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Author: Walt McBride inarut@juno.cpm
Publish Date : Jul 30, 2008
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Her powerful orgasm wasn't very far off. I knew it was mounting and then it exploded violently - pussy farts, hips smacking aggressively against me. Wet pussy making the most of my cock, her head oscillating back and forth on the pillow, her hair disheveled, the bed rocking under us.

* * * * * * *

I drove over to some new clients, Bill and Cynthia Taylor that sought some remodeling work to their house and drove up their driveway. Shutting of the car, I walked up to their front door and rang the bell.

A smiling man of about fifty answered the door and behind him stood the most beautiful YOUNG woman I had seen in a long time. She was dressed in a short skirt and smiling broadly at me as I entered.

"Hi! I'm Bill. This is my wife Cynthia." We shook hands, I turned to face Cynthia, and as I shook her hand I could tell there was a real attraction between us from the look in her eyes.

I looked at her closer, wide hips, slim waist, and ample breasts pushing against the tight fitting blouse. She looked to be about 20, if that. Beautiful.

"Wow!" I said to myself.

"Hi! I'm Jack." Jack turned and headed for the living room, Then as Cynthia turned to lead me, a really broad, pleasant smile came on her lips as my eyes took in her beauty I couldn't help notice her bustle molded bottom gently swiveling inside her sweeping dress.

"Man!" I thought to myself.

I sat next to Bill on the couch and got out my estimate sheet. Cynthia sat across from us on an over stuffed leather chair and curled her legs up under her giving me a clear view of some nice legs, for sure. She smiled coyly with her eyes encountering mine occasionally, and then modestly looking away. She knew what she was doing. Bill seemed to not notice at all, but I sure did.

"God!" I thought to myself, "What have we got here"

I finished my estimate nervously, and then handed it to Bill. While he looked at the estimate, Cynthia's eyes probed me intensely as if asking me something with her eyes.

"Yes!" I answered her with my eyes.

Bill got up, walked over to her, and handed the estimate to her. She took it and was looking at it intently as Bill turned and asked,

"Can you do any better"

As I was about ready to tell him, "I didn't think so." before I got the words out, Cynthia handed it back to Bill, looked at me, and said,

"I think with all the work that he is going to do, this is fair." She lowered her chin and looked at me smiling.

"Uh - OH!" I cautioned myself silently.

Shaking his head he handed the estimate back to me,

"Well, the boss has spoken, I guess." Bill said with a laugh,

"When can you start"

"Monday" I looked at Cynthia then at Bill.

"OK!" Bill said, "I have to be in Chicago Monday but you don't need my help anyway, right" He laughed again. Shook my hand and led me to the front door. As I left I caught Cynthia staring at me very coquettish and revealing a really inviting little impish smile.

"See you then." I said as I walked to my car, thinking about Cynthia.

What a weekend it was. I was thinking about next week.

"Man - Oh - Man"

Monday morning early, I Parked my work van in the driveway and was knocking on the door. It swung open and there stood Cynthia dressed in another graceful skirt with an off the shoulder blouse leaving nothing to the imagination. Her breast pushing against the fabric very gently and her golden blond hair was softly draped over her shoulders.

I could hardly catch my breath,

"God! You look luscious."

"Well, thank you!" She cooed.

I closed the door behind us and I entered the living room again.

"Where do you want me to start" I asked.

She just looked at me and smiled coyly with that impish smile of hers. I looked at her and our eyes locked for a few seconds. I knew at that instant that she had the same thing on her mind that I did.

I placed my tool kit on the floor and I walked toward her. She didn't move. She looked squarely in my eyes. I walked behind her and took her waist in my arms. She backed toward me without hesitation.

"Where's the old man" I breathed into her ear.

I placed a kiss on the nape of her neck, she pushed closer to me.

"On his way to Chicago for the week." She whispered.

My hands grasped her belly and drew her tighter to me. There was no resistance at all and I felt her tight little bustle crush against my now flexing cock.

"Ummmm!" She cooed.

"Maybe this would be a good place to start, huh"

My hands converged up her belly to cup her breasts, again kissing her neck softly.

