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Good Friends

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Author: Walt McBride
Published: 14-Jul-08
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I grasped the opening of my vagina with one hand and spread the lips, making it more accessible for him. With the other hand I reached for his throbbing saturated cock head and directed it toward me. Our eyes locked on each other for a moment as I directed him into me.

* * * * * * *

As I lay here listening to my husbands drunken snoring, I was getting madder by the minute.

A friend of his had brought him home tonight and he and I had taken off his clothes and "poured" the drunk into our king sized bed, and he had passed completely out as soon as his head hit the pillow. He didn't move at all.

His friend had been drinking also, but nowhere near the amount my husband had, for sure. I convinced Charles that he had been drinking a little too much and shouldn't drive home and so I invited him to stay over as a "thank you" for seeing to it that my husband got home

"OK. Thanks." He agreed and I showed him the spare bedroom.

The longer my husband snored the more I got pissed off. My mind was playing tricks on me and as I lay there, I thought about all the times in the past he had done this to me. I was twenty-three and had only been married a few months. I lay in the semi-darkened room with my eyes wide open wondering what I was going to do. Was this the life I had planned for myself NO! I was definitely upset with the whole situation.

I touched my stomach to ease the discomfort. The more I rubbed my body the more peaceful I became. Soon I found my hand was rubbing my skin for even more comfort. The more I rubbed the better it began to feel. He snored deeper. I tried to ignore him and stroked more, this started stimulating me even more.

"Umm! That feels kind of good." I thought to myself. It had been a long time since I had felt sexual comfort from this son of a bitch and I felt I deserved it even if I had to do it myself. I pushed off the covers and continued slowly stroking my body gently under the baby doll pajamas I had put on.

"Damn," In my mental fantasy I dreamt of Charles, believe it or not, he came into my brain, knowing he was only two rooms away. He was a good-looking guy, muscular, agile and tall, suntanned and friendly.

"Stop thinking that, you dumb shit." I admonished myself. Charles kept coming back into my erotic dream. The more I pictured him the more I stroked my belly, then lower, then lower yet. I felt my pubic hair, and then worked my fingers into the black patch of hair. Charles was there in my mind, there between my legs.

"God! That feels really good." I thought and slid my finger into the humid slit feeling my clit rise hard under the pressure. My breathing became labored as I enjoyed this interlude more and more. My husband snored on, getting a little louder. Soon I wasn't worrying about that drunken shit as I twisted my finger in a circular movement over my throbbing clit, propelling my vagina into a whirlwind of passion. My head cocked back on the pillow, my fingers producing a wonderful craving for more.

"OHHHHH!" I whimpered real softly, the thrill of my passion grew higher and higher and soon was swept into a little sexual realm of my own. I didn't worry about a thing now. More action on my clit.

I thought, "My God that's making me feel so damn good." More stimulation, pressure, stroking, feeling so good. I was so enraptured with my passion; I didn't notice Charles had been standing in the doorway for a few minutes watching.

I lay panting softly, my finger doing wonders for me as they inflamed, my now very hard and wet clit. I was getting close to orgasm and as my head turned to the side -- silhouetted in the doorway with the hall nightlight behind him I saw what looked like a very tall man. I withdrew my hand from my slit and looked closer at him. It was Charles. He approached the bed then he sat down on the side of the bed next to me. Immediately as I composed my thoughts, there was Charles beside me, looking down on me.

"Damn he is good looking." I thought to myself, "A big hunk of a guy!"

"Hi, there. I heard all the commotion and wanted to see if everything was OK." He whispered to me.

"Hi, Charlie. Everything is OK, I guess. Was I making a lot of noise" I whispered back.

Charles chuckled, "I thought you may need some help."

A feeling of composure took me over and I didn't really mind him being there at all. I didn't mind when he looked at me with my body exposed and open, my fingers juicy with my fluids. The tingle continued in my sex parts but I moved my hands to support myself as I made room for Charles to sit down next to me. I scooted my body over in the king sized bed closer to my husband still sleeping soundly, so there was more than enough room for the three of us.

