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International Relations

Author: Bobjj123
Publish Date : Oct 1, 2008
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As young man I regularly fell for pretty women. Usually, it was a passing fancy but twice in my life I fell hard for a woman and this is my story of international intrigue, business and the story of those two women who so affected my life.

* * * * * * *

My name's Andrew Whitcock and I'm into international relations. First, there was four years in Army Intelligence where I was selected to serve because of my knowledge of the 'Old Country' and the language that they had brought with them. Then there was five years of university where I earned my degrees in International Relations. Now, here I was in the native country of my parents, trying my hand at earning a living.

Those early years had been generally good years where I developed the tools of my profession and learned the practical side of world trade. They had been profitable years and, though I was not yet thirty years old, I was earning a six figure annual income.

The old country had changed. Where the people had been culturally united under the Orthodox religion and the old common law, they were now diverse and the government had become weak and out of touch. The law of the land was the Sharia law of the Muslim world and special police were to be seen everywhere enforcing the law. Meanwhile, the old police force stood by watching helplessly. The old peace and prosperity was everywhere replaced by poverty and fear. . . big brother was watching!

Of course, as an American, I felt safe from the violence around me as I went about my business of trading. . .making money! It was the power and influence of the United States that protected this citizen. Had I known then what I know now, I would have felt far differently. It's doubtful that I'd have done much differently though. I was making money - lots of money and it would probably have seemed to be well worth the risk. Such is the attitude of youth.

On the other hand, the events that were about to transpire as I wandered the street in the 'Old Country' did have a profound influence on my life - one that I wouldn't choose to re-live but wouldn't take for the experience.

It was October and there was a decided chill in the early evening air as I walked from my office to my room contemplating the warm food and pleasant company that awaited. I'm not sure where I first became aware of my danger but as we passed the big factory building along my route, I felt fear. A minute later, I was taken by four thugs, Sharia police, and bound with a sack over my face and upper torso. Then, they began a methodical beating as I became racked with pain. . . Then, I felt myself take by a truck or van to the Moski Prison where I was searched and all my identity papers reviewed before being taken to a cell in the prison.

The cell door was barred with a large wood plank much as they had hundreds of years ago. The cell, perhaps 12' X 16' in size, was empty save for a large sanitary pot and straw which served as both mattress and warmth in the unheated cell. In the darkness, I could see two other prisoners, i.e., a young man and a young woman about my age or younger. From the way they cringed when the cell door opened and the look of terror in their eyes I got the ominous feeling that I too had much to fear. It was then that I felt the cold lump in my stomach and tasted the warm bile in my throat.

Then, as he guard threw another bale of straw into the cell, I was left alone with my cell mates. I looked about the dimly lit cell as the big, heavy timber baring the cell door fell into place. I spoke quietly, first to the young woman but was coldly ignored. Then I got the same response from the young man and having seen the terror in their eyes when I came into the cell I felt my own terror begin to form.

It was cold in the cell and I had not yet learned to get beneath the straw for warmth when I saw the young woman arise and go to the sanitary pot and squat to relieve herself. She showed no sense of modesty although she did her best to cover herself. She was dressed in a wool shirt and apparently nothing else and her bare legs were covered with dirt and grime. I watched her in silence.

Shortly, I felt my own call of nature and went to the can where I lifted the lid and squatted over the pot. It was then that I saw the blood on the rim of the can. I reasoned that the poor woman was experiencing her monthly period without pads or aids. I wondered where her trousers were - perhaps under the straw, I thought!

Back in my own corner I observed the other two lying in the middle of a pile of straw and soon learned the technique for keeping cozy warm. By then, on the edge of terror, a knot of fear in my stomach, I slept. . .

It was only when the cell door opened and two guards took the sanitary can and returned a clean one along with three bowls of mush. The boiled cornmeal had been sweetened slightly and there were a few shreds of meat stirred into the mix. A wooden spoon was the only tool and I used it with gusto to assuage my appetite as I observed the mother two nervously nibbling their food.

