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Yard Work

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Published: 16-Jul-08
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She was waving at me on her covered patio, looking so good dressed in her baby doll pajamas, I couldn't contain my feelings. I slipped through the fence dividing our property and met her breathlessly. Took her in my arms and felt her tight firm buttocks underneath the silky pajama bottom.

* * * * * * *

Working in the back yard, one day, I was sweating and intent on what I was doing in the soil. At times I would glance over to my neighbors house and watch Julie as she pulled weeds and tilled the soil with a small shovel.

"Damn!" I thought, "That is one fine lady there!" Then smiled to myself and returned to my task.

About an hour into my work I looked up again to see what was happening over at the neighbors house. I saw she was laying on a chaise lounge with a cool drink in her hand looking my way. As our eyes met she smiled and called over to me,

"Hey there, Jack, want a cool one"

"Man, that would be great!" I exclaimed and dropped my trowel, wiped my knees off and joined her on her patio.

She returned with a drink in her hand, a nice cool alcoholic drink of some kind, I didn't care what. She had that "Come and get me" look, far searching eyes, always a pout on her lips and she seemed to be preoccupied in her thoughts most of the time. Beautiful lady with black flowing hair, ample breasts, slender body and a wonderful butt that bulged out in the rear like a bustle. She smiled as she returned to her chaise and commented,

"You like yard work too"

"OH! Yeah! Nothing like getting out here and digging in the dirt."

"Gets your mind off all the problems, doesn't it" She asked.

"You got problems Shit, you don't look like you have a problem in the world." I laughed. She had moved in about six years ago when she and her husband first got married. I had been watching her off and on when she was in the back yard, but I didn't think much about it, other than thinking I wouldn't mind getting some of that. We had talked and exchanged pleasantries but that was about it. Today she had something on her mind; I knew she wanted to talk about so I listened.

"Do you know how really bad it's been lately It's been really bad lately"

"I know that your old man works to much and is gone a lot." I injected.

"He's always working." She looked intently at me, "He is always gone."

I moved my lawn chair closer to her so we could talk more intimately,

"I'm sorry!"

"Me too." She sighed, "You know even when he's home he doesn't pay much attention to me."

"Really!" I kept my answers short to give her a chance to talk it out.

"You know he only makes love to me once or twice a month" That was more information than I needed, but I listened anyway.


"He's never REALLY gotten me fulfilled as a woman. I know there must be more to love making than what we're doing." Her lips went into a slight frown - smile combination. I reached over to take her hand to console her.

"Damn! I'm sorry to hear that. You must be really bothered by that, huh"

She smiled at me and squeezed my hand,

"You know I really needed someone to talk to today."

"You can talk to me as long as you want." I smiled back I felt some sort of force emanating from her.

"You know watching you over there really excited me." She whispered.

"I did" I smiled even bolder now, "You mean in these old grubbies and dirt"

"Guess it must be the moon!" She laughed out loud.

"Could be!" I laughed with her.

We talked on and on for over an hour about her love life and how she was really disappointed with the way things were going in her married life. She got more and more candid with me. I convinced her there was better ways of love making that she probably hadn't really tried. She agreed with me and gave me the hint she wouldn't mind trying them. I didn't discourage her; I was smiling inside and continued listening to her restlessness with interest. My thighs began to get that tingle a man gets in these situations. She had that shy pouty look that drove me crazy. So innocent! So lovely!

It wasn't long before the opportunity occurred that she gave me THE look. We kissed. When our lips parted, she looked deeply into my eyes. We kissed again. She didn't resist at all, but got up and went into the house. I followed. I heard the sound of shower water running and wondered if I should do the same, dropped out of my clothes and waited in the semi darkened, but before I could think further about it, she had come out of the bath; I could smell the perfume of the bath, one of those piercing sweet floral scents, very nice, and some other aroma, something clean and smoky and mingled with the perfume: Her smell.

