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The Big One

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Published: 15-Jul-08 Revised/Updated 16-Jul-08
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My breath caught in my throat as I impaled his tool deeper and deeper. I started humping my hips thrusting full length on his rod using it the way I wanted. He lay there letting me hump him, using his cock.

* * * * * * *

It was early Monday morning after my husband had left for his job, I sitting by the lake on the grass with my arms around my knees, I was feeling sorry for myself. Just watching the wild life and enjoying the peace and quiet. What else was there

"Was this all there was" I felt a little tear well up in my eyes.

My husband didn't understand my loneliness or my desires. He didn't understand my wants as a woman. When we made love, it was just "Slam, Bam, and Thank you Mam!" God, was that all there was to it I didn't know. I had heard there was a lot more to it than that. The past week-end was horrible. He slept!

I turned my head to the side and watched a man off in the distance looking my way and I thought about it, then waved his way. He waved back then started walking toward me. My heart jumped a little - What would I say What would I do He continued toward me. I liked what I saw as he approached and it seemed he liked what he saw, as well, I wasn't too hard to look at, I thought.

Sat down next to me and smiled,

"Hi, I'm Hal!"


"You look like you could use some cheering up"

"How did you guess" I smiled.

He just laughed and his hand reached out to touch mine. I reached out and he held my hand ever so gently. We talked for an hour, at least, exchanging glances frequently.

During that couple of hours or so, I became more and more responsive to his glances and attention and I knew he sensed that. I told his all my woes. It felt good to get it out to someone. Hal seemed to reach over to me more and more and I didn't refuse the advances at all. I rather enjoyed the attention. More and more we shared, laughed, and just looked into each other's eyes.

"What are you doing" I asked myself but at some point I was just concentrating on Hal. And I knew he was absorbed with me. I looked at him a lot by now.

We were silent for a few minutes with our eyes locked on each other. He reached over to kiss me; I hesitated a little, looking at him intently.

The offer was there,

"Take it!" I told myself. "Why not"

Awkwardly I leaned toward him and we kissed the first time. As our lips separated he reached over and clutched me in his arms and we fell backwards onto the grass laughing.

"Hey! I noticed some rings" He smiled at me.

"Yeah! Well, don't worry about it!" I smiled back, raising a knee up.

"If it's OK with you then it's more than OK with me!" He reached and kissed me again as I lay on my back on the grass with his chest resting over mine, gently crushing my breast. His arm around my shoulder gently prompting me closer to him.

"This is sure nice", I thought to myself.

"You sure are sweet!" He looked into my eyes timidly. I gave him a clue with my eyes and he again kissed me, this time very intently. He sighed out loud, "WOW!"

"UH Huh!" I smiled, "Me too!" Kissed me again. A long slow gently kiss.

"I'll bet you have a sweeter pussy!" He giggled.

"Oh! You're terrible!" I gasped then smiled knowingly. "How would you know that" I asked.

His hand went between my legs and massaged my mound very gently.

"Umm!" I cooed feeling the strong pressure of his fingers. "Ohh!" I sighed softly. "Better stop that!" I cautioned but not moving from his caresses.

"Why should I stop this" he whispered his lips close to mine, then gently touching his lips to mine. "This pussy has got to be sweet - your kisses are sure sweet."

I began feeling the yearning awaken within me. Softly stroking my mound now his lips coupled with mine.

"You're terrible!" I shuddered under his touch. "What if someone is watching us" I whispered

He breathed. "You know, I have an apartment close by Want to go get comfortable I'll let you play with me!" He whispered

I laughed, "AND"

"I could play with you!" He whispered.

"You know I'm married, don't you." I got a little serious and looked at him quizzically.

"I wouldn't mind married pussy!" He gasped.

"God! You're gross!" I whispered with a big smile on my face. I knew I liked the way he talked about sex. Right to the point and direct.

He looked at me, stood up and reached out his hands to me to help me up. "Let's go!" I looked intently into his eyes and reached to grasp his hands, knowing what was happening and what probably would happen soon. I really didn't care. My vagina wanted it, I really wanted it.

Keys rattling, door opening, stepping inside. Melting into his arms immediately, feeling his hands grasp the arched cheeks of my bustle shaped buttocks and puled me toward him. I couldn't stop now. Didn't want to stop at all. Feeling of craved excitement coursed through by sex parts as I felt his hard protuberance press against my thighs. It had been a long time, I needed it. I needed it bad and he knew it.

Hands, skin, teeth. His hands on soft chiffoned flesh, mouth on cloth and skin. There is so much of his mouth, so much softness and pressure, so much insistence of tongue. I cannot remember how we got across the room to the bed, how he got out of his clothes. I do remember that I had watched him as he dropped his clothes on the floor in front of the bed and saw his penis head protruding out of the leg hole of his boxer shorts. Boxer shorts dropped to the floor in front of me.

