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The Visit

Author: Walt McBride inarut@juno.com
Publish Date : Jul 22, 2008
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I moved a little to accommodate him as he ran his warm hand back up under my skirt along my thighs.

* * * * * * *

I crawled back into bed that morning after my husband had left for work and tried to sleep. I lay there for a while tossing and turning. Last night we had attended a cocktail party at the country club and I got a little sloshed. My mind went back to the event and I recollected this charismatic and great looking fellow I had talked with, at length, at the party. He looked at me with those blue eyes of his and I seemed to melt. His name was forged into my head. "Oh! Did I recollect him all right, you bet I did." Gave me funny feelings in my stomach and thighs. I smiled quietly to myself. "I Wonder I wonder Would I" "Yes I would. OH! Yeah! In the blink of an eye." "Wonder what he is doing right now" I thought. "Wonder if he is home" my mind was going faster as I rolled over to the side of the bed and reached for the telephone book in the night stand. Paging through it I located him in the book, got the number. "What if I called him" "Why not" then reached for the phone. Mind racing - it rang - once, twice, three times. His voice boomed in my ear, "Hi, this is Dave." My breath caught for a second. "Hi there - Remember me" "Is this Robin" "Yeah!" "You bet I remember you. I really enjoyed our conversation last night." "I was thinking about you and thought I'd call." "Glad you did." He chuckled. "Where's the Old Man" He asked softly. "Oh! Gone to work." "Need some company Like to come over" He inquired without hesitation. I was taken aback a little by his forwardness, but didn't comment. He must have known I did want some company. "Weeelllll, maybe. What ya got in mind" My thighs started to grow excited waiting for his reply. "Weeelllll, you could come over here or I could go over there and we could figure out something to do from there. Couldn't we What ya think" "Hummm! Sounds interesting to me! I'm sure we could figure out something, don't you Give me your address." He chucked on the other end of the line. He gave it to me as I nervously wrote it down. By this time I felt tingles welling up in my stomach. "What are you doing" I asked myself, "I'm married for two years and already looking YEAH! I'm bored and looking for something. Haven't figured out what that is yet." "See you in a little while." I gasped and hung up the phone. Excitedly I dressed, putting on a skirt and blouse, grabbed the car keys and locked the front door. I drove to Dave's apartment meditating about what I was doing, racing through my head. I knew what I was doing all right, and loved every minute of it. He met me at his door, I stepped inside and as he closed the door behind me, he took me in his arms and kissed me firmly but softly on the mouth. I groaned and melted into his arms. "OH YUM!" I sighed as his mouth released my lips. Still pressed against him I felt his hard penis crushing against my Mons Venus. I liked the feel of it a lot. His hands slid down my back and surrounded my hips, pulling me as close as we could get together. I knew then what that "Something" was going to be and loved it. "Umm! Oh yeah! Baby!" He whispered in my ear, as I moved my hips massaging his hard protuberance against me. I knew my slit was getting really wet - I felt the lips of my vagina as they became swollen in anticipation. "Glad you called." He whispered. "Ohhh! Yeah!!! Me too." I gasped. He didn't waste any time, he turned and took my hand and led me to his bedroom. A large king sized bed had been turned down and the lights were off. He turned me around to face him again and he gently walked me back and laid me on the bed in front of him. I obliged, turned my body and laid my head on the pillow, scooting over to give him room to lie beside me. He did. "Ahhh! This is much better, huh" He sighed. "Oh Yeah!" "SO! What do you have in mind" He quipped. I laughed out loud and put my arms around his neck. He turned me on my back and again kissed me softly as we lay together. I breathed contentedly, "I know what I would like to do! How about you" "I'd like to get some married pussy!" He breathed. "I'd like to get some cock. How about that" I whispered. His hands found my breast and ever so gently caressed me. Without saying a word his hand roamed down my side, over my thigh and leg to the hem of my skirt. I moved a little to accommodate him as he ran his warm hand back up under my skirt along my thighs. He found my panties and his hand went under the elastic band touching me gently. Then I felt his fingers softly maneuver through my pubic hair. This drove me absolutely wild. It had been a long time since someone had done that to