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Author: Bobjj123
Published: 12-Aug-08 Revised/Updated 15-Aug-08
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Married to one woman who does him dirty with another woman's husband I eventually meet and have a relationship with even as I harbor feelings for my wife. This second woman and I jointly raise our kids until my former wife returns and I must decide between two women.

* * * * * * *

It was mid morning when I discovered that I had left my brief case with the government contract on my desk at home. It'd be needed by late afternoon in order to close the negotiations that would bring my company into the big leagues. . .close to a million in clear profit if all went well. I reflected for a moment.

Here I was eight years out of the university with a beautiful wife and two kids and a company with 140 employees and growing. My wife and I owned a beautiful 6,000 sq. ft. rustic home on three acres in the suburbs where our two kids could roam and play and we had furnished it together.

Jeannie, my wife, was a good housekeeper and wonderful with the kids. She had been loving and friendly and most intimate; seemed excited all I could ever want in bed. We had made the two kids together in moments of pure joy.

Then, two years ago, year Jeannie had seemed to grow restless and bored. It wasn't anything specific that I could identify but when she suggested going to work, I thought it might get her interested in life again. She found a good preschool program and enrolled the kids before taking a job as a real estate sales person in a large firm.

For a while, she had seemed her old exciting self; then her interest seemed to wane. When she saw her eye a little red BMW sports car, I thought, :She has no car of her own and perhaps that'll get her interest up again. I had bought it and presented her with the keys for an anniversary present.

For her, life suddenly appeared to take on it's old characteristics as she was interesting and exciting again. She seemed excited as she drove her new car with loving care.

Then, slipping out of my reverie, I thought perhaps it would be fun to go home around eleven o'clock and pick up my briefcase; perhaps surprise her and get a little pussy before taking her to lunch. It'd be a welcome surprise as I'd never left work during the day before.

I was in high spirits as I drove up to our house and parked next to a black Mercedes sedan. Strange, I thought; I wonder who's here. Then, dismissed the thought as Jeannie had lots of friends and they were probably having a gabfest or something. As I entered the house, all was silent - apparently no one home. Again, I reasoned that she and her friend were probably out in the little red sports car. . .

Then, disappointed, I went to get my briefcase and forego my tryst with my wife. What made me go through the laundry room and bathroom into the master bedroom, I don't know. It wasn't the best way out of the house and I needed nothing from there. . .perhaps I just needed to pee.

Then, as I passed from the laundry room to the bathroom I heard noises. It was my wife, moaning and crying out her passion as though she was being roundly fucked. Still, mildly amused, I reasoned, she was probably only using a vibrator for some solo time.

As I passed through the bathroom to the master bedroom, I was greeted with the full impact - there on the bed my beautiful wife Jeannie was laying on her back while Avril, her boss, was thrusting his cock into her willing pussy. Realization came quickly for me as I watched the lovers on the bed who were totally engrossed in their act. They were driving each other towards a violent conclusion as Avril's big cock slammed into her belly. With each downward thrust, Jeannie's butt came off the bed to drive herself upwards on to his waiting pole. There was a familiarity there which told me iot wasn't their first such tryst.

I watched for a minute, maybe longer, as my blind rage took over. What the hell's going on here" I screamed and Avril stopped what he was doing only long enough to see that I was bent on doing him great bodily harm .

Then, the bastard who had just made me a cuckold moved off my wife and towards the door where I stood in his way. Ordinarily, I'd have been no match for him physically but with my rage, my adrenalin was pumping and as he lunged, my knee caught him squarely in the groin. With that initial knee, he doubled over in pain so that my knee again caught him, this time in the face. The sound of his nose breaking from the effects of the knee was evident and as he hit the floor, the toe of my shoe slammed him squarely in the ribs. As Jeannie sat panicked on the bed, I continued my asphalt with kicks and slams.

Slowly, my rage abated as I continued to pummel the now defenseless Avril on the floor. Then as, Jeannie, my wife, finally recovered from her initial panicked state, grabbed my arm and cried, "Stop it. You'll kill him," It was then that I realized that I had my revenge. With one mighty kick into his testicles, I moved away from him.

