Author: Noemi S.
Published: Oct 16, 2008
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I found the drops of semen on my breasts with my fingertips, took some with my fingers, and sucked on them. I stared at the white slippery juice discharged as it voided out again and again on me. I quivered intensely feeling his hot semen spatter on my breasts.

If you haven't read my story about MY FIRST INTERNET LOVER on the Internet you should, so it can be used as a preview for this story, which is also true, and happened seven days after the first lover and I had made love.

As the rest of the week passed, I kept in touch with all my Internet lovers. The first man I had talked with on the Internet and I continued our Internet sexual exchanges. I continued our love making almost daily with this man as well as my first actual lover. COMPLICATED - Yes - but FUN - Absolutely. I needed the fun AND I needed the sex worse.

The first guy I had made love with in my preceding story and I continued our relationship, as well. I felt a growing need of being with him again but he had to work the day my sister could take care of the kids.

I decided that since my first lover couldn't keep the date, because of his work, I decided to tell my other friend I would like to meet him in person now. My little pussy flexed with anticipation when I heard him agree to meet me. So I made the arrangements with my sister to take care of the kids and go meet him in person. My growing passion for sex had permeated my mind and my pussy was totally responding.

He knew I already had been with another lover, but he did not care about that, all he cared about was getting into my pants and me into his, and soon. This feeling had grown after 3 months of talking on the Internet so we knew we had to make it happen. As the days went by I got more and more excited. I already knew his situation, he was single and I knew all about what he looked like and the size of his cock. The first time there was no real nervousness. But this time my head was tense. Thinking of the satisfaction I might get out of this meeting, I barely slept the night before.

With this lover I knew what was in store for me. His tool, as the photos showed was way much smaller than the first in width but longer. It looked like 2 inches around and a little longer, maybe 6 inches. As I knew what he had to offer me in the way of sex, he found out what I was willing to do also, that included letting him to give me anal sex. I had never tried that before and it made me wet to think about it. All our written fantasies were going to come alive and real soon.

He had told me if I wanted just to talk we could do that, he would do whatever I wanted or better yet, whatever I permitted him to do. I knew I really didn't just want to talk - needed some actual sexual intercourse - no talk. He is white skinned, greenish-eyed man about 5"9", with a stout build with a formidable enough penis.

The day came March 25th, 2008, I asked my sister to stay with the kids because I needed to pick up the medical exams I had done the week before. Yeah right!

I dressed in long beige pants that displayed my attributes very well, and a nice blouse offering a superb display at my cleavage. My sister drove me up to the same parking lot as the week before. I got out of her car and I saw him as he was just passing by looking for the spot where we were supposed to meet. He drove on by so I called him on his cell. My sister had left already so I was waiting for him to pick me up. He finally turned around and drove up to me so I got in his car.

As we were in the car we talked very little. I was getting nervous all of a sudden. It had taken us so long to get to this point in our relationship I got really nervous. But I slowly got it clear mentally and now I felt that I was truly ready to do this again, I felt I did not want to ruin this, so as we approached the motel I just forgot about it. I thoroughly remembered very well the pleasure my first lover had given me and I delighted thinking about it again. I also knew that I needed to feel a hard, hot, cock similar to the one I had before inside of me between my legs inside my wet vagina

We went to the same motel as before used with my first lover, the La Roca in Arecibo. My mind wandered back to a week ago as we drove into the motel

We registered for a room; I stayed outside while he went in the office. Got the key, went into the room together. It had a round bed, mirrors everywhere. He turned the a/c on and we sat on the bed. We talked a little more, about the situation with my husband. My husband and I had verbal communications problems; money problems and most of all sexual hang up problems. I told him about my husband and how he only had sex with me to get his orgasm then went to sleep, I really needed more than that in my life, and that is why I desired a different man. He was laying on the bed listening to me.

I stayed seated beside him. Here I was finally approaching doing everything we had written to each about. Many times we had made love writing to each other, but now there was a long disquieting period of silence. I knew deep inside that something was going to happen but what Was he leaving - was I about to walk out I really didn't know.

He touched my back playing with my hair that cascaded to the center of my back over my shoulders. I looked back at him saw his dark green eyes, his lips were so inviting. I sat looking at him, my loins contracting a little and I felt a passion rising in my vagina. I squirmed a little, and then reached over to meet his lips. It was then I made the move and kissed him. At last our lips touched, the desire became reality. No more inhibitions now.

The kiss grew in intensity; our moans grew more audible now. Soon he pulled me into the bed, rolled me on my back and went on top of me, touching my body through the clothing. We both were feeling the pleasure rise; his penis inside his pants was already pressing hard and throbbing against my body.

The kissing, the exploration of his hands over my willing body made the needing really grow inside my pussy. I knew I was getting so wet. His hand smoothed over my willing buttocks; I crushed against his probing trouser covered cock. He pulled me closer and closer. Open mouth kisses, feeling my mound under my pants with his hard cock pressing me, touching and kneading my breasts. In a while we were both breathing really hard and trembling. I looked at him intently, I pushed him back a little, composed a bit, and then told him we should stop. I wanted to change first. He rolled from on top of me. We somehow managed to stop.

I headed to the bathroom. Brushed my hair in place, took my clothing off, and dressed for the occasion. A cute little set of hot pants with a short camisole top, with light pink and black little hearts, trimmed with black lace. What was underneath was boiling and ready to explode.

While I was changing in the bathroom, I heard him go out of the room and back in a few minutes later. "What was he looking for" I thought to myself. I was ready, was he It concerned me some. I found out later he had gone for condoms and some lubricant that we never used. Hearing him return a short time later, I went back inside the room; he was standing beside a night table. I sat down on the bed and he approached me.

He looked at me and whispered,

"God, you look beautiful" Then it was like time had never passed we continued with our kiss.

I scooted close to him, pressing my body to his as I lay down beside him again on the bed. He was now kissing my neck, he played with my breasts, slowly caressed my smooth warm stomach through my loose fitting blouse. I loved the feel of his hands on me. I squirmed my body to his touch, breathing hard.

Now I felt his hand slip through the waistband of my hot pants, then found his way to my wet saturated pussy resulting from his actions on my breasts and belly. His finger dropped into the wet slit gently then kneading above the opening of my vagina. I felt him beginning to massage the hard throbbing clitoris as it grew to his touch. My body began to squirm more under his touch. Our breathing became more intense.

I felt his warm hand grasp my breast underneath my blouse. He teased my breasts, leisurely caressed and stroked my nipples with his fingertips. Underneath my hot pants I felt him tug against the waistband of my hot pants pulling them off my hips. I rose up so he could easily remove them then dropped them over the edge of the bed.

With one shift of his body, he scooted down between my legs, found the hard clit standing erect inside my gash and I felt his hot breath as he sucked it into his warm, opened mouth.

"Oh, yes, baby" I cried. Opened my legs far and wide.

I was delighting in the sensation with his tongue massaging my clit as he sucked it harder and harder. In a few minutes he gave my pussy a good lick starting from the bottom up to the top, got off the bed and started to undress. As I watched him undress, I took off my camisole and dropped it off the bed. His sex tool swung out from his body and I heaved a sigh relishing what I saw as I stroked my clit - he watched me doing that as I watched his ample tool swing before me. He reached for the condom on the table next to the bed, but with our desperate need of each other, I said

" No time for that now baby!!!! Come here!"

Seeing his hard swinging cock over me, he grasped it in his hand and I opened my legs a little further as he came closer.

I said,

"Is that for me" Our eyes met as I felt my wet slit spread open as he prepared to enter me.

He sighed,

"Yeah! You want it Think your husband will miss this"

I seized the sheets anticipating his joining with my wet pussy. I do that when I am filled with passion and not knowing what will happen when we couple.

Then with one mighty thrust he introduced me to his cock as it went all the way inside to the hilt his pubic hair connecting with my mound as I screamed out,

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Pussy stretched open - joined with his hard cock deep inside. The veined tool scraping along my soaked burrow, sending oceans of sexual stimulation up my spine to my head.

Wedged inside now, wet juices flowing around his tool, I relaxed a little while I put my hands close to his cock, feeling him as it entered me, massaging, touching my clit in circular motions. It wasn't long until I felt my first orgasm rise. I put one finger in my vagina along with his cock while he kept striking hard against my mound. Loving the feel of his penis inside of me feeling the skin, the movements, I raised my thighs a bit more as he drove my orgasm out of me. It rose relentlessly in my thighs coming to a crescendo rapidly. His rigid tool slithered in and out, swiveled around and around as he provided me his hard sex repeatedly.

This man was wild. As my orgasm surged out of my belly, he just pulled back out of my pussy and watched me as I pulled on the sheets enjoying every moment as my thrashing pussy convulsed. I was absolutely uncontrollable in my orgasmic state.

Touched my body, my breasts. As my orgasm subsided, he went on top of me again, this time with both my legs way over his shoulders. I watched as he grasped his throbbing cock and directed it again inside my dripping vagina. He gave me all of his cock again with one thrust of his hips, entered me with no problem, playing with my aroused clit with his fingers, moved his hand and gently caressed my thighs. Pushing harder now, faster.

All the while he humped his cock in me, he was exploring my body, taking his hand and touching my buttocks, fondled my clit with one hand and the other touching all my body. Next he stroked with my breasts, grasped my nipples in his index and thumb squeezing gently. Pushing harder and a little faster, his veined cock rasping inside my love starved cavern.

This proved to be too much for me, cock inside slow movements, finger in my clit, and the touch of his hand, I was coming again, I felt it rise. - Rise - rise faster - coming to a peak. THEN IT WAS HERE.

I groaned out loud,

"Yes, baby gives me that cock faster I'm coming". He pushed in harder and faster; my moans of pleasure filled the room. I grasped the sheets again as I felt it expelled a powerful orgasm out of my depths.

Humping hard, my vagina was being assaulted very rapidly now, Cock slipping in and out harder and harder, bed rocking under his thrusts into me.

This was getting better. I had here with me a man with a great eagerness for sex. I have already come twice and he is still holding back. This was non-stop action. His humping my sex continued for what seemed like 10 to 15 minutes - I really don't know - all I knew was that I was getting a good fucking.

I came again. Our bodies covered with sweat. He pulled out, turned me over in front of him face down. In his cock went into me from the rear. His hands touching my back, putting my hair in place, kissing me on the neck, I sure was ready for another round but I wanted his cum, I wanted to taste him. He pulled out - I turned myself over again facing him.

I sat on the bed with him facing me, he was on his knees I took his cock in my hand grasped his slimy shaft, and smelled my juice on it still. Licked it off. I felt the gnarled love stick with my hand, slowly licking my cum from his cock. I passed my tongue down slowly and up his cock head, kissing his throbbing tool really gently, and then sucking his throbbing head.

In a few minutes he laid me down in front of him and went on top of me, this time we went for a 69. He was exploring my pussy, first stroking with his fingers. I in response took his cock in my hand and sucked his balls gently. Now he was playing with his tongue in my pussy licking my clit, while he put a finger in, maybe two.

As fast as he went touching my pussy I also stroked his cock. He was eating my pussy licking and sucking all the juices. I was slapping his butt sucking his balls and stroking his cock. And yes, I was ready to come again.

I screamed in passion, "Stroke harder, baby! I'm coming" Gasping out louder still.

I felt my orgasm grow and felt it needed to be let out, my pussy was soaking wet as he was sucking. He changed his position, kneeled down in front of my open legs, pulled his cock out of my sopping tunnel and started pressed his cock up and down my pussy gash without penetrating, I was now playing with my breasts feeling the hotness of his cock head in my pussy. I watch his actions making me more intense wanting it in again so I could explode around it.

I whimpered,

"Push it in baby" He did! With those words I felt his cock plunge inside with one mighty thrust he went in all the way. Reciprocating hard inside me he continued his assault, my vagina opened to him.

I cried,

"I want your cum". His tool breached me harder, faster, my pussy still quivering from my last violent orgasm but ready for another.

With that I shouted out loud,

"Give me your cock - do - do it - all of it, baby!!!"

He was very close to coming. I felt his tool growing harder and throbbing faster, his breath coming faster and fast.

He whimpered out loud to me

"It's here, baby!! Where you want my cum, baby - where do you want it" With one mighty shove he split my pussy as wide as it has ever been, knowing he had reached his peak

I sighed,

" On my chest. I want you to shoot on my breasts."

"Eat my cum baby "

He took his cock out of my quivering hole with a sucking sound as it exited, with one powerful ejaculation he gave me his cum all over my breasts.

I found the drops of semen on my breasts with my fingertips, took some with my fingers, and sucked on them. I stared at the white slippery juice discharged as it voided out again and again on me. I quivered intensely feeling his hot semen spatter on my breasts.

Ah! His first cum - it was very intense and I loved it. I was slimy with his ejaculate covering my breast, my mouth dripping and fingers wet from sucking his come. After he shot on me I grasped his inflamed slimy tool, sucked the residue from my vagina from his burning head and consumed it.

God! I was a mess! I had to shower. I got up and headed for the shower. We took turns in the shower; we met again in the bed, then again laid side by side. Our nude bodies touching, his skin felt warm by my touch.

As he laid face down on the bed, I sat on his buttocks giving him a soft massage on his back then leaned forward pressed my nipples touching his back. Gently moving my nipples so I knew he felt them gently touching his sensitive back, up and down while my hand caressed his arms.

In a few minutes I squeezed my chest to his back, rubbed them against him eagerly while moving my little ardent pussy on his buttocks. After a few minutes of this, he lifted me and rolled over on his back, as he turned over exposing his hardened cock swung out and poised itself in front of my mouth. Took it in my hands, looked at it intently then slowly covered the head with my mouth and gave him a good long suck.

His protuberance was standing, throbbing violently so I straddled his fiery body with my own, aiming my eager vagina toward it. I grasped his tool and directed it to its goal with gusto. As I sat on his throbbing tool I straddled his torso and watched the girth slowly swallow it inside my wet vagina. I pressed down hard to wedge it inside.

Now I controlled the movements. I put my feet flat in the bed beside his waist as I raised my butt just a little leaving the head of his cock inside, then I went slowly down feeling his veined gnarled shaft press against the walls of my tunnel, my hands were opening my pussy lips, touching his cock as it entered me.

We had a magnificent view with all the mirrors enclosing us.

He sighed and breathed louder,

"Yes, baby, take your time. Feel my cock going into your wet pussy, baby!!!!!".

It felt great squeezing my vagina on his cock every time I went down. Constricting when I went up. I kept on with slow movements while he played with my breasts.

I leaned back feeling his hard arched wrinkly, creased cock deeper in me, touching his balls with one hand, and then passing my hands through part of his thighs. I was getting more and more stimulated, groaning, moaning deeper and deeper and touching my breasts. I leaned forward, knees on the bed now, put my hands on his shoulders and started thrusting harder, moving my thighs up and down on him hearing him moan

He sighed,

"That feels great, baby, go for it". I pushed down hard, stayed there resting, then in a few seconds, back up then lurched down again powerfully on his hard tool.

Started kissing his neck passing my hands trough his hair. He rolled me over I was on my side one leg around his waist the other was straight between his legs. He put his hard dick on my pussy sensing I wanted to come, gave it to me hard just how I like it. Holding on to the sheets, moaning hard, and breath intake faster, I came again, and as I did he slowly stroked his cock inside and out.

"You've been great baby" he says.

I was getting so much pleasure and sensations that I thought were long gone.

We sat in the bed kissing touching each other. We hugged tightly. He moved me telling me with his act what he wanted. This time we went "doggie style ". He lodged two pillows beneath me. Passed his hands over my back slowly, going down and touching my butt, squeezing them.

I felt the head of his cock enter my pussy, while he gently removed my hair from my neck then slowly kissed me behind my neck. Slowly every kiss. And with each kiss he put some more of his cock in. I could not be still so I spread my legs wide open and put my ass in the air. Now he had a better entrance. And as he pushed his cock in deep, he took me by the waist.

We were both moving now. I had one hand playing with my clit. He leaned forward kissing me on the neck and playing with my breasts.

I squealed,

"Yeah daddy go on, fuck me" He rammed in me a few hard lunges.

I whimpered again,

"Let me feel you, baby!!"

With me talking and making movements with my thighs up in the air for him, he was getting more excited. He took it out teasing me, pressing it in my slit, then only putting the head in, repeated the action.

Then he pushed it all in.

I was incensed' with passion,

"Faster, baby! I know you want to give me your cum".

He pushed harder, faster as I stroked my clit. I felt his balls pounding on my pussy.

"Yes, baby give it to me now! I'm coming again, baby," I cried.

"Let me feel you're hot cum in my pussy.

He cried out loud,

"Yeah baby! Here have it". He shot his cum on my butt slit and I felt