"OOOH!" She squealed.

"How do you feel Cynthia"

"Lousy!" She grunted

One hand proceeded again over her belly and found the mound under her skirt as she squirmed her body in obvious delight against me. I found the hem of her skirt, discovered the inner skin of her thighs, and stroked up, finding the silk of her panties.

"Oh! Baby. That make you feel better" I sighed.

"Ummm! A little." She cooed,

My fingers pressed against the warm flesh inside the crotch of her silk panties and found the generous pubic thatch around her sex.

"OH! You've gotta stop that!" But she didn't pull away but pressed harder toward me.

I laughed softly, continuing my exploration. I turned her around to face me, my hands still touching her bustled bottom, then drawing her close, I kissed her full on the mouth and her lips parted sucking me in deeply.

Her head went back, "Oh! We've got to stop!"

I kissed her neck. My hands kneading her soft responsive buttocks. They quivered to my touch.

"Got to stop!" She whispered.

"No!" I whispered.

I picked her up and carried her to the couch, laid her down next to me, my hands still cradling her bottom. My hands intruded into her crotch and I discovered the abundant pubic hair mound beneath her lace panties and commenced kneading gently with my closed fist. She writhed under my activity as I massaged delicately.

"Don't" She sighed while opening her legs even wider indicating her permission. Without stopping my gentle stroking, I lifted my weight away from her then I felt her hands unbuckling my belt. The belt loosened, I felt the zipper come down, then the snap at my waist releasing and her soft little hand located my unyielding cock inside my shorts.

"Oh, Baby!" She squealed. "Oh Baby! We've got to stop." But she didn't stop.

"No!" I again refused.

"Oh! God!" She mumbled as she fondled the enlarged crest of my penis. I pulled my trousers down from my waist then pulled my jockey shorts down to free my generous cock to her kneading hand.

I lifted her skirt up over her hips, her panties exposed between us, I slipped the crotch of her panties to one side, arched my body over hers and located the tip of my protuberance just inside her moistened breach.

"NO!" She whined as she felt the head divide the aperture finding the warm interior of her pussy.

"Oh! Man" I muttered to myself. Her breath caught in her throat as the cap of my cock slipped within the hair topped boundaries of her tiny cavern.

"AAH" I asked with a whisper, as my cock slipped ever so delicately deeper, parting the lips of her pussy wider.

"God! She's really tight"

"DAMN!!!!!!" She screamed feeling its mass dilate her wet compact vagina.

"OH!!" She squealed again and her mouth found mine. We kissed violently as I forced the entire swollen tool inside her delicate warm, wet vagina all the way to the hilt. Her thighs rose up to meet my thrashing strokes. Her legs imprisoned me in their passionate embrace as our sex parts united firmly together. Stretched to fit, her vagina had consumed it full length with one gulp.

"Wanna stop now, doll" I whimpered.

"DAMN!" She whelped, "OH! Damn it! Jesus!!"

"Yeah! She felt that." I thought to myself.

Humped my hips toward her repeatedly, knowing I was lodged deep inside her wet little hole. My cock slithered freely on the profuse amount of slippery emission inside her really tightly sealed breach. She heaved under me, raising her hips to match my strokes, groaning and gasping loudly on each stroke. Thrusting slowly, slowly, long soothing strokes, savoring each crushing inch of her pussy with my hard cock.

"God! She's tight!" I thought to myself.

"Still want me to stop" I asked breathlessly.

She just panted louder, heaving her hips toward me aggressively.

"OH BABY!" She gasped.

Humping deep inside her then pulled back a little. More - More. Slipping - sliding, humping - slowly humping, never stopping. Grunts, moans, kissing her open mouth, her hands rubbing my arched back on each thrust, each lunge. She moved under me, forcing her hips to me. Her hips rising willfully were duplicating my reciprocating motion.

"OH - MOMMY!!" She moaned softly. It was building, I knew. Climbing! I felt her little pussy twitching tenderly around my cock. Building - Building higher! More slow strokes.

