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Her First Time

Author: Walt McBride inarut@juno.com
Publish Date : Aug 4, 2008
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She quivered a little more, her thighs opened wider, my tongue slipped more freely over her clitoris, then I felt her lift her butt up off the bed and violently gasped louder now, as she released her first orgasm into my mouth. He mouth returned to my throbbing cock as she sucked even harder now as she released her orgasm.

* * * * * * *

I was sitting at my computer desk after sending off a few erotic stories to the Web Site www.sextails.com and preparing to send another when I saw my flag go up on my computer screen that someone had sent me a message. I was very interested so I immediately read it. Very interesting. When I submit a story to this web site I always include my E-Mail address in case someone who really gets turned on to it can send their thanks to me for giving them some sexual tantalization.

I read the message; the sender told me that they had been very aroused by my words. I immediately wrote back thanking them for their encouragement and asked they tell me all about how they were affected. They immediately wrote back that it made them squirm and felt really good, something they had never had before. I asked if this person was a man or a woman. She told me she had a "Vagina" so I knew that it was a lady and then I got aroused somewhat.

Dani and I wrote frequently back and forth for days on end, every chance I got. She was telling me about how she felt, how her vagina was aroused, I told her what I felt, and how I would like to do things to her she may like as well. Well, after a few very intimate E-Mails, she told me she was 18 years old. Oh-OH! I was 44 and I knew what this could cause for me. Jail. Oh wow, I knew I had to cut this off and quick.

Then she wrote back that she would be 18 in three days. Humm!

"Now that could be interesting." I thought.

I deliberated about it for a while then sent her an answer, including a "Happy Birthday " wish. I definitely was getting interested, so I sent her an answer that I was married, which I am, to see what effect this would have on her. Really didn't matter to her at all, she told me she was a virgin and wanted to stay that way, she guessed, didn't know. I sent her some erotic E-Mails that she really liked and seemed to get off on, these went on for days and days. I had an assignment I had to perform for a company and traveled over to do it for about 7 days returning home a little early from the assignment.

When I got home, unbeknownst to my wife, we continued writing for a while but I had the feeling she was getting really antsy and I attempted to cut it off before we got any more involved. She continued reading my other erotic stories and I thought that she was really getting turned on even more. I sensed it in her mail, and I told her we should really "Cool" it and I didn't want to get anymore involved with her.

Well! No luck. I reached a point that I knew I had to do something with all this stuff going on between us. In one of my letters I told her I was coming back to Waukegan, Illinois to be with her for a few days, if this is what she wanted. She gave me her phone number and I called her. This is what she wanted and she wanted it really bad. She found a place for me to stay and I hopped a plane for Chicago on the ruse I had a job there so my wife wouldn't suspect anything.

I arrived in early evening, found the motel and called her. There she stood in the doorway of my room, blond hair cascading over her shoulders, blue eyes, slim perfect body, broad inviting smile on her soft lips. Dani was a gorgeous young female, no wonder she hadn't sent me a photo of herself even though I had asked repeatedly for one. I would have panicked knowing what was going to happen between us. A virgin Wow! Didn't know what to do at this stage of the game but was willing to try my best.

I took her in my arms, closed the door quietly and picked her up in my arms, then deposited her softly on the bed.

"Oh! Bill!" She breathed looking up at me.

I looked at her lying there, her skirt drawn up over her knees that were raised a little and spread open somewhat. So open and willing without the hint of anxiety. I sat on the bed, removed her shoes, rubbed her feet with my warming hands, and then rubbed her calves up to her knees very firmly.

"Good to be with you, Dani."

"Good to be here finally." She sighed. I lay beside her and took her in my arms and we kissed the first time, very gently at first then more passionately. She pushed her firm body next to mine. I knew she wanted what I wanted without even thinking about it. It had gone on long enough for the both of us.