"God" I whispered out loud watching his ample tool, semi-hard, move back and forth as he leaped into bed next to me. Like a serpent, sphere-shaped, arched, extended, veined heavily and eager to strike.

The hair on his chest is curly. It grows in a line down his stomach, dark blond and brown. Submission fantasy cock, solid, feel the hardness pressing against my thigh. Tongue and mouth, teasing, biting, sucking, insisting. His hands kneading, pressing, hands that hurt, soothe, caress, and hurt again, using my breasts in some new merciless pattern of pleasure and pain. Fingers playing me. Writhing, pulled away, pulled towards, shock, coming apart under his fingers. Fingers inside me, twisting, pressing, so good. Finger in my split caressing my magic button.

"God! I can't stand it! Yes! - Now - Put your cock in - Please put it in me!" I whimpered

No, he will be deliberate and slow. He wants to do everything to me.

"We have time, baby," He whispered. "Here let me touch you - let me suck you." Won't let me move, holds me down, wants to kiss, pinch, rub, lick every part of me. I feel like I have been burning for a hundred years already and he is only just now putting his mouth between my legs. . Breath on my pubic hair.

Mouth gentle. Loving and playful. Mouth biting and mean, sucking, celebration of pussy. I don't know - I don't know anymore, where I am, who he is, what's happening, gone. Floating. Tumbling, exploding, coming apart again. And then back to the present. Raising my pussy fur to his mouth. Licking - licking - clitoris in his mouth. Sucking - sucking, raising me to the pinnacle of pleasure. Close - so close!

He has stopped. He rests face against my thigh. Face red and wet, mouth blurred with all our mixed juices, watching me. He reaches one finger to a nipple. The shock cuts right through me.

"Please, please," I begging now, "Put your cock inside me!"

He kneels in front of me, low, thighs, wide around me, under me, raising me. He rubs the head of his cock against burning wet pussy, into the wet, rubs it against the swollen magic button, down, rubs it across the mouth, back and forth, a new exquisite unbearable tension, sticky wet, I can hear it.

Laying here naked, in the semi darkness, with my eyes wide open, feeling his cock touching the lips of my vagina, the firm head gliding along the inner recesses of my slit, my body senses the passion mounting even higher and higher in my thighs, my mind wandering continuously.

My breathing laboring uncontrollably - his lips kissed mine. Opened my mouth and sucked him in. His breathing matched mine.

"God damn!" I thought to myself as the penis head sensed the aperature.

"God! Big! So Big!" Thinking about it and sighing to myself. I hadn't envisioned anything like this but here it was and it excited me. Long plump, thick, shaft topped by a swollen helmet shaped crown. We looked deeply into each other's eyes.

"God!" I thought. I sighed in his ear and nibbled the lobe as I opened my legs a little wider and sighed. Arched my back and raised my hair covered mound toward him.

"Ah!" I screamed, "Damn!" Head suspended over my love groove.

"AH! Baby. Me, Too!"

"Yeah! OH! YEAH!" I giggled

I looked into his eyes and the breath caught in my throat - He kissed me and held the kiss on my lips as I spread my legs even wider, offering the pubic shelter of hair between my legs up toward his firm tool. As he pressed his cock lower between my legs, laid his chest between my breasts gently, I bent my knees back to my breasts and held them in place as he urged his hard copious cock into my uninhibited aperture so it could fuse with the vortex at the juncture of my wide-open thighs.

"Ah! Baby" He gasped. I whimpered, wanting it so bad I couldn't say anything and watched as he directed it into me.

"You sure you want this, baby" He whispered. "I want it bad!" He gasped.

"Show me what you got, baby!" I whined. Again, our eyes met and I felt the distended head of his penis touch my responsive clit.

"Give me some pussy, baby!"

"YES!" I cried, "Gimmie what you got, Baby!!" and at that instant, I felt the largest part of the head separate my breach, the flanged head bulging the lips of my vagina and slip laboriously inside. Inch by inch it penetrated deeper, enlarging the wet limitations of my agonizing vagina.

"MY GOD!!" I cried out as I felt his rigid penis expand the walls of my love tunnel, "Oh Jesus." I whimpered, "Oh! You're so big - So fat! God!"

"Can't - I can't! It won't go! OH! Baby! Please!" I screamed knowing it was opening my pussy wider than it had ever been.

"Sure you can, sweetie!" He wheezed and pushed in more. Wedging tighter - spreading me open.