Charles leaned over into my face and whispered,

"You are really beautiful." He spoke very softly.

"Thanks. " I beamed back at him.

In the darkness of the room, lit only by a small night-light in the corner, his lips met mine in a soft tender kiss. My body rose to the occasion as I was already at a height of sexual craving by this time. I was sure Charles knew that, as he had walked in on me playing.

"Horny, Huh" He whispered.

"Oh! Yeah!" I smiled back.

His big hands found my left breast and gently fondled the upright nipple between his thumb and index finger then he moved his tongue to the tip softly.

"How about this" He muttered, real softly.

"Oooo!" I gasped, feeling a rush of tingling charge through my body.

I felt his large hand leave my breast, wandering down the front of my stomach and explore across my flat belly coming to rest on my hair-covered mound between my legs.

"Silky hair, baby. Thick!" He sighed as his lips brushed mine with a soft taste of my lips. His fingers exploring beneath the pubic hair softly.

"Ohh! I like that!" I purred. Fingers sliding down, down, down to my wet opening between my open legs.

"Wet, so wet! Dripping! God! You are sure wet, baby." He sighed as his fingers slipped easily in the wet goo oozing from my vagina.

"Oh! Yeah!" I gasped as I felt his hand rise up inside my thigh attempting to get under my leg. I raised my knee to let him gain better admittance under my leg and pulled my knee back passionately as he touched the back of my thigh. Warm hand touching me gently but firmly.

"Soooo smooth - so soft! God! Your legs are so damn smooth." He whispered.

My left knee opened wider as he touched my very core. Again his hand slid down my left leg toward my mound.

"Find what you were looking for" I murmured. He again gently brushed my lips with his as he found my waiting mound and the wet slit.

"Oh! Yeah! I think so." He sighed. Again moving his hand down the inside of my right leg to my knee then back up toward the mound his thumb touched the wet entrance of my vagina ever so gently. I jerked slightly as I felt its firmness against my clitoris.

"Oooo! Yeah, you did. That's it!" I sighed.

"Feel good" He asked. Again his fingers stroked inside my hairy mound driving me right up the wall.

"Umm! Don't stop!" I looked at him as he again found my lips in a warm soft kiss. I found myself reaching down between us, detected the hard obelisk standing erect in a mound of pubic hair at the base of his belly and encircled it with my hand. I discovered the stiffness and size of his substantial male member.

Thinking to myself, "Oh - My - God!" Some uneasiness came over me, wondering what I would do with this thing, how would I handle such an imposing penis. Never planned on this. BUT, I wanted it bad.

"Oh, Charles! Oh, Charles!" I squirmed under his touch, his fingers massaging my clitoris softly now, my hand squeezing his cock, and then locating the fleshy head with my fingers, I felt a drop of slimy liquid at the tip. I fondled the stiff shaft delicately down to the juncture of his pubic area, then on down to the scrotum finally fondling his huge sack at which he breathed deeply, "God damn! I Love that!"

He was so easy to talk with. My husband still snoring deeply. I volunteered my lips and offered them to Charles anytime he wished to touch them with his. Frequently he would just graze his lips against mine. Shivers up my spine.

"Want some cock, baby" He asked softly.

"Ummmm!" I cooed, not really knowing what to say. I knew I did, but didn't know how to say it.

In a few minutes I felt his warm hand enclose my breast again.

"God, it's been a long time." I thought to myself.

He sucked on my earlobe playfully.

He kissed me again, still kneading his warm hands over my pussy with his fingers inside the slippery slit. His finger slid over my clit and his hand lowered as he inserted his mid finger into the aperture of my vagina.