She moved across the room into my field of vision without making a sound. She wore nothing but a little lace-trimmed slip that came half way down her thighs. The slip was cotton. Bad luck.

I don't really care one way or the other about the feel of a body through nylon, but a body under sheer cotton drives me out of my head. Her breasts were naked under the slip, and her blue-black hair hung down in a dark shadow about her shoulders, something like a Virgin Mary veil. And through the slip I could see the dark triangle between her legs.

Again I had the sense of a force emanating from her. Beauty alone couldn't account for the effect of her presence, even in this room, though beauty she certainly had. I looked at her, and when I saw her small, shapely angled face, her large brown eyes almost brooding as we stared at each other, the sense of her force intensified.

Her mouth was indescribably luscious. It was roughed without gloss so that the deep red appeared natural and the bones of her delicately sloping shoulders were, for some mysterious reason, as enticing to me as the full slope of her breasts. It was as if she gave off invisible heat. She was smoldering in the skimpy little slip. And you couldn't see the smoke but you knew it was there. There was something almost inhuman about her. She made me think of an old fashioned word. The word was lust.

I could feel the force coming from her, the heat. I pressed my lips to her naked breast, to her neck, and I felt that strange, baffling shock again that left a tingling in my lips.

"Show me what it's like!" She said softly pulling my head toward her, "Show me!"

I moved, as slowly as I could without breaking the movement, and when I obeyed, I was certain my face was really red. But it wasn't the old ritualized emotion. I stood over her, and though I didn't look at her again, I could see her perfectly, see the well between her breasts, and the dark rose-colored circles of nipples under the white slip.

She reached up, and I almost backed away from her, feeling her fingers move into my hair. She clasped my head tightly, massaging it with her fingers, sending chills down my back, and then brought her fingers slowly over my face the way a blind woman might, to see it, feeling of my lips and my teeth. It was the touch of someone burning with fever, the hot dancing tips of her fingers, and it was further heated by some low sound she made, like a cats purr, without opening her lips.

"You belong to me" She asked in something lower than a whisper.

"Yes!" I answered. I watched helplessly as her fingers dropped to my nipples, and pinched them, pumping them as my body tensed. The sensation shot down to my cock.

"Mine," She whispered. "I need someone to be mine."

I felt the compulsion to answer her, but I didn't say anything, my mouth opening, and then closing as I stared at her breasts. That sweet, clean smoky scent came to me again. She is using some altogether new weapon on me. I can't be tormented like this, in this silent bedroom, this is too much.

"Back up there to the center of the room," She said in a low monotone, advancing as she spoke, her fingers still pressing and pulling on my nipples, pinching them hard suddenly so that I gritted my teeth. And our eyes met again, the heat blazing in hers, her red lips just parted to show the barest flash of white teeth.

I almost begged her, "Please. God! You are really hot!"

"You have no idea how hot. It's been a long time."

My heart was skipping as if I'd been running. I was on the verge of bolting, just backing up from her - I didn't know what exactly - trying to shatter her power. Yet, there wasn't the remotest possibility that I would or could.

The little petticoat slid up on her thighs as I pressed against her, the little nest of hair prickled under the cloth. I shook my head. I knew she was going to touch me again. I couldn't stand the tension. The sweat broke out all over me. Her fingers moved down over my belly, her right forefinger pressing into my navel. I couldn't keep quiet. Quickly she dropped her hand to my hard throbbing cock.

"My God!" She whined clasping my cock tightly, "Good Lord! OH! Jesus!"

I moved my hips back away from her, and her left hand went behind my neck. She moved to my side, her right hand pinching the loose skin of my scrotum very hard.

"Kiss me!" She whispered.

I turned my head toward her, and her lips nudged at my mouth, opening it, and that electric shock came again. My mouth locked tight on hers. I kissed like I wanted to swallow her. I kissed her like I had her on a hook. I could hold her that way, no matter how helpless she had me, that's how strong the current was. I could lift her by the sheer power of it, draw her out of herself, and when through this delirium. I felt her breast against my side, I knew I'd done it, that I had her and she had me.