"OH - MOMMY!!" A little louder this time. The walls of her vagina clasped my cock in gentle spasms. I felt it to my core as her body began to quiver under me. Stroking - stroking - stroking. I knew she was getting closer. Her pussy clutched my cock tighter then released then clasped again.

"OH - MOMMY!!" Harder breathing now. Closer - Her breathing labored. Pussy clutching my cock excitedly and tighter. Wet pussy farts. I knew she was on the way to orgasm, I could feel it rising inside her. I knew she couldn't hold it much longer. She grasped my shirt in the back and pulled it tight around me and let out a mighty whelp, her pussy farted loud and a rush of breath escaped as her body trembling under me. Violent quiver. Hips slapping against my pounding cock under me.

"OH - MOMMY!!" A major orgasm! Her sucking pussy was consuming my slippery cock as I felt her climactic response around my tool, semen rushed down my cock tube releasing the hardest ejaculation I had ever experienced in my life deep inside her all consuming, stoking cavern. She trembled under me as wave after wave of absolute wild passion exploded from the end of my cock as her wet pussy encircled my wet solid cock and swallowed ever drop of come.

A loud moan emitted from her open mouth as I felt wave after wave of sperm discharge inside her throbbing vagina.

"DAMN!" I whispered.

She didn't move, just lay there while her lungs agonized for more oxygen and her heart pounded in her chest under me. My heart was pounding in rhythm with hers, as we lay spent with our sex parts locked and tightly bound together.

As my body relaxed and Cynthia dropped her legs to the side of my body I became aware of the admirable aroma of combined lustful juices flowing around us. Scent of wonderful semen and seminal juices flowing out of Cynthia as we lay locked tightly together.

She laid breathing gently under me, not moving, eyes closed, total relaxed facial features, her breast cradling my chest, her arms encircling my back. As my penis relaxed, I extricated myself from her, my cock making a soft sucking sound as it released from her tight vagina. She moved, her eyes opened and she smiled broadly. I looked at her crotch, wet and dripping with our love juices oozing into her now ringing wet panties and handed her a handkerchief. She looked pleasingly at me and wiped the oozing juice from her vagina lips then handed it back to me. I wiped the length of my cock dry in front of her half closed eyes. By the way she intently watched this action I knew she liked what she was watching.

"I'd better get to work, HUH" I smiled at her pulling up my jockey shorts and buckling my trousers.

"Don't get too busy." She chuckled as she sat up, stood up, straightened her skirt and headed upstairs.

"Got to shower. See you in a little while." And she ran up the steps.

I was working on the job later in the morning about lunchtime when I sensed Cynthia coming into the room where I was working. She had a tray of sandwiches and a couple of beers. She had changed clothes and looked refreshed and energetic. She smiled broadly and said,

"Hey, how about some lunch"

"Wonderful!" We sat, talked and ate our lunch on the living room floor.

It was so very pleasant to have a smart woman like this to talk with and we really enjoyed our lunch together. Nothing sexual, just talk about each other and our lives.

I went back to work - she said she was going to the grocery store while I worked.

Her smells were with me all day - that sweet smell of wet pussy emanated to my nose from my caked cock all day. It drove me crazy. Brought back this morning all over again and her tight little pussy and our mutual orgasms.

"God!" I envisioned our love making earlier.

Cynthia came back from the grocery store later, looked in on my work, smiled and walked toward me. Threw her arms over my neck and looked deep into my eyes and said,

"Wanna stay for a little dinner"

How could I refuse that I couldn't.

She whispered in my ear,

"Why don't you put your van in the garage"

"Good idea, huh"


I moved the van and closed the garage door.

We talked and shared more about ourselves, holding hands in the candlelit dinning room over a great dinner she had prepared. Wine and after dinner drinks. We were drawing closer and closer. After dinner she looked at me longingly and leaned over to me,

"Why don't I wash your clothes, you look like you could use a shower, too."

"Boy! That's for sure." Thinking about my dirty body from all the work and lovemaking.

"Bill's robe is in the upstairs bathroom."