"Oh! Baby." He sighed

"Oh! Yeah! Feels really good." I sighed,

"Nothing like the real thing, huh" I thought to myself, my hand feeling the veined rod grow ever stronger in my hand. The flanged head palpitated as I enclosed it ever so delicately. The glorious masculine head throbbed in my hand, the flanged crest protruded outward from the shaft.

"My God! Charles! Oh! Charles!" I writhed just thinking about it. I knew I had to have it.

My husband still breathing heavily next to me. I pushed him a little and moved him further toward the edge of our bed to give Charles even more room. My husband snorted once, turned a little but went back fast asleep. Charles finger never dislodged from my sopping wet aperture but continued stroking gently.

"Think he'll wake up" Charles asked.

"I hope not." I whispered softly.

Charles turned to face me as I laid prone on my back, my left knee raised and draped sideways keeping my pubic area accessible, and then Charles resumed his slow methodical manipulation of my clit. I again placed my hand on his upright organ and pulled on his generous shaft, feeling the hard, arched, heavily veined cock throbbing to my touch. He kissed my exposed breasts and sucked on my nipples, which drove me right up the wall. We kissed long and passionately.

"AH! Baby!" I gasped, feeling his finger find the wet opening of my vagina many times.

"Ah, you're so wet." he gasped, "You're pussy is so tight."

"God! " I love it when he talks to me like this." Now my thoughts were running through my head a hundred miles a minute. "So big! God it's so big! I want it BUT it's so big!" I told myself - Apprehension, anxiety, thoughts of stopping, inhibition - Passion took hold of me with no reason to stop. I knew it was all over at this point.

All I could say was a passionate sigh and I swung my legs over his hips, cradling my thighs into his crotch, close to his body with his hard rod aiming straight at my passionate eager cavern, yielding to him.

"YES!" I whispered, "Now!"

He took action immediately with this invitation. I reached down and opened the entrance to my vagina then I felt the crown of his helmet shaped head slip past my vulva, so I moved my impassioned hips to him even closer and with wonder, detected the head starting its exploration inside my wet slit.

"Oh, Yeah! Give me some pussy baby"" He sighed.

"Give me some cock!" I sighed.

He moved his hips toward me, my fingers took his cock and slithered the throbbing flanged head along the limits of my breach, moistening the crown of his cock and I felt the wet slimy ooze coming out of my slit onto my fingers. The bulge of the head sliding slowly inside, stretching the walls of my tunnel, spreading out and widening the lips of my pussy, as I opened my legs a little and helped him because I knew what was filling me so full and I wanted it bad - real bad.

"Oh, baby." He kissed me and I felt his throbbing shaft yearning for entrance and my juices lubricating allowing admission then opening me ever wider.

I gasped softly as I directed his rod into the very wet opening and when I felt the head dilate my pussy fully and consummate its entrance into my moist awaiting vagina, my breath caught in my throat.

"Oh! Mama!" I gasped as the extensive head found entrance totally inside the dripping moist aperture. The firm elongated cock had found its objective; the flanged head spread the passage apart and entered deep into my cave with one mighty lunge.

"Oh, Baby! God!" I gasped softly.

"So you want a little of this, baby" He gasped.

"OH! YEAH!" I whispered back. Filled entirely with his warm cock now. My pussy fully distended stuffed with its throbbing cargo.

A soft whelp erupted from deep within my throat -

"Oh! Mommy! YES! YES!" I gasped, feeling his huge cock inside me. My passionate cavern had swallowed his colossal rigid tool with one gulp. No more apprehension, no inhibition, no worry, just fantastic throbbing muscle inside me, slipping softly on a cushion of love juice. His breathing labored. So firm inside me.

Charles hauled my hips closer to him, penetrating even deeper - deeper - deeper. The bulging head of his organ rubbed steadily along the confines of my drenched vagina. We had both forgotten my husband in bed with us as we continued our eager lovemaking. Wet sounds erupted as our sex parts rubbed tightly together.

"God! Your pussy's so tight!" he groaned as his hand touched my bulging pussy where he coupled with me. His fingers covered my crotch as his ample tool slipped in and out of me between his fingers.