My wife cried out, "I'm calling the police." and Avril said, "No, not the police. Call an ambulance and report that I fell." So, the ambulance came and as they transported the still naked Avril to the hospital with a clearly excited and angry Jeannie carrying his clothes in a shopping bag, with them.

As they departed, I sat down on the unmade bed and cried. My world had just been turned upside down and I needed to think. I had been betrayed and cuckolded and my mind was a confused jumble of thoughts. Slowly as I sat, contemplating, my mind cleared and my anger returned, as I began to make a plan.

First, I withdrew all but $500 from our joint bank accounts in cash and went to another neighborhood bank where I opened a new account in my name. Then, I called and cancelled every credit card we owned. Finally, after going to the office and closing the contract deal, I returned home to find the children at their grand parents and Jeannie cooking dinner as if nothing had happened, waiting for me.

As we faced each other she spoke, "We have to talk. You've got to listen to me!" and I replied, "No. We don't! There's nothing to talk about! This marriage as we knew it is over. . .we will live together for the sake of the kids until we can determine if we can stay married! It was decided we would continue to sleep in the same bed and live in he same house and always be there for the kids. Since my trust in her had been so grossly violated, I made it clear that if I ever found out about her being with another man I would ruin her forever.

Next evening, as I arrived home for dinner, Jeannie informed me she had been fired from her job. . . Then, she found that she had been 'blackballed' by her profession for misconduct and there was no other work available.

Months passed into years as Jeannie and I lived our sham marriage together. The Jeannie I had known and loved was gone; replaced by a willful and angry person who sought only to fill her own needs and desires. Still, I wanted the old Jeannie back - the one I had loved and I often made ovations to reunite us. She only seemed content with things as they were.

It was in October when she came to me and said that she couldn't live with me any more. She was unhappy and she needed some excitement! She had been seeing someone else! I simply told her, "OK!, If that's the way it is, you tell the kids and pack your things and get out.

By Christmas, I had the brought the household back into some semblance of order with a governess for the kids and a cook/housekeeper three days a week. It wasn't a joyous time but the holidays passed uneventfully and the only evidence of Jeannie was a card for each of the kids from Las Vegas.

When the telephone rang in my office in February, I was surprised to hear a woman identify herself as Tess Bingamton, Avrils wife, requesting a meeting. She seemed rather curt and businesslike as she made her request and I agreed to meet her out of curiosity more than any interest.

We met for lunch at a small Italian place that I knew and as I approached the door, a tall, lanky, washed out blonde stepped forward and introduced herself. "I'm Tess." she said as we entered the restaurant.

Then, seated in a booth, she began to tell her story. Avril had disappeared with Jeannie back in late November. His firm was also missing nearly a million dollars which had disappeared at about the same time as Avril. Lawyers and revenue agents had been pressing her to recover some of the money. They had taken possession of her house and car and everything they owned. She owed nearly a hundred grand to the IRS and she could no longer cover the court costs that were involved. She had once heard her husband say that I had been able to 'snooker away' all the money in my wife's joint accounts and sought my advice.

As we talked, I found I liked Tess. She was rather plain, completely open and friendly and as I watched her I became aware of a certain grace in her movements. Then, as we began to develop some trust, our eyes met and her green eyes fairly danced with the fire of life. I began to question the various aspects of her case. . .

Ii was mid-afternoon when I made a proposal to Tess. I would provide her with a job as my housekeeper/governess/cook and in return I would provide room and board for her and her two kids. With six bedrooms, in my house, there was plenty of room. I would pay her kids child support in the amount of $2,500 per month which was not touchable by either the IRS or the legal hounds who were after the purloined money her husband had stolen.

As Tess considered the idea, she asked, "And what do you expect of our relationship - you and I, I mean" to which I replied, "Your job would be strictly as I proposed and your personal life is your own. I will not press you for more."

So within the week, the new amalgamated family unit of Tess and her kids and me and my kids was formed and operational. From the very first, it had gone well as the kids developed an immediate liking for each other and for Tess and I. All the kids responded well to our discipline although it was seldom needed and we bonded together as a family unit.

Over a year had passed since our family unit had been formed when Tess and I sat in our family room after the kids had gone to bed. Tess asked me, "Do you ever miss your wife The intimacy, I mean" and I thought about it before answering, "I used to miss her terribly but I've learned to steel myself and it doesn't hurt any more." With the conversation started, we began to open up and discuss the matter of sex openly. Tess said that she was still young and missed it terribly. I responded that I too had problems with frustration and unfulfilled appetites.

