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My Other Fuck Buddy

Author: Walt McBride inarut@juno.com
Publish Date : Jul 29, 2008
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With one soft lunge my cock slipped in, slipped the head firmly into her slit, sampling the oozing nectar on the head. Slipping inside the aperture, the flanged head dividing her vagina as she opened her wet tunnel slowly and gasped.

* * * * * * *

Had an uneventful flight from Charlotte to Newark International Airport in New Jersey, so I wasn't very tired, so I rented a car, drove to Passaic, about 30 miles north, checked into my hotel and laid down for a short rest. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon and not much to do until tomorrow morning when I go to the company, I am writing some manuals for and see what they have for me to do. Didn't know much about the job but they will fill me in on it in the morning.

After a slight respite, I meandered down to the bar down stairs, had a nice "Cool one", and relaxed. Gazed around the darkened room but didn't see anything exciting. Ordered another.

About 4:30 the workers were getting off from their jobs and were flooding into the bar. Now it was livening up some lots of great looking women, one especially. I locked on her as she sat down at a booth in the corner. She was alone but seemed to be looking for someone to join her, as she anxiously looked around. Soon she locked her eyes on me. I locked on her as well.

"Is she waiting for someone" I thought to myself.

Maybe - maybe not!" I surmised. I waited a few minutes, but our eyes continued to occasionally lock on the other for a few seconds. I smiled at her she smiled back.

"Hummm!" I thought. I got up, walked toward her and leaned over her booth table.

"Hi, I'm Buddy."

She smiled up at me and whispered, "Hi! I'm Crystal."

"Waiting for someone" I asked.

"Yeah! But I doubt if he'll show."

"If he shows let me know, OK" I'll get out of here." I slid into the booth next to her.

"Why do you say he won't show" I whispered close to her ear.

"My old man always does stuff like that. He never does what I would like to do. He does what he wants to do and the Hell with me." She seemed antagonistic to say the least.

"Well, till he shows up, I'll do what you want to do. OK"

"Oh! That would be nice for sure." She cooed smiling broadly. I reached and touched her hand holding her drink.

She didn't pull away, so we sat a while talking and sharing conversation plus about 3 or four more drinks.

She scooted nearer to me in a little while and I felt her charisma radiating out to me. She was so companionable and calm. There was an air of confidence I noted in her voice and the way she moved her body. Sophistication, that's what it was. She must be a professional lady, for sure. I really liked that. We shared all our personal data - She was married, so was I - So what She sheepishly told me she had a "Fuck Buddy" who comes over some to keep her sane.

"Whenever I feel it coming on, I call "Angel" and he IS my Angel." She smiled broadly, "I'm in the process of getting a divorce and so any port in a storm, I say."

"What's the old man doing while this is going on" I asked.

"Oh! He works so damn much, is gone so much, and is always too tired. So I just forget him and let him do his own thing and I do mine."

"Sounds like it could be fun." I smiled back at her and sipped my drink.

She said, "My old man doesn't care so neither do I."

"My life is one problem after another. Never do anything together - Always at home, shit, this trip is the only time I can get away and be peaceful." I smiled.

"Sometimes I could cry from monotony. All I do is work - work - work." She sighed and touched my shoulder tenderly.

I looked at her, her eyes were a little filled with tears, and she was really perturbed with the whole marriage thing as I was. She held her face up to me and smiled a little embarrassed smile, her lips invitingly close to mine. I moved forward and touched them with my lips. She responded gently, then opened her lips under mine and I felt her little tongue contact mine.

"Ohhh! That was fine." I thought to myself.

"Ummmm!" Crystal sighed, "Thank you!" She sighed again, "You make me feel like a woman. I haven't felt that in a long while." She scooted closer to me in the booth.

The booth was way in the corner and mostly out of sight of the other patrons.

My hand touched her leg and she responded casually and shifted her hips closer to me. I took more action on her leg and continued slipping my hand further up and over her legs until I felt the mound under her skirt.

"Ohhh!" She sighed and looked intently into my eyes. "I hope Angel or my husband doesn't catch us like this." She whispered.

"You got that right." I whispered back and smiled, "Do you think either one of them are coming It's been two hours now. Did you invite both of them"

"No, only asked my husband. But I doubt it if he'll show!" She smile, "Get me another drink"

We had another round and talked some more, my hand massaging her thighs more intimately now. My fingers went inside the leg hole of her panties; she changed her position many times so I could get a closer feel inside her pubic hair. The hair felt so thick and inviting. The split of her vagina was very moist and my fingers slithered effortlessly over her oozing clitoris that was hard and inflexible to my gentle touch.

