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My Next Victim


Author: brooklyn
Published: 30-Jul-08

A night with this man has gotten me all a little too hot and I need to rehash it...

* * * * * * *

New Years Eve night before I met my husband I went to a club to celebrate the overrated holiday. I still have fantasies about this night and I need to express them....I can't stop thinking about it and when I do I get very wet.

My friend Casey and I went to a club and had been up almost the entire weekend. We were celebrating the New Year. We lived on pure adrenalin that weekend and I loved it. Beer was our food and sleep was none at all. We had went out the night before and had a steamy encounter with some of Casey's friends. They were three pretty hot guys. Anyway thats another story. I was feeling free at that moment in my life. I had a really bad breakup and felt like I had been released. I had a determination to quit letting men run over me. I wanted to celebrate the New Year with a new start in my life. And everything went perfectly. So perfectly in fact that I think about it sometimes before My husband and I have sex.

After Going out Friday night we ended up going back to the same bar again on Saturday night. By this time I was feeling pretty confident about myself seeing as if I had a determination to fuck with men the way they fuck with women...I mean its all just a big game right When we stepped into the bar I looked around and immediately nudged my friend. I jokingly pointed at a guy that I had my eye on as soon as we walked through the door."Thats the guy that is going to be my victim". She laughed and continued on into the bar. We went to the back of the bar where another small bar was located where we had met one of our friends and started talking. A group of guys came walking over to us and I noticed that the guy I had pointed out as my "victim" was with them. I walked over to one the guys, braver now that I had a pretty strong drink already down me. "What is that guys name" I pointed to "VICTIM" and the guy I was talking to nodded in his direction and said,"Oh, you mean Scott. He is my brother. Why" He looked at me with interest but I was only interested in this tan dark haired man. " He's cute," I said and walked away.

The guy came over a little while later and offered me a shot and my friends one. We took it and then they just kept on buying our drinks. Before long we had a buzz and we had a good time. And Scott finally kissed me at 12:00. He tasted so good and I knew that the sex was going to be awesome. We followed the guys back to the hotel room and Scott got us a room for some much needed privacy...but Scott was far from shy as I later found out in the relationship.

We went to the room and closed the door and before the door could close we were kissing slow and passionately. He sent chills through me and I swore I would climax right then and there. He pushed me over to the bed and we proceeded to take our clothes off. He immediately began eating my pussy and it felt so great. "I have been waiting to do this to you all night" I shivered at his words and pulled him closer to my cunt. He licked me from top to bottom, pausing each time at my slit. He did this for quite sometime before I pushed him off of me and I began sucking his dick. He was big and round and so hard. I sucked vigorously on his cock loving that this sexy man was inside my mouth. I made love to his cock and bathed him with my tongue. I could feel his breathing quicken and I stopped and crawled on top of him. He sat up when I did and started to suck on my nipples. The feel of his tongue felt great and he guided his cock into my dripping pussy. I rode him hard and fast and then he flipped me over and pulled out,"I'm going to come and I want this to last a while." I looked up at him and smiled as he lowered his self onto me and began fucking me slowly. Chills were going non stop through me and I felt so good. I was getting wetter with every stroke.

I rolled over on top of him and rode him hard and fast. He came inside me and I loved it. I loved the feel of his come shooting into me..my secret spot. well....not so secret anymore....

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