And the kissing was wet and luscious and sweet Her fingers still touched my scrotum a little harder now, but the pain mingled with the force passing out of me into her. She was up on her tiptoes with her whole weight against my side, her left fingers clasping my neck, and I was feasting on her, my tongue inside of her.

She pulled away, and I closed my eyes, "God!" I whimpered.

Then I felt her wet sucking mouth on my underarm, pulling on the hair so hard that I winced. I was moaning out loud. She'd gathered my balls up in her right hand, and massaging them gently, her lips sucking on the skin of my underarm and I thought I'd go mad my skin had come alive all over.

II could feel her fingers letting go of my balls, and closing around the shaft of my penis and stoking it upwards. Gripping its span and embracing it tenderly.

"I can't - - - I can't - - I can't," I said between my gritted teeth. I danced backward, straining not to come, and she let go, tugging my face around and kissing me again, her tongue going into my mouth.

"My God!" She squealed, "Is this the way Is this what I should feel"

"Yes, baby!" I gasped, I broke away this time, pulling free of her, and then I kissed her all over her face, sucking at her cheeks and her eyelids. I turned and thrust my cock at her, against the thin cotton of her slip. The feel of her through the cotton was too exquisite. My cock was pumping and hardening even more.

She laughed a low vibrant laugh,

"You bad boy." She said

"Yeah! Just a rotten kid." I wanted to say but I swallowed it.

"You want me, don't you" She coughed.

"Like to get in your garden!" I whispered.

"You know we shouldn't!" She whispered.

She drew back, silently across the carpet. About six feet away she stood just looking at me, one hand on the dresser, her hair fallen down around her face, partially covering her breasts. She looked moist and fragile, her cheeks beating with a deep flush, the same flush on her breasts and her throat. I couldn't catch my breath. If I had ever been this hard before I couldn't remember it. If I had ever been teased to this point before, I'd blotted it out.

I think I hated her and out of the corner of my eye I was eating her up, the way her breasts swelled under the cotton slip, even the way she wiped at her mouth with the back of her hand. I saw her dark, curly hair there, tiny curling wisps against the pink skin, and shy delicate pubic lips, the kind that are almost demurely hidden by the hair.

"My God! We shouldn't do this." She murmured.

I saw her move to the edge of the bed, standing there with that little slip barely covering her sex. Her face was rosy, and her eyes glittering against all the whiteness, and her hair was a beautiful mess.

"I need your pussy, baby!" I muttered, "You need my cock"

I could feel myself ripping off the little slip, pulling the hair of her head back with my left hand. She turned her back to me, one strap of the little slip falling down over her shoulder, and parting the light cotton bed curtains, she climbed on the bed so that I saw her naked bottom and her tiny pink vaginal lips. Then she turned towards me, drawing her knees to one side almost demurely, her hair hanging down over her face, she breathed heavily looking at me, and then said

"Come here! I have a garden that needs tending. Get in my garden! Show me the way it's supposed to be. Come and plow my garden."

I was on her before I knew what I was doing.

I scooped her up in my right arm and lifted her up on the nest of pillows, her knees stretched out wide, I lifted my body on hers, positioned my cock over her wet pussy and with one lunge I drove my strong hard pulsating cock into her soaked pussy immediately, impaling her, and slamming her against the bed as she gasped and squealed in sheer pleasure.

"OH! Goddamn it." She shrieked.

The blood flush came over her face and neck instantly, the illusive look on her face of tragedy, pain. Her arms flung out and she bounced against the mass of lace ruffles on the pillows, like a rag doll.

My relentless cock enclosed by her lustful pussy.

