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NCO Club

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Published: 19-Jul-08
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I looked at his heavily veined tool arched and hard, slowly descend as he dropped to his hands on both sides of me, still holding himself over me on his knees. I opened my legs wide, enfolded his hips with them and raised my throbbing thighs to meet his dripping tool.

* * * * * * *

Tonight, I said to myself, looking around my little bungalow on the military base, "The hell with it, I'm going to the NCO Club and have dinner and a few drinks. I need to get out of here for a while.'

When I entered the club, I noticed this beautiful guy sitting by the pool. You know, my husband had only been gone for three months on deployment and already I'm looking around. I guess after being supplied with all the sex I needed for the past six months, before he left, I got used to it and I liked it. Now with him gone I was getting a little antsy to say the least.

I asked myself., "A little look doesn't hurt, does it"

"Yeah! I'd do this one." I chuckled to myself, here was a real "stud", I looked him up and down secretly, while no one was watching.

"Hummm!" I wondered,

"What do you think" I asked myself. God! I was hot for this hunk of man. I was really getting horny, it had been developing for a long time, now I was really getting lecherous watching this particular guy.

He looked about 25 or 26 years old, I really didn't care about that anyway. At 19 years old, I knew I had a good body, slender, long blue black hair, creamy white skin, curves to tempt anyone, a bustle shaped rear end that wiggle real good when I walked, blue eyes and a great smile. I had no problem with any of that.

"Well, hello there lovely lady." He said as I walked by him. "Aren't you Sgt. Collins wife" He looked up at me and smiled broadly.

"Oh! Hi, yes I am!" I answered, vaguely remembering where I had seen him before and smiled back.

"I met you earlier, didn't I Over at the Base post exchange I definitely remember that. I'm Doug, in Company C."

"Ooooooh!" I thought to myself - "That's a good start, huh"

"OH! Yeah, I remember you. You and your wife were buying groceries and I dropped my purse. You picked it up for me. Now I remember you. Well, How's life" I asked him sheepishly.

"Welllll! You don't really want to know" He smiled,

"Could be better" I sighed.

He breathed deeply,

"Being in the service is a bitch sometimes, isn't it "

"You don't know the half of it." I moaned.

"This was really interesting! He sounds like he is probably shopping for what I am shopping for." I thought to myself again.

"You sound like you need a little cheering up."

I didn't say anything to that, only looked at him and flicked my eyelashes rapidly. I smiled, blushing a little, thinking about how this conversation was going.

"I sure could, it's sure hard to have a spouse away, you know"

"Why don't you have a drink with me and we could talk" He scooted the chair away from the table so I could sit down. I looked around and quickly sat next to him. I noticed he gave me the once over as I sat down. I tried to give him a show.

"Oh! That sounds good to me, why not" I thought to myself.

"You know my wife has been deployed also." He sighed.

"She has Where is she" My heart took a leap as we looked at each other thoughtfully for a moment.

"Oh! Baby," I thought to myself. I felt my thighs quiver with some anticipation of where this might lead.

"Somewhere in Europe. Where's yours"

"Mid East. Don't know where." I sighed.

He ordered us a drink and we started talking about everything under the sun. We talked and talked, I felt better at we shared our lives. Had a few more drinks, then had a wonderful meal in the far end of the club where we moved to a booth. We sat close and after dinner we ordered after dinner cocktails and remained in conversation until about 9 PM. We were making eye contact a lot now, He looked straight at me when we talked, and I liked that, his brown eyes seemed to be undressing me. I liked it because I was mentally undressing him. I'm sure he sensed it, and in a little while, I felt his hand reach for mine under the table. Without hesitation my fingers enfolded his and we looked deeply at each other, then continued our conversation, only now it was in more subdued tones.

"I like this." I whispered to him, squeezing his hand firmly.

"Nice, for sure." He sighed, he squeezed my fingertips and scooted closer. I crossed my legs and turned to face in his direction even more. Our legs touched and I didn't feel him pulling away nor did I. We smiled.

"Oh My!." I thought to myself, "Maybe a little more" I questioned my action. I smiled some more and shifted my position so our legs would touch some more. It really felt good to have this beautiful guy pleased with my cunning moves and knowing he was interested also. His hand rubbed my legs next to him, still holding my hand gently. As he stroked my leg delicately, he looked ardently into my eyes and I could feel our fondness for each other grow.

It was only a very few minutes, after his action on my leg, that I leaned toward him I had looked around the club to see if there was anyone else that would recognize me, then whispered to him,

"I really love this evening. Thank you."

"Ummmm!! It isn't over yet." He whispered back to me.