It was as we talked that I realized that I wanted to be with Tess. She was suddenly a beautiful person and very desirable. Soon I felt my body respond with arousal. . .

Suddenly, I blurted out without thinking, "God, You're hot. You make my blood boil and my passions rise. A man would be crazy not to want you." Then, I remembered our contract. . .I would not pressure her!

Tess listened intently and made no real response as I regretted my blunt words. . Perhaps I'd spoken out of line. Luckily, she didn't seem to be offended and I was off to bed. For the first time, I thought of Tess in a different light as I lay in my bed preparing for sleep. I steele4d myself . . .

It was the next evening as I came from work that I found Tess dressed to the nines and a 'sitter' watching the kids as she said, "Surprise. You and I are going out tonight!" Then, after a quick shower and change of clothes we were off. Tess led me to the Embassy Suites dining room for an exquisite dinner with just the right wine and a delicious dessert. As we ate, She seemed to be flirting with me and I felt little tremors of lust - I steeled myself and fought the urge to respond!

Then, with dinner over, Tess led me to the lobby and in the dark passageway, she turned and kissed me on the lips. . . "I want to be with you tonight, just you and me!" Stunned by her words, I followed her to the elevators and was still contemplating the consequences of what she'd said when we entered room 1221.

Then, inside the room, it was obviously well planned as a bottle of champagne was sitting on ice and the big terry cloth bathrobes were placed on the bed. The lighting was subdued and as it began to dawn on me that I was being seduced, Tess stood beside me and asked, "Do you like what you see" I did and I said so.

"What changed your mind . . .About our agreement that is" I asked and Tess smiled warmly as she said, "I need a wild and sexy guy and you're a wild and sexy guy. . . You're the only one I know." Still contemplating, I asked, "What happens to our working relationship. . .our composite family!" I hope nothing. . . It's working so well."

Suddenly it all made sense. Tess was a very sexy woman and any man would be proud to bed her. What had I been thinking all these past months. I turned and looked into her eyes for consent before kissing her gently on the lips. It was a light kiss with lips lightly caressing as she returned the kiss and I sensed the promise of so much more.

Seated next to each other on the sofa, we talked freely now and discussed our situation. Neither Tess nor I seemed capable of real love afer our shattered marriages and we both had the strong urge of hormones. What better way to satisfy our needs and desires than with each other. After the second glass of champagne, I moved to kiss Tess again and this time it was a much deeper and more satisfying event as our lips parted and our tongues met. Then, we kissed again as we familiarized ourselves with each other.

There was no sense of urgency as we explored each other for the first time. The kisses seemed a fitting prelude to much more and we moved slowly towards our objective. First, our hands explored those areas of flesh exposed from our clothing and we felt our clothed bodies together for the first time. We drew closer on the sofa as we sought to explore each other better.

As our bodies touched and I felt her body heat, I was reminded of the sensation from times past - something I'd forgotten until this instant! I pressed closer to her and kissed her again, more passionately than ever! My hands had moved automatically to her breasts and fumbled with her dress in hopes of getting to feel bare flesh. Tess chuckled as she said, "I never should have worn this dress. . .It's made like a chastity belt.

Then, she stood and reached behind her back and with a few flicks of her wrist, the dress fell to the floor where she picked it up and hung it in the closet. Then, the half slip was gone in a single move and her pantyhose was being peeled off her legs like a second skin! I watched in awe.

Then, standing in her bra and panties, she performed a little dance for my eyes as she moved towards me and started to loosen my neck tie and shirt. In moments I was dressed only in my boxers and she in her bra and panties.

It was when Tess loosened her bra and let it fall that I first saw her bare breasts and felt my arousal developing. Her breasts were small, perhaps a B cup, but firm and high on her chest. They fairly cried out to be touched and as Tess seated herself on the sofa, my hands commenced exploring her tits. I found her nipples to be extremely sensitive and that she loved to have the whole breasts lightly massaged. Then, after kissing her on the lips and another look into Tess's eyes for consent, I applied my mouth to her nipples and suckled gently at first; then, more vigorously as I felt her approval.