When the cell door opened again, two guards appeared and the girl cried out until she saw that they'd come for the man; then, she simply cowered into her corner. The terror in her eyes the night before had returned. The rest of the day passed uneventfully and after our single meal of mush the two guards returned and took the girl forcibly from the cell. I was alone.

Perhaps an hour later, the girl was returned to the cell and a single glance was enough to know that she had been violently handled. It was then that I saw the body fluids dripping down her inner thighs - she had been raped. My anger rose - to greater heights than I'd ever known it! My feelings went unchecked as I felt my rage at the atrocity that had been done to this stranger. I trembled with my rage!

Then, the hours passed and my rage grew into a smoldering hatred. I crawled into my warm straw pile and slept. It was near daylight when I heard the guards at the door. They came into the cell and dragged me bodily into the passage and into the interrogation room where I was placed before the sergeant who eyed me coldly. He dismissed two of the three guards in the room to guard the doors.

Then, he said simply, drop your trousers and shorts. Meanwhile the guard was baring his erect penis. Suddenly, I knew what was expected. The guard grabbed my head and forced my face towards his groin. "Suck it." he commanded.

It was then that I knew there was at a point in my debasement where I would die before I'd endure more. I had reached that point and my death being certain, I reasoned that I'd take perhaps one with me. I moved quickly, catching the guard by surprise, and as his rifle slid off his shoulder My lunge drove the bayonet up through his lower jaw and into his brain. I pulled the weapon back in time to slash the face of the slower sergeant as he reached for his weapon. A second slash decapitated him. Then, without thinking, I ran to the door and impaled the third surprised guard. He was dead in seconds.

Then, I ran up the cell block removing the heavy timber barring the doors to the cells and calling for the prisoners to join me. Five minutes later, the lose prisoners had control of the armory and the weapons and were killing the guards in the most violent manner. For me, it was a time of horror. Me, a peaceable man, had just I'd killed three men. I felt myself sicken and my stomach rebel. There was blood all over me. . .he blood of the men I had dispatched. Suddenly, I could no longer think or act! My will to live gone!

It was then that the girl that had shared my cell came to me, now dressed in a guard's trousers, took me by the arm and led me away from the carnage. It was still early as we moved swiftly through the streets that were familiar to the girl. We lay in a straw pile in the barn completely hidden in the straw with our backs to the wall and a good view of the street in front where Sharia warriors in pickup trucks passed frequently. Then, ominously, by afternoon, they no longer passed. The girl and I remained strangely silent except for whispered matters of immediate significance.

It was after dark when the girl and I were forced by the need to urinate and seek food to pacify our hunger. It was her who led us stealthily to a stock tank where we washed and cleaned ourselves and drank from the inlet spout. Then, she took my hand again and this time lead me directly towards the farmhouse that had lamp light in the front but only darkness in the rear rooms of the house. It was into those rooms that she drew me.

Once inside, the girl called, "Mother! . . Dad!, It's me, Arie. Don't bring a light in here just leave the lamp and come." Then, there was the hushed whispered greetings and embraces as the family was united again. Then the girl explained all that had happened since her imprisonment. "We are probably being sought by the Sharia warriors. . . ," she reported. Only then did she introduce me to her parents.

The girl who hadn't spoken ten words to me in succession had suddenly began to chatter as she introduced me to her parents. I noted that she made no mention of her rape and defiling while in prison; rather, passing over it as though it had never happened. Thirty minutes later, she and her mother were preparing bath water in the kitchen while I was led to the basement. "It's safe here." her father said as he showed me some straw pads and blankets. Then, I followed Arieanna with a bath and a shave with a borrowed razor and the two of us fugitives were confined to the basement safe from prying eyes.

With morning light, I observed Arieanna freshly bathed in her own clothes and her fear abated. I noted that she was stunningly beautiful, showing only a few signs of the beating she had suffered in prison. For the first time I began to think of her as a woman. . . For the first time we talked freely as friends and I soon knew her past history as a very religious orthodox farm girl who had removed her veil to relieve herself from the oppressive heat of the bourka she wore to comply with Sharia law. She had felt safe from any prying eyes but the Sharia Warriors were everywhere and she was observed in public with her face uncovered. From there she was taken to the prison and held without a trial. I knew the rest.

