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One Hot Night

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Author: Michelle
Published: 21-Aug-08 Revised/Updated 24-Aug-08
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I was a little buzzed, but I knew just what part of Brian I wanted to get to know a lot better....his cock! Brian was 6 foot 3 inches, 170 pounds and all muscle. He had blue eyes and a smile that melts. I knew he was attracted to me, but seemed a little uncertain.

* * * * * * *

We had been flirting back and forth all evening. We were in a bar tonight, having a few drinks and getting to know one another better. I was a little buzzed, but I knew just what part of Brian I wanted to get to know a lot better....his cock! Brian was 6 foot 3 inches, 170 pounds and all muscle. He had blue eyes and a smile that melts. I knew he was attracted to me, but seemed a little uncertain.

We decided to leave and as we made our way to his car, my nerve was building. As he opened the car door for me, I allowed my hand to brush against the crotch of his jeans. His intake of breath was enough for me. I looked up and said, " I want you inside me". He looked me in the eyes, leaned down and kissed me hard, our tongues twining and tasting one another. We both got into the car and drove back to his apartment.

We barely made it in the door before we were groping at one another. We were removing one another's clothes as our tongues danced. We finally made it to the bedroom. By this time we were both naked and very horny. Seeing him naked, I was in awe. His body was perfect. His cock was 7 or 8 inches, thick and glistening with pre-cum. I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth. His scent and taste was more intoxicating than the drinks we had shared earlier that evening. I sucked his cock as my tongue flicked across the underside. My left hand cupped his sac and kneaded his balls as my right hand explored his ass and my finger played with the opening to his ass. Brian took my 34 C breasts into his hands and began kneading them while his fingers pinched and flicked my nipples. I moaned and began to suck harder on his cock as he thrust in and out of my mouth.

He was getting close to orgasm when he pulled his cock from my mouth. He pulled me to the bed and laid me on my back. Brian moved down my body, his hands remaining on my breasts as he kissed down my body. I felt his wet mouth on my thighs moving closer to my pussy. I finally felt his hot breath on my hairless pussy and was begging to feel his lips on my clit. He didn't disappoint me. His tongue flicked out and licked the opening of my slit. He sighed as he thrust his tongue into my wetness. I was writhing as his fingers pinched my nipples and his tongue danced in and out of my pussy and his teeth scraped across my clit. He began to suck and nibble at my clit sending me into the beginning of an orgasm.

He removed his right hand from my breast and inserted two fingers into my pussy, thrusting once, twice. I exploded into his mouth. He licked and lapped at my juice moaning his delight. When he had lapped up his fill he moved up my body and kissed me hard. I tasted my juice on his lips and chin and licked it up hungrily. I could feel the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy lips. I arched my back and presented myself to his cock. In one thrust he was deep inside me. I swiveled my hips and met him thrust for thrust. My legs were thrown over his shoulders to give him maximum depth. I was moaning and begging for more. I wanted him faster, deeper, and thrusting much harder. Without removing his cock, he flipped me over to my stomach and I rose up onto my knees. Brian grasped me by my long hair and tugging on my hair began thrusting hard and deep into my pussy. I was so excited by this I started to cry out another orgasm. It was so strong; Brian came at the same time as I.

Instead of getting soft, he remained hard as a rock and began fingering my ass. I was so turned on. After a few moments he asked how I would feel about having my ass fucked by his cock. "Yes, please, yes" was my only answer. After a few more moments of stretching my ass, Brian placed his cock at the entrance to my ass. He pushed gently at first, then as the head of his cock slipped in, he began to thrust deeper. It was the first time I had ever had anal sex. It was very different and yet the feelings it was producing were the most intense I had ever experienced. With each thrust, the intensity rose. I was screaming and moaning and thrashing around, begging for him to thrust deeper and harder. After a few more deep thrusts my climax was on me in waves. It was such a complete and total surrender to my body and soul. I was completely spent and elated.

Brian had also climaxed while I had been enraptured in my own orgasm. He was now kissing my spine up to my neck. He rolled me over and held me as we both fell off to sleep.

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Free adult webcams

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