"My God!" I belched out loud, feeling so full of cock I couldn't contain myself.

"Ah, yes! You feel it, huh You feel it good, don't you OH! I feel you tight on my cock! So tight! Like a glove, baby!" He groaned out loud.

"Yes! Oh Yes! My God! Yes!" Squeezing his embedded shaft with my shuddering vagina as tight as I could. His fingers massaging my mound on each stroke. With a few more rapid humps, my breath caught in my throat. I clutched my mons Venus and detected his tool bulging my mound as it reciprocated firmly in and out. I was close - real close.

"Baby!!! Lay back, Baby! More pussy! Give it to me!" Charles whispered, then kissed my neck, as he pulled himself out from under my draped legs, his cock giving a sucking sound as it pulled out of my saturated vagina and he raised himself into a kneeling position between my submissive wide-open legs. I was so ready I shook.

"YES! YES! YES!" I whimpered and in the subdued light in the room, I watched as he took his copious penis in his hand and guided that awesome curved protuberance toward my eager moistened pussy again. I gasped at the sight of his erect burly penis wet with my juices intent on again entering my shelter.

I grasped the opening of my vagina with one hand and spread the lips, making it more accessible for him. With the other hand I reached for his throbbing saturated cock head and directed it toward me. Our eyes locked on each other for a moment as I directed him into me,

"Where do you want it, baby" He whispered watching my every move.

"Here! Yes - Right here! Now!" Then I watched as he guided his hard sizable cock head into the opening, spreading the lips of my vagina, bulging the fur covered mound, followed by his gnarled throbbing shaft all the way to the hilt in me with one substantial lunge. Pussy farted - wet slipping sounds gushing - rushing. Legs went wide - his chest covered my chest between my breasts and his body sank inside the folds of my thighs.

"That's it, baby! That's it! Got my cock, baby! Ride it, baby!" I felt his throbbing firm shaft inundate my tight cavern just as my throbbing passion crested. And I climaxed. A wet burning unrestrained orgasm. I threw my arms around his sweaty back, sweeping my fingers through his long hair, locked my legs around his legs and raised my thighs to meet his undulating thrusts as my pussy constricted his cock deep in me.

"Got it all in me!" I thought to myself. "Took it all, All of it! Never thought it would go. Thought it would hurt - didn't! God! It didn't at all."

"Yes! Oh Yes! All of it. So good! Now fill me - so good."

Charles humped me slowly at first, my climax subsiding a little but building again. Ever so gently. In and out - slowly - getting the feel of his cock slipping inside. Long slow lunges, all the way out then all the way back in - pistoning ever slowly. So full! Friction from the flanged head slipping along the full length of my tunnel. Never felt like this before. Wet - so wet. Mingled wet sounds from between my legs, dripping - dripping so wet, so good.

Passion growing more and more, Charles continued slipping in and out ever so slowly. Burying my thighs into the mattress on each down stroke. Raising my thighs to meet his every lunge. My knees rising up and over his back, not missing a stroke. Opened wide - his balls slapping against my butt. My legs wrapping him close to me on each lunge.

"Ah! Yes!" I moaned tightening my grip on his back with my arms and tightening the grip with my legs around his. I knew my orgasm was getting so close again, I couldn't hold it much longer - Closer!

"Getting close, huh baby" He breathlessly asked, "Feel it building, baby Feel it"

"Oh yeah! OH YEAH" I whimpered.

Charles just chuckled and increased the strokes into me.

"God, I love it when he talks to me while we do it." I thought, "It really turns me on."

I moaned louder, whined, "Damn it! OH! Damn it!! Do me - Do me!"

I enclosed my hands around his buttocks and I felt Charles as he tighten his rump firmly together, forcing movement of his strong cock in me. Throbbing in me on each clasp of his butt, his cock causing my body to shuddered. Thrust after thrust his cock stroked into my wet cavern. Faster now, wet farts - whimpering - breathing - harder - harder. I felt the walls of my vagina tightening and relaxing faster and faster.

