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My First Adultery


Author: Walt McBride inarut@juno.com
Published: 06-Aug-08 Revised/Updated 07-Aug-08

His hand circling my thighs, slipped gently around the bottom, and I felt fingers probing where his cock connected deeply within my vagina. He was feeling the wet juices flowing out then gently drew a circle around his shaft in my vagina. I was out of my mind about then.

* * * * * * *

This morning I had called Lisa, my best friend.

Lisa answered, "Hi!"

"Hi, gal."

"Well, what you up to today with the old man gone to sea for a week"

"Shit I'm about to have a catastrophe around here." I sighed a little.

"What's happening" She laughed.

"OH! This morning I was cleaning out some stiff we've accumulated over the years and I need to get them to the curb for the trash guys tomorrow."

"Nothing wrong with that is it"

"Oh! No! But could you and JC come over to help me get them to the curb"

"Oh! Sharon, I'm sorry but I have to go to a conference downtown today. I know I can't make it." She covered the mouthpiece and I heard some mumbled words then she came back on and said, "JC said he could come over and help."

"Oh, Lisa, thank JC for me. When can he come over"

"About an hour. OK"

"That would be wonderful. See you guys later, and thanks again."

He arrived at my door with a smile on his face and hugged me gently.

"Hi, gal!" What you want me to do" He enthusiastically looked around the room.

"Oh! The boxes! They are out here." I headed for the garage trailing my little bustled shaped butt for him to appreciate. I was good at that and loved to be watched by men. He followed willingly.

He commenced dragging them to the curb; all three of them, and it didn't take much time at all. When the last box was deposited at the roadside, I looked up at him and smiled,

"Oh! Thanks JC. I couldn't have done that alone for sure."

"No Problem at all. I didn't have anything to do today anyway with Lisa gone to her meeting and all."

"Thanks so much!" A wide smile back at him. He glanced intimately back at me. I saw something I had never seen in JC's face before.

"Hummm!" Thought, "Does he have more on his mind than moving my boxes"

"Want a drink I can mix us up one if you want" I said softly.

"Oh! That would be good. I'm free as the wind today."

I took his hand and we went inside to the den of my house. JC sat down on the large couch as I turned to the bar in the back of the den.

"What's your pleasure" I asked and turned to him.

"Wellll" His voice sort of trailed off as he looked at me, "Oh! You don't want to know."

"Why not" I asked looking at him intently.

He smiled, "A drink would be ok for now."

"Then What" I smiled back.

I looked at him intently now over the rim of my martini glass. "Maybe I do know what he had in mind and it sure wasn't a drink. I sort of felt free inside knowing what he wanted and that maybe I wanted the same thing.

He got off the couch and walked toward me, put his arms around my waist, pulled me close to him and kissed me gently. I sighed when our mouths parted and my head stayed back in the kissing position,

"Ohhhh!" I gasped as I circled my arms around his shoulders again, drew his head to mine again and kissed him again.

"You, too Huh" He questioned when our lips parted.

"Oh! Yeah! Me too."

I handed him his drink from the counter, turned and headed back to the couch, now swaying my bustle shaped butt in front of him, know he was definitely looking.

As JC and I sat back sipping our drinks, our eyes met. We had known each other for a long time; I sensed that he had lusted after me for a very long period of time. I had thoughts about him sometimes, but now it was real. I felt it as he did.

As our eyes met firmly and steadily, I became softer in the way I talked with him, I sighed once in a while, and after a few minutes, he clutched me to him as I collapsed into his arms with one advance, no hesitation on either of our parts. Kissing deep and longingly. Mouths open, his hands touching me on top of my shorts, searching, feeling for my sex.

I lay back on his lap with my head positioned for him to kiss me. He did kiss me long and deep, I felt his strong hand slide over my flat belly, slip into the opening of my loose fitting shorts and go inside gently. Fingers probing over my panties, down to the crotch, fingers across my slit, felling, touching, making me very aware of his strong hand on my clitoris.

"Ah! You're so wet, Sharon. Does that feel good"

"You have no idea how good." I sighed.

Then I felt his hand come out of my shorts, find the elastic band of my panties and slip inside them. Inside my furry pubic patch now, slipping into the wet slit, over the hardening clit, then down more, then back up.

