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Fantasy Thing

Author: Danielle Swope
Publish Date : Sep 18, 2008
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It's a beautiful night" I said to Dwight as we looked to the sky. I could feel the cold grass on the back of my neck. It tickled. The dew made me shiver. I picked up some dirt and let it sift through my fingers. I looked over at him, and he looked at me with a small white glisten to his eyes and said "Yes, but not as beautiful as you."

* * * * * * *

It's a beautiful night" I said to Dwight as we looked to the sky. I could feel the cold grass on the back of my neck. It tickled. The dew made me shiver. I picked up some dirt and let it sift through my fingers. I looked over at him, and he looked at me with a small white glisten to his eyes and said "Yes, but not as beautiful as you." I layed there and grinned for a moment and said "And you, are somewhat similar to whats up there also." He looked at me and with a puzzled look and replied "What do you mean, I don't understand" I took his hand and said "Look up, what do you see" Still with that cute confused face, he looked up and told me he had seen the sky, the tops of some trees, and a few mountains in the distance and said he still didn't understand why he was similar to that. I then sat up pulling him up with me. I bent over to kiss his forehead and explained..."Your eyes glisten like the stars in the sky. You take my breath away just as fast as those trees put off the oxygen to breath. And you lift me higher than any of those mountains will ever reach." Just then he thrust himself against me and playfully pushed me back into the cold, wet, prickly grass and whispered "I love you too!"

Just then, the phone rang from inside the house, we looked at eachother and smiled. We were both thinking the same thing as the phone rang again, and play-raced inside like it was a game. I tripped over the fan on the floor on the way in the door. That would mean he beat me to the phone at the beginning of the fourth ring. He went to rip it from the wall as we were both giggling happily and he accidently dropped it. Seeing as I was already on the floor, I snatched it up off the floor and he jumped on me to get it back but I kept away. I somewhat loudly said "hello" to the person on the other line, then looked at him and stuck my tongue out, he smiled. "Hello", I heard from the other line. "You guys busy" It was our good friend, Jase. I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders and he gave me that o.k kind of look. Then I said "Hey whats up, nothing why" Jase proceeded to tell us he hadn't done anything for us to celebrate our marraige 2 days prior and asked if we'd like to go eat and hag out somewhere afterwards. We quickly said "sure, were starving." "Alright, I'll be over in about an hour and a half, that cool" "Yes, we'll see you then." I then handed the phone to my husband and said you can hang it up if you promise not to drop it. He lightly bopped me on the head with it and we both laughed. He hung the phone up and we sat down on the couch to chill out for about thirty seconds. Enough for him to say "Well dont you think we need a shower to go out" "Uh-huh" I said. And we raced off again, this time darting for the shower, and without falling.

I took my shirt off and walked up to him and unzipped his pants for him. I gently kissed his belly. He then took my pants off and we got eachother naked. He turned the water on and we got into the tub. The mirror started to steam up already. I got under the water first and rinsed off. I grabbed the scrubber and the sweet smelling soap and lathered it up. He told me to turn around and he would wash me. So I did. The hot water poured over my hair, the steam almost taking my breath away as he started with my arms and then to my neck. He scrubbed me good. Not hard, and not gentle either. It felt amazing. He went to my back, up and down, harder as he went and proceeded to come around my front, pulling me closer to him. My bottom was pushed against his semi-hard dick as he soaped up my chest with one soapy hand on the right, caressing it and washing the left ever so gently. I moved by bottom up and down, back and forth, and I could feel him getting his hardest. It rubbed against my crack and felt so slippy with soap being there. He pushed it between my cheeks in a hard thrusting motion and sucked my neck as he moved his hands down to play with my neatly shaved slit. He then pulled away and dropped to his knees, under the steamy hot water with me. He continued to lather my soft legs as his rod would wipe against them every so often. He asked me to turn around and soaped my left foot and as he was doing the right, he pushed on the inside as a sign for me to spread my legs. He then washed the front of my legs, knees, and my thighs. He reached the top of my leg right on the inside of my thigh and gave me the chills, feeling far better than that of the prickles of the grass. He then lightly slid the soapy sponge across my bikini line and lips, spreading one with his beautiful strong hands and washing inside. He then pushes me backwards some to rinse off rubbing my belly and thighs until all the bubbles are down the drain. Still on his knees, he pulls me out of the water tword him again, and before getting up he gave me a quick sensual teasing lick to my clit and stood up as I still felt his hard dick against me and said "My turn." I smiled and said "You tease...Let me wash my hair real fast."

