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Author: Bonnie S.
Published: 14-Oct-08 Revised/Updated 17-Nov-08
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Martha explained that her son has a gift for learning. Ronnie is taking the entrance exam to Harvard University when we get back east. He has always been big on learning all he can. That is not all he has that is big " and she winked at me. "If you know what in mean"

* * * * * * *

The parent's of my college roommate called me and said Susie was hurt real bad car crash & she was asking for me. The next fight to St. Paul was in the morning. I called my boyfriend and told him what I was going to do. I caught an emergency flight from San Diego to St. Paul. I called them back & gave them the flight number and arriving around 4pm. I departed San Diego's airport at 615am the next day. About 90 minutes later the intercom came on and said "We have to land in Denver due to bad whether in St. Paul. And we would have to spend the night at a local hotel on them.

Hey, Flight Attendant I called. "I have to get to St. Paul, I have a friend in the hospital and she's calling for me. I don't have time to stop anywhere. I have to get there"

Well, Mamm, We are sorry but there's nothing we can do about the whether, It's just one of those things that will happen traveling this time of year. There's blizzard conditions back east that stop planes from landing in their destination" I am Sorry" We will put you up in a nice hotel for the night. And resume the flight in the morning"

We landed in Denver about 1130. The airline shuttled us to a near by hotel. I went up to the room. I called Jack & Sue and told them what was happening. "Ok Sue said, she said it is really snowing hard, sometimes even sideways "Susie is doing better now but still asking for you" call us and we'll pick you up.

Moments later I heard a card key slide into the slot and the door opened.

" What the "F" are you doing in my room I yelled.

This lady said, "The hotel didn't plan on this airline dumping so many people on them. So we have to bunk up"

"I don't think so lady. You can find another room"

"There is none, It's just my son and me" You don't mind do you

I thought about it for ah minute. "Ok you can stay here, so how old is this kid anyway and where is he"

"He's going to be 18 on the 20th" of July, he's bringing the luggage up now. My name is Martha and my son is Ronnie. What's your name

I'm Bonnie.

We settled in and her son knocked on the door and she let him in. He was kind of small for 18 and he looked like ah high school nerd. (You know a bookworm type) He even has a pencil case in his shirt pocket. I thought this wouldn't be too bad. We talked for a while. And Ronnie took out some books he'd brought along.

"He always do that, I asked.

"Yes, I don't want him to get behind in his studies"

I was getting hungry. I asked Martha and Ronnie to join me for something to eat. Martha said he needs to study, but I'll go with you. Where shall we go

We went to a restaurant down the street and sat down. I asked Martha why she didn't bring her kid with her. "Oh he studies a lot & he eats simple foods that I pre-pair for him. It is brain food. He will be fine.

"What is he studying for a college exam or what

"Yes he is & Martha explained that her son has a gift of learning. Ronnie is taking the entrance exam to Harvard University when we get back east. He has always been big on learning all he can. That is not all he has that is big " and she winked at me. "If you know what in mean"

"At 18 years old he's going to Harvard. He would have to be extremely intelligent to even get in that school". "Yes he has a 3.80 GPA and a 1100 IQ score. Not bragging, just fact & Harvard asked for him"

Well, we talked about many things. The subject came around the sex. Martha asked if I was lesbian, bi or straight. I didn't think that was any of her business. I changed the subject many times she always came back to it.

"Martha I am very straight. So why would you need to know this" she didn't answer me. She just smiled and winked at me again.

Our meal was over and I told her I was going back to the hotel room. She said she would be there in a little while & I left. I arrived back to my room. I opened the door to my hotel room and shut it behind me. I didn't see the geek, Ronnie. I thought I would shower since he wasn't there. I stripped down & put on the hotel shower robe and walked into the bathroom, there to my surprise was Ronnie. This little kid had this spanish hotel housekeeper bent over the leading edge of the tub with his cock right up in her pooper.

I thought WoW, This kid about 110 pounds with a dick like that. I just watched as he pounded her bunghole. Not knowing it, but my hand went right to my pussy slit and I rubbed my crack from my ass to my belly button, feeling extremely amours. I fingered my holes as he fucked her ass with long deep strokes. She was squinting her eyes as she said in Spanish, I could tell that she was about to cummmm. I watched intently for a while longer.

I felt a hand on my ass cheeks. It was Martha. She was now naked and rubbing my butt. I remembered what she had said earlier. When she was talking about sex and wanting to know about my sexual orientation. I thought. Is she fucking her son Martha whispered in my ear. "Isn't he something, Just look at that dick. So huge and hard. Wouldn't you like some of that" she said

I turned my head back to Ronnie and his assault on this housekeeper's ass. Ronnie said out loud I'M CUMMMMIN' She said "Poota POOTA dick in my POOTA as she was pointing and rubbing her cunt. Ronnie slid out of her ass, slapped it hard & he inserted that love stick in her pussy, All the way to the bottom. She just grouted and screamed Oiy Vey Oiy Vey Fuck my Poota Gringo. He increased his speed and soon they were cumming together.