"God!" I exclaimed feeling the passion rise in my vagina, my belly quivering a little from his touch. More and more he pleasured my sex with his fingers, sometimes entering the opening cavern with a couple of fingers. My thighs rose to meet his hand, back up and then down back to the seat of the sofa. Back up again feeling his fingers massaging me intently and gently.

I breathed harder feeling a crest coming inside, I knew it was there, rising slowly but gaining in intensity. We kissed again, a long wet kiss. Orgasm was coming to me, belly quivering under his touch, higher now. There was no holding back now.

"OH!" I shouted out loud as my vagina convulsed repeatedly around his embedded fingers. Thrust after thrust he pleasured me as I exploded around his fingers. Still shuddering under his hands I sighed,

"Let's go get comfortable, JC." I whispered.

I rose up out of his lap and he started unbuckling his shorts as he stood up in front of me, his cock bulging the front of his shorts.

"Not here!" I whimpered, "Not here!"

I stood up, he took me into his arms, pushing his hard cock into my will thighs, and then followed me to my bedroom down the hall. Dropping my clothing in a pile on the floor next to the king size bed my husband and I shared, I pulled back the covers exposing the colored sheets underneath and I lay back on the bed watching him removing his clothes, I opened my legs exposing my wet wanting flower, then he rolled in next to me.

I grasped and clutched his now elongated and throbbing penis, he touched my furry patch, my legs open to receive his advances and he found it with one thrust. Fingers back inside, massaging it again, bringing me immediately back up.

"Ahhhh!" I shuddered feeling his finger massage my wet and willing slit. So it started -

"Ohhh! JC! JC! Yes!" I felt the delight increase even higher in my tummy and thighs.

It engulfed the fullest extent of my sex. The interior of my vagina was feeling receptive and drenched; it became very aware of needing to be filled. He pulled his fingers out of my wet, put them in his mouth as I watched him lick my juices. He turned and kneeled between my widely spread legs looking at my hairy mound. JC's cock was there, he advanced to the mound slowly, right at the breach now, agonizingly waiting, ready, willing, positioned, and poised. I realized it wasn't going to be a lingering matter. I knew what was about to happen and delighted in it eagerly.

"Baby!" He whispered in my ear, "They won't miss a piece of this will they"

"God! I hope not! Give it to me! I'm ready, baby!"" I sighed knowing it was coming inside now.

"Ahhh! Sharon! Ohhhh! Feel it" he whispered in my ear and kissed my neck again.

He leaned forward some as I took his cock and slid the crown in and along the length of my wet slit. I saw the wet on the head and I watched as he looked intently and passionately at me

I directed his cock to the opening, left it there, and removed my hands back over my head on the pillow, opening and submitting totally to his advances. JC lay on top of me then and was securely positioned covering my unclothed body with his strong muscular bulk lying between my serene breasts. My legs wide open to admit his slender thighs sandwiched between them. His penis probing unrestricted inside my pubic haired mound and I felt the considerable bushy mass of his sex compressing my sex very soothingly. I didn't shift fearing I would elude his passionate searching.

Nude locked intimately together in my bed, feeling the head so close to my opening vagina, I could hardly believe what was happening. I lay there my arms above my head, open to him. I sensed his hands go down both sides of my quivering sides slowly, his hands then cupped my thighs firmly, this was it - I knew it!

JC stirred his thighs gently repositioning his hard penis along my moistened slit. His head close to mine on the pillow, I felt him softly kiss my neck and mutter,

"Oh! Yeah, Sharon. This feels so good."

I sighed some and whispered,

"Oh! JC. Yeah!" Then I slowly lifted my thighs up to his protuberance as I sensed its rigidity next to my throbbing sex.

He withdraws his mouth from my neck; elevated his upper body off me and I felt his warm lips encircle my hard nipple and suck gently. Shudders of supreme fervor streamed all the way through my body. My sex again quivered - again - again - Oh God again! Belly constricted and I let go again with a twisting throbbing orgasm.

"Jesus!" I sighed as I ran my fingers through his long hair and over his back, massaging him tenderly.

JC elevated his head upward to my lips and kissed me ever so contemplatively, opening his mouth to taste my inner mouth with his tongue. He retreats from our kiss and looks down into my wide-open eyes.