I felt my aperture stretch wider as it expanded to shroud his cock, puffing the lips outward as his 8-inch cock penetrated inside. Then all the way into me, filling me like a blow to the solar plexus, I gasping for breath, never been so full, never felt so much pressure. He's deep in me, tearing right through into my throat. I'm gone into blackness, out of my mind again. Nothing is me, only pussy and cock. The full length now encased firmly inside.

"There, baby!" He breathed in my ear, "You got it all!" He sighed

"Oh God! Yeah. OH! WOW! Baby!" I gasped and moved my hips up tp his impaling rod.

"There! YEAH - There! Feel it, baby Feel my cock" He explored my inner reaches

Full length inside me, my clit being wedged tightly against his reciprocating tool. I lay luxuriating with his cock pulsing inside me, and delighted in the complete illicit pleasure. Feeling my thighs shiver with unrestrained sensuality I lay back and let him do whatever he wanted with me.

"Ah! Yeah! Feed me that cock. Love it!" I whined.

"I love filling you, baby!" He humped heavily against me. Again - Again. This excited me even more. "Feel it, Baby!" Humped me again. "Want more" He whispered in my ear.

"YEAH!" I squealed out and stroked upward to meet his throws. Felt juices flow out of me to the sheets. More lubrication. "God! What feeling!" I thought to myself.

Motion! Slipping outward delicately, then inward softly, another, another then again. Ever so gently reciprocating his hard piston and gently rubbing against the lubricated walls of my burrow. Slowly fucking me. So wet. It was sliding in and out on the abundant lubrication exuding from my vagina. Wet sounds. Our parts blending mutually as we breathed a little heavier together. The bed creaked a little under the weight of our combined bodies. Uncounted minutes went by - lost count of his strokes.

"Ummmmm!" I sighed out loud. More minutes went by, his magnificent projectile sliding within my pussy compelling to it swell with its bulkiness. How many comes Hours Too many comes later; my pussy is raw, burning, swollen. My throat is raw from my breathing and his cock is still harden flesh battering into me, against me, inside me. I want him to come. I'll do anything - Just come! It's too much. Scratching, hitting his shoulders with my fists, begging him to come. Penis throbbing unending inside me. Pulsating - alive

"Please - Please - Come in me."

I screamed, "Come -- with -- me." I release an orgasm again, moistening his heaving cock inside me, allowing it to glide easier. Wet sounds sticky wet, slipping - slipping easier now. Pussy wide open.

He kneels again, pulls me forward toward him, and shoves my knees back, driving into me as deep as possible, a new pain, growing sweet, insane, into breathless shuddering.

"Feel it Feel that, baby" He whispered as his enlarged cock throbbing, "Get it again, baby. Get it! Come for me!" He squeals loud as he continuously rams it home to me.

He stretched out his hairy chest between my breasts, lifting his cock almost to the mouth of my pussy then lunges in - deep, heaving and retracting that magnificent tool, faster and faster. My legs squeezed his body firmly, ramming his tool into me on each lunge. Shoving my legs against his thighs, encircling them and forcing my pussy as far toward him as possible on each thrust. I was lifting my pussy up for him to use wildly. And he did.

"Oh! Yeah! Give it to me good, baby." I gasped, my legs pulling him toward me as forcefully as possible.

"God", he moaned. "God, you know how to do use it, baby!" More minutes went by. Bed heaving, rising and falling with our activity. Sweat pouring off of us.

"AH! Yes." He moaned again, "So tight! Pussy's so tight, baby!""

"God!" I whimpered, "Oh Baby! Nearer - Getting close again, baby You're doing it - doing it, baby"

I screamed out loud, "I'm getting there!!" Panting and screaming, pulling him to me violently now.

His pistoning increased a little, dragging his shaft over my clit more rapidly now. Sending my violent climax over the top and I released a loud whimper and clamped him to me with my legs and arms while my vagina tightened and released then pulsated intensely with another violent orgasm and I cried out loud in his ear. As I whelped, he continued pounding harder and harder in and out of me until he stopped abruptly, then rammed his cock full length into my animated hole and I felt his hot semen ejaculate within my fissure.

"MY GOD!" He screamed, "Ah! God!"

Come! His climax is violent. Body jerking, ejaculate released in me, eyes rolled back, rhythmic groans, I let out a irrepressible giggle as my body quivered with feeling every measure of his slimy come void ed in me.

"Oh! Mommy!" I screamed, feeling the warm gush fill me deep inside. Rush of semen - three or four powerful ejaculations then a few smaller ones engulfed me. He whaled out loud as he discharged his load in me, his massive tool throbbing powerfully.

He collapses on me, pressing me to the bed under his weight.

"Damn!" He muttered, "Couldn't hold it, baby."

