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An End to Your Workday

Author: sharon norris
Publish Date : Aug 25, 2008
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A titilating tale of oral sex, light bondage, spanking and anal sex. Its all a fanatasy of mine. Hope you enjoy.

* * * * * * *

After a hard day at work you come home to your willing woman. I greet you at the door wearing only my bra and panties holding your favorite frosty beverage just as you have instructed. I know that depending on the day you have had I am either going to enjoy what is in store for me this evening or I won't. You take your drink and head for the sofa and lie down. I follow you there as you have instructed. I kneel at your feet and take off your shoes and socks. I rub your feet and kiss your toes. You loosen your scrub bottems and tell me you have better uses for that mouth and to come closer to you. I crawl on my knees toward your face. You hold out your hand when i get even with your waist and you tell to stop. You pull your cock out of your pants and tell me to suck it. You take a swig of your pepsi and recline deeper into the sofa. Preparing to enjoy what it to come. I look into your eyes and smile and then take your cock in my right hand and start to slowly stroke it. You reach out and grab my hair and wrap it in your hand. Then you shove my head down to your cock. And tell me to suck it now. Bitch. You need the release that only my mouth can bring. I open my mouth and wrap my lips around the head of your cock and start to eagerly suck. I move my tongue around the circumference of it as i take your cock deeper into my mouth. I taste your precum and i grow wet. But i know that I am not going to be able to have you right away or if all tonight. I close my eyes and imagine that your cock is going deep into my pussy as i take it further into my mouth. I hear you gasp in pleasure as my tongue works its way down the length of your shaft. You take another sip of your beer and sigh in total enjoyment. You tell me that this is what women are for to pleasure their man after a hard day at work. Inside i am bursting with the happiness at your words. I know that you are pleased with my performance for the moment. I start to suck it faster and harder. You pull my hair and tell me not yet. Your not ready to cum right now. I open my eyes and i stare at the expression on your face. It is one of total satisfaction and enjoyment. I take your cock from my mouth and use my tongue and lick the length of it like a lolipop. You groan in enjoyment. I close my eyes and revel in the fact of being able to provide you pleasure. I start to put little kisses down the length of your shaft. You reach down and start to push your pants down further taking your sexy little thong underwear with them. I help you to pull them down to mid thigh. I love looking at you like this. Your cock rock hard and your swollen balls and your flat tanned stomach. I am so grateful that even though I am so big that someone like you would want me. You see me looking at you and smile. You reach out your hand and grab my hair again. I think that you want me to continue to suck you but instead you pull my face to your mouth and start to slowly kiss me. Small short kisses that lead into deeper ones where you shove your tongue in my mouth. Our tongues battle and dance. I am in heaven. I love the way you kiss. You suck my tongue and then start to bite my lips. Oh my. I am so wet. You pull my hair again and lift my face from you mouth and smile. Oh so sexy. You reach out and slap me across the face. Part of my has my feelings hurt but another part of me loves the pain and start to get a little wetter. I ask what i have done. You tell me. I was supposed to be naked and ready for you when you got home. I hang my head in shame. You laugh and tell me its ok. You pull me back down and lay a small kiss on my mouth. You tell me to take off my bra. So i pull the straps down and release my enormous breasts. You reach out and you slap them. I moan partly in pain and partly in delight. You reach out and pinch my nipples and smile. You tell me yeah. I like my girl like this. And you give them another slap. You tell me to suck your cock somemore. I eagerly do as you ask. I start stroking your cock and begin to lick your balls. You gasp as i start to suck your balls. You tell me you love it when i do that. I glow with pleasure. I start sucking your cock again. You grab my head and push it down hard. I know that you are ready for to me to suck it in earnest now. So i take you dick into my hand and start sucking it faster and faster and deeper and deeper until i think i am going to gag. You push on my head so i cant get air. I start to cry and you laugh. You pull my hair and pull off your cock and tell me to breathe and then you shove it back down and i start stoking it tighter and faster as i suck it like a vacuum cleaner. I move my tongue around it and i suck the length of it. You breathing grows shallow and faster and i know you are going to cum soon. I try to lift my head again for air but you push my head until the head of your cock is hitting the back of my throat. You tell yeah baby suck it faster. so i do. I want only to please you and begin to push my being uncomfortable into the back of my mind. I love that you like my mouth. I sucked you faster and faster and