He gave it to her hard and fast. He said "Mamma, I'm Cummin like you said to. His Mamma just looked at this cunt taking his cock. "He spent every thing he had, and still cuming when his dick slid out, he cummed in her, on her ass cheeks and was still dripping when he stood up.

I had never seen so much cum in one shot. This little kid was amazing! As he was coming down from his orgasm he stood up and looked at his naked mother and said. "Did I do good Mom"

"Yes Ronnie you sure did, it's was just like I showed you son" Well by then I feeling the turn-on and the moisture was running down my leg. Martha "How did you find this out about your son Ronnie"

Oh, she said, "since his daddy left us after he was born we have been alone. I picked up the father figure and my mothering. He started have good hard erections when he was just 7 or 8 years old. It was 6am one morning. I walked into his room to wake him for school. He had a tent built. I took ah peek under his sheets. I nearly fell over. His cock was standing up a full 6" at age 7. The veins were protruding out 1/8" all the way to his cock helmet. I thought wow! This kid has a dick that won't quit. It was flexing in his sleep. I really wanted to but I never did!" and now he knows what it was for, because I showed him.. His has healthy sperm, I had it checked"

Martha, have you e v e r, well you know" fucked your son"

"No, he has wanted to many times but I'm not into incest. I am his mother. I'm just showing him what a lady likes and what her needs are. Ronnie has this 8 1/2" cock to do it with"

All the time she was telling me, I was fucking my snatch hole with my fingers. I was about to cum right there. "Bonnie, Would you like some too I can tell by the way you were watching him, You would if you could huh

"I don't know, I have never done a 18 year old kid. However it does look inviting. He's probably done isn't he" Martha's reply was overwhelmingly. She said, "I've watched him go for hours, he has such stamina & staying power to keep that cock erect and shoot his wad many times over"

As Ronnie looked at his cock dripping from the housekeeper's cunt & his mother told him that I wanted some of that love tool. The moisture from my slit was already from watching this geek and the spanish housekeeper was done. She put her housekeepers uniform on and left our room.

Ronnie said "So you want some of this Well here, come and get it lady" I hesitated a bit & thought what would my boyfriend say Nah, he won't ever know! I walked over to him. I just grabbed his cock wiped it off with a washcloth. He said 'Turn around lady and bend over and grab your ankles. No foreplay! He just went for it! He snuggled in behind me & aimed that cock at my love nest and with a little pressure he was in. Now, Here I was with a child's dick in my wet pussy I found myself starting to back up against the length of his thrusts.

Martha said "Ronnie I want you to stop before she cums. You need to tease this lady ah little"

His cock was so blood filled & hard I couldn't believe I was fucking this kid. He was a go-getter alright! He was thrusting into me with such force I was cummijg in no time. His dick was sliding on my G-Spot and I knew it wouldn't be long. It felt it approaching . I'm Cumming! I shouted out loud. Oh GOD, fuck your lil slut, fuck me , make me hurt , make me cum SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD " FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING!" Pleaseeeeee......Give it to me Hard .....Fuck me hard & don't STOP Until you fill my cunt with that hot cream, Ohhhhhhh.........pleaseeeeeeee,,,,,,, I'm cumming! FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" Oh Fuck My hole. Young Man!

"Ronnie STOP!" Martha said, Ronnie stopped and looked at his mother. Said Now what Mom "You want her also His mother had a strap-on dildo and was looking at my butt, "Here son put this around your waist" This rubber cock wasn't as long or around as Ronnie's meat. It was sitting off center ah little, It was made for females. As she explained to Ronnie, "Now put your dick in her wet hole. And place this at her asshole" and slowly make the strap-on dildo disappear in her bung. He did as he was told, as he always did.

Slowly he moved closer to my ass cheeks. His dick was about a half of the way in my cunt and I felt the pressure of this rubber at my butt. Ronnie asked me if I was ok, "Yeah I said "it's getting full though".

All of a sudden Martha pushed Ronnie's ass hard against mine, and plop! He managed to gain access to my ass with out any lube of any kind. And it hurt like hell, but the sensation was so tremendous. He started in & out movements and gradually increased speed.

He was at the bottom of my pussy, He pounded my pussy with his dick while this rubber cock was in my butt. Oh the sensation was grand! I felt my orgasm near the peak. Ohhhhhhh.........pleaseeeeeeee,,,,,,, Ronnie, I'm cumming! Again!!! I started to rub my clitoris fast. Martha had another vibrator as she was rubbing my clit vigorously. My asshole felt like it was on fire and I was about to squirt as again another orgasm was here! All I could do was inhale a deep breath and hold it! My pussy gushed with my woman-ness & wave after wave of orgasms hit my insides like never before.

I just collapsed on the rim of the bathtub. Ronnie fell over me. We just lay there for a few minuets waiting for my command since to come back around.

The telephone rang at 05:30. It was the airline telling us that we were due to depart in two hours. I forgot all about the flight, Susie & my boyfriend. I had been fuckin this kid all night. I hadda to shower, get dressed and make it to the airport all inside of two hours. WTF I did however make my flight and made it to the hospital just before Susie's surgery. Ronnie will make a great husband for some lucky woman. I never told anyone about this sexual encounter, not even my boyfriend. He may find-out though. He likes this site to read these stories...

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