So I washed and rinsed my hair and resoaped the sponge. Our wet bodies slipped against eachother as we switched spots and he got under the water and automatically turned around with his butt facing me. I grinned and said "Oh no, I'm in charge now, and I want the front first." He laughed at me and turned around. I wrapped my arms around his wet body and whispered "are you ready" He just looked at me with a surprised look and shook his head "yes." I looked him in the eyes and told him I work backwards. I then dropped down to my knees and grasped his dick and placed it in my mouth. I could feel his legs tighten and shake as well as the firm muscles bursting out as he grabbed the curtain and raised himself slightly on his tippy-toes. I moved back and forth, in and out. It was big enough I couldn't fit it all into my mouth but I made it up by licking, and sucking around his head and rubbing his balls with one hand and touching his buttcheek with my other. I could taste the sweet pre-cum dripping from him as I wrapped my tongue around it. He started to move himself in and out of my mouth while pulling my wet dripping hair. I let it slide down my throat, gagging a bit, but know it was worth it, him enjoyng every moment. Soon I felt his butt tense and his legs shake and He let out a pleasurable moan that made me feel so hot as his cum ran out my lips and down my chin on my chest. I swallowed what was still in my mouth and quickly wiped my face and stood up. He looked at me satisfied and then with a startled look on his face like "What did I do"...He said to me "I just fucked up the night." I looked at him and laughed I told him this, "No, I thank you for doing that, you just made tonight longer." and I winked. He smiled at me not feeling so bad.

About that time the phone rang again, he reached out with his wet hands and answered. It was Jase, "he'll be here in about 10 minuites." I said "ok just enough time to finish up. So I continued to clean up real fast and soap up my man while he washed his hair and by then the water was getting cold anyway. We got out and dried off. walked upstairs naked together. and as I put on some tight jeans he started to become hard again. I look at him and said "Save some for later." We both laughed and finished getting ready as Jase pulled in the driveway with his girlfriend Heather. Jase knocked loudly as we ran back downstairs and put our shoes on. Jase and Heather walked in and laughed at us..."I called you almost two hours ago, and your hairs still wet, I know you two too well you were goofing around, huh" I got a red face and he just continued to say "Oh well, at least your ready, lets go."

As we got into Heathers car Jase said "So where do the newlyweds want to go" "Lets go eat on the boardwalk" said Dwight and I agreed. We arrived and sat down in this fancy looking restaurant with open piers to sit outside and eat and waiters and waitresses dressed in black and white. "Living by the ocean is amazing" I said, "hot sand to walk in, water to cool you down, a beautiful sunset to look at, even know its dark now, and best of all, its so romantic sitting by the ocean lilstening to the waves crash as were sitting here eating tonight. We thank you guys for taking us out tonight." "No problem", Jase said "Lets just eat now" The waiter came over in his tux and took our orders. We had sat there eating and talking until about 1am when the restaurant closed. We were one of the last tables there. Jase and Heather excused themselves to go get their car. We stood out side and waited in the crisp air holding eachother until they showed up.

We then got into the car, traveling tword Jases house. When we got there they presented us with our gift. It was a video of our wedding. They taped it and made it a documentary with all our friends for a momento. As we sat there watching it we drank, laughed, and carried on until it became very late in the morning. I explained we had to go to bed and since we only lived about two blocks away, we told them we were going to walk home. We said our good byes.

The sky was grey, there was fog all over, but there were still some stars out. I reached out and grabbed Dwights hand and for some reason it gave me those "grass chills" once again. I looked over seen he was tired, dragging his feet a bit. I looked away and was thinking to myself what a great night we had and remembered that our night couldnt end just yet. At that time we were almost home but I felt we didnt need to go home yet. I started laughing to myself and walking faster to wake him up a bit...I suddenly took a wrong turn on purpose and we dissapeared behind a piercing shop on the boardwalk. He asked me what I was doing and I said sweetly "I told you the night was not over." He looked at me with a big grin on his face and leaned over and gave me the most passionate kiss i'd ever had. I then turned and ran behind all the buildings to a small secluded clearing by the ocean where a small cove of rocks were. The ground covered in warm sand and slighty damp from the ocean. Dwight followed. He ran up behind me and grabbed my wasit and pulled me into the sand with him getting sand all over our cloths. He then un buttoned three of the five buttons on my shirt to expose my chest. I realized he was into this idea because when I reached down to unbutton his jeans, I felt his hard dick bursting through his pants. at that point I had become very hot myself and could not wait to feel him inside of me. I tore his and my own jeans off. He took his shirt and shoes off and soon we were completely naked on the beach. He pushed me onto my back and whispered into my ear "I never finished what I started" he then sucked my neck working his way down to my nipples moving his hot tongue back and forth making them perk up quickly. He held my hands back behind my head as his tongue gently slid down my stomach and to my hips where he sucked until I could feel myself quiver. He then pulled my hands down and placed them on my chest as he gripped up my legs and wrapped them around his neck. Shoving his head between my lips, he was licking and sucking on all the juices as I grabbed his head full of soft curly hair and moved it slowly in and out. I then told him to turn around, I wanted to give him just as much pleasure. We were soon in the 69 position and he was still driving me crazy. I bobbed the head of his dick into my mouth to get it juicy while i was holding his hips. He lowered himself into my mouth gradually harder and harder. This was so much better than the shower. I felt so much more. He lowered himself and my throat allowed him to go the whole way in making him moan. After about 10 minuites, I flipped him over and proceeded to kiss his amazing body. Beside us, there was a piece of washed up seaweed. He rolled onto it and fished to pick it up. He said "I have and idea" and i went along. He turned me over on my stomach and used the seaweed to tie my arms behind my back. He gently took hold of my hips and raised my ass up tword his throbbing member. He then rubbed himself against my clit and spread my juices all over him and I. He then stuck his dick into my pussy and leaned over me to grab my shoulders and thrust himself into me over and over. He was thrusting and moaning and I was not to quiet myself. He slipped out and rubbed on me some more, then entered my backend. He moaned even more at the tightness. Soon, he bent over and ripped the seaweed off my hands with his teeth. I turned myself to him and pulled him down on me without sticking it in, just to feel our bodies together. I grabbed his hair and pulled it until he rolled off of me onto his back in the sand. I happily climbed on top with my back facing him. I slowly moved myself up and down and swirled my ass against his stomach in a cirular motion as i was gripping his legs. I finally turned around to face him and he rolled me over once again. Sand in my hair, in our butt cracks and all over our bodies. It made it more realistic as he put himself into me one more time pounding himself to pleasure. At that point I was done, I had no more comtrol and felt myself tensing up. I had been waiting for this all day. I let out a loud whine "oh, harder" at the same time, he went faster, and harder i said "cum inside, c'mon baby" and so he did. With a sexy growl, he thrust one last time and i could feel his warm cum running down me into my crack. We lay there all sticky for a few seconds and decided to bathe in the ocean and clean up. We just finished getting dressed as the sun started rising over the water to make it the perfect honeymoon a wife could ask for.

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