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Published: 15-Jul-08 Revised/Updated 16-Jul-08

Her hands grabbed the sheets and pulled on them securely. His hands seized her heaving, aggressive thighs and hoisted them up to unite as hard as possible with his hammering tool.

* * * * * * *

It had been a long tiring trip and I had forgotten to call home to tell my wife I was on my way.

"Oh well", I thought, "She'll be glad I was coming home early to surprise her"

Needless to say I would be the surprised one. I walked around to the rear of my house to put the stuff down that I had bought on my business trip for the house, depositing them on the chaise lounge. The back door was unlocked so I just walked into the living room. I heard some indefinable noise coming from down the hall like someone was rummaging around. I had seen my wife's car in the driveway, so I assumed it was her in the back room.

"Strange!" I commented to myself, I thought my wife would still be at work, but I thought I had better check it out since the back door was unlocked. Never had any problems before but you never know around this neighborhood.

As I got closer to my bedroom, I heard two people whispering and giggling and the bed was creaking a little. I thought I would be extra quiet and peered around the opened door to the bedroom.

"My God!", I thought, as I looked into the semi-darkened room. Two people on my bed completely nude pushed up close together, one of them being my wife. The guy was laying flat on his back; my wife was lying on her side, her head on his chest, with her long raven black hair scattered over his chest and face. He had his hand on her hair, rubbing her scalp gently; she had his copious sex member in her hand. She turned and looking intently into his eyes. His imposing tool extended past the expanse of her hand and seemed to be swollen and wet. No doubt from recent questionable activities.

My breath caught in my throat.

"Damn! It's my wife and some guy," I said to myself too shocked to say anything out loud

He asked softly,

"When's the old man coming home"

She whispered to him looking imploringly into his eyes, still holding his sizeable cock,

"He usually doesn't come home until Friday."

"Damn, we got two more days. Huh"

"Oh! Yeah!" She giggled quietly.

He raised his hips to meet her grasping hand and then kissed her softly on the lips,

"Got plenty of time, Huh" He murmured.

"OH! YEAH! Don't worry about it!!" She smiled softly and sighed.

In the twinkling of an eye, with one motion, I watched this guy push her delicately backward on the bed and wheel his lithe body on top of her, she whimpered something, threw her legs widely open, admitting him freely between them. Their eyes were wide open, looking intently at each other, their bodies impatient as she whelped loudly and I watched his copious tool directed at her delicate sex, dangle over her. She pushed upward a little to offer her sex to him. Still gazing intently into his eyes she grasp the orifice of her vagina and pulled the lips open. Reaching up she grasped his penis, slipped it into the crack gently,


She opened wide to accept his cock. With that, the flanged head rushed into her with one vigorous thrust followed by the gnarled shaft of his distended cock and it vanished into the aperture. The orifice of her vagina stretched wide accommodating the extent of his cock. Their eyes were transfixed on each other as their parts merged firmly together, he thrust it again and again into her with long successive jabs.

"My God! OH! BABY! GOD that feels so good!." She screamed, threw her legs around his back, her arms around his neck and wheezed as she felt it find bottom on each down stroke.

"Ah! Yeah! Baby! AHHH YEAH! Gimmie that pussy, baby!" He squirmed and sighed, as he felt her vagina enfold him snugly inside. The bed squeaked under their combined weight.

"Well, shit!" I whispered to myself, "What the fuck is this anyway!"

He thrust it into her a few more times, came to rest a few seconds, soaking in her juices, then commenced stroking in and out a number of times very rapidly. She squealed in delight, feeling his cock expand her to the limit, she breathed harder and harder, mumbling weakly,

"God Damn! OH! GOD DAMN! GOD! You're so big! AGAIN! OH Baby! YES!!!! SO GOOD! Don't stop!!!"