I disrobed, letting her visualize my body, as I got naked in front of her, dropping all my clothes on the floor between us. She just stood there watching.

"Oh, man!" She gave a coy smile seeing my tool hanging down my between my legs. I took my cock in my hand and pointed it at her. The thick crest thickening as I touched it.

"You like You like this 8 inches of meat, Baby"

"Ummm! I really like!" She sighed and smiled at me, her hand soothing the mound under her skirt as she watched.

I turned and went upstairs and showered quickly as she took my clothes to the laundry room. I heard the washer start as I turned on the shower.

A few seconds into my refreshing shower I saw through the glass door a figure disrobing. Cynthia opens the door and came in the shower with me, kissed me gently on the mouth and pressed her body close to mine. I grasped the soap and washed her back, then she turned with her back to me while I soaped her belly and pubic region ever so gently. Her head went back on my shoulder as she enjoyed my gentle touch.

"That feels so good, Jack!" She sighed.

"Love having you in here with me, too."

She took the soap and began washing my cock and soaping my belly, driving me absolutely crazy. My cock had grown to almost its full extent.

She gasped when she touched my cock again then kissed me passionately under the water spray. I was facing her now, she pressed her wet body against me firmly and I was just about to press her against the shower wall, when we heard the telephone ring.

She turned to leave the shower, I turned off the water and watched her as she grabbed a towel and headed for the bedroom and answered the phone.

"Hi, Taylor's!" She spoke softly.

"Well, Hi. How's Chicago" Must be Bill. I came out of the bathroom while I dried myself in front of her. She watched in total rapture while she talked with her husband. She was smiling looking up at me and fondling her naked slit in utter apathy. I went to the bed where she had draped herself across and dried her body with my towel as she talked.

"Yeah! He came over and got started."

Bill talked.

"He said he'd be back tomorrow."

"No, he didn't say anything about it when he'd be finished. Probably before you get home, I think."

I could hear more talking from the phone. As he talked I laid my head between her legs, smelling the marked odor of her pussy. Her fingers ran through my hair and her creamy white thighs spread a little as my head turned toward its objective. The hard clitoris protruding past the soft lips of her vagina, persuading me to lap it with my tongue.

I reached it and encircled it with my mouth.

Cynthia jumped a little but her legs went further open.

"Oh! Yeah! Sure." She gave a controlled sigh, as she must have answered a question of his.

"Yeah! I just took my shower. Think I'll go to bed early tonight."

I sucked on her clit it grew harder and she squirmed to my touch. My cock was super hard at this point but she was on the phone with her husband.

"Shit, What now" I asked myself. "God! She is hot." I thought to myself.

"You doing OK" She asked him. She giggled softly.

"Well, you be a good boy, now." She laughed, feeling my tongue circle the clit a few times. She gasped softly. I took the clit between my lips and stroked it gently with my tongue.

She responded to me like she loved what I was doing and couldn't contain herself much longer. My head buried in her crotch. She ran her free hand through my hair and I ran my nose up across her clit gently, sucking in the juices. I noticed she covered the mouthpiece of the portable phone and whispered softly,

"God!! Oh! God!"

"Oh! Nothing! I was just clearing my throat."

"Yeah! Yeah! I'm still here." She gasped softly into the phone; I knew she was hoping Bill wouldn't catch on.

I withdrawn my mouth between her legs and laid next to her, caressing her breast while she talked.

"No, I plan on going to sleep real soon." She stroked my hair some more.

"No! I'm not going anywhere." She moved closer to me.

I ran circles around her dilated swollen nipples with my fingers. Her free hand moved over my chest down my belly, found my arched hard cock, and took it in her hands. She felt the helmet shaped tip with its flanged brim and sighed daintily.

"Oh! It's so damn quiet here. Really nice tonight." She whispered in the mouthpiece.

"Probably!" She injected something in answer to Bills question.

"Yeah, for sure!" Then giggled a little.

Her fingers were feeling the protrusion on the cock head, then circling it very delicately while my fingers continued their circling of her nipples. She scooted down a little in the bed next to me.

"I don't know." She cupped her hand around the head gently.

