Exploiting my GF Anally

Author: pro
Published: Sep 5, 2008
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She is a little rural in her thinking and quite shy, it took me a month to open her up to give me kiss... i made her believe of my true love and convinced her to do any thing for me.

it was 16th augest , the day next to independence day. when me and my Gf kacy went for the movie in Waves, kaushambi... she is shy girl from assam, has a little dark complexion and slim body and tiny boobs that create a little blug in her tops and shirts.

she is a little rural in her thinking and quite shy, it took me a month to open her up to give me kiss... i made her believe of my true love and convinced her to do any thing for me...

we went for movie at 12:10 pm show. the thearter was almost vacant also the movie was quite old so not many people were present, infact we were alone in our row and column, so we switched to corner seats. the game started with minor kisses on the cheak and slowly i reached her lips for a smooch , but as expected she resited a little and ended the smooch in hurry... but i was more desperate by now i went for it again and this time , i licked her lips with my tounge, she confronted "yaha nahi" i said, koi nahi hai, she said" acha jyada nahi" , i said ok, she opened her mouth hesitantly and i grabed the chance and gave her a deep smooch ... she said "kya hai " and it continued a litl longer until a fortune happened, she dropped her cell phone and bent for picking it up, which reavealed her ass crack by quite a few inches also showing glimpse of her yellow panties... now that was enough i made my self determined to go a step further... i hugged her tight making sure that one of my hand cup her little breast and other touch her ass line... she shyed a little and turned her head the other side. i stroke her chin and said " main tumse pyar karta hoon mughse mat sharmaoo, i ll take care of you" , she said ye galat hai," i said hamare beech kuch bhi galat nahi hai,, we love each other.saying so i dipped my finger a little more in ass line and asked her to put head on my lap. she did so , then i could my flesh in front of me moreover her head was pinning my cock which had my undies wet. i inserted my full hand in her panty, she said" oouch, nahi , baal khich rahe hai" i said dont worry i ll do it slow... i was so hard that my cock started poking her head , and she asked yeh kya ho raha, tumhara itna bada hai kyaa, i laughed and said yes, she said smell arahi hai , i said sry mera penis leak ho raha hai, she asked chale i said no.. i asked her , will u do me a favor for our love, she asked what , i replied, clean my cock from the tip i forgot my hanky... she asked me to do it myself ,,, i said i dont mind ur my gf,, she said but still.. after much force she sgreed and i opened my zip... she used her cell to threw light on my size , she found it wet so used her hanky to clean layer raised it a litle to clean the lower... she seem very excited... and the i asked her to remove her pants she said no way, i said dont worry , she lowered it to her knees. i touched her pussy ,, she shivered up... asked me not to touch her in front... as i didnt have condom so i couldnt gather courage to fuck her up ... but i did pressed my cock in her anal .... and she was all in tears as soon as i entered her ass hole... she said " kuch hoga to nahi naa" , i said " pagal ha kya" she said under mat karna" i said ok,, i had a great session ,, but she was very ashamed but i forced her to please mee.. she was crying in the end i told her that its normal in relationship... she siad bahot dard hua" i said oil laga lena cotten par aur under rakhna theek ho jayega... ..

i must tell you i masturbated only at the view of her pubes and shaved legs...

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