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The Good Teacher

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Published: 06-Aug-08 Revised/Updated 18-Nov-08
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Ok I am not a writer and I don't think that I can write that well but after reading a lot of stories I wanted to share one of my sexual experiences. It was my second one, my sophomore year of high school with my English teacher...

* * * * * * *

I am 5'7" tall I have a curvy body and I wear clothes to show off my curves like every woman should. I was 18 at the time and I was like every teen girl going after guys that I couldn't have. I had English 3rd period of the day right before lunch with Mr. Kellehermen but every one called him Mr.K. He was a tall man about 6' he hand short brown hair that always looked as though he had just woken up. Everyday he would wear a buttoned dress shirt that he would tuck into his dress slacks he had a brown leather belt. He wasn't out of the ordinary just the same teacher everyday, but he had a great sense of humor. No matter what was wrong he was always there to make you laugh but he wasn't doing it on purpose. He was the perfect person in my eyes I found my self often masturbating to the thought of him.

It was a Friday the day when we turn in our essays and just rest chat to our classmates. Mr.K was always at his desk on Fridays correcting our essays. The class went on like usual sitting talking with me glancing at Mr.K every now and then. The bell rang and as the class start to file out of the class I picked up my books and started to the door when I heard his voice.

"Raven Would you mind staying after for a few minutes" his voice made my heart stop like the first time I heard him play the guitar and sing. I turned around smiling as I sat down in a desk. The rest of the class left the room as he got up leaning against his desk smiling at me. "I read your essay it was amazing"

"Thanks Mr.K to be truthful I wrote it in 2nd period" I said laughing nervously

"Really You have an extraordinary talent if I do say so," he got up walking around the desk sitting behind it "I was thinking would you like to come after school and share experiences" I blushed looking at him stunned. He realized what he had said had come out wrong "I mean writing experiences" he said quickly

"Yeah sure, I will see you after school then" I replied. I walked out of the class room into the hall to lunch.

I am a tomboy and I don't take shit from anyone not even the school bully. I had gotten into a fight with the school bully, Jorrden Cotter during lunch. I had a pretty good shiner from him when I walked into Mr.K's class room after school. I walk in with a limp. He didn't look up from his desk when I walked in and sat down on the desk. When he looked up he was surprised to see me there in that state.

"Raven what happened" he asked he bent down under his desk where he kept his little fridge. He got up from his desk and stood next to me looking at my busied eye.

"It's nothing Mr.K I just into a little scuffle" I said as he pressed on my bruised eye I winced. He took an icepack and placed it on my eye delicately.

"Who hit you" He asked looking into my eyes. At that moment I couldn't remember what he had asked me. "Raven" he asked again. His voice snapped me out of my trance "Who hit you" he asked again

"It was nobody really I am fine I have had worse" I said trying to pull away from the icepack but he held firm.

"Who did this tell me Raven, Now" his voice was stern and deep I loved it. I didn't reply I just sat there as his hand held the icepack to my shiner his other hand held my shoulder holding me still. "Fine don't tell me but I don't want to see scares on your pretty face" His voice was soft and affectionate. I blushed looking away he had just complimented me. He blushed slightly pulling away holding the icepack in his hand "I mean not like that, Wait I mean you're a beautiful girl but I am your teacher" he started to ramble trying to help him self but he was only digging himself a deeper hole.

"Its ok thank you for the compliment I understand you're my teacher you have limits" I said smiling. He smiled back as he turn over to the counter grabbing some paper towels to cover the icepack in. I said the thing that could have made the rest of my life terrible. "Because I would be all over you if you weren't" I said under my breath. Oh my god did he hear me god please say he didn't hear me. I said in my head over and over. His body froze as he turned around staring at me "Did you hear that" I asked holding my breath. He nodded as I he looked at me in astonishment. "I am sorry that was over the line I shouldn't have said it I think I should go" I grabbed my school bag and got off the desk.

"Wait Raven" he called after me as I walked to the door

"I am sorry please just forget this happened that I said that please" I felt his hand on my arm as he turned me around to look at him. I didn't look into his eyes I look down "please just forget it"

"Raven," he put his hand under my chin lifting my eyes to meet his calm dark ones "If something did happened between us, which I am not saying would, but if something did it would be kept in this classroom right" his voice was different then I had ever hear it before, you could hear the seductive tone. I nodded slowly as I looked into his eyes. Slowly he pulled my chin up as he softly kissed me lips. My eyes close slowly just like in the movies it was the perfect kiss. But I put my hands on his shoulder pushing him away.