"Oh! I don't know. He might. I don't know. I'll ask him tomorrow." Must have been talking about me.

I kissed her nipple. I took it in my mouth and sucked softly. Must had touched a real passionate nerve. She whooped and her hand holding my cock grasped it firmly.

"Nah! Nothing! Almost dropped the phone." She gasped. I reeled from the bliss I felt with her stroking.

"Can't take much more of this." I thought.

I rolled over on my back, she changed hands with the phone and with one bound had me between her legs, her on top, my cock sticking upright between us. She sat upright looking down on me.

"Oh! I just changed positions. Getting cramped."

"Yeah! I'm lying on the bed. I'm upstairs."

"Probably going to go to sleep soon."

"Why sure, I'm not going anywhere. I had no plans with you out of town, you should know that."

She lifted up a little, I gripped my cock, holding it's curved length erect pointed at her bulging wet vagina. She looked at me longingly then said into the phone,

"Hold on a second, baby." She coughed, covered the mouthpiece of the phone then with one firm bounce, my cock was forced inside her slimy cave. I watched as the thicket over her pussy burnish against the head of my cock and it disappeared full length.

She breather harder, looking at me.

"Oh! I'm back. Had to do something. It's OK now." She whispered as she looked at me, my cock drenched deep in her confining pussy. I watched as she hovered over my cock. Twisting ever so slowly.

"Oh yeah, Bill. I know. I know, I miss you, too."

"When you coming home" She humped forward, my cock slipping inside her gently.

"Oh! Yeah!"

I watched the aperture expand as my ample cock stretched it to its limit.

"Yeah! Maybe we can do that when you get home." She humped again; she put her free hand on my chest and lifted up a little then back down.

"God I felt that all the way down," I thought to myself.

"Yeah, Bill. I'm getting sleepy are you" She knew she couldn't stay on the phone any longer.

"Ok, Baby! OK! Call me anytime."

"Love you too, bye!" Then she reached over the bed and deposited the portable phone on the pillow next to us.

I watched the fur mound surrounding her pussy bulging with the mass of my cock and displaced each time she moved or I humped up to meet her.

She screamed uncontrollably and shouted out,

"God! OH! Shit!" She moaned, "Oh, Damn."

I just lay there delighting in the intimate sanctuary with cock securely clasped inside. Creamy white thighs straddling my lower body, submissive sealed pussy surrounding my hard tool, her breasts with hard nipples pointing at me as she sat up on me and moved ever so deliberately, savoring every inch.

Her eyes locked on mine, her breath coming ever so gingerly and laboriously, up and down, up and down. Locked tight inside her warm cavern, I felt every move she made. Up and down. Side to side. Breathing harder.

"More, Baby, More." I whispered.

Her head went back, her arms went behind her head, her mouth opened,

"Ohhh! God!!!" She whispered and I felt a shiver of an orgasm escape her mouth.

"Like that"

"Oh! Yeah!" She gasped, orgasm ebbing a little but still apparent.

I just lie there and let her do whatever she wanted. Up and down, side to side. Juice trickling on my balls, I could feel it running down my cock. Wet pussy rubbing, stroking swelling, exciting me to my limit. So tight. Embracing, massaging, wet pussy, hard cock -

"God don't stop." I whispered.

Cynthia breathing harder now. Another spasm of orgasm. Don't know how long she did this to me I didn't care.

"Use me." I whispered to her. "OH! Use me, doll."

She humped tempestuously now. Longer, longer, it was relentless. I felt her pussy quiver, she panted, and then trembled, her mouth went open. Another tightening of her pussy, a gasp of orgasm again.

Pussy farts. The expression on her face changed, her eyes were ablaze and she whelped some obscenities as her pussy flexed rapidly around my cock again.

"Getting it baby" I screamed at her asking if it was there.

She spouted some gibberish, and then some short breaths and I felt her climax again. More minutes of absolute sensuality, not stopping. Never ending I hoped.