She was so tight, so wet and eager, this astonished me, the sheath of convulsing flesh feeling almost virginal, driving me right up to the edge. I ripped at the slip, tore it over her head and threw it off the bed. And in some mad moment, it seemed she had me again, this time with her glove tight vagina, and her naked belly and breast sealed against me, and I was her prisoner, her slave.

I saw the strain in her face - she whelped as my cock found the magic button, massaged it vigorously and continued rubbing her tunnel expanding the sweet flesh of her vagina.

"Yes!' She shrieked aloud.

"In there!" I sighed, "Oh! In there. Try it Feel it"

"My God!" She whimpered. Her hips moved upward to permit the thrusts of my hips to drive my cock into her. Her legs clasped my body like a vise and heaved my cock deep into her on each plunge.

But I wasn't going to come until she came. I wasn't going to spend until I saw her shuddering and helpless, and I drew up, lifting her bottom with my left arm, lifting her and forcing her up to me, then slamming her under the full weight of my body, grabbing at her mouth with my mouth, kissing her, and making her face be still under mine. When I caught her like that, slamming her, and kissing her, she exploded inside, the blood flush going dark, her heart stopping, full throttle into the "little death, her moans animal like, raw. And holding back nothing, I went on battering my cock in her vigorously. I reached under her heaving hips with both hands, influencing her up to my impaling cock. She gasped and cried, thrashed under me, our bellies slapped together repeatedly,

"God, Baby, God!!!" She screamed, her voice evacuating loudly with each thrust of my pounding tool, "Do me, baby! Make me feel it come! God! Fill me!"

My hands went under her butt and my fingers found the lips of her wet throbbing vagina as my pulsating cock repeatedly thrust into her. Fucking her harder than I had ever fucked before in my life. She was absolutely wild with craving. She squealed as her vagina convulsed and vibrated, obeying the dictates of my exploring prick.

"Never - - never - - OH! Baby! Never!! Felt like this! What's happening - My God! " Her breath was coming in short moans as I continued pumping her wet tight cunt. "Ohhh! OHHHH! Suffocating! I'm - - What! What's happening"

The bed groaned under our combined weight and my deep pistoning thrusts into her. She was having her first orgasm under me, her labored breaths coming in rapid heaves in my ear on each down impact of my thighs, her faced showed strain to the force my cock exerted inside her narrow fissure.

With one tremendous heave I ejaculated into her, my semen voiding into her with rapid lurches and I felt her tiny vagina tightening around my shaft in rapid, yielding convulsions as her first orgasm waned slowly in her body.

She sighed violently as she became aware of the filling liquid dispense into her and the head of my cock expanded even more inside her.

"Ahhhh!!" We released our breaths together.

I tried not to sleep, but it was useless. I drifted in and out for a while, feeling this odd anxiety, looking right at her soft profile against the pillow as she slept. Lovely woman, flawless up close, and menacing in sleep, as she'd been awake. I had a near irresistible desire to start kissing her again and fucking her again. I folded her against me, giving it all up in an inevitable drowsiness, caressing her breasts and her wet sex very gently, and then dreaming, really slipping away, as if I were knocked out.

When I awoke, it was dark in the room, my cock still enshrouded deep inside her tight sucking pussy and she was saying my name. The little danger alarm went off in my head.

"I've never had anything like that before. OH! I like it like that!" She sighed and looked at me sleepily.

If she sent me off now, goddamn it, I'd go mad. I needed more, she wanted more. I was ready to give her more, she wanted me to give her more, my cock began intensifying and she was raising her knees to enfold me between her legs, opening wide under me. Her thighs rose off the bed slightly, pushing her pussy up toward my hard cock, arms around my neck.

"Oh! Yes!" She moaned, "Do It! Do me again, baby. NOW!"

"Take it, baby! All the way. HERE!" I drove my hard veined cock full length into moist open cavern and she jolted upward to invite it in all the way with one thrust. She twisted under me, an intense look on her face, feeling my cock widen the aperture to her vagina apart. My cock found shelter and her body accommodated its length with eagerness, I pumped her a few times in rapid succession, her breath came hard but in the background I heard the garage door opening and a car entering. Her husband!!

