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Long Lost Friends

Author: Gushing Milf
Publish Date : Sep 5, 2008
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Cadie and Nichola meet up after a long time apart, both are hot and horny and up for fun.

* * * * * * *

Cadie looked as adorable as ever, when I collected her from the airport. We made friends when I worked in America and she took me under her wing, an English girl in an American city, with no friends and Cadie was determined to look after me.

She was wearing tiny white satin shorts, high heels and a white tshirt that was slashed in strategic places, showcasing her soft, golden tan. It was also obvious that she wasnt wearing a bra as the warm August breeze caressed her causing her nipples to stand up displaying how pert they are, anyone would be forgiven for assuming they were false and she was already creating quite a stir as she gave me a broad smile and was obviously pleased to see me as she hugged me to her and I could smell the familiar scent of Chanel no5.

'You have saved my life.' she exclaimed dramatically. 'I have been living on my nervous evergy ever since that fucker left me.' I helped her with her bags and knew that I was going to be forced to ask details when I wasn't really arsed what had happened but I had to be polite.

'So what happened, you and James always looked so good together.' It sounded shit the minute it was out of my mouth and I had laid myself wide open for heart broken histrionics. To my surprise Cadie just shrugged before linking her arm through mine. 'Fuck him, it's his loss and I am looking forward to you introducing me to some hot horny English guys. Mr X flashes into my mind and I smile. 'Well there is one that I will had been meaning to introduce you too.........'

Cadie was curled up on my settee polishing off a bottle of wine as I finished trelling her about Mr X.

'Fucking hell, he sounds fantastic.' Cadie drawled. 'We will definitely have to all get together.'

I grinned at her. 'Oh yes I definitely had that in mind, but not yet, lets get you settled in first. I wink at her and she winks back. 'Sounds good to me.'

We have loads of things to catch up on and then once we have the present up to date and as we are now on the third bottle of wine, we start to reminisce about our pasts.

'How old was you when you lost your viriginity' Cadie asks. 'And who did you lose it to'

'I was sixteen and it was my friends dad.' I raise my eyebrows. 'Naughty girl wasn't I'

'Bet you weren't sixteen really, you are just saying that because that's the legal age, I know you, you are naughty.' She wags her finger at me.

'I am sticking to my story, I was sixteen and he was horny as hell.'

'Tell me then' Cadie reaches for the bottle of wine and pours the last few drops back in her glass, before shaking the bottle at me. 'But before you start to tell me your horny story which I am sure will get me all hot and turned on, bring more booze.' I go and get some vodka and a bottle of coke and fill the glasses with ice. I can feel myself already mildly turned on thinking about the story I am going to relay. I take the drinks through and sit on the chair opposite Cadie. She takes her glass from me and raises it to make a toast.

'To us and having fun together, whatever you have planned. Now tell me your story.'

I si down on the chair opposite and laugh at her expectant face.

'It's not that exciting but here goes. I made friends with Jenny when she came to our school in the last year. I felt a bit sorry for her because everyone else had been friends for years and they were a set of snobby, up tight bitches at our school. Anyways,she lived on this really posh estate and the first time I went round and only her dad was there I just assumed her Mum was out or something but it transpired that in fact she had just fucked off with her new boyfriend. You will probably think to yourself like everyone else, how could she do that to Jenny, but oh my God if you had seen her Dad you would have thought how could she do that to hm He was absolutely gorgeous. Dark hair, tall and really muscular because he worked out at the gym a lot and played tennis.'

'Do you think he may have been trying to nab himself a woman or some naughty little girl to keep him company' Cadie raised her eyebrows.

'Probably, I didn't think about that at the time. Are you going to keep butting in'

Cadie shook her head and pulled a mock, contrite expression that made her look very cute. 'No, sorry, you just tell me all about it.'

'Ok. Jennys dad was called Ian and when he dropped Jenny off at school one day in her Porsche, her popularity hit the roof. Everyone suddenly wanted to be her friend. All girls schools are notorious for raising horny girlies, it's the lack of testosterone in the classrooms that does it. By this time we were all in sixth form and I think every single one of us was gagging to lose our virginity. The other girls had always been my friends and I was quite close to a couple of them, so when one of them confided in me that Ian wasn't as squeaky clean as he made out, I decided to see if I could tempt him, part of me thought this girl was bullshitting me, but she had piqued my curiosity.'

'I knew that Jenny met her Mum in town every week for a coffee and to do some girlie stuff, so I popped round to Jenny's one Saturday, just as Ian her dad had returned from playing tennis. It was boiling hot that day so I was wearing a short, denim mini skirt and a pink vest. My hair was long then, so I put it in bunches, so I guess I looked horny and cute all in one. In fact, I just lied, I knew I looked horny and cute because that was my specific plan as I had chosen carefully what to wear, seducing Ian was suddenly like a military manouevere, strategically planned.'