We made love slowly, enjoying the intimacy and familiarity! When she reached to remove my boxers, I responded by removing her panties. It was a simple intimate thing that brought joy to us both. Strange how Tess and I were making love and enjoying the intimacy; yet, were not really in love. Tess was a considerate and consummate lover and deserved my best effort which I resolved to give her.

In due time, I had become familiar with her breasts and moved my hands across her belly and over her mound into the warm, moist folds of her inner labia. Soon, as my fingers felt her tender nether regions, my mouth followed and finally my lips were kissing and laving her slot and familiarizing themselves with her sex. As she cried out her passion, I knew I was doing well.

Then, as my tongue found her clit and began it's gentle massage, I felt Tess respond more strongly than ever as I renewed my efforts. After several minutes, I felt Tess move again to disengage my mouth from her and place her mouth at the tip of my totally aroused cock. "My turn," she said as she moved to suck my waiting cock.

Suddenly, matters had changed and there was an urgency to our actions. Our appetites were strong and our needs increasing. The gentle intimacy that we had been enjoying had been replaced by stronger feelings. Those feelings emanating from my cock as it was being so expertly sucked were driving me towards a rapid conclusion. . .

This was not what I wanted and I tensed and pushed her back. "I want to fuck you." I said as I moved to kiss her on the lips. Our eyes met in common assent as I moved over her and into position for coitus. Then, Tess said a strange ting. "It's been a long time so be kinda gentle help me get familiar."

As I moved to bring my cock into her, our eyes continued to communicate and I spoke, "Yes, It's been a long time for me too . . .too long!" Then, I felt my cock slide into the warm, moist, smooth channel of her vagina.

As we came together, I remembered that old adage about sexual intercourse was like riding a bicycle , once mastered it's never forgotten. It was certainly true as my pole entered her love channel for that first time and the urgency we had felt earlier had become a compulsion driving us with incredible force. It was no longer gentle intimacy that drove us but animal needs that had to be fulfilled.

I began to thrust into her and she responded with counter thrusts from below. Now there was nothing intellectual about our thoughts and actions; rather a low form of animal gut instinct. Only those who have known great sex could appreciate what we were feeling. . .it's the greatest sensation on earth.

We kissed and fondled and drove ourselves at each other in response to those sensations coming from out nether regions with a passion that defied any intellectual resistance had there been any. It was hot and it was wild as we two lovers rutted together.

All too soon, I heard Tess cry out her peak - her orgasm - and as her actions became uncoordinated and wild, I could hold out no longer. The hot load that had accumulated in my testicles over the past several years surged into her belly.

Then, as we lay joined together by my now flaccid cock, we congratulated each other on how good it was and how wonderful it had been. We spoke intimately and openly although the word love was never mentioned. We had been in love once. . . perhaps it was better this way!

Back at home, later that day, we began moving Tess's belongings into the master bedroom and preparing for a new living arrangement. The kids observing what was happening, asked no questions; rather seemed pleased.

All went well as Tess and I began living together. She was a good, sensitive and considerate partner in all matters. Perhaps it was me that seemed unable to commit to a closer relationship - intellectually I wanted to!

A year passed; then two and our oldest kids were about to enter middle school. I often thought of Jeannie and wondered where she was and how she was faring. I had loved her and even after all she had done, my feelings ran deep for her. Tess seemed to understand my feelings and we discussed them occasionally as she reported that she had similar feelings at times. The family grew strong.

It was just over a year ago that Jeannie returned. I arrived home from work to find her sitting in our family room; dirty, disheveled and in poor health. The effects of her dissipation were evident in many ways. She sat on her duffel as she looked at me and, after a short greeting, remarked that I seemed to have found a replacement for her in the household,

I replied that Tenn had been here for several years and she ran the house well as she raised our children well. We had become a good team, Tess and I, and amid my rising anger at her unexpected return, I wanted Jeannie to understand that I would tolerate no interference from her. My former wife did not respond but it was Tess who said, "We've got to get this woman to a doctor. She's sick! You get the kids fed and I'll take her to the emergency room."

Later, that night, Tess returned and told me that Jeannie had been admitted to the hospital for treatment of dissipation only after she had agreed to stand for the hospital bill. She had been sicker than we had realized and went immediately to intensive care where they treated a general infection and mal-nutrition among other things. For a week, they treated her; then sent her away from the hospital to the only possible place for her to stay - our house.