Of course, I soon spoke of myself and of my family, etc. As we spoke in quiet whispers in the dark basement, we bonded, first as friends; then, I began to have feelings for her as a very desirable woman. Of course, much as I sought to suppress those feelings, they were soon evident to Arie and she became rather distraught.

It was some time in the middle of the night that I had my erotic dream as I lay on my straw pad while Arie lay15 feet away sleeping on her own straw pad. It was so real and so vivid. . . so wild; yet, so caring! I awoke and sat up to collect my thoughts. As I stirred, I heard Arie stir as well as she whispered, "Andy, can I come over and talk to you" Seconds later we sat facing each other, seated Indian fashion on my straw pad, her long night gown covering every part of her. Even in the moonlight, she was beautiful - perhaps more beautiful!

She spoke, "Andy, I feel something developing between us and normally I'd want it to happen but you know what happened in prison. I'm defiled and dirty with the kind of dirt that I can't wash off. My church would never condone marriage to an impure woman and you deserve better. . ."

At first I was stunned by her words; then, I felt my anger rising. Surely she couldn't think that what happened to her in prison would change my feelings one iota. I spoke out in a rather smoldering blind rage, "What in hell has a rape at the hands of a beast got to do with you and me You call yourself impure; yet, you're probably one of the purest people I know. Yes, he stuck his penis in you and it'd have been better if he hadn't but he never touched your hear or your mind or your soul. In a week, when your physical injuries are healed, your body will be completely recovered and you'll be as presentable as ever to any man. I do not intend to let you go until I determine that we don't belong together."

As I scolded her, I saw the tears forming in her eyes. She started to speak; then stopped, "Oh Andy, if only. . . I don't know what to think." I reached out to touch her bared arm only to have it withdrawn and fear.

Seeing her rejection, I spoke, "It's all right, I'll wait as long as necessary." and she made no reply as we sat in silence. Finally, she said, "You're crazy!. . ." and carried a big smile along with her tears. Then, after some light conversation, she returned to her bed and I slept soundly.

Next morning, Arie's father came and told us that the Sharia Warriors were totally defeated and leaving the country as the old law was back in effect. We were free to come out of hiding and have breakfast with the parents. It was that morning that I first observed a change in Arie. . . she was almost flirtatious and sexy.

When Arie's father agreed to drive me to my apartment, Arie rode with us and as I showed her father my office, she came along. Then, upstairs to my apartment where I brewed a pot of coffee, her father and I talked about my business in which he seemed interested.

When I explained that I was going to be overwhelmed for a while with a large shipment of cookware and needed to hire extra help, he said, "Arie's good help and she needs a job." So it was that Arieanna became my employee.

Arie was a good worker, intelligent, quick to learn and ambitious. For the first two weeks of her employment she worked long hours and met every deadline so that my shipment was away on time. Then, she was immediately involved with the administrative detail of clearing the shipment through customs and Tarriffs and taxes with only minimum supervision from me and with the free time that her work allowed me, I was able to solicit new business. She had become indispensable.

Within months, the business had grown into a bid, five story commercial building with the top floor dedicated to my apartment, Arie's apartment, a conference room and a small cafe/lunch room. The other four floors served workspace for our eighty employees.

It was barely two years after Arie and I had started to work together; yet, it seemed much longer as I saw her grow more beautiful and enticing each day while I could no touch her. I waqs committed to wait. It was a hell that I couldn't avoid if I had any hope for a future with her.

Then, it was the 23rd of September when I was returning to my apartment after a late night meeting with a client that my world was shattered. As I stepped off the elevator to go to my apartment I saw Arie and Viktor Pachenko, in the hall. They were embracing and Arie was dressed only in a housecoat, her hair disheveled, her face flushed and looking very much like a woman who had just been serviced by a man.