"We cant you're my teacher" I whispered looking into his eyes. He totally disregarded my statement, he let go of my chin as he held my wrists and kiss me softly again. My body tensed and I pulled away again "Mr.K I am your student" I whispered. Again he kissed me pushing me against the door and held my wrists above my head. I turned my head away and he started to kiss my neck nibbling on it softly "we shouldn't be doing this" it took all I had not to moan. My body started to relax under his touch as he placed my arms around his neck my hands started to run through his hair. His breathing started to be come shallow. My eyes closed slowly as I melted into his arms.

His arms wrapped around my waist as he picked me up carrying me to his desk. He set me down on the desk kissing down my neck as I he started to unbutton my shirt revealing my black and red lace bra. He smiled at looking up at me as he kissed both of my breasts rubbing my nipples through the bra. I groaned at his strong hands. He kissed down my bare stomach sucked here and there. He stopped as he tenderly kissed a bruise above my hip. He said something but I was lost in pleasure to hear him. His hand slowly lifted my skirt as his other hand slowly rubbed my already soaked panties. With his touch my whole body twitched in pleasure my mind went racing. His index fingers slowly hooked onto the front of my panties pulling them down passed my thighs my knees until they were off on the floor. I felt his hot breath on my cunt as he softly blew on it. I moaned again as I pushed my hips forward pressing my self to his mouth.

"Please don't tease Mr.K" I moaned as I clawed at the desk pressing my hips forward more. I could feel him smile as he kissed my cunt softly. A groan escaped my lips as I close my eyes tightly. His tongue dragged against the lips. My hands clawed into the desk as I arched my back. His tongue slowly swirled around my clit picking up speed with every loop. I started to buck my hips softly, I looked down at him to see his eyes fixed on mine. His head slowly bobbing up and down I felt his hands slide around my thighs as he pulled away. His fingers slowly trailed around as they softly prodded at my cunt. I moaned again letting my head fall back in pleasure as I arched my back again. His fingers slid into my cunt slowly sliding in up to the hilt. Seeing the expression on my face he started to wiggle the tips around inside me. I couldn't help my self but buck myself onto his fingers. Again I groaned arching my back letting him slide them in even deeper. He curled his fingers up dragging them on the roof of my pussy. My eyes shot open as I yelped in pleasure.

"Raven" he whispered as he kissed my thigh softly "you need to be quiet or they will hear us" his breath danced on my thigh and I moaned in agreement as I closed my eyes again letting him strum my Gspot. My breathing became shallow as I closed my eyes tighter.

"God I am going to cum" I whispered bucking my hips harder on his fingers. He smiled licking my clit nibbling on it softly. I groaned again bit my lip holding in my moans as he slid a third finger into my tight pussy. "Oh god Mr.K" I moaned as I felt my body tighten around his fingers. I started to shake as I bucked my hips wildly. His pulled his fingers out replacing them with his tongue as he started to drink my cum he held my hips down as I started to cry out in pleasure. I was so loud people were sure to hear me. I closed my eyes as I laid there out of breath. He sat in his chair smiling as he saw my spent body. His face turned expressions.

"Oh my god what have I done" he asked as he looked at my heaving body. "You're my student I am your teacher oh my god" he voice became panicked. I sat up leaning over and kissed him, but he did not kiss back he sat there.

"Oh come on now you make sense" I said as I stood in front of him. He didn't look at me he just looked down ashamed of himself. I got on my knees looking up at him "don't worry I am not going to tell" he looked into my eyes as I put my hand on his thigh softly stroking it "I owe you one" I said smiling as I started at his pants.

"No no you can't you my student no" he pushed my hands away but I held firm as I kissing him roughly distracting him. I unzipped his pants rubbing his cock through his boxers. He moaned softly as I slid my hand into his boxers slowly, grabbing his cock. I started to stroke it. His eyes closed slowly as he let his head fall back I smiled up at him as I pulled his cock through his boxers holding it out for me to see. It was at least 9 inches, very thick, it was beautiful. Another groan escaped his lips as his hands gripped the chair. There was a knock on the classroom door. Mr.K panicked and pushed me back sliding my under his desk as he scooted in pushing his cock in my face as it stood upright. "Um yes come in" he called to the door. I heard the voice of the principal.