There, in our guest room, Jeannie was made comfortable and Tess fed her a special diet, saw to her medications and washed and hung her clothes in the closet. Then, she began to see to her personal care - even ordered a beautician to do her hair and nails! Another week and she was able to come to the table and take her meals with the family.

Gradually, Jeannie was accepted into our family unit even as I silently opposed it. Our kids, open hostile to her at first, slowly began to accept her even as they continued to respond to Tess's guidance and discipline. So, there she was, contributing nothing to our family unit, taking the sustenance and intimacy and affection it provided. She even began to gain weight and soon she resembled the beautiful woman I'd married - older and more worn by her life but still beautiful.

To make matters worse in my eyes, Tess and Jeannie were becoming close friends and I often saw them enjoying each other's company. Each day she fitted more comfortably into the niche in our family and I worried that she might become a permanent fixture.

Then, on Saturday, while Tess and I were shopping and as we moved about I expressed my concerns. Tess and I disagreed for the first time as she suggested that Jeannie had changed and was a good mother for her kids. We returned home with our groceries in silent disagreement. During the next week, I felt something not right between Tess and I and knew that it was all about that disagreement! I silently cursed myself for causing it. . .

On Friday, I had to take all four kids to the lake to stay with their Tess's parents. It was a two hour drive each way and I was disgruntled that I would miss the dinner hour at home. Then, with a stop at a roadside diner and a hearty dinner, I arrived home after 2200 hours. Tess and Jeannie were nowhere about.

As I stripped to my boxers, turned out the lights, and climbed into bed, I heard giggling in the hall causing me to wonder what those crazy women were up to at that time of night and turned on my side to sleep.

Suddenly, the lights in the bedroom came on and as I rolled over to see the source of the commotion, I saw Tess and Jeannie enter the room side by side in their matching green negligee's and stand before me in all their glory. Still half asleep and confronted with this unanticipated situation, I waited. As my eyes were still focused on the two women who mattered in my life they dropped their negligee's together so that each stood facing me in their pale green panties and bra. "Chose between us." Tess said,

Finally, my wits had cleared and I replied, "Like hell I will!" as my anger at their demand became clearly evident. That's what I thought you'd say," Tess said and again on signal the women dropped their bra and panties as they came forward and climbed into the big King bed - Tess to my left and Jeannie to my right. As they moved close to me in the bed, Jeannie said, "Looks like you've got us both.

Then, trapped between them, they moved to press themselves to me as their hands caressed every part of my body. It was all rather disconcerting as my ire at being used remained strong and I turned to Tess with a question, "Why did you do this What did you hope to accomplish"

Tess responded that I was her best friend and lover but that she was well aware that I still harbored feelings for Jeannie. She reiterated that we could never be man and wife under those circumstances - besides my kids needed their mother. She offered many more reasons why Jeannie was now a part of our composite family.

Then, I spoke, not entirely objectively, about her cheating, lying, deceitful ways and the pain she had caused. Her actions had hurt me and I spoke freely in front of her about what a slut she was. Simply mouthing the words seemed to be the cathartic needed to cleanse my soul and I felt better than I had in years as I realized how hurtful I was being. . .

Meanwhile, Jeannie lay with her body still pressed against mine, her hands caressing my chest, as she responded, "I'm so sorry. It's true. I can not be trusted - not even by myself!" and I saw her eyes glassy and tear filled as she spoke.

Then, Tess said words to the effect that Jeannie was here and she wanted to have a go at being with me again and that I still had feelings for her. Why not get it on and enjoy the possibilities. . . if she leaves tomorrow, I'll still be here and we're still best friends.

It's no credit to my will power that as she spoke, it all began to make sense and I felt a surge of arousal. In seconds it was evident that one of those women was going to get fucked and I had to make an intellectual decision. . .

I rolled over and kissed Jeannie full on the lips. It was an instant decision. . . made by my hormones and not my intellect. Jeannie's lops parted and our tongues met. It was a deep soul kiss such as I remembered from long ago. Tess, seeing my decision said simply, "See you guys in the morning," and trotted off to the guest bedroom.

