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Sweet Tooth

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Author: PaigeeBumm
Published: 20-Aug-08 Revised/Updated 24-Aug-08
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He sent me over the top when he stuck in a third finger and I came over them. Then he used his other hand to pinch my nipples, after a while I came on him. I fell out with no energy on top of the table with so much cum under me.

* * * * * * *

I came home from work tired as hell but I was totally surprised to see candles lit and heard soft music playing. "Hey baby, I'm home" I called from the door as I dropped my bags and proceeded to find my husband. I walked past the kitchen into the dining room and found a note on the table that read: Soak your problems away and head to the bathroom. My bathrobe and slippers had been placed on the table beside the card. "Umm, what is he up to" I thought to myself as I grabbed my stuff and headed to the bathroom. I stepped into the bathroom to find a bath drawn for me and lilac peddles sprinkled over the water. "Damn I gotta good man," I said out loud as I took of my clothes and got into the tub. In the corner of the tub on the shelf were a blindfold and a note that read: Take your time baby, sit back and enjoy yourself. When you get out put on your robe and come downstairs. I soaked in that tub so long the water was cold. I got out, put on my robe, and headed downstairs. All of the lights had been turned off, the candles blown out, and there was a new CD in. R. Kelly had been playing in the stereo in the dining room so I headed toward the music. Devon had been sitting at the table. On the table was a bottle of whipped cream, honey, cherries, and chocolate syrup. "Damn" is all I could say looking at his spread and his body. This man is so damn sexy and he spoils me. "Lay down on the table" he instructed me while taking my robe off. I let my robe fall to the floor and got on the table laying back he asked me, "how was your day" Then started to spray whipped cream on and around my breast trailing down my stomach and over my pussy. He did the same with the chocolate syrup. After he finished applying the toppings he started at the top by kissing me and licking his way down to my breast. "Umm" I moaned and he asked me, "you like this right" licking up the toppings from my belly, sticking his tongue inside my belly button and licking his way further down. There was no other word I could use to describe how I felt but damn. He licked everything off me before heading between my legs; he opened my legs and looked at me. "You sure you want me to eat that up" he asked "hell yeah!" I replied and he smiled. I've never had to give him pointers on going down on me. This man knows exactly what he's doing and he does it right. He started leaning forward in his chair like he was going to take a lick but he sat back and I asked, "what are u doing" Knowing he was playing with me, he wanted me to tell him how much I wanted him. "You don't really want me," he said smiling "I should just go to bed right now." "Are you serious, baby it's screaming for you," I told him watching his eyes light up. He loves to hear how much I want him; he got up and licked his way up to my mouth then back down to my nipples. I moaned when he outlined my nipple with this tongue. He made his way down between my legs and sat down. Grabbing me by my waist he feasted on my pussy. Licking up my juices and the toppings. "Oh shit baby" he had me ready to cum and he didn't lick it all off yet. I grabbed the back of his head while he went to work on my clit. In and out he probed his tongue in my pussy lapping up cum that leaked out. "I'm about to cum baby" I arched my back off the table when he started to munch on my pussy harder, sucking on my clit and kissing my pussy lips. I came after he spelled his name on my pussy with is tongue. He went down on me with just the right amount of force sending me wild. "Tell me how much you like this baby" he said in the middle of kissing me. "Oh baby I love this so much" I managed to get out between moans. I started to back up because it was just that good. The more I tried the more he licked and it drove me crazy. "If you want to get away from me tell me to stop" he said as he stuck his finger inside me and motioned 'come here' massaging my g-spot. Licking on my clit and fingering me he told me to tell him to stop again. "Oh, don't stop baby," "shit!" I screamed as I came again and again collapsing on the table. "I cant take anymore baby" I told him trying to take my breath. "Oh I'm not finished with you yet though baby," He said pulling me further off the table sliding into me with this rock hard dick. Holding both of my legs over his shoulders he pushed into me with slow strides. I