his tongue enter me softly. He licked and sucked it, he bit it and fucked it with his tongue. He was way beyond his years in his actions. He just devoured me like a kid in a candy store. I was so charged up, I then threw him to the ground, and shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked the shit out of it! I couldn't believe I was actually sucking his cock! I could hear him moaning as I took it all in. I sucked him to his balls and licked his ass. I had dreamed about it for so long, I knew exactly what I wanted to do to him, and him to do to me. It was actually happening and inside I was screaming! This kind of thing just doesn't happen, especially not to someone like me. Finally, he blew his load all over me and I just absorbed it. It was sheer bliss and I was over the moon. I felt so alive and re-charged and I was sad when it was over. I knew it would probably never happen again but it was the best sex I've ever had. I still see him all the time when we visit the family, and I would jump at a chance to do it again!

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