Stunned, I quickly entered my apartment and sat to appraise what I had just seen. Obviously, there was something amiss and My life was affected. . . I spent the night with my mind in turmoil as I planned. Next morning, I contacted a detective agency to research Viktor Pachenko and his dealings and to report on he relationship between he and Arie. In my anguish, I hid my guilty feeling of spying under a cloak of business concerns.

A week passed; then towards the end of the second week, I was called to the State Intelligence Service where my request for information had been forwarded. Once there, I was greeted warmly and a written report handed to me. As it was handed to me, the agent reported, "Victor Plachenko is stealing from your company. He has stolen at least $70,000 that we have identified. In addition, he has paid no income taxes on the money." Then, after identifying the areas where the money had been taken, he moved on to show me a DVD recording.

Taken in Arie's apartment from a hidden camera, it showed Victor and Arie as lovers complete with sound and color. Several minutes into the program, I felt sick and asked that it be stopped. There was no question of her feelings now. . .The question was how deeply involved she was with the fraud and stealing from the company.

Then, armed with the intelligence I had received, I began making subtle changes within the company. All the foreign assets were directed to a holding company in the United States. All assets in country were carefully audited and documented. Then, I called for a meeting in the conference room. With Arie and Victor seated at the conference table, I began my agenda.

"Viktor, I have here a statement of accounts that shows a large deficit in our accounts receivable. There has been a rather well contrived second set of books discovered. Can you explain this" I stated. The startled accountant replied, "Surely there's some mistake. I'll check into it immediately." With that, I triumphantly produced the second statement of an independent audit firm and said quietly, "There's no mistake. I expect full restitution and your desk cleared by tomorrow." Then, as Viktor arose to depart, I said, 'Sit Viktor, There's more."

With that I darkened the room and played the DVD of Viktor and Arie,s tryst for them to see. This time I watched with satisfaction as they reacted in horror. As we watched, I saw Arie willingly accept Victors ministrations and unlike before, in prison, this was no rape but a very willing woman! The satisfied look on her face as Viktor administered oral pleasures was unmistakable. Then, when his cock had slid effortlessly into her, her passions were again unmistakable. everywhere. The obviously experienced couple moved smoothly and efficiently as they spurred each other to greater passions. In the background Arie's voice could be hear as she murmured her small cries of passion as each of Viktor's violent thrusts was rammed into her waiting pussy. Then, as the cries grew sharper and quicker, we saw Viktor tense and cry out as his flood of semen shot into her belly.

The show continued as they rested in each other's arms, enjoying their afterglow and they expressed their love for each other. The words they spoke to each other cut me . . they should have been mine. This time, I showed the entire recording with no feeling of revulsion. . .

When I turned the room lights up as she show ended, I saw the look of horror on Arie's face and the tears in her eyes. "You Bastard!. Where'd you get that" she cried out and I replied quietly and calmly, "Does it matter"

Then, broken at the discovery, her attitude changed. She said, "You were never supposed to know! I'm sorry! Can we still be friends " and I knew it could never be again. As we talked, Viktor had disappeared.

Next day, I was called to the Office of Intelligence and a second report was presented to me. This time it was broader and it showed that Arie and Viktor had been working together to defraud the company. Nearly a million dollars had been diverted to foreign accounts and the accounts were held jointly by Viktor and Arieanna. Viktor had been apprehended and was being held covertly on income tax evasion charges. We discussed Arie and the pending charges against her and it was evident that they wanted my input.

After some thought, I replied, "They have broken the law and should be punished to the full extent of the law for tax evasion and fraud." It gave me no pleasure to speak as I did and I felt sick as the tears welled up in my eyes. I felt no vindictiveness as I spoke - the ill will and hard feelings were in the past but my responsibilities were to the eighty employees of the company that depended on their jobs for their future! It was the right thing to say. . .

Today, Arieanna resides in the very prison where she had been raped and abused when I met her. I still have feelings for her and frequently send clothes and food to see to her care but I don't want to see her.