I covered his lips with mine with a long lingering kiss. As we kissed I felt his hand drop my hand and I felt his warm hand slip under the hem of my skirt and found the soft skin underneath.

"Oh! Man!" I moaned as our lips separated.

"Yeah! Me too." His hand slowly coursing up my legs.

When his warm hand had roamed slowly all the way up my leg and was getting close to his objective, I put my hand over his to stop the search.

"Your wife" I questioned.

He smiled, keeping his hand on the inner divide of my leg.

"She's not here. Your husband" He requested of me.

I smiled back without an answer, knowing that I had been out flanked with that one, and didn't have a suitable answer. I released his hand, I had been gently holding and moved my hand to his leg. I felt his muscular thigh, then explored more. He was looking deeply into my eyes now and I willingly let him seek what I knew he was looking for. I wanted him to find it, and bad. I located his rigid club sticking up under his pants and I fondled the head it gently. His fingers went inside the loose leg band and inside my pubic hair where my humid yearning slit resided.

"It's getting close to closing for the club." He whispered to me, "Want another drink before we go"

"No! Not necessarily!", I whined

"I'd like to get into your panties, beautiful" He wheezed.

"I think that could be arranged!" I whispered back.

"Let's get out of here!" His hand found my pubic hair and searched inside for a second more.

I squeezed his firm penis as his hand found my patch of pubic hair at the junction of my legs.

"God! His penis is so hard and hot" I thought, as I twisted delightfully and kissed him again as his hand stimulated me under the table. I threw open my legs a little for his hand to explore some more.

"Shit! I can't take much more of this!" I gasped in his ear.

"Me neither!" He murmured.

He threw down enough money to cover the bill plus more for a tip, I slid out of the booth and he followed draping his coat over what I knew was a very hard protrusion in his pants. I smiled all the way out of the club into the night air..

In the parking lot I got into my car and drove off and he followed me to my quarters, trying not to break any speed laws of the base.

Once inside my apartment, I locked the door behind us and took him by the hand leading him into the back bedroom without a word. He started unsnapping my blouse, then my skirt, with a sweeping motion I cast aside the rest of my clothes to the floor as he shed all his uniform in one gesture.

I leaned over to sweep the covers off the bed when I felt his rigid tool strike me in my crotch from the rear.

"My God!" I yelped and jumped as I realized his penis was imposing upon my slit and attempting to enter my cave in this position.

"Want some of this" He shrieked then I felt him push forward a little, lodging the head of his cock into my vagina, hidden inside the thick patch of black pubic hair.

I gasped, "Give it to me, baby! I need it really bad."

"YEAH! I thought so!" He cried softly. The flanged head of his cock divided the opening of my wet pussy and slipped inside, sending shudders of absolute craving up my clitoris and through my vagina.

"Fuck me! Oh Baby! Fuck me!" I blubbered, feeling his firm rod find the soft retreat and the head cleaved the open wet aperture. With one lunge my cavern enveloped his penis full length and a gasp issued from my wide-open mouth.

"My God! My God!" I whelped feeling my sopping wet vagina grasp and engulf his penis as deep as it could go and I pushed backward with my hips to impale his rod as far as it would go. His hips started stroking his cock overpoweringly into my wet cavern. I grunted like an untamed beast in this position letting him hump me. He grabbed my hips and continued aggressively pounding his hard cock into me from the rear.

"Give me that pussy, bitch! Give it to me!!!"

"More!" I cried, "More! GOD! I love this! GOD! Your cock is so good, Pound it, Baby!"""

"Jesus, your pussy drives me crazy!!" He gasped

Harder now, waves of extreme delight surged up my spine with his prick working deep inside me. Building up - climax building up - feeling it rise in me - breathing hard now. He was whimpering loud and stroking harder.

Suddenly he extracted the pounding cock from its nourishing wet shelter, leaving me almost breathless, he grasped my thighs and swung me around laying me flat on my back on the bed, then moved me to the center of the bed with one motion.

"What's going on, Baby" I screamed in surprise, my wet pussy alive and wildly missing its implement..

"God! He's strong!" I commented to myself.

"Just this, Baby!!" He uttered in a low voice.

I lay panting, waiting for more. I looked and saw his powerful swollen cock waving over my patch of black pubic hair as he rested on his knees over me.

I looked at his heavily veined tool arched and hard, slowly descend as he dropped to his hands on both sides of me, still holding himself over me on his knees. I opened my legs wide, enfolded his hips with them and raised my throbbing thighs to meet his dripping tool.

"AH! You want it, don't you" He shrieked. "Want it, Baby" I reached between our bodies, took his throbbing head, directed it inside my wet slit and pulled my hips up to implant it firmly inside with one lunge giving a loud sigh, as I felt it discover its waiting, eager sanctuary.