'He fell for it hook,line and sinker. I asked him if Jenny was in and he told me that she was in town, blah blah I pretended to be disappointed and went to leave and he asked if I wanted to go in and wait for her. He said she wouldnt be long and it was at that moment I realised what I had been told about him was true because it was only half twelve and she stayed out with her Mum until at least six. So I went in and followed him into the kitchen and he opened the fridge and took out a couple of bottles of beer, which was a bit naughty of him and he conceded it was but told that yolu only live once and that he needed to cool down as he was feeling all hot and I am telling you now he looked it, in his tennis whites. I perched myself one of his trendy breakfast bar stool and he jumped up and sat on his kitchen worktop. I could see that he was trying to look up my skirt to I parted my legs,ever so slighly, just to give him a sneak preview before closing them again. He tried chatting to me about normal stuff at first, but the more I was opening and shutting my legs to tease him, the harder it was for him to keep his resolve, if he had possessed any at all that is.'

'He started then to ask me questions like, had I ever had a boyfriend How old was I when I first kissed someone What was the most daring thing I had ever done I could tell he was shocked when I told him that the most exciting things I had got up to was a brief french kiss with one of my brothers friends, who had also slipped his fingers into my knickers and just briefly groped my pussy. Ian asked if I had liked it and I shrugged and told him that it was over so quick, I didnt really get time to enjoy it. Then he asked me if I ever masterbated, that kind of thing, did I like it, had anyone ever caught me I was basically sitting across from him stringing out fantasies to him whilst his cock was itching to fuck me. He made his move as smooth as any expert,schoolgirl seducer. I guess these days he would be called a dirty pervert but it wasn't like that at all. He was only forty two, I was sixteen, so what That was my attitude and obviously it fitted in perfect with Ian.'

'I remember him jumping off the side and opening the fridge and taking out two more bottles of beer and then asking me if I wanted to go and sit in the living room, so I said yeah and followed him through, he was sat on the settee and he patted the space next to him and motioned me to sit down. I did and I was nervous as hell. When he turned and looked at me I knew he was going to kiss me but he wanted some sort of sign from me that I wasnt going to freak out so I tilted my head slightly nearer to him and that was the only sign he needed and he started kissing me. His tongue in my mouth felt ace as he moved it around my mouth, dipping it in and out, it was nothing like the kiss I had shared with my brothers, spotty teenage friend, Ian obviously knew what he was doing, and I couldnt help letting out a moan as I could feel my pussy getting all excited, the same feeling I felt when i secretly watched porn in my room which I used to nick out of my dads secret stash. I was dying to touch myself but I waS too inexperienced then to know that this was exactly the done thing, that playing with yourself gets a guy all hot, but I naively thought masterbation should just be for solitary pleasure,something not to be shared.'

'The moan though did the trick, his hands moved down to play with my nipples through my top and they responded instantly. I was so wet I couldn't believe it. I had all the familiar feelings that I experienced watching porn but now there was a real guy present. The more I respinded to his touch the braver he became until he sat up and stopped kissing me. I thought he was going to pull away and feel all guilty but instead he asked me if I wanted to go upstairs with him. I agreed, I did contemplate playing hard to get but I was so horny that I found it impossible to say no. He led me up stairs and we went into his bedroom. Once in his bedroom he started to kiss me again and he whispered asking me if I was sure this was what I wanted and I agreed. He slowly took off my top and his fingers traced over my white sports bra, he leant down and blew gently on my nipples through the fabric, murmuring something about how great my brown nipples looked through the flimsy cotton. He then moved his hands down, caressing my waist and then my belly before he moved down to my shorts. He unbuttoned them and pulled them down and he stood back and looked at me. He told me how white knickers were his favourite and that I looked beautiful in them. He pulled me to him and I could feel his hard cock against me and I feflt briefly scared about what iw as about to do until he started to kiss me again and I unravelled like a poorly knitted jumper. His kisses became harder as I felt him fingers slip inside my knickers. His finger stroked against my clit. I had found otu through porn that shaved is the way forward and he marvelled at my smooth skin before he moved his fingers down from my clit and to the entrance of my pussy and he dipped his finger into me. I was used to this as I had fingered myself so many times, one finger became two as he told me that he needed to prepare me for his cock. In his words 'get you as wet as possible so I don't hurt you too much.' I couldnt believe I was letting my friends dad take away my viriginity and I felt slightly guilty, still scared of getting caught, but I was in too deep to get out of it and I didnt want to, the only thing I wanted in me was Ian. He told me to lie on the bed and I did as I was told, slightly self conscious as I lay there in my bra and knickers, glad I had spent most of the summer sunbathing, at least my body was a golden brown although looking back now, I had n othing to worry about. My body was as tight and perfect as my pussy'

'Mmm you have a nice body.' Cadie murmered. 'Come and sit here.' She patted the settee beside her. 'Let me tickle your back as you tell me the rest, if I remember rightly you like your back tickled.' She winks at me and I go and sit on the sette beside her. 'Take off your tunic then, I hate tickling people and having to manouvere around fabric.'