harder and you cum in my mouth. It revel in the taste and texture of your sperm. I greedly swallow and i can and continue to suck your cock in the effort to make sure i get every drop. I love the taste of your cum. I cant get enough. I want more. You pull my head away from your dick and tell me i did a good job. I wonder if this going to be a day if that is all there is or am i going to be pleasured to. You tell me to go the bedroom and get your bag of tools. I happily do as you say. I know that means i am going to be pleasured the only you know how. I am eager and willing. I come back to the living room and you standing there entirely naked. I stop and stare and my feast on the gloriness of your body. Your face is so handsome and your body so beautiful. I so love seeing you totally naked and basking in your power over me. I cant wait for what happens next. I walk over to you where you standing in the middle of the living room. You take the bag from me and put it on the table. You open it. Inside are various sex toys, condoms, rubber dams and latex gloves, a gag ball, handcuffs, rope, tethers, nipple clamps and a whip. You take the handcuffs out of the bag and walk around me. Kissing my neck as you go. It sends chills down my spine. MMMMMM. You take my wrists and you cuff them together behind my back. You laugh and tell me I am at your mercy now. You reach under the sofa and pull out a small bag. You tell me you got me something. You pull out a blindfold. I cring a little inside. I told you before you could inflict all the pain on me you wanted as long as you never put me in the dark. I beg you to please not put that on me. I remind you that i am terrified of the dark. You come to me and wrap your arms around me and kiss me and tell me its ok. You need to get over your fears sometime. You tell me your here and wont let anything bad happen to me. I am soothed by your voice. You put the blindfold over my head and place it over my eyes. You kiss my lips softly and tell me see its not so bad. I can hear you rooting in the bag and i wonder what you are doing there. You start to suck my nipples first gently then roughly. You bite down on them and i moan. You know how much i love that. You give each one attention with your mouth. I love that. You pinch my nipples and twist them. I am in estacy. Next you put the clamps on each nipple and tighten them up. Oh the pain is so good. MMMM. Im so wet now. You tell me to spread my legs and the you move my panties to the side and insert your fingers into my pussy. Your hand is warm and wonderful. You start to finger fuck me. My pussy is so wet and hot. Im on fire. You laugh and tell me I'm such a slut. You take your hand out and pull my panties off. You take my hand and lead me to the recliner. You lean me over it the back of it. You take the whip and start to run it slowly back and forth across my ass. I wriggle my ass in antisipation. You laugh and tell me you like your masters toys. You lean down and kiss my left ass cheek then you bite it hard. Then take the whip and swing it. I can hear it as it swishes. I tense myself for the blow and makes contact with the wet spot that your mouth just made. The pain is so good and wonderful. I moan in pleasure. You hit me several more times each time a little harder. I can feel my ass tingling. I love what you are doing to me. You bend down and kiss and bite the right one and repeat the punishment that you gave me earlier. I am in heaven. You tell me to spread my legs. I do as you say and lean further into the back of the recliner. I hear rooting in the bag again and wonder what you will do to me next. You turn me around and kiss me deeply. I want so much to uncuffed because i want to hold you. But i know not to ask. I can only wonder what you pulled out of the bag. You begin to stoke my hair as your kiss me. You reach down and tighten the clamps on my nipples a little more. I moan softly. I can feel you bend as you reach into the seat of the recliner. You tell me to open my mouth wide and I know what you have. Its the gag ball. You place it in my mouth and tell me to turn around and you clasp around the back of my head. I wonder what is instore for me now. You only put it on me when you are planning to inflict pain that you dont want me to be too loud for. I can no longer ask questions about what you are doing because my mouth can no longer form words. I am trapped in the dark now unable to speak. Inside i am starting to cring and become a little frightened. I want so much to please you but I really hate the dark. You must sense my reluctance for this to continue because you begin to stoke my hair again and start to kiss my shoulders and the back of my neck. You know how much i love both of those things. Your hot breath drives me on. I am once again willing to let you do as you will. You make sure that i am securely leaned over the back of the chair and start to spank my ass with your open hand. You are gentle at first. I like that. Then you begin to strike me harder and harder. I am moaning loudly but thanks to the gag ball my cries are stiffled. You start to laugh again and ask me if the pain is too much for me. You know I wont say yes since I have been the one begging you to do this to me. You remind me that I am only getting what I asked for. I can hear you make spitting noises and know that you are spitting in your