I yanked my slimy, hard, dripping cock out of her with a sucking sound; she turned on the bed and murmured,

"AH! Shit! Damn!" She rushed out of the bedroom into the bathroom, as I hurriedly grabbed my clothes and shoes in one scoop and rushed out the sliding patio door of her bedroom to my house next door.

I entered my house buck naked, my face flush with fright as I looked out the window to her house. Her husband came out to the patio with a drink and the newspaper and sat down at the table. A few minutes later she came out dressed in a tight bathing suit, but he continued reading the paper.

She looked over at my house, smiled and sat back down on her chaise lounge giving me a full figured subliminal image of her now relaxed body. Occasionally she would look in my direction over the rim of her drink and her hand would stroke her flat little belly delicately, passing her fingers over her mound and raising her hips sensuously under the touch of her fingers when she watched her husband reading intently, then smile and puckering her lips blew me a kiss.

"Yes! Baby!" I smiled to myself knowing that this was the first of many, "You won't have to waste away your sweet pussy any more on that creep. We'll finish what we started real soon." I smiled, "REAL SOON!" and we did.

I watched as her husband backed the car out of their garage the next morning, close the garage door and drive off down the street heading for work, I assumed. My heart skipped a beat and went out the back door of my house, hoping to see her in her back yard.

She was waving at me on her covered patio, looking so good dressed in her baby doll pajamas, I couldn't contain my feelings. I slipped through the fence dividing our property and met her breathlessly. Took her in my arms and felt her tight firm buttocks underneath the silky pajama bottom.

"Where were we" She laughed.

"On the bed!" I quipped.

She turned, took my hand, headed for the bed, and in one bound dropped into it. I was removing my shorts as she threw her pajama bottom to the floor between us and lay prone before me, the hair cover slit facing me, her legs opened widely and separated. Her finger was inside the slit and feeling it as I released my cock in full view of her.

"This is where we were!" She looked up at me with those come hither eyes.

Soft thighs encompassed my legs, soft warm breasts cushioned my body as I lay on top of her writhing convulsing torso.

"I've been ready. Do it!" She sighed, "Do it! Give it to me now!"

I did and then I sensed the head of my cock rupture the split between her legs and thrust effortlessly across her clitoris and inward into the soft warm enclosure of her vagina.

She exhaled vigorously and gave a little whelp as the head found its mark and sought deeper quarters.

"Baby!" She screeched.

"Now! Give me that cock - deep - deep!" She screamed out loud. "Yes! NOW!" She moaned.

And with that, I urged my gnarled, throbbing cock all the way to the hilt with one thrust. Her legs immediately wrapped around my back, her hands clutched the back of my head, pulling me as close as possible and raised her hips up to me, screaming louder and louder. It didn't take long and she was panting harder and harder as she culminated in an orgasm, tossing her body violently back and forth under me, with my cock simulating a pivot between us.

A few months into our almost daily garden activity, plowing her fields, tilling her soil and planting many seeds into her willing topsoil, we lay in bed relaxing in the afterglow of yet another long morning session of garden work.

She moved her head a little on my shoulder and said,

"I think we may have a problem."

"What's that" I asked quietly.

"I believe you may have planted a few too many seeds in my garden."

"Oh! Really"

"I missed my period this month. I may be feeling something growing inside me. I've felt it for a few weeks now."

"Oh! Damn!" I coughed aloud.

"I thought you had a Vasectomy." She sighed.

"No! But I thought you were on the pill!"

"No! I just assumed I guess."

"Damn!" I sighed.

"But my husband has had a vasectomy."

"Oh! Shit!" I cried.

"Yeah! You see the problem, don't you"

"Oh! God! For sure!"

We had a real problem for sure!

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