I searched under her skirt and found the delicate mound under her panties, the soft pubic hair insistent under the silk covering. I traced my finger along the outline of her pubic hair over the shivering mound as she raised one knee up as high as she could and spread it open for me to explore, as I will. I took advantage of this action; I stretched the elastic along the leg hole of her brief panties, discovering the moist patch of hair underneath and my hand searched inside. She was more than ready for me, I knew. No words, no whispers, we knew right then. Sighs, and breathing gently as I searched and felt this virgin pussy under my hand.

I knew she wanted me to be gentle. I had ever reason to make it pleasurable for her. I tugged a little on her panties, she rose up to let me pull them off her thighs and toss them on the floor beside the bed. I stood up beside the bed, unbuckled my pants, and removed my jockey shorts in her view releasing my cock that was standing throbbing in front of her. I rolled back into bed with her as she reached for my penis and clutched it in her little hand.

"Oh! Bill!" She stared at it for a few seconds, caressed it gently then took it in both hands and massaged it, watching it throb and pulsate.

"You like that" I wheezed.

"Oh! Let me touch it. I've never touched one before." She hissed.

"Touch all you want, baby!" I laid back for her to investigate while I reached over and found her now sopping wet slit and stroked up and down inside finding her hardening clitoris.

"For a virgin, she is really ready." I thought to myself as she continued her stroking, then I feel her sweet lips enfold my penis in her mouth and softly suck the head. Pre-come was oozing out of the head and she sucked it out of me, savoring its taste. I turned my body around so she could have better access to my cock and I faced her pubic hair as my mouth wandered to her sweet pussy and found the wet slit with my tongue. I savored the rich wet, sweet smelling ooze coming out of her vagina and sucked it out of her. She oscillated under my mouth, feeling it gently sucking and touching her inner core.

"Ohhh! Myyy! Goddd!." She gasped and I felt her body shudder under me. She quivered a little more, her thighs opened wider, my tongue slipped more freely over her clitoris, then I felt her lift her butt up off the bed and violently gasped louder now, as she released her first orgasm into my mouth. He mouth returned to my throbbing cock as she sucked even harder now as she released her orgasm.

I reached down took her shoulders and laid her back on the pillow, rolled my body on top of hers, slipped my throbbing tool between her legs slipping it along the split very firmly. Not going inside just letting her feel its strength along her crevice. I humped a few times, she was trembling under me. My cock was about ready to explode, but I held back. I stroked her gash a few times, she sighed under me and rolled her thighs against me, up and down, side to side.

I couldn't hold it any longer, I knew. It was going to go in. I wanted it to go in.

"Dani! Oh Dani!" She looked into my half opened eyes. She wanted it to go in.

"Yeah! Please! Yes, Bill! Please, NOW!" She pleaded.

"You really sure" I whispered.

"Yes!" She again pleaded. She raised her thighs up to my throbbing protuberance knowing what was going to happen.

"Now! Now!" I lifted up a little letting my cock drop to her opening sex as I felt the head separate the pubic hair, slither beyond the very wet aperture, press into her very close-fitting burrow. As the head separated the passage for the first time submerged into her as she wailed her approval and took it the entire throbbing cock in one massive gulp dividing the reluctant hymen and stretching the soft walls of her vagina. The passageways enclosing my cock inside like the fingers of a tight fitting glove.

I felt her quivering softly the more heavily, She was feeling my arched cock throbbing inside, as she again reached a peak, it rose, her breathing got stronger and stronger.

She shuddered once then cried out as she again reached an immense orgasm,

"Ohhhh! Billlll! Oh Bill. Do it! Give it to me! Don't stop." Her pussy massaged every inch of my cock with its pulsations. It didn't take long for me to feel my balls tense up and felt the ejaculate rush down my cock and spit out its load in her throbbing vagina.

She couldn't say she was a virgin any more. She had been deflowered with my heavily veined hard cock arching inside her firmly. She cried softly under me feeling her passion still stirring in her, but satiated.

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