Having made the decision, I found Jeannie to be the soft, pliant woman who had been my wife those many years ago. . . beautiful beyond belief! As I moved to be with her, it seemed like there had been no intervening years and our bodies simply molded themselves together. Her skin was like soft velvet. Her breasts still soft and yet so firm. Her kisses were deep and erotic as they pierced to the very depths of my soul.

As our eyes met and I read her need so clearly expressed there It was the force that impelled me to a sense of urgency. I placed my hands on her breasts and in response to her soft moan, I followed with my lips. As my lips laved her ample breasts, I couldn't help comparing those huge mammarys Tess's rather insignificant ones. Then, as my fingers moved to her inner thighs to commence their move to her labia, she moved suddenly and I found her with her hand on my phallus and her mouth poised just inches from it's tip.

When we had been married, she had always refused to do me that way but now, she was about to give me head. With a cute smile towards me she moved to kiss the crown before laving the length of my cock and I was enveloped with the sensation of her sucking me off. She was good.

When I turned to get on top of her she held my cock in her mouth and I moved to perform a 69 with her. As my mouth touched the smooth inner folds of her labia, she responded with renewed effort on my cock and we were lost in a world of sensation. All too soon, it was evident to me that Jeannie's efforts on my cock were about to bring about my peak.

Of course, not wanting to deliver my load of semen before I had entered her pussy, I tensed and backed away from her. "I want to fuck you." I said. She turned and rolled on the bed and once in position under me said, "Put it in me . . .now!"

In seconds, I felt the soft, warm, inner flesh of her vagina as my cock moved over her threshold and into belly. It was as I remembered and each movement recalled those days long ago when we were married. We'd been, at least I'd been, happy in those days. Our coital moves had been honed together during our marriage and we were instantly familiar to each other. We fucked expertly and with a certain finesse that I had long savored.

Of course, in only a few minutes, I felt the jizm rise up in my balls and spurt into her belly. It was met by Jeannie driving herself off the bed and on to my cock as if to insure that she received all I had to deliver.

Then, it was over and we lay quietly talking to each other in the afterglow.

Later, as I lay feigning sleep, I knew that what I had just experienced was not what I remembered. Both Jeannie and I had experienced too much and what I remembered had been tempered by many hard knocks. There had been too much pain and misery. Still, I had made a decision and now, with the hormones sated, I realized what a mistake it had been. What a fantasy I had been entertaining in my mind in those years since I had known Tess.

Then, after a fitful night's sleep, I started to arise from the bed when Jeannie grabbed my hand and pulled me to her. She spoke with tears in her eyes, "Tonight, I'll sleep in he guest room." Then, with that settled, she raced to the bathroom and I sat thinking about my good fortune.

That night, in the big master bed, Tess and I addressed each other intimately. I spoke in the way of an apology hoping to find forgiveness for having opted for Jeannie on the previous night. In response, Tess moved to kiss me in a way that brought us closer than ever before. It wasn't erotic yet it said so much as she spoke, "Was it all you expected last night" When I tried to explain what I had come to realize, she seemed to understand - perhaps better than I did!

After our discussion, Tess seemed unusually horny - more urgent and more demanding as she drew me over her and pressed me for coitus. It had been unusual as I felt her move to get my cock into her as soon as possible. Then, having achieved our coital union, she seemed rather to relax and enjoy the sensations. We talked - frankly and to the point as we lay together.

Suddenly, I spoke, "Marry me Tess!" and she replied, "Are you sure" I replied that I was now and I wanted it more than anything.

Suddenly, Tess was more beautiful than I'd ever seen her. She lay smiling in the pale moonlight of the room; yet I saw her clearly and her aura was like a powerful aphrodisiac. Not since my youth had I felt such feelings as came over me at that moment - good, pure feelings!

I reached out to touch her - to feel her and see if she was indeed real or perhaps just a vision. As I touched the soft skin of her shoulder, I felt the essence of this beautiful creature. The sex that night was incredible - without equal!

Today, Tess and I are married and completely committed to each other as we are still learning to have trust again. Jeannie lives in the guest room and has an integral part in our family life. She apparently has no outside interests and is totally devoted to all our kids and to our family. I no longer harbor any ill feelings towards her nor do I feel any bond between us.

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