"I feel you coming, baby! Do it, baby! Come for me!" He whispered in my ear, shoving his hips hard against me with repeated strokes.

"GOD!" I gasped softly and I felt a potent orgasm release around his hammering unyielding cock. I knew I couldn't stand it any longer, I reached a thunderous orgasm. Pumping harder now , Charles continued for a while longer, my vagina succumbed to the throws of passion as I climaxed violently again after a few more thrusts. He didn't stop while I thrashed my hips up and down meeting his wild penetrations that were driving me over the edge even again, I couldn't stop, continuing to release multiple orgasms until I felt absolutely consumed with passion. The more he stroked me the more I responded, the more I climbed the passion ladder.

"OH! Baby!" I squealed softly. "Oh damn!! More - more - more!!"

I squealed out loud, "Harder - Harder - Harder" and Charles complied. Our bodies slapped together. I felt my thighs reaching another throbbing orgasm, over and over again. I had never felt this before, coming closer, closer to a vortex, rapidly searching for another inescapable summit with each plunge. Knowing the extreme orgasm I had ever felt was here, I exhaled violently in his ear, my thighs involuntarily lunged upward meeting his thrusts. My abdomen convulsed with pent up lust and with complete abandon, my pussy beating violently around his cock. I heard wet farts emitting from our locked parts as my tormented vagina sucked hard around the buried tool.

"God! Woman! what are you doing" He sighed abruptly feeling the clamping walls of my vagina clasp his cock tightly while it swirled around him. "God damn it! Your pussy is so fucking good!" He whispered loudly. "Never felt anything like this before, ever."

With that, I felt his strong hands clasp both sides my thighs and pull me toward his exploring hard cock even tighter. That put me over the edge again, I found my unrestrained passion swelling more and more.

"My God!!" I breathed as I exhaled violently in his ear again, "Again! OH! Again!".

My squeezing, yearning pussy tightened on his cock as the built up craving was permeating my thighs even more rapidly now. A wet fart discharged out of my vagina and I whelped out loud, feeling it release violently against his embedded love shaft again. Lunge after lunge he stroked me, meeting my violent mounting hips against his body. After a few minutes of squealing delight, his copious throbbing cock had stretched my wet shelter to its limits, Charles breath caught in his throat and I felt a throbbing of his grand cock inside my wide open drenched vagina, my cavern quivering, fluttering. The pressure and constricting action of my vagina along his shaft had brought him closer to his violent climax and I felt every lunge pounding in me. His cock seemed to inflate inside my vagina, I knew it was about to discharge its load in me. Closer - Closer! I was getting closer again.

"Pussy's so damn good, baby! Here! Here! It's here!" He squealed.

His hips thrust one mighty lunge toward me, then - "Ahhhhhhhh!" He gasped loudly as his hot load found my fiery willing crater and ejaculated deep inside. I felt its warm mass as it spewed inside me. Throb after delicious throb ejaculating sperm into my hungry swallowing shelter and I opened my legs wider consuming eagerly every drop as he voided his hot semen into me. My arms held him as close as possible, my legs went up and over his back giving him unrestrained, uncontrollable admittance to my body as it ejaculated the hot stream of semen inside my ardent eager and thundering shelter.

"Shit, baby. Coming! Coming! Swallow it, my love. Suck it in, baby!"

"My God! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I squealed out loud in his ear, as I felt the pulsating massive rod gush out its hot charge deep in me, filling me with its sticky goo.

"Jesus - Baby - baby - - YES! Shoot it - Fill me!! God! I feel it! "

"OH! Momma! AH! God! Your pussy, so tight, Ahhhh! YES! Ahhhh." He groaned loudly in my ear, his body twisting on top of me as his thick cock quivering within my breach and voided its last hot surge into me.