"GOD! Yes I want it - Fuck me! That's it, baby!"" I screamed.

"Here, baby! Take my cock, baby. swallow it!" He grunted loudly as he rocked back and forth inside my craving cavern.

"YES! MY GOD!!" I could not believe what was happening to me.

One lunge after the other, cleaving my pussy open, welcoming it on each heave. His enormous penis filled me to the limits of my vagina and I felt it all the way to the bottom. The walls of my vagina expanded and engulfed all his massive tool and my passion grew relentlessly.

My mind raced as I thought, "I'm getting close!" I really felt like my pussy would explode. My hands reached and found his sweet little tight rump pumping repeatedly.

A few more repeated long thrusts, Doug gasping loudly, sweat streaming off his face and body dripping on to my heaving body, my body lifting to welcome this storm of craving and desire.

At that instant, I felt my pent up orgasm flood marvelously through me. My brain seized the meaningfulness of what was happening, surges ran through my body, my vagina flexed violently and I let go an intensely lustful orgasm screaming in absolute abandon to his pounding cock.

"OH! Shit!!! OH! Baby! Oh! Baby!" A wet pussy fart, love juice spewed out around his impaled cock, my thighs raised as high as they could go, pressing Doug up on top of me, raising both of us off the bed together as my mighty orgasm reached its peak.

"That's IT, bitch! Let it go! Let it go!! YEAH!" He murmured in my ear while he continued pumping, forcing my hips back into the mattress with each stroke, his cock slipping ever more smoothly against the walls of my vagina. Sweat from Doug covered my body and our bellies slapped loudly together.

I felt him reach down encircle my hips, pulling them to him and with that, I felt his cock ejaculate a stream of hot semen inside my sucking vagina with a mighty gush. Filling me to the brim - my pussy flexing violently under his thrashing body.

He couldn't have stopped if he wanted to, I knew that. Too much pent up sexual craving, on both our parts, drove us to a rapid profound climax together. Our breaths gasped together while our parts throbbed gratifyingly as we consummated our passion.

After a long while, my legs released him and dropped on each side of his legs, still buried in me full length, was his throbbing rod.

"OH! YEAH!" I gasped in his ear.

He breathed deeply. Slowly our bodies became totally relaxed, he stayed on me and we both drifted off to sleep.

Somewhere in the night I woke and he stirred, his dick still buried in my sopping wet vagina.

I kissed his sleepy face and he kissed me softly.

"Ummmmm!" I cooed

He kissed me again. We looked into each other's eyes longingly. It grew in me, I felt it growing, slowly rising to expand the walls of my sanctuary.

"Oh! Yeah! Oh, baby! God I love your cock. It's so big!" I moaned in his ear.

"Ummmmm! I love your pussy. It makes it grow." He sighed, lifting his hips, dragging his growing cock out a little, then kissing me, drove it back in slowly. As I felt him grow, I lifted my hips to feel him thrust against me. In he went slowly, I lifted up a little more, enticing more of his thrusts. In and out - in and out - to the opening then back in again. I raised my legs higher and opened them wider, more hot insertions with his rod inside my slippery cavern, more thrusts, deep as possible.

"Doug!" I moaned, "Oh! Doug! So Good! So Good! Fuck me more, baby!" I moaned softly

Inescapable thrusts with his hard arched cock gratifying every inch of me. Building up faster and faster, not stopping for an instant, bed undulating under us. Breaths coming rapidly, my head went from side to side, my arms arched over my head exposing my body for him to do with what he wanted, as I felt my climax building around his probing tool.

"That's it, baby!" I screamed out loud "It's here."

Still reciprocating inexhaustibly inside me, he continued thrusting while my pussy expanded and heaved under his body, clutching his firm arched cock pounding inside me. As I thrashed on the bed relishing every spasm, his cock again built to a crescendo and I felt his cock spill a throbbing load inside me.

"My God!" I screamed feeling it, again, release inside me.

"Ahhhhh! Like that" He sighed.

"The best!" I gasped, "We won't stop till you give me a gallon."

We both laughed as our mingled juices flowed out of my pussy to the sheets.

I thought later, "God! These sheets must really be a sticky mess by now." I snickered to myself.

I no longer have to be worried about not "getting any" while hubby is away. My wild, "Well Hung" Doug comes over or I go to his place three or four times a week and most week ends. Weekends, we hardly get out of bed, just to eat and pee. Ha! We usually go off base where no one knows us and that is really good.

I don't care if my husband gets deployed now or not. This stud takes care of my problem anytime I want and I take care of his cock real well also.

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