Actually, there's another woman in my life today. She'd come to the city from the mountains seeking work and was hired as my housekeeper cook.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When Amanda came to work for me, it was a time of great sadness for me. I had no time for love or women or feelings and was devoid of sensitivity or caring for others. Employees were simply tools to be utilized to my best advantage; to be manipulated and used! Amy was no exception.

She had been working for me for less than a month when I began to feel horny. . .I needed a woman - any woman! It was when Amy served dinner that I suddenly noticed her svelte figure, blond pony tail, blue eyes and a certain grace with which she carried herself and felt the attraction. She was an employee and I decided right then to have her.

With dinner over and the table cleared, I called out to her to come and have a drink with me. She came into the living room somewhat reluctantly and stood facing me. I motioned for her to have a seat beside me on the sofa and handed her a tall gin and tonic. She seated herself, again reluctantly, beside me and I moved to start my seduction.

As I moved, I felt her rejection - not physical but certainly disapproving. Then, as my hand brushed her breast and I moved to kiss her on the lips she pulled away physically and said, "Mister Whitcock, I need my job and I'll work hard to earn my salary but I can't do what you want. I left the mountains to avoid such intimidation as you are proposing here and nearly starved before I found this job. Please . . ."

Then, as I remained resolved to treat her as paid help there to do my bidding, she read my thoughts and said simply, "I'll be gone in the morning after I fix your breakfast," and left for her quarters. I was left with my thoughts. . .

At first, I felt mildly uncomfortable with what had happened without really knowing why. Then, I felt an increasing feeling of guilt for having tried to blackmail this young woman whose only connection to me was as a dutiful employee. In an hour, I felt revulsion with myself. I had sunk to a new low and had acted despicably. It was then that I began to regain my old sensitive nature.

Some time after midnight, I was still dressed and awake as I realized that I had to make amends. I went to Amy's quarters and knocked on her door. It was only after several rejected pleas open her door that I was able to try to repair the hurt that I had delivered to her.

I apologized and begged her to stay on. I promised to refrain from any improper advances towards her. I praised her good work. Mostly, I tried to see her as a person with wants and needs and hopes like everyone. Soon, I felt her forgiveness - not all at once but slowly as she developed trust in my words. By morning, we had talked away the rest of the night and I suggested that we have breakfast out and she could return to her quarters for some much needed sleep.

It was a beginning as Amy and I bonded. A month passed, then two and slowly Amy and I blended into a family living unit like a brother and sister. She kept the quarters clean and orderly and prepared delicious food for all my meals. Soon, she was handling household finances and personal details. Then, when I had to host banquets and dinner meetings in the conference room, she acted as my hostess. Each evening as we sat together, she restored my soul which I had abandoned when Amy deserted me.

I don't know when I first started to develop a healthy lust for her. Perhaps it was the first time we met. Perhaps it started the night she rejected my advances. All I can remember is that the lust seemed to grow and strengthen each day. Each day she seemed more beautiful and more desirable. The old feelings that I'd had for Arie were soon there Amy and I felt apprehension! I could never go through another rejection like that; yet, Amy was there and I felt her closeness.

Again, I don't know exactly when Amy was aware of my feelings, or even if she was aware of my feelings at first! Then, I began to sense certain body movements and see it in her eyes. Then, there were soft caresses as we met and seemingly accidental brushing of our bodies together. Of course, nothing was ever said. . .

So it was when the yule time holidays came and both she and I had been extremely busy preparing for the holiday season - holiday matters in the office! Suddenly the season was upon us and families gathered at home with only a few of us without families alone. So it was for Amy and I.

We had started the holiday late and had a leisurely lunch; then, sat on the floor next to the tree and opened our presents. For Amy, I had wrapped a small diamond pendant and gave it to her from St. Niklas. She presented me with a small money clip which had been lovingly wrapped and decorated. Then, we both had a glass of egg nog as we looked into each other's eyes. I kissed her on the cheek. Then, feeling no resistance, I kissed her under the ear and moved back where she returned the kisses on my lips. When I looked into her eyes, I saw tears. Suddenly, I embraced her and hugged her close. . .