More time went by, more movement, more humping of my cock. I rose a little occasionally, but for the most part, I just lay there letting her have her way with me. I supplied the stick, she supplied the motion. On and on it went. 20 minutes, thirty minutes, I don't know. I was in absolute ecstasy and she was beside herself in unconditional carnality. More orgasm, I felt them the full length of my cock each time.

This propelled her into an unbridled outburst of lurches and convulsions that I couldn't control. She yelped and screamed loudly, releasing her pent up orgasm like I had never experienced before in any woman.

"Give me - Baby, give me!" She screamed.

"Want it" I flipped her on her back and rammed my cock very rapidly into and out of her throbbing hole without stopping. She screamed and rolled around taking it as fast as I could give it to her. She cried,

"Harder - Harder - Harder." With that, I screamed with her while ramming my hard cock to her as hard as I could.

She whimpered,

"Yes - Yes - Yes - Yes!" I shot - ejaculating another wet, hot load inside her throbbing shelter, my sore cock spitting incessantly.

She lay prone on the bed, my cock buried inside her throbbing pussy, breathing hard. I rolled off her sweaty body dragging my saturated cock across her thigh. I lay down next to her, put my right arm under the pillow and cushioned it under her head, rolled her on her right side. She was like putty to my touch. I snuggled to her back, reached my hand between her thighs, she opened them allowing me to reach my still, throbbing drooling cock, finding her slimy slit inside the wet mound of hair, I forced the head inside then buried it as deep as possible. I pulled the other pillow under my head, noticed the digital clock on the night table read almost 10 PM.

"Damn, We've screwed for almost 2 hours." I smiled to myself. I cupped her breast in my hand and drifted off into oblivion, listening to Cynthia breathing gently in my arms pressed close to my body with my cock locked resolutely inside of her soft ravaged pussy.

It was about 12 PM, a few hours after we had passed out, when the phone rang. Cynthia lazily reached over the side of the bed and picked up the phone.

"Hello, Taylor's."

"Oh! Hi."

"No, I was sleeping. Tired I guess."

"Yeah! Real tired!" I thought to myself.

She squeezed my leg firmly. I assumed it must be Bill checking on her. It was.

"You know I wasn't going out anywhere. I'm right here for my guy, you should know that."

"Of Course not."

"Yeah, right - she didn't lie." I thought to myself,

"Her guy" I chucked softly.

I humped forward a few humps feeling her luxurious body quake. She backed her butt closer to me agreeing with the action.

She continued talking a little longer as my rod grew inside her softened vagina.

Now full scope and circumference, she stretched out her hand to where it entered her and just gently touched the point it entered. We lay a long time this way while she talked to Bill. Throbbing inside her now, feeling her vagina stirring around it. Barely moving, just enjoying the feelings.

With her continuous massaging of my shaft and the kneading her pussy was doing to my cock it wasn't long before I felt my belly tighten and semen shot out the end of my cock into her.

"AHHH!" She coughed softly as she felt it fill her.

"Oh! No! Just coughed. I just got a something caught in my throat." She sighed, my body humping hard against her as it gushed my ejaculate into her.

"Yeah! She got something caught in her throat alright!" I thought to myself.

I lay beside her relaxing and feeling her move next to me while she talked on the phone. I was dozing off as she spoke very softly to Bill while she digested my semen.

It wasn't long before I again heard her say goodbye and shut off the portable phone.

She screamed some insanity and with one mighty heave she straddled my torso, wrapped her legs on each side of my body, grasped my semi penis burying it all the way with one bound and started humping wildly.

"God Damn it. Do me - Do Me. MORE - MORE!" She went absolutely wild over me.

My semi hard cock began to firm up inside her and I rammed it to her again as hard as I could. She accepted it screaming loudly and breathing in a panic.

Her powerful orgasm wasn't very far off. I knew it was mounting and then it exploded violently - pussy farts, hips smacking aggressively against me. Wet pussy making the most of my cock, her head oscillating back and forth on the pillow, her hair disheveled, the bed rocking under us.

Shot again! Grasping, pleading - animal whelps as my cock discharged another load. Totally drained - belly hurt from total depletion.

Sleep. Sleep. AH! Sleep.

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