I take off my tunic so I am just wearing my black bra and knickers and Cadie opens her legs so I can sit in between them. She starts to tickle my back. 'Carry on, this story is making me hot.'

'Ian climbed onto the bed and lay over me, he started to kiss me from my neck down. He put his hands underneath my back and unclipped my bra, he slid it off my shoulders and threw it over the other side of the room. He started to kiss my nipples, softly before taking them in his mouth and started to suck and lick them. The feeling was amazing, no one had got so close to them before and I felt my pussy do weird things. He moved down from my nipples, his tongue tracing a line from my breasts to the top of my knickers before tracing a line around the top of my knickers, following them round, down my thighs before reaching the middle where he blew on my pussy, his warm breath through the fabric made me wriggle with desire as I found myself involuntarily pushing myself up so that my pussy was closer to his face. My hips had rfisen off the bed and Ian moved his hands underneath them before he was now holding my arse in his hands, blowing harder onto my pussy and wetting the fabric of my knickers with his tongue. The alien feelings were driving me mad and carefully he pulled my knickers off, exposing my pussy to him. I felt embarrassed, no one had seen my pussy before and I moved my thigh to hide myself, he was looking at me and it made me blush. He moved my thigh to the side. "Don't be shy.You are gorgeous. I need to make sure you are ready to take me, ensure I don't hurt you too much, I want this to be the most memorable moment of your life." Then he moved down and started to lick me. His tongue was warm and felt ace. He moved in between my lips and traced along my clit before moving down to my pussy hole, his tongue dipped inside me. I felt him harden it and push it deeper into me as his hands again moved under me and grab my arse as he pulled me onto him. He started to move me rhythmically against his mouth and I could feel myself go all weird. A feeling I couldn't describe. It was like the build up I had when I played alone but far, far better. He carried on and on as I started to struggle a little. I wasn't sure what the feeling was b ut he held onto me tightly so I couldnt do anything but go with the feeling. I felt my legs start to shake and I grab bed the pillow that was behind my head and put it over my face and bit into it ton be able to cope with it all. I felt his finger move inside me and that was the moment when I tipped over the edge and felt myself come like I did when I was alone. It was amazing. Ian was practically euphoric, it all became too much for him and he toook off his shorts and his boxers and I remember looking at his cock and thinking, no way if that ever going to get inside me.'

'Was it big then' Cadie asked as she unclipped my bra and took it off, throwing it across the room like Ian had done all those years ago. Her fingers moved round to the front and she started to p;lay with my nipples. 'Carry on.' She whispered into my ear before slipoing her tongue in.

'It was actually. I have had loads of cock since but I have to say, Ians was a decent size, definitely worthy.' I try and concentrate as I feel my pussy respsonding to Cadies touch. I need to concentrate hard now to get the rest of the story out.

'Ian leant over me and told me to open my legs wide so he could get easier access. He stroked my hair with one hand as the other hand guided his cock. I felt his cock push against my opening, gently prodding as he tried to get inside me. He tried to push himself gently inside me but there was no way that was going to work so he pushed against me harder until the tip of his cock was inside me. It seemed to take an age and as he kissed me I could hear his breathing getting harder, he pushed further into me and I flinched and he begged me to stay with him, He told me that it would only hurt briefly but I got a little scared, until I dont think he could stand it any longer, he told me I just had to be brave, I had to trust him. He kissed me again, his tongue started to explore my mouth and I responded, meeting his tongue until I was lost in the moment of kissing and then he pushed himself into me fully. It did hurt. It made me gasp but he smiled at me and told me how great I was doing and his approval meant so much to me. Before long his cock was pushing into me rhythmically. he showed me how to kick back so we could both enjoy it more and soon the pain was long forgotten as he fucked me. The feeling was amazing and as I got into it, he started to get more and more excited. He sucked on my neck giving me my first love bite before he leant up and started to fuck me harder and harder until he screamed out he was going to come. I felt him shoot inside me, the warmth of his spunk was such a great feeling as he pulled out his cock and it dribbled out of me.

'Umm.' Cadie moves her fingers round to my pussy and starts to rub my clit. 'That has made me so fucking hot babe.' I feel her push her pussy into my back and I can feel its dampness against my skin.

'Your turn.' I turn to look at her and she leans forward and kisses me. 'My turn after I have given you what you deserve for turning me on.'

'Ok.' I reply and grin back as she shifts herself from behind me, stands up and then kneels in between my legs and starts to blow on my pussy.

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