As the moment passed, I went with Amy into the kitchen where we prepared dinner together. The dinner was excellent and the wine superb as we ate at the kitchen table. I wanted Amy like I had never wanted her before. I wanted to possess her and to adore her and to love her - but I didn't as there were boundaries which I perceived should not be crossed. I had promised. It was shortly before 2100 hours when we retired to our rooms for the night.

It was perhaps an hour or two later [hard to tell when lying awake with one's thoughts] when I heard a noise and saw a figure enter the room. As Amy approached my bed she said, "Please May I sleep with you I don't want to be alone tonight."

As I pulled the covers back to allow her to get into my bed, I saw her naked body for the first time. As I saw her perfect breasts and pale, smooth skin I felt myself aroused. My cock hardened in an instant and stretched my boxers as it strained to be free as I felt my embarrassment rising. Then, even as I worked to hide the object of my embarrassment, I felt Amy's hands lifting my tee-shirt over my head and realized what would come next. I quickly dropped my own drawers and rolled on to my stomach so that my upper torso was partially over Amy as she lay on her back.

When I looked down, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to kiss her and I moved to touch our lips together. It was a light, feathery meeting of the lips and yet the most sensuous thing I'd ever done. Even as our lips had barely touched, I sensed that she'd returned the kiss.

We talked and Amy seemed nervous. . .perhaps even reticent; yet, I sensed that she wanted what was about to transpire. It was no longer in my nature to simply take her; rather, I wanted all of her - not just her body but her and soul and mind as well! What ever it was that was concerning Amy must be cleared up before we could continue. I waited quietly.

Then, Amy spoke, "I'm not very good at this. That was my first kiss and it's as far as I've ever been with a man. I want you to be my first! Please be gentle though. . ."

"You mean that you're a virgin," I said, "Are you sure you want this"

As we quietly explored the depths of each other's psyche for evidence of how we might please each other, I kissed her again. This time it was with our lips pressed together and moved slightly for sensual effect. We lingered with that kiss as we explored. Then, as her lips parted to allow my tongue to penetrate her mouth, the kiss became increasingly passionate and our passions rose to new levels. Our tongues met and explored each other in a fiery dance as we pressed our bodies against each other. Minutes passed as we familiarized ourselves with each other.

It was as we kissed that my mind wandered and I began to think about what was happening. Up until now, it was my carnal appetites that had invited her into my bed and it had been hem that impelled me to each further action but now I was facing the matter rationally. Amy had grown to be my friend, my only friend really. I valued that friendship and wondered how this night might affect this friendship. Still, it was her that had come to me. . .

It was at that point that my attention was diverted to a particularly sensational move by Amy. Perhaps it was the way our tongues danced together or perhaps it was some special meeting of the minds. . . I felt it! Then, I responded and our passions were escalated to another new level. It was time to move on to the next step.

Although I'd been with a couple of women before, none had ever inspired me the way Amy was. I felt the strong desire to service her. . . to adore her and to love her! But how I worried!

Of course, the worry was unfounded as my hands began to explore the soft flesh of her outer thighs and torso and she responded with her consent. Then, again by instinct alone, I began to caress and fondle her breasts. . . I'm no expert but those breasts appeared to be perfect, set high on her chest with just a hint of sag; yet, firm and sensitive to my touch. Slowly, I moved my hands over her areolas and nipples, experimenting as I went to see what effect I might be having on Amy. I told her how beautiful they were as I adored her. . .

Kissing her titties was obviously the next step and I moved slightly to apply my lips to them. It was the right move as I felt Amy begin to tremble beneath me. . . At first, it was feather-light kisses; then, laving with my tongue on one breast as I fondled the other with my free hand. When I took her nipple into my mouth and began to suckle it the response was immediate and strong. She cried out her pleasure in a series of nearly inaudible animal cries and grasp my head to draw me closer as her trembling increased to new levels.

As I continued to experiment and familiarize myself with her breasts, she had lain half under me on her back until, amidst her rising passions, she rose up from the bed to involve herself actively in our love making. Her hand fell on my erect cock.

