Night Nurse

Author: damngdlvr
Published: Oct 3, 2008
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She went into room 412 and noticed a very attractive Football player who was there for observation.

Debbie was working the graveyard shift at Mercy hospital. She hated it, but due to the staffing issues she had no choice so 11am to 7am it was. It was a break from her former life as a stripper and adult entertainer, she wass a "recovering" Nymphomaniac and decided to take up Nursing three years ago. So here she was at mercy hospital at 2am checking on her patients. She went into room 412 and noticed a very attractive Football player who was there for observation due to a mild concussion. She stood over him checking his vitals, the small hospital robe wasn't enough to Accomadate his massive upper frame so he slept nude with only the sheet to cover him. She explored his smooth muscular chest staring at his dark nipples. Whithout thinking she began 2 rub his chest softly as he slept soundly. She felt her nipples harden and her panties became moist, she stopped suddenly gettn her composure and returned to her station. Just then over the intercom her co worker advised her she would be the only nurse on the 4th floor 4 at least another 45mins She twitched in her chair and couldnt concentrate as the nipples on her 36DDs were so hard they throbbed. She promised herself just a few minutes more of touching the patient in room 412, this time her light touches were more forceful..she saw his dick grow through the thin sheet..he was still asleep...the doors wouldn't lock so closing the curtain would hav to do. She pulled the sheet back and exposed a huge massive dick throbbing with the owner of such a magnifigant tool still fast asleep...she tld herself.."just a lil taste" and she began lickn the head slowly...gradually pickn up speed and taking him deeper in her mouth...her hand took a life of their own undoing her shirt buttons and releasing her huge massive boobs...the patient began to moan a little...she quickly straddled him while telling him softly.."its ok this will make u feel better" moving her underwear to the side she took hold of his cock and massaged the tip of her clit with his dick head...her juices were flowing...her breathn became an instant she sat on his dick without warning...her breath escaped her and was replaced with unspeakable exctasy...she went up and down the lengh of his dick with slow and deliberate motions..allowing her clit to feel the full effect of his shaft..waves after waves of orgasims consumed her..then suddnly 2 massive hands grabbed her ass tightly forcing the full lenth of the 11inch cock inside her..her eyes opened to see her patient staring at her breast thrusting in with reckless abandoment...he fucked areas of her pussy she didn't kno existed...and forcefully sucked her huge nipples...the pleasure was so intense she lost her breath n thot she was gonna pass out..until she felt load after load of hot creamy cum fill her insides...he held her tight 4 several minutes in that position so they both could catch their breath...she arose slowly..fixed her positioned her breast...and told the patient..."ill be back 2 fill your perscription 2morrow night" and tipped back to her station.

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