"That's OK." I whispered, "I'll take care of it." Feeling our combined fluids drip into the crack of my butt on the way to the sheets, this further excited me. We lay for a few minutes while out breaths diminished.

"Oh! What a piece of ass you are!" He whispered, "Your pussy's so tight."

All I could do was coo and clamp my tunnel around his stiff tool and suck out the last drop into its depths with my tunnel walls. He convulsed feeling the clamping action around his buried tool.

He pulled his long massive, now rosy colored cock out of my soaked pussy, extracting more juices from my cave to the sheets with one motion, prompting my ravaged cave to release a pussy fart and I scampered to the bathroom.

When I reenter the bedroom he was spread out on his back with his massive cock laying on his stomach like a coiled snake, he looking up at me. I crawled back into bed and lay on top of his prone body.

"I love your fat cock, baby!" I whispered.

"And I love your tight little pussy." He laughed out loud.

"You're bad. You know that" I chuckled, "But I love it."

We both laughed and he kissed me again and tickled me gently. I squealed in delight as he crawled after me and grabbed my legs. We played grab ass for a while then I pinned him to the bed, holding him down.

"I've got to go, you know" I chuckled, "My old man will be home soon."

"Oh! Really" He asked, "I had other plans." Smiling at me. I smiled back,

"What plans are those"

He started to say, "Well, let's just say ---------!"

I pulled my knees up and cradled him between them. I was on top now - In command. I'd never done this before - It felt so damn good.

"God Damn it! Oooooooooo!" He shouted as I rubbed my hips back and forth over his cock. I felt his massive tool begin to grow between my legs, touching my pubic hair gently. I pushed my hip down then raised them. Again. It grew against me. I felt it growing. Again I pushed down then up.

"You don't have to go yet!" He muttered, smiling broadly, "I have other plans for you"

I couldn't resist even if I wanted to, He reached over my hips, grabbed his growing tool stroked it against my slit then I felt the huge head breach my aperture. I pushed down.

"In - In - In, baby" I screamed. "Give it to me!!! Put it in. Show it where to go!"

"All the way, sweetheart." I crushed my hips down then up then down again. "You do it. Take it - It's yours, it's yours. Feel it"

I whimpered, feeling it passionately cleave into my pussy with one hard thrust.

"God, you really know what I like, don't you." I shouted.

"Yeah! Get it!" He shouted.

It didn't take long to convince me I needed to stay for a while.

I took long passionate strokes, forcing his tool full length in, then all the way slowly out.

"God, I can't get enough of this!" I thought to myself, "I love his big cock and the way he uses it"

Instantly my vagina clutched the hard cock throbbing and reciprocating in me and he greedily responded to this activity, again my passion mounted to a crescendo. Building slow. My breath caught in my throat as I impaled his tool deeper and deeper. I started humping my hips thrusting full length on his rod using it the way I wanted. He lay there letting me hump him, using his cock.

Crazed abandon - that's what it was. Bed rattling, mattress cushioning our bodies as we thrashed violently on the bed. His tool was devastating my open cavern with absolute enthusiasm. Sore - but so good.

It was building - building, - here it was - I felt it rapidly swelling inside me, My head went back, my legs opened wide as possible, a pussy fart around his massive shaft and I released again, His two hands seized my hips and propelled them to him in one mighty thrust. He screamed again and ejaculated as I climaxed wild over him. Filling me again with his warm semen. I felt his come rush out of his massive tool into my shuddering vagina. Warm waves of contentment swept over me.

We were exhausted and I lay quietly on top of him for a few minutes his cock full length still in me.

"I really have to go, baby." I whispered to him.

"I understand, but let's have lunch tomorrow" He kissed me gently and I heard a pussy fart emit from my tunnel as I backed off him and pulled his cock out of me.

"That's a date!" I said as I rolled off the bed, cleaned up again, dressed, then kissed him again and left as he lay back on the discheveled bed watching me.

My pussy was really super sore and I felt it dripping into my panties as I headed for my car to drive home, but my body was totally relaxed.

Almost every day, now, while my husband is at work I come over to this guy's apartment for a while. We have lunch at times then return to his apartment for sex , sometime walk in the park then return to his apartment for unbridled sex. Other times we just have sex, Occasionally we just get naked, I lay on top of him and we talk for hours with his cock rammed deep in me, then consummate our love making totally.

Sometimes I get out in the evening to go "Shopping" and we do it in the back seat of the car or on a blanket by the lake. Totally uninhibited.

I love what he does to me and don't ever believe "Size doesn't matter."

He has asked me to dump my husband move in with him. I just might do that. In fact it is a definite possibility it will happen soon.

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