I no longer thought rationally of the future or our friendship; only of Amy and the hot woman that totally engrossed my thoughts. Her hand had been the final move away from any rational thought. Possessing her was my only thought.

Then, Amy withdrew her hand from my cock as quickly as she had grasped it. The touch had been unintentional. . . the effect monumental! . . .on both of us!

Now, utilizing what I had just learned, I suckled her breasts with vigor and an urgency that had suddenly developed. My hands roved freely over her inner thighs and belly as they sought the trail to her vulva. . . My sudden increase in verve quickly overwhelmed Amy and she lay on her back, still trembling, and accepting my ministrations. Her eyes blazed with passion and her nostrils flared as she lived this new experience but there was also a note of fear. . .perhaps fear of the unknown!

Slowly, she seemed to lose interest in our tryst. The cause was simply not clear and I backed off from my own moves as I asked, "What's wrong Are we moving too fast" This time I saw alarm in her eyes as she spoke, "It's all so new to me. I want you to be my first and I want it now." Of course, I had been moving too fast and I slowed my moves accordingly.

For the next hour, or so, we contented ourselves with a lot of touching, caressing and fondling on my part as I adored her. The hour came easy for me as I felt my adoration flow unforced and Amy was the most willing receiver of those words and ministrations. In a rational moment, I realized that my adoration was real and that I was wi8llingly committing myself to this amazing woman.

Then, as my hands explored Amy's vulva and into the slit that was the center of her womanhood, I felt her suddenly grow calm. . .her trembling ceased. In her eyes I saw not only the passion I'd seen earlier but the love and adoration I'd sought all my life. My fingers sought her vulva and entrance to her love canal.

Suddenly the act we were about to perform had become a ritual. . .a ritual of love and commitment! We were about to give each other the greatest gift that can ever be given. . .we were about to give ourselves total to each other! My fingers moved into the well lubricated channel between her inner labia and became familiar.

Then, my fingers found her clit and I knew that I must suckle and lav it. I moved and soon my mouth and tongue and even my teeth were totally involved in her sex. I moved in response to her needs. . .

As I laved her vestibule and vaginal opening and gently bit her exposed clit, I felt her passions increase. My tongue had delivered the sensations that she needed and she was ready for the final assault. I felt her hands drawing me over her.

In a second, I was in place over her, in the classic missionary position and my steel-hard cock was in her vestibule. A look into her eyes told me that she was ready as I shoved my cock into her. It quickly embedded itself into her canal before meeting an obstruction which must be broken before the act could be completed. Before I had time to develop a plan for overcoming this obstruction, I felt her hymen break and my cock slide into her very depths.

Beneath me, with my cock completely embedded in her, I looked into Amy's eyes and this time there was a look of pure love mixed with passion. She spoke, "You did it. Thank you!" I have never felt so honored before or since.

Soon, we were acting on instinct again as we experimented and familiarized ourselves with ourselves and our act. We quickly picked up the primordial rhythm and began to explore the many nuances of pleasure that were available but it was not a memorable act. . .we were too new together and too inexperienced! The memorable acts would come later as we worked at developing our technique iun pleasing each other.

As we lay fully joined, in a lover's embrace, I felt the envelope of peace and serenity surround us. We slept together. . .

With morning came the realization that I had made a life-long commitment to Amy and I felt only exhilaration and joy. Amy, still covered in body fluids and evidence of the previous nights events, lay beside me now and I only wanted to touch her. . .to be close to her. I moved.

With my very slight movement, Amy awakened and we stared into each other's eyes. The message was clear and I moved over her. Nothing was said as my cock grew hard and I inserted it in her only partially prepared vagina. Nothing needed to be said as we were perfectly attuned.

It was the morning after the holiday when we arose and took our shower together. We washed each other completely, neglecting no places and with more effort applied at the most intimate places. Then, fresh and clean, Amy went to her apartment and dressed as I did the same. It was after breakfast when we took to the streets.

Once outdoors, we took a taxi downtown and walked a few blocks as we window shopped. It had been my idea and as we looked at clothes and lingerie and shoes, I began to develop an idea. Since she was often asked to do hostess duties as part of her job I would outfit her with a wardrobe most suitable fo a fine lady. The thought gave me joy. . .