me, even my husband didn't do that. "GOD!" I gently sighed to myself, "Oh! Man, that feels so damn good!" "Like that" He asked "Oh! Yeah! Don't stop." I gasped. He giggled quietly as I moved under the pressure of his hand. I felt fingers probing through my pubic hair and slipping against the opening. "God! Baby! You're so wet." He whispered in my ear. "I know! I was that way on the way over here." I sighed. "So wet!" he whispered as his fingers slipped easily over the ooze. His finger massaged against my clit and I whimpered at his touch. My hand went down to touch his penis hidden inside his trousers. As I ran my hand over his restricted organ and testicles, he continued stroking inside my slit. "My God!" I thought to myself, "He must be really endowed." "Oh! God it's so big, so fat!" Thinking to myself some more, "Was I ready for that much." "Would it hurt me" "What would that feel like" My mind raced. The more I thought, the hotter I got. I got hotter than hell just thinking about it. "Do you think you'd like some of that" he sighed. "Ummmmm!" I writhed in absolute pleasure. More movement of his fingers and slower stroking of his hand on my clit were driving me right up the wall. Kissed me firmly as he pressed his hand into my crotch, his finger pressing further inside me. My hand massaged the mass in his pants as he squirmed to my touch. I moaned, felt my thighs rise off the mattress to meet his probing. "Ahhhhh!" I whimpered. "You like that, huh" he gasped. "OH! YEAH!!!!" "Want to feel it better" He sighed "YESSSS!!!" I whimpered. "I have something that can make you feel even better" He whispered. "If that is possible!" I thought to myself. His hands came out of my panties and he rolled off the bed, dropped his pants, shirt, and socks, T Shirt, and swiftly removed his jockey shorts. As he was removing his clothes, I started following suit, tossing my clothes to the floor around the bed. I gasped as I watched his full hard arched swollen protuberance drop forward out of his shorts and I saw the expanse of his generous member. "My God." I thought to myself, "Oh! My God." "Good God, Dave!" I sighed. He walked to the bed and laid back down next to me, our bodies now naked and open to each other. His fat, long organ arched between us, topped by an even wider helmet shaped crest. I encircled his generous member in my tiny hand and he whelped when I squeezed it tightly. His hand again filled my crotch and his whole hand rubbed my pubic hair delicately. His mouth found my breast and sucked the nipple gently. Then he kissed me again. I thought to myself, "Jesus! That feels so damn good. God! What a cock. I've never had anything like that before." My mind ran wide open now. I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to. My husband wouldn't miss one time, would he" I pondered. Dave looked into my half opened eyes now and kissed my lips then my neck, then asked, "Give me a piece of married pussy" "It's there, use it." I chuckled. "Want some of this" Dave sighed as he rolled on top of me and I opened my legs to accept him between them. "OH! Baby! YES! YES!" I thought. I whimpered as I saw him kneel between my open legs. He took his penis in his hand and aimed it at my wet vagina. "God! He feels good between my legs." I thought as I anticipated the next move. Dave groaned and slid his large cock up and down inside my eager rift, moistening the head. He looked deeply into my eyes, bent over and kissed me and whispered, "Put it where you want it, baby." Without hesitation I reached between our bodies, stretched the lips of my vagina open, and directed his hard, wonderfully solid cock to the drenched opening, sliding the massive head up into the split over the vagina, and massaging my clit as it did. This sent shivers up my back and incessantly into the inner recesses of my vagina. "There" Dave asked, "Is that where you want it" "OH! YEAH. YEAH, BABY!" I gasped. "There! There! That's it! Yes! Put it there! Do it Now." "Baaaabbbbyyyy!" He screamed and lunged his hips toward me. My body jumped as the curved, helmet shaped, flanged head rushed into and found the sticky wet fissure, stretched it wide apart, and disappeared inside, gently but firmly. My inflated vagina swallowed audibly as the wet slimy hole lubricated his penetrating shaft into the depths. Deeper - Deeper it probed. I felt my eager vagina bulge as he heaved it further into me, then he laid prone on top of my writhing body. "Ahhhhh! Baby!! GOD ALMIGHTY, BABY!! Do it, do it harder, baby. God! Your cock's so big!" I shrieked. I opened my legs wider and wrapped them around Dave's back allowing him to seek total refuge inside me. With one thrust, he heaved it all the way to the hilt and a loud grunt came from deep inside his throat. "OH! Mommy. OH! MOMMIE!" I screamed out loud as the head buried all the way to