When our breathing subsided a little, his fat cock was still buried deep inside my wet cavern, enjoying the peace we felt. In a while we returned to the present and we still heard my husband sleeping and snoring soundly beside us.

"Man - He's really out of it, huh" I whispered in Charles ear.

Charles sighed quietly, "Thank God. He is really out of it! I really got carried away, didn't I"

"That was the best ever!" I cooed and kissed his sweaty neck and rubbed his back gently.

I detected the wet mingled juices flowed out of me from my satiated pussy down the slit of my buttocks and it calmed me somewhat from the action ever so slowly, my legs dropped from around Charles upper body and we wonderfully started drifting off to sleep, our drenched sex organs locked and sealed together.

Sometime later, early in the morning, I felt Charles withdrawing his soft saturated cock from my ravaged sanctuary, rolling from on top of me, kissing me softly and returned to his room. The sheets were wet under me but it didn't bother my sleep. I went peacefully to sleep dreaming of the multiple wonderful releases I had had as I heard the shower turn on in the back bathroom.

I thought sleepily, "God! There really isn't anything like the real thing, is there"

When I awoke my husband was still laying very still next to me. I reached down to my pubic hair and felt it matted and still very wet from ooze dripping out.

"Charles' semen!" I thought to myself. My fingers slipped over it gently.

"God! How did I get home" He looked at me bleary eyed.

"A friend of yours brought you home last night. He said to call him and he'd take you back to your car whenever you were ready." My fingers still slithering in the wet ooze under the covers.

"God, I don't remember that at all. Who was it"

"Guy by the name of Charles."

"Oh! Yeah! I'll call him after my shower."

He looked at me bleary eyed. "God! Last night I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt someone was having sex and it was driving me crazy. Ha! It sure must have been good!"

"What do you mean" I asked nervously.

"Oh! The moaning and groaning and the thrashing around. Man, I was really out of it. Did you have nightmares last night I thought it was you! But I guess not."

"I didn't have nightmares that I know of."

I smiled broadly at him, "Hey! I want to shower." I said and threw the covers off and headed for the shower.

I knew my crotch was a dead giveaway, all matted with Charles dried semen and my dripping liquids. I had to get it washed off before he saw it. My hair was disheveled but he didn't notice. I stepped into the cooling water, looked at my private parts, they were flushed, ruddy and puckered slightly.

"Oh! Yeah! Got it good!" I muttered to myself, "Real good."

I knew Charles must have left early and slipped out of the house quietly. Thanks God for that. My husband hadn't heard a thing. Didn't even suspect anything. Ha! I was so glad about that.

After breakfast my husband called Charles and he came to pick him up to take him back to his car. Charles looked at me while my husband fetched the few things he needed for the office. While he was out of the room, Charles took me in his arms, kissed me gently then whispered to me,

"Any suspicion"

"Oh! No not at all. When will we see each other again" I whispered back.

"Any time you want! I'm there. Here's my number." He handed me a folded piece of paper.

"Soon - Real soon!" I gasped. My thighs leaped in anticipation.

They left and I nursed my sore genitalia back to health all day. I felt absolute wonderful but my pussy was sure sore. A good sore! I walked bow legged all day. Charles and I met the next day at his apartment during his lunchtime. I was over my rawness and tenderness by then and, let me say,

"It was wonderful."

I had tried to go to Charles apartment at least twice a week since that first night, however it got to be too strange and I just wanted to be with Charles all the time. We had met three or four times and our meetings were absolutely phenomenal. Outrageous sex, uninhibited, scandalous but completely satisfactory. All I want is that wonderful tool of his and it was all I could think about all the time.

A few months went by, then I couldn't stand it any longer, I dumped my sorry ass drunken husband when Charles invited me to stay with him until the divorce was finalized. I'm still with him. After about six months, one of those wild liberating sex sessions has been the fulfillment of a dream for both of ours - my belly is rising very nicely with Charles child.

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