First, we bought lingerie, then party dresses and finally, long formal wear. It was late in the day when we had completed our purchase of shoes and accessories and we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant before returning home. The next day, Saturday, I had made an appointment with the best salon for a make-over for both of us.

Amy had always been beautiful and needed very little make-over as she had her hair shampooed and cut and her fingernails and toenails treated. After her facial, we lay in the hot tub together and soaked. It was late afternoon when we lay on the massage table as skilled hands worked out all our tensions.

Sunday, was a day of idleness and Amy and I didn't bother to dress. We had become experienced lovers and confident of ourselves as we trusted each other. It was an idyllic time as we remained totally engrossed in each other as we engaged in coitus frequently as our appetites compelled us.

It was Sunday evening when I asked Amy to marry me and she refused. She felt unworthy, with her mountain girl ways, to be the wife of a powerful business man. She offered to live with me and perform all the duties of a wife but she felt that she would be a drag and a hindrance if we were married. Of course, she was wrong but her mind was made up and she would not change. . .

Over the next few months, Amy and I lived the good life together. I asked her to marry me frequently and, as always, she refused. In the office and in social circles, Amy was eventually considered as my wife.

Then, as I returned from work one afternoon, I found a visitor being entertained by Amy. It was Arieanna, fresh out of prison and looking drawn and pale. When I approached her she came to attempt to embrace me and I backed away, addressing her coldly. When I looked at her I wondered what I'd ever seen in Arie that had affected me so emotionally. . . whatever it was, it was gone now. Then, after a short greeting I asked, "Why did you come here Arie"

Arie seemed hesitant as she asked if she might have her old job back. She pleaded her case with promises of loyalty and hoping to restore our old friendship and I considered what we once had. Finally, my course of action was clear. "Arieanna, I can't trust you and I spent a long time learning not to hate you but There is a job for you in this company." I explained that the company needed a new custodian for the warehouse and she could report to work there if she needed a job. Then, I suggested that she leave.

Suddenly Amy spoke up. "Wait a minute. She's my guest and I'd like her to stay so we can talk. She's told me so much about your past. Perhaps she could stay for dinner - there's plenty! Stunned by Amy's sudden position, I could only respond that I was agreeable.

An hour later, at dinner, the two women were engaged in conversation and I listened as Arie spoke of how she had captivated me and held me in her spell, embarrassing me as she talked. For perhaps ten minutes, I was subjected to her story of how she had built the company and how she had used me.

After a while, Amy asked innocently, "Why did you leave the company" and Arieanna was taken aback. She replied that there had been a misunderstanding over an employee who was stealing from the company and as his supervisor, she was held responsible and fired. Amy seemed to accept the explanation as she moved on to other small talk.

Then, Arie went on to explain that she'd once lived in the apartment next door where the Chief Financial Officer lived. She talked of her important position in the company again and I winced at her version of the story. As the story unfolded, Amy asked innocently again, "Where have you been the past couple of years"

As Arieanna felt her story undone, she became hostile. She spoke out of desperation as Amy mentioned that she had heard something about prison, "Andy! Tell her how we built this company together. . .you and I!" I remained silent for a while before I spoke; then, I said,"Arie, I'll always be grateful to you for those early days. What you said is true and I held you in high esteem as a friend. In fact, I adored you. It pained me to see that you stole from me and took a lover, right under my nose, who helped you steal. You know that if you'd have asked, I'd have given you all you wanted. You hurt me! Today, I recognize you for the bitch that you are." Having spoken, I arose from the table and went to the bedroom.

As I departed, Amy was still innocently asking questions to which she already knew the answer and which further forced the truth of Arie's story. She was relentless in her demeaning of her.

In a few minutes I heard Arie leave and Amy came into our bedroom. "Ask me!" she said and I was puzzled. "Whaaaa. . ." I started to speak and it dawned on me, "Will you marry me" Her immediate reply was a resounding ,"YES!"

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