moaned when he slid in and out slowly making my pussy beg for his dick. The slower he went the more my pussy screamed to be filled by all of him. I scratched the hell out of his back when he put my legs down and started speeding up his pace. Then he would slow down and would gradually work his way back up to speed. I pulled him out of me and sat him back in his chair straddling him. "That's what I'm talking bout ma" he said caressing my breast as I eased myself on top of his dick. He let out a moan when I started to grind on top of him. I held myself up and grinded to the sound of R.Kelly coming from the speaker above us. "OH SHIT!" he moaned when I started biting his earlobe, sucking and licking down his neck. He grabbed my ass and started working me faster on top of him. He pushed me harder and harder on his dick until we just flat out started to fuck. I slowed the pace down some because I didn't want him to cum yet. "You better not cum yet" I told him out of breath. "Don't worry baby, I'm not about to cum. Keep riding my dick," he said slipping his hands under my ass pulling me up. He had me popping my pussy on top of him. " This is my dick isn't it" I asked him as we sped up the pace a little "Yes, this is your dick and that's my pussy" he told me putting his right hand in the middle of my chest rocking me. "I'm about to cum again," I told him and he stood up with my legs around his waist. I held him around his neck and he started dropping me down on his dick as I started to cum. I screamed his name so loudly but he still didn't stop. My body shook so hard while I came all over his dick. My orgasms were coming close like contractions I came two more times before he put me back on the table and started to bang the hell out of me. He started sweating profusely; it dripped from his head on to my stomach. He opened my legs and held both of my ankles and started into me hard. I screamed because it felt so good. Cum seeped out of me, down my leg, on to the table. By the time he finally came inside me I was so tired but he kept giving it to me. He kept stroking slow as he moaned while his cum filled me up and started to spill out the sides of his dick. I leaned up and bit his shoulder because I started to cum again. He squeezed the base of his dick and kept giving it to me until my pussy stopped contracting around him; he pulled out and stuck two fingers inside me massaging my g-spot again. He was murdering me I thought to myself, but it felt so good. "Oh my god baby" I screamed as he looked at me and smiled. "I'm not letting you go until you give me two more," He told me thrusting his fingers deep inside tickling my g-spot on the way out. He fingered me so hard, cum started to trickle out of my pussy. He started moaning with me when he saw how wet I was and how hard I was grinding on his fingers. He sent me over the top when he stuck in a third finger and I came over them. Then he used his other hand to pinch my nipples, after a while I came on him. I fell out with no energy on top of the table with so much cum under me. "Lets go take a shower baby," he told me standing up. "I can't walk," I told him as he started to smile. My legs had no more feeling in them so he had to pick me up to take me upstairs and put me in the shower with him. I thought after our time downstairs he would leave me alone but he didn't. He lifted me against the wall and entered my pussy again. We fucked in the shower until he came inside me again. His cum dripped out of me and down my leg to my feet. " You don't want to keep me inside you" he asked smirking as he covered my pussy with his hand as to stop his cum from dripping out. After we finished washing we both laid in the bed. He wrapped his arm around me and spooned with his thigh over mine. About an hour past and I felt him poking me again. "What has gotten into you baby" I asked as he reached around to tickle my clit. Separating my legs he entered me from behind and started banging the hell out of me. I held on tight to the headboard with my right hand; I grabbed his thigh with my left hand. He was giving me the workout of a lifetime and the crazy thing was I enjoyed every minute of it. He moaned in my ear thunderously as he stroked in and out. We came together and he pulled out; we both fell asleep as we were. I woke up early the next morning and walked to the bathroom to wash up, after I came out to clean his dick off. When I was finished he woke up and gave me the biggest kiss. Licking around my lips and neck, he started kissing my breast while rolling me over. Then he started kissing down my stomach heading down to my pussy. "You still haven't had enough" I asked him as he looked up at me and smiling he said, "Baby, you know I've got a sweet tooth."

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