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Shy Wife Opens Up - 2

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Author: Robert Roy
Published: 17-Sep-08 Revised/Updated 19-Sep-08
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She stepped forward and then hooked both her thumbs into the top of her G string and worked them slowly down until the top of her pubes were just visible.

* * * * * * *

The G string was only half way down her ass. She turned back and approached Korn. She picked up his long forgotten camera and dropped it in his lap. She was going to pose some more. As she walked back to the couch the G string slipped a little but not enough to glimpse the labia between her thighs. She pulled it back on. We were not going to see her pussy.

She climbed onto the couch and knelt on her knees with her back to us and thighs far apart. She gave us a few moments to enjoy her ass and then she climbed onto the back of the couch and draped herself over it like a sloth. She lay with her head and torso along the top whilst she gripped the couch with her thighs. Her left leg described a shallow 'V' on the couch back. Korn started clicking. She gave him several poses with head movement and straightening her legs. She also arched a back to raise her ass. Korn moved behind her to get some shots. Her pussy was surely waiting. We joined him. Alas, she couldn't hold the arched back and we had to settle for the magnificent view of the back of her bum and legs. Perhaps she sensed our disappointment. Her left leg came down the back of the couch to hook against the corner between the back and the right hand rest. She then moved her arms over and supported her weight on the seat of the couch. Her torso was now at an angle to the back of the couch. Part of her pussy was in view. With her arms she pushed back so that her ass moved up and out. Korn started clicking madly. Her glorious slit was now separated from us by just a few feet and some flimsy material. How I wished that fabric would rip and show us all. She couldn't hold this pose either. She moved her torso back onto the top of the back of the couch and slid her body backwards until her bum was almost overhanging the edge gripping the back of the sofa with both thighs. Clearly she was intent on displaying her pussy. All three of us immediately stepped back and knelt down. We were at eye level with her pussy only two feet away.

She lay there for long moments. Finally tiring of this pose (though Korn was still madly clicking) she rolled of the back of the couch onto the seat. She lay for a moment with her back on the couch facing us with her calves on the hand rest. Then her legs lifted straight up and back towards her. She was beautiful. Her legs are splendid and her pussy peeked out from between them and behind the G string. The peek was not enough for her. She reached out and with her hands pulled back on her thighs to give us a better view. Then she did what we were all hoping she would. Whilst her arms moved over her head she thrust out her chest and parted her legs. There were more exclamations in Thai.

After Korn had recovered sufficiently to take a few shots she got up, came around picked up her gin and walked to the table. She stood with her back to us sipping her gin. I wondered what was going through her mind. Was she going to take the next step and completely strip in front of a couple of strangers Would we get an unhindered view of her pink pussy She already had plenty of opportunity but hadn't done it. She had obviously enjoyed herself but perhaps she had done as much as she was comfortable with. We finally moved back to the table and sat down. She was so close to us. We had seen so much of her yet none of us could stop staring. She stood head high looking out across the bar. Then she handed her empty glass to the barman. As he ran to the bar to refill her drink she walked back to the couch. The play of her muscles along her calves, thighs and buttocks as she walked was beauty in motion.

She sat astride the left hand rest. Again I was struck by the curve of her ass cheeks separating over the hand rest. We waited. The barman returned with her drink. She ignored him whilst she took her drink. She spent long minutes drinking her gin in silence. She seemed to wind down from her earlier sexual tension. We did not begrudge her her time. We had been given a real treat tonight.

The barman refilled our glasses and we sat back watching and waiting. Oddly, sitting on the hand rest completely still was as sexy as anything she had done that night.

She held out her empty glass. The barman ran to collect it. She didn't let go. I could see the barman wondering nervously if she was going to make him denude her further. She let go. The barman's face was a mixture of relief and disappointment. He went back to refill her glass but she waved him away when he returned. He sat down with us.

After a few moments she got up and turned around. She stepped forward and then hooked both her thumbs into the top of her G string and worked them slowly down until the top of her pubes were just visible. The strings dug in sharply into the flesh around her hips. She slowly turned around. I felt a strong sense of déjà vu. This time she did not come for Korn's camera. Her arms reached up and she gently moved the bra's shoulder straps off her shoulder. My heart started hammering. She was going to do it!