"Hello there is everything ok" he asked. I couldn't think about anything else but the cock in my face. I reached my tongue out giving it a lick. I felt his body tighten as I licked again. I smiling to my self as I kissed his thighs I opened my mouth as wide as it could go as I slide the head into my mouth slowly.

"Uh yeah I am fine" it took all he had not to moan in pleasure. I slide more of him into my mouth sucking on it a bit.

"Are you sure I heard a scream down the hall" I pushed Mr.K as far into my mouth as he would go sliding him down my throat.

"I saw some kids out side my window and it was them" he said quickly as I started to suck harder bobbing my head up and down in his cock.

"Ok then... I heading home good night" he said as he left the room. You could hear Mr.K's groan as I kept sucking harder swirling my tongue around his cock. He pulled away from the desk with me still sucking his cock.

"What the hell Raven we could have gotten caught" I gave one long suck and he didn't care anymore his head fell back in pleasure as I started to rub his balls. I moaned vibrating his cock in my mouth as I pushed him down my throat sucking harder then ever. I could taste the pre-cum on my tongue as it swirled around the head of his cock. His hands slowly ran through my hair tugging on it as he guided my head up and down. Soon he was going faster and faster fucking my mouth swiftly. His moans and grunts getting louder, after a minute later he started to cum in my mouth I choked on it as I swallowed it All of it. I pulled away licking my lips as I leaned back against the desk looking at my handy work. He sat there out of breath as he look down at me "where did you learn how to do that" he asked breathing hard.

"Where else" I said laughing a bit. Smiled as I picked up my bag "Well I guess I will see ya" I said before he grabbed my arm turning me around kissing my again. I melted into his kiss slowly dropping my book bag wrapping my arm around his neck. He pulled away walking to the door locking it turning off the lights. He looked back at me.

"You not going anywhere yet young lady" he said seductively as he slowly walked to me kissing my again as I could taste my own cum in his mouth. Quickly he turned my around pushing my down on the desk, lifting my skirt up over my ass slowly and softly caressing it. His pants were on the floor as he slowly pushed his cock on my cunt. Pressing hard but not entering as he leaned over me whispering in my ear "beg for it".

"Please please Mr.K I need it please don't tease" I begged him as he stood up straight. Quickly and roughly he pushed his cock into my tight cunt stretching it to its limits. I screamed in pain and pleasure leaning forward he covered my mouth. Nibbling on my ear he said.

"Scream all you want bitch the door is locked and no one will hear you." I moaned as he started to push in deeper then pull out Slamming it into me all the way. I screamed again as he held tighter on my mouth fucking me harder then I have ever been fucked. I screamed as he fucked harder his cell phone rang with out hesitation he picked it up. "Hello" he grunted, I could hear a woman but I couldn't make out what she was saying. "No sweetie I got help up at work" she said fucking me harder grunting as I screamed he still held tight. "Yeah babe I will be home soon, ok babe love you to byee" he grunted again before closing the phone throwing it to the ground. Fucking me harder I screamed louder closing my eyes feeling myself about to cum on his cock I moaned. He pulled my head back kissing my ear "Take my cum and love it" I screamed as he slammed once more cumming in my pussy covering the walls. This was all I could take I came all over his cock, screaming louder then ever. Lying down on the desk out of breath he pulled out on my cunt sitting in the chair smiling at my wasted body "mmm god that's sexy" I smiled as I stood up grabbing my book bag.

"Thank you Sir" I leaned in kissing him "you better go home to your girlfriend she will be waiting" I said walking to the door.

"Wait your panties" He said holding them up.

"Keep them have fun" I blew a kiss as I walk out of the class room. The next year of school I had him as a teacher again.

"Raven can you get me a ruler from the bottom drawer of my desk" He asked as I walked to the desk that I had once been fucked on I opened the drawer to find my panties stuffed on there with fresh cum from him. I smiled giving him the ruler.

"Mr.K can I stay after to get some help on the home work" I asked winking as I walked away with out an answer.

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