the bottom. "OH! BABY! Damn, that's amazing. You fill me so good, baby!" I thought how good it felt and squirmed under him, pushing up to accept the long fat shaft as far in as possible. He stopped his probing thrust and then I felt him do some wonderful muscle action along his shaft inside me. I didn't move, lying there letting his shaft massage the confines of my shelter with this action. He probed and manipulated inside me, stoking in and out full length. Head to the opening, and then back in all the way. Again - Again - Again - then again, not stopping. More and more - faster and faster. The bed creaked under our combined weight. Stroking - stroking pistoning inside me. My mind was wandering, fantasizing, racing wildly. I whimpered out loud. "OH DAVE!!! YES BABY! More! More! Fill me, baby!" I knew my climax was getting close - I could feel it rising intensely inside me. He flexed his buttocks convulsively and I felt his penis throbbing with each thrust. "God! This is driving me right up the wall." I thought to myself. "What a cock he has. Man! He knows what I like." Grunts and moans, heavy breathing as we had sex intensely and then gently. My mind absorbing the full impact of what was happening to me. Further and further, I felt the welling passion inside me come to a threshold of absolute liberation. I knew it was coming, I felt its intensity swelling inside me. My breathing became labored - welling up deep inside me - orgasm coming. I knew it was coming. Dave lunged and pulled back a few inches, then returned his fat penis to the depths again, as I shrieked out. "Oh Baby!" "God! What a tight pussy you have." He sighed. When he said that I heaved in uncontrolled passion, my orgasm exploded with a colossal eruption, bathing his cock in slime and a pussy fart let go with a surge of sound. I screamed out loud, feeling my orgasm let go around his firmly planted organ. "OH! MOMMY! OH!! MOMMY!! I'M THERE BABY! IT'S COMING - COMING - COMING" My thighs lifting up against his reciprocating piston. The confines of my vagina fixed firmly along his entire shaft. Dave moaned out loud as he felt me shudder under him, and he felt my deliverance from my pent up eagerness explode. Still feeding it to me, still throwing it to me deep. Not stopping. Faster - faster - faster - Now my body was totally out of control, being directed by his cock. "Baby! Baby! My God, Baby!!! Do It, Baby! Get it Baby! YEAHHH, Baby!!" He shrieked. He continued stroking my vagina, in and out, in and out. My breathing was loud and deep. More intense now. My heaving body accepted his lunges. Stroking deep with his cock, his hands went under my butt and pulled me up to his burgeoning rod, slapping it deep in me with each lunge. My body felt another orgasm coming again, couldn't stop. Yelling out loud - totally wild - breathing deep and hard - hair covered my face, mouth wide open, "Give it to me, baby! Don't stop! Don't stop! PLEASE!!!!" "Yes!!" I thought, "Again. He's helping me come again. YES!!!" I felt his fingers on the lips of my vagina as they spread the wet lips apart feeling his shaft viciously explored my depths. That did it! "God!!" My breath came in short violent heaves as I released another violent orgasm. I screamed in his ear, "GOD! Another one Baby!! Another one. DON'T STOP Baby! Do IT!" I looked into his eyes as he shouted out loudly, "Can't hold it any longer." He gasped out loud and exhaled violently. "YES! YES!! YES!! Give it to me, Baby! Come in me!" I screamed out loud. He did - I felt his hot ejaculation discharge deep inside my vagina as it pulsed with my own orgasm. One - two - three - times his cock shot his hot sperm inside me. I felt it flooding me. Dave continued pistoning his cock inside me as he exploded violently, as the bed shook under our combined passions. I reached another violent orgasm and screamed out loud as it released. "Take it Baby!!!" his load disgorging in me. We were both panting thunderously, sweat rolling off our faces and our wet moist bodies were pressed together as we collapsed, with him on top of me, his cock still pulsating, and gratified inside my saturated pussy. I felt our combined fluids flowing out of me to the sheets as we dozed off in complete contentment. When we awoke we were still tightly locked together. We kissed and I felt his thunderous tool slowly climbing again inside me. "More" I asked. Dave kissed me, "Do you" "Oh yeah!" Again his cock slipped and massaged me for a long time, as we combined our moans and groans, I again climaxed twice and his cock exploded inside me again and we again collapsed in sheer pleasure. We still meet twice a week as he has his own business and can make his own time. And "NO" my husband hasn't noticed the size of my pussy getting wider yet. I hope he never does.

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