"Oh! You're so soft and willing." He whispers to me.

All I could do was smile at him, repositioning my hips toward him again. He followed my movement and thrust his hips toward me again. I perceived his inflexible cock bump into my sex and it sent tremors once more up to my head. My vagina was full to overflowing with passion. It was like an open flower ready to be fertilized by his stinger.

His expressions during lovemaking aroused my private nucleus. I lay submissive to his actions. I lay my arms rearward over my head on the pillow and sighed loudly. My body quivering uncontrollably.

I sighed audibly as he again kissed my neck and encouraged his rigid penis again into my pubic fleece. The sensitive intense summit hidden tenderly within the split, it fit into place directly with my clitoris throbbing unmercifully as it united with the head of his cock head. His chest pushed between my breasts, his chest hair tickling a little as he moved over me disquietly.



He influenced my thighs to his cock and I had the sensation of his cock head as it separated the cleft in my vagina, slip partially inside, and I accepted it inside willingly. Wedged tightly inside the blocked entrance temporarily, I opened wider.

"Ah Baby! That's so good!" He gasped, feeling his firm penis arousing passion in the bounds of my wet slit, back down then back up slowly. It encouraged my clitoris to swell even more as it slipped gently along its entire length generating spasms of perfect sensations along its extreme length.

"Want more" He breathed in my ear, gasping for air.

"Oh! Yeah!" I sighed.

He covered my mouth with his and I felt his penis enter deeper.

"Deeper" He asked, his lips close to mine.

"Ohhh!" I whelped feeling it go deeper.

"More baby" JC was breathing harder.

"More! ALL OF IT, please!" I whined, then I sensed him thrust it securely all the way to the hilt, his pubic region meeting mine and his testicles slapped my lower crotch as my vagina concealed it wholly inside.

"There, baby. Feel that" His hand circling my thighs, slipped gently around the bottom, and I felt fingers probing where his cock connected deeply within my vagina. He was feeling the wet juices flowing out then gently drew a circle around his shaft in my vagina. I was out of my mind about then.

"Oh! God! Yeah!" I whined as he retreated a little then slammed it back inside with a heave that buried my butt into the mattress his fingers still holding out confined parts. He felt the bulging of my slit as his tool massaged me deeper and faster.

"God damn." He sighed again, "Your pussy's so good."

"Oh! Feed me that cock, baby!" I moaned under him. His hands still cupping my thighs to him as he elevated them to meet his thrusts, and then he fed me his pounding cock up and down, stroked me from side to side, in and out. His finger entered my rectum sliding on the juices coming out of me and dripping to the sheets. Again I let out a gasp of passionate breath and exploded convulsing uncontrollably under him.

I felt his impaled cock massage every inch of my love crevice. It rippled inside me completely, occasionally pausing and contracting and flexing its length along it's entire length, I had no idea how much cock was in me, but whatever he had he definitely knew how to use it. I responded to his flexing by constricting my vagina surrounding his cock.

"Damn, Baby!" He sighed as he felt it again, then immediately stroked some more.

His whispering sexually explicit words into my ear drove me right up the wall. He asked me how it felt, what do you want now, this OK you want more, want it faster, slower, tell me baby. I forgot all the words but they really turned me on. Goddamn I was beside myself. My thighs thrashed under him. He lifted me to him and continued his steady reciprocating actions with his mighty piston in my cylinder.

I breathed harder and harder, coming closer and closer to my orgasm. JC was pounding my pussy relentlessly; He kissed me, sweat dripping off his face. His words flowing out of his mouth, exciting me even more. I peaked with my thighs rising up to capture his slipping cock as deep as possible on each thrust. I returned his kiss briefly, my stomach convulsed, my pussy farted from escaping juices then, all of a sudden his mouth opened, my mouth went wide, and we both screamed out some insane words and popped our mutual orgasms. JC expelled a wet heaving load into my sucking throbbing pussy.

We collapsed on the bed locked tightly together with our wet sex dripping semen and love fluids onto the sheets, sweating, hearts pounding, body convulsing uncontrollably.

Damn - THAT WAS GOOD. I drifted off to sleep!

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