She stopped there. My heart slowed down. There was no hesitation as if she had changed her mind. She turned around with a purposeful expression and looked at me. Her pubes were clearly visible and the bra had fallen away a little to expose the top of her tits to just above the nipple. She walked slowly towards me. Again the G string did not fall off to expose her pussy. I heard the sighs around me. Whether it was in appreciation of her beauty or disappointment that the G string held on - I could not tell.

She reached me. She picked up both my hands and placed them where the G string now sat on her hips. With an expression full of love her eyes told me she was willing but the decision was mine. So this was why she had not fully stripped. She fully knew that I wanted her to but she wanted confirmation for that final piece. It was an act of love, sacrifice and supplication. I have never loved her more than at that moment.

My hands moved downward taking the G String with it as she knew they would. As it fell away I felt her chest puff up. It was her recognition of her own beauty but also of her act of love for her me. The Thais started muttering what sounded like prayers of thanks. They were across the table from us with a view of her back. As the G string came off they must have both noticed the couple of drops of her juices which dripped off her pussy. They couldn't see much more than what they already had but the act of stripping a woman of her covering is highly erotic to a man. Much is felt in this one simple action.

When I looked up her expression had changed. The love remained but now mixed with reluctance. She turned around to more gasps from the Thais as they saw the beauty between her legs for the first time. She waited - slightly tense. It was time for a decision on her bra. She was willing but reluctant. Most women value the privacy of their pussy far more than their breasts. Topless sunbathing is ample evidence of this. She was different. Her breasts she wanted to keep for me only. I stood up. I wanted nothing more than to unclasp her bra. I raised her straps back over her shoulders. She had already done more for me than I could ever have imagined.

Over her shoulder I saw the Thais look at me in confusion and disbelief. She must have noticed their looks as well. After a moment she turned around to look at me. The two men had their eyes glued to that spot just under her ass and between her thighs. She pulled the bra straps off her shoulder and turned around to face the other men again. They had hopeful looks on their face and she was now willing. Her arms moved above her head while she waited. I released her tits. The Thais exclaimed. I could well understand. She was a beautiful woman.

She walked over to the pool table. We drank in her body while she cleared the table of balls and cue sticks. She made sure she leaned forward as much as she could to get the balls. From the back, this made her ass prominent and we saw some pussy. From the front, we saw her hanging tits. Every curve was explored by every eye in the room. Finally she finished and climbed onto the table. She knelt on the table, her ass resting on her heels, thighs together. We went over. Korn started clicking. She moved her arms over her head to emphasise her tits. Then she raised her ass off her heels whilst stretching her arms out to her side and throwing her head back. Her back curved pushing her tits forward. Her pink nipples were rock hard as they sat proud of the swell of her bosom. Slowly she parted her thighs. We watched as her fluids dripped off her pussy onto the felt. We moved all around her to make sure we saw everything to see. She was stunning.

Finally she started moving off the table. The show was over. She sat on the edge, legs dangling, ready to get off.

"We haven't seen everything". I said.

She was momentarily perplexed. Then she lay back with her arms above her head and raised her legs straight up thighs together. Her naked pussy peeked at us again. This time she did not move her thighs apart with her hands. Instead she moved her knees into her body, thighs still together and feet now crossed. Her feet hid her pussy from view. She lay still for a few moments. Then she uncrossed her feet and parted her thighs so that the three men in the room could see her pussy in its juicy dripping entirety. Also for the first time that night we were treated to a view her brown ass hole. We stood drinking in the sight. As she lay there we watched as her juices started dripping off her pussy into her ass hole and disappearing down her back. This was the most beautiful sight we had ever seen.

She got off the pool table. She had had enough. She got up and went over to put on her bra and G string. Both Thais were profuse in their gratitude. There were no requests for her to stay. They had been given a great gift and they both appreciated it and would remember it for the rest of their lives. Korn pulled out the flash card from his camera and presented it to her. A true gentleman - he respected her privacy. She said nothing but it was clear that she was pleased by their thanks.

I took her hand and we walked out. I picked up her skirt and tan top but didn't give them to her. My night was yet over. I led her back to our room through the resort in just her bra, G string and heels. Hips swaying she moved magnificently through place. It was late and there was no one about but I hoped that someone saw her that night as she walked by.

At our door I asked her to wait. She smiled. She knew I wanted more. I asked her to place her hands on the door above her head. Out there in the open I stripped her of her bra and then her G string. I kissed her gently and reached for her pussy from behind. She moaned and bent over pushing out her bum. As the new day dawned I gave my wife the biggest orgasm of her life.

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