My cock was standing up inside my trousers and there was no way I could stand up at this point without showing my erect manhood.

Crystal smiled, knowing my situation, and then said, "You have a problem"

"For sure!" I gasped.

"Me too!" She gasped, "Maybe we should go take care of both our problems"

"You have a problem too" I gripped.

"Oh! Yeah! A bad one and it needs some taking care of right now."

"Don't you think you should call Angel"

"Why Don't you think you could handle the job"

"I don't think that would be a problem for me, for sure. Let's go."

I slowly scooted out of the booth, draping my sport coat over my good sized hard on. She smiled at me, kissed my lips as she stood up to exit the bar with me.

"Think your husband's going to miss you"

"That's his problem. Let's get out of here."

We walked out into the night air I turned and kissed her. He responded forcing her sex to me. "

"Come here!" She commanded. I forced her sex to my hard protuberance making sure she felt its firmness and size. Her buttocks crowded close to me and she humped a few times against me while I encouraged her hips in my hands.

We walked over to my rental car, opened the door and crawled into the back seat like two teenagers.

We lay together in the cramped seat, but not minding the closeness. She lay on top of me as I ran my hand underneath her loose fitting skirt and found the silk panties underneath covering her buttocks. She squirmed over me, forcing her sex tighter and tighter to my protuberance, raising and lowering her thighs against me.

"You need a little of this, don't you Got something in there you want, baby" I sighed loudly.

"Oh yeah!" She whispered. I rolled her off me and squatted down off the seat as she spread out on the seat in front of me, her skirt riding up her thighs exposing her trembling flesh in front of me.

She was breathing harder and harder now.

I reached up inside her skirt as she lifted up a little as I removed her soaked panties over her feet and dropped them to the floor of the car. I released my belt, raised up a little opened my trousers and slid down my jockey shorts to the floor of the back seat liberating my confined tool. It swayed in front of her. Hard heavily veined and throbbing shaft capped with a massive helmet shaped knob.

"Damn!" She said as she reached for it.

"You like" I said as I felt her stroking my cock in her tiny hand.

"Oh! Buddy." She sighed

Open now, so open, She rose to my hand between her legs then she elevated both knees and opened them wide to expose her garden to me. Her flower was open and wet, dripping freely waiting for my prod to sample it.

"Angel will never miss this will he" I gasped.

I positioned between her wide spread legs.

"Want this" I gasped and held my cock in my hands directing it to her flower.

"God! Buddy - Give it to me." She gasped and repositioned her thighs to better receive what was about to happen.

"Think your husband will miss one piece of ass" I whispered in her ear.

"Who cares I want it bad, baby!"

"Ahh! Crystal, Take it baby! Take it deep baby!""

With one soft lunge my cock slipped in, slipped the head firmly into her slit, sampling the oozing nectar on the head. Slipping inside the aperture, the flanged head dividing her vagina as she opened her wet tunnel slowly and gasped,

"Ooooooh Baby!" The head slithered into the restrictions of her passionate fissure.

The helmet shaped head perforated and expanded her willing exposed breach, as the flanged head gained deep admission but very gently.

"Ooooo God! You have it all, Baby!" I felt the tunnel clasp around my tool like a glove. I screeched "So tight, God! That's good!"

"Ohhhh! Yeah" She sighed louder.

I felt her lifting and lowering her sweet pussy up and down savoring my impaled tool to the fullest. Limits.

In - out - in - out, slipping on the lubricated walls of her wet vagina. She was panting heavy now, getting heavier as I pumped my tool in and out. Her hips rotated under me, savoring my every thrust into her.

"Ahhh!" She panted. More - More - long slow thrusts against her as she consented to them eagerly. Her legs went around my back and she heaved me into her moist passageway with every down caress I made.

She was wild now. "Oh! Your cock is so good. Don't stop, baby!"

She was getting to a stage where there was no return. I looked at Crystal under me, her eyes were almost totally closed, her mouth open and breathing harder and harder. I kissed her on her neck, took her head in my hands, I felt her thighs crush up to me, then with one mighty heave she exhausted a major orgasm around my slimy cock again.

She left for her home kissing me lightly on my mouth, gave me her telephone number, and slipped quietly into the night.

Next morning I was ready to go to the office and get my assignment. And as I entered the office, surprise - surprise. Who did I see - Crystal. My God she worked there. She smiled broadly seeing me standing there.

"Well, hello you pretty thing! How are you today" I smiled at her as she looked down at her desk.

This may turn out to be a wonderful assignment after all.

Write me if you got hot reading this INARUT@JUNO.COM

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