hand. You told me once that the moisture makes the paddling sting worse. I am so wet now. I am dripping. I want the pain to stop but want it to continue at the same time. I know that the more you punish me now the better the sex will be later. I am so excited. You kick my feet wider apart so that my legs are spread and i have to lean lower onto the back of the recliner. My asshole and part of my pussy lips are in view now. You can see the juices dripping off my cunt and you know that I am so fucking horny. You reach into the bag again and I hear you turn on a vibrator. I wonder where you are going to put it. As though reading my mind you lean in and whisper which hole should i put this in. You start doing that little rhyme from child hood eany meany minny moe which hole should this go. As you say this you begin the sub the vibrator slowly over each hole. I shake with the desire to be penetrated. I dont care where. I am so despartate. I start to push my ass toward you. You tease me mercily back and forth from pussy to spinkter again and again until I think I will go mad. You ask me do i want this. I try to say the words yes master around the gag ball. You slap my ass with the whip and say what I cant hear you. I again say yes master a little louder. You slap me harder and again as loud as I can around the ball I tell you yes master. You tell me thats more like it and you put the vibrator into my pussy and start to fuck me with it. You start push and pull it in and out of my pussy. I begin to grind it as best i can. You know I love it. You start to shove it harder and deeper into my pussy. Each time you push it in you begin to use the whip a little harder on my ass. I dont feel the pain so much now. I am lost in the rapture you are providing my pussy. You tell me you know how much I love these toys but that you have something better than that for me. I hope its the warmth of your cock. As much as I love these toys I love your cock inside me even more. You slam the vibrator in my cunt faster and harder for at least 10 minutes. By this time you have driven me to orgasim at least 3 times and I am dretched to the point that the vibrator is lubed up very well. You spit on the crack of my ass. I can feel the saliva running down to my ass hole and pooling there. You take the vibrator out of my pussy and begin to rub it back and forth between it and my asshole. You are using my pussy juices to lubricate my ass even more. I quake in anticipation because I have only done anal a couple of times with another person and then only when i was drunk. Anal is differant when done to yourself than when someone else does it to you. I want so much to please you so I dont ask you to stop. You insert the vibrator into my ass slowly. You start kissing the back of my neck again as you do this. Little by little you apply pressure to the vibrator making it go deeper and deeper into my ass. When its all the way in you leave it there and go over to the bag. I can hear the rustle of the condom wrappers as you take one and open it. I can hear you breathing deeply and i know you are just as horny and hot as me. You come back to the position behind me and shove your condom clad cock into my eagarly awaiting snatch. You push the vibrator into my ass so I cant fall out and take me by the hips and begin to fuck me. I feel so full having both your cock and the vibrator inside me. You begin to pull the vibrator in and out of my ass to the rhythem of your cock. I gyrate to and fro along with you. I moan in pleasure and pain of the estacy you are providing me. You feel my cunt muscles starting to clench and you know i am close to cumming again. You pull your cock out to the edge of my cunt and tell me Im not allowed to cum yet. You spank my ass cheeks. Until i start to cry. tears are streaming down my cheeks but i dont ask you to stop. You can hear my muffled sobs and tell me I am a good girl for taking your punishment. You take the vibrator out of my ass and then shove your cock deeper into my pussy. You grab my hips tightly and I know that I am now going to be fucked in earnest. You start slamming your cock into me faster and faster. Harder and harder each time. I mangage to gasp the words cum please around the gag ball and you kiss me on my back and tell me yes. I loose it. I start griding your cock and you fuck me faster and faster. My cunt muscles begin to tighten and loosen and i grow hotter and begin the sweat. I cant take it anymore. I moan please cum with me. You let out a loud grunt and I feel your cock grow hotter and harder and then I feel the warmth and gush of your cum as it sprays into the condom. I loose my balance and we fall to the floor your cock still inside me. You continue to fuck me until you are spent. You look over at my face and you see tears run down it. You start to coo to me and ask me if you hurt me too much. You reach over and pull the gag ball from my mouth. Its only then that you hear me. I am bursting with laughter. I am overcome with the joy and the estacy of your punishment and also with the picture i imagined we posed as we fell to the ground. You begin to laugh with me and then kiss my lips and tell me Im a good girl. Then you uncuff my hands and take off my blindfold and wrap me in your arms and we cuddle there in the floor until we fall asleep.

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