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Ferdinand the Bull

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Published: 05-Aug-08 Revised/Updated 07-Aug-08
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I removed my dress and then my panty hose when he said, " WoW It sure smells like you had fun!"

* * * * * * *

I had a tire blowout on my car along interstate 25 just south of Cheyenne, Wy. It was early spring & it was about 03:30 in the morning. It was dark & no one around. I pulled off far enough to the shoulder as to not get hit by someone behind me. I just sat there in my car. As there was nothing' to do until daylight, I just sat there looking around at the countryside. A little glimmer of daylight to the east is all there was. I noticed that I stopped near a large green pasture. In this field there was a heard of cow's just 40 yards away, I guess their were going for a morning drink of water. I heard like a shotgun blast, I waited and another one sounded. I thought I gotta get outta here. Then I seen this large bull with his huge cock out and was slapping his belly with his cock. It sounded like a 12 gage shotgun when he would flex his dick. I watched him as he came closer to the fence line.

This bull was a Black Angus and he was looking and sniffing the air between long low bellow sounds he was making. Damn, his ball sacks nearly toughing the ground. The bull looked due north & he seen them, the cow's that is. As I watched he knew what to do, I'll call him Ferdinand as in the story "Ferdinand the Bull" except this bull wasn't sitting on a hill smelling flowers, and he was smelling something else. "Else the Cow" Anyway, I was watching him and the natural instinct. He sniffed one cow's hind end. I was thinking (Nope she's not ready) then another, (Nope!) and still another until he found the one he was looking for Yeah, There she is She's in estrus! He had taken his big red pencil out of his vest pocket again & he was wanting to write something on the rump of that cow. Ferdinand hunched his back and with one jump he was there. My nipples were jetting out; my pussy was all tingling inside as I watched.

He made a few attempts to hit her love connect, but when he did, He made no attempts to be easy on her. He drove his red pencil home with the 1,200-pound body behind him as he was in all the way. He went on frenzy, like a sex addict. He knew what he was after. Else stood her ground though, and kind of arched her back to give Ferdinand free access to her glory hole.

Ferdinand humped her for quite a while. He was getting close to giving her what he had by the low bellow moans from his belly. He never missed a stroke. This bull had such stamina. Ferdinand with drew his pencil to the tip and with one hard fast forward thrust he hit bottom. He started jerking about; you could tell he was giving Else his life giving seed. Ferdinand slowed his gyrations and just lingered with his cock so far into her womb that his belly was flat against her tail. This whole episode took about 40 minutes.

I felt a climax on it's way to my soaked pussy. This was such an erotic event to witness; I didn't realize it until Ferdinand was done with his assault. I had my hand up my dress and down my panty hose while my fingers were in my cunt and rubbing my clit with my thumb. I was about to have an orgasm. I kept it up until it hit my insides with such force I Squirted my cum all over the seat, the steering column and myself. As I got myself back together, my orgasm subsiding I wiped up my mess the best I could, when I seen flashing red lights behind me. It was the law. The patrolman asked what the problem was, he seen the tire and offered to change it for me. I got out of the car when the cop noticed a wet spot on my dress right at the crouch. He asked me if I hadda go pee. I said "nope and pointed to the act going on in the pasture. "Oh yeah, are you ok then," he asked. "Yeah it was ah little exciting. I got my dress wet" and he giggled a little bit.

The cop knew what had happened. He changed my tire for me. I thanked him for doing that. He asked if I needed to do something about my dress and other stuff. Yeah I should huh I opened my trunk and the suitcase for a clean dress & panty hose. He said to get in his back seat of his patrol car and change and handed me some Kleenex from his glove box. I removed my dress and then my panty hose when he said, " WoW It sure smells like you had fun!" I just gave him a sly grin and winked. He waited for me to finish and handed me a slip of paper. A ticket He said no, just a warning. And I was on my way again shortly. I read the paper and it read. If you need some help after this to call him. He left his home number and his cell phone.

This event was five years ago. The cop & I were married that fall.

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