Without much thought, I left the doorway and went to the office, hearing them going at it in the bedroom. I grabbed my camera and returned to watch. He was really humping now, his heaving actions, very wild now, my wife willingly accepting each caress, her eyes closed, her mouth open and breathing really hard. He didn't let up; he kept thrashing on the bed pumping his cock intensely on each stroke.

"YES! OH! MAMA!" She shouted out loud, coming up to meet his thrusts. I snapped two or three photos while he mercilessly lunged his massive cock in her, surrounded by her dripping pussy.

I took a close up of his cock thrusting into her distended vagina, his huge balls hanging down in the middle of her wet crotch, her knees pulled all the way back to her breasts, giving him total accessibility to her open wet sex.

I knew by the sounds they were making, orgasm was getting close at hand, genuinely close, coarse moans, intense grunts, faster pistoning of his cock, it was all leading up to a massive orgasm on both their parts. Her hands grabbed the sheets and pulled on them securely. His hands seized her heaving, aggressive thighs and hoisted them up to unite as hard as possible with his hammering tool.

"Here it is, baby!" He shouted, "Here it is!" I saw his lips come off her neck, sweat rolling on his forehead, and he breathed a heavy throaty groan and his butt trembled passionately as he spent his semen within her.

She screamed some obscenity and her body trembled in complete abandon under him. He kept heaving his massive cock into her as his ejaculation inundated her burrow and discharged into her thrashing vagina. She was absolutely untamed now. Body thrashing wildly, hips stroking up and down to meet his hammering unyielding cock, wet sopping sounds coming from their merged parts.

She screamed some obsenity out loud and absorbed his semen deep inside her cavern while he continued his savage thrusts.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! GOD DAMN!" She screamed out and raised her hips to him one last time as her vagina convulsed violently as she achieved orgasm with him.

His come oozed out around his imbedded cock and trickled out on the sheets under them.

Her gasps were very passionate, her mouth open wide. His body shook still discharging his semen gently. Her legs wrapped tightly around his back accepting each surge. He clasped his buttocks together savoring each throb. As their breathing subsided a little, she raised her hips up gently, pulled him closer to her body again. He kissed her gently and moved his hips in and out a few times. I could see his cock was still firm, her pussy wet with their combined juices, so it wasn't long before they renewed their tender activity without missing a beat.

"Again" I asked myself, "Man this guy is a love machine."

"OH!" She gasped, "Oh! Momma! Getting bigger!" She whispered.

"Oh! Yeah!" He sighed.

Humping his hips up and down, making sure he stroked her deeply and firmly on each stroke. Her hips moved to his rhythm, wet sounds, dripping love juices coming out of her ravaged hole. Bed creaking softly under them. Faster - Faster - Faster!

"Yes! Yes!" She whispered softly. "More! More! Oh! Momma! Yeah!"

I snapped a picture and stepped into the room next to the bed, looking down on them. They both shrieked still convulsing from the exchange.

"Damn!!!" He screamed.

"Oh! Shit!" She shouted and then tried to sit up but couldn't as he was holding her to the bed with his weight.

He rapidly pulled his slimy, long, still stiff cock out of her and ran out of the room. She lay there in absolute horror, her wet pussy inundated with their wet lovemaking juices and still dilated from the bulky cock that had been penetrating her.

"Get OUT! You rotten Bitch!" I screamed, "Get out of my house! BOTH of you!. NOW!"

She ran out of the room. I grabbed her clothes out of the dressers and storage drawers in the bedroom and closets and threw them out the front door, the patio door, the windows, screaming obscenities as I did.

"Get out of here before I get my shot gun! GO! GO! And don't come back. Don't take anything with you from the house.

"You fuck her, man, you feed her, you ass hole," I screamed at him as he went out the door stark naked to the car.

They were both out the door like they had already been shot, the car started and they were gone. I found out it was some guy she worked with at her office. They had taken a "long" lunch together at few times before this while I had been out of town.

"One expensive piece of ass, I would say" - But now I was rid of that bitch for good. With the pictures I had taken it was "No Contest" at the divorce. "I hope they are happy with each other."


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