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The Chauffeur

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Author: Glamour Girl xoox
Published: 01-Oct-08 Revised/Updated 11-Oct-08
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"Does this thing have any music back here," I ask you as I climb off of you, feeling very horny and drunk. I notice you push a button and jazzy, romantic music emits from inside the limo. I turn my back to you and look at you from over my shoulder as I begin to unzip my skirt, letting it drop to the floor to reveal my red lacey thong underneath.

* * * * * * *

The rain pours down rather heavily against the crowded sidewalk and busy city streets in NYC. People seem to rush even quicker to get to their destinations, hoping to not get any wetter than possible. Cars seem to be moving even slower now because of the weather conditions, and taxi cabs are being hailed even more so. I stroll out of the department store, bags in hand and cursing myself for not bringing an umbrella. People are getting rough with each other, shoving them as they move quicker and someone knocks into me. My bags drop to the ground.

"Damn it," I yell at the current situation at hand. My day had been going so great and now............

I bend at the knees, careful to not reveal to anyone what's under my dress skirt. I had just left work and had been looking forward to going shopping. There were a few items that I had seen while window shopping and flipping through pages of catalogs and I was simply dying to get them. My high heels make it difficult to maneuver on the slipper sidewalk, but I manage to retrieve my bags from the ground and look up.

"Wow," I exclaim, covering my head with one of the bags to get a clearer view without being inundated by raindrops. A long, black limo had just pulled up to the sidewalk and the chauffeur stepped out and ran around to the other side of the car and opened the door.

"Miss," he called as he signaled with his hand to the inside of the car. Nervous and dripping wet I approached the door.

"Come inside. You look simply awful my dear and I can't stand to see such a beauty standing out in the rain. Where are you headed and I'll be sure my driver takes you there," you say. Still unable to see you completely, I poke my head inside. "Are you sure You look like you're a rather busy man and I don't want to hinder any plans that you might have," I reply smiling.

"Nonsense, come in." I step in feeling very relieved from the rain and place my bags down on the floor. Then I get my chance to fully look at you.

'Definitely a very important man,' I think to myself as I scan you over. You sit there with a glass of some sort of liquor in hand, fully dressed in a rather expensive looking business suit. Had to be very expensive the way it looked, almost satiny with pinstripes. You look very clean cut and your smell......very intoxicating. You wear some sort of cologne that resembles that of Drakkar and instantly it turns me on.

"I can't thank you enough for doing this, really," I say, graciously. I remove my blazer which was now soaked to reveal a red, silky blouse. Your eyes now wander up and down my body taking me all in. My red high heels, short, black dress skirt, red silk blouse neatly tucked in and my hair tied up in a clip. My breasts peak out just a little from the cleavage in my blouse.

"What do you do, if I may ask and what's your name," you ask me, taking another sip of your drink, never taking your eyes off me. I wipe away some raindrops from my forehead and smile. "I'm Julie and I work at a lawyers office just up the street. I'm his secretary. I know he's a very important lawyer and I haven't met him yet. I've been on the job now for two weeks and he's been involved in a state case."

"Would you care for a drink," you ask as you move closer to the bar.

"Sure, is there wine"

"Of course." You smile as you prepare a glass. "I hope Cabernet is alright."

"Sounds delicious," I reply and take the glass from you. I take a sip then another and slowly feel the warmth of it around my collar.

"Mmmmmmmm it's very nice. It must have been pricey," I say as I drink some more.

"Nothing I couldn't afford," and you smirk. There's something about you that I can't quite pin point yet, but somehow you seem vaguely familiar.

"Wow, it's getting kinda warm back here," I say giggling, obviously feeling some effects from the wine. I start to unbutton the top button of my blouse and fan myself a few times, sighing.

"So what's your name, if you don't mind me asking. I'd like to know who this man is who's so graciously gave me a ride."

"First name is Steve...last name's not important, not right now anyways." You offer me more wine by motioning with the bottle and I take more. The effects from the wine are now moving through my body and I feel giddy and hot. I look over at you and you continue to slowly sip your drink which appears to be scotch on the rocks. You still have not removed your eyes from me and they seem almost penetratingly seductive. I look down at your hand and notice the wedding ring on your finger. I think to myself, 'There's no way. He's totally off limits.' You change your seat and move in close to me.

"You look rather flush my dear, are you still hot" The smell of your seductive cologne sweeps over me and sends an instant signal below my waist, reminding me of what I want.

"Yea, a little," I respond very light-headedly. "I think I may need someth............" Before I know it your lips are pressed against mine. Slowly you move your tongue in and my mind goes blank. The only thing I can think of now is how bad I want you; how bad I need this, right here and right now. I wrap my hands around your neck and very passionately kiss you back. You remove the clip from my hair and it flows all around my shoulders. It smells so sweet and fruity and you pause our kiss to take some time indulge your senses. You smell my hair and run it through your fingers, it's so soft. Then you move in close to my neck and smell it and kiss it a little. You can smell my perfume and you moan.

"Mmmmm, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Very nice," you say and continue down my neck and into my cleavage. You stop and look at me with question in your eyes as to whether or not we should be doing this. With my heart pounding in my chest I respond breathlessly, "Please. Don't stop!" You start unbuttoning me and open my blouse. My big, round breasts and protruding nipples greet you from underneath a lacey red bra. You wrap your arms around me and unclip it, removing my bra and my breasts bounce in front of your, happily to be released. You start to suck on them and tongue them and I throw my head back and sigh aloud. The wine is now having quite an effect on me and I completely let myself go to your will. You begin to slip a hand under my skirt, push aside my thong and begin to finger me.

"Oh God," I cry out taking in every pleasure you're giving me. I let you finger me for a while then I push you off of me and climb on top of you. I take off your jacket and begin to undo your tie. I whip it off of your neck and throw it somewhere in the limo. I start kissing you as I unbutton you. I begin to grind myself against your throbbing cock and it makes me feel so good. I slowly kiss my way down your chest and unclip your belt. I open your pants and see how hard you are inside, I grab it and pull it out, licking it a few times.

"Does this thing have any music back here," I ask you as I climb off of you, feeling very horny and drunk. I notice you push a button and jazzy, romantic music emits from inside the limo. I turn my back to you and look at you from over my shoulder as I begin to unzip my skirt, letting it drop to the floor to reveal my red lacey thong underneath.

"You dress very nicely," you say as you begin to stroke your throbbing cock. "Why don't you come over here." I approach you and get on top of you again, letting you put yourself inside me. I sigh aloud at the feeling of having you deep inside me, then I begin to ride you. I bounce up and down and my tits brush against your face. You begin to moan and I start riding you faster and harder. You start to suck on my nipples and it drives me crazy.

"Oh baby, I think I'm gonna cum," I cry out, grinding myself against you as I ride you. Then I begin to scream as the sensation runs all through me, feeling all of you deep inside my tight, wet pussy.

"Get on the seat baby," you tell me and I get on my hands and knees. You come up behind me and push yourself inside me.

"Oh, fuck yea," I scream as you start pounding your hard cock inside me. You lean over and start playing with my nipples.

"Come on baby, fuck me harder," I yell as I feel myself coming closer and closer to climax again. Then I begin to yell, "Yea baby, I'm there.....Oh God, it feels sooooo fucking good."

I hear you grunting as you come closer and then I hear you yell, "Yea baby, take that fucking cock.........mmmmm." You cum inside me and it feels so good.

We take a moment to sit there and relax, then I get dressed and you inform me that we have arrived at my destination. The chauffeur gets out and opens my door, looking at me with a big smile on his face, almost as if he had watched the whole thing. I turn to you and smile.

"Thank you so very much for the ride," I say, winking at you.

"You're very welcome, and oh....by the way.....I'll see you at work tomorrow. I'm that lawyer you haven't seen yet, your boss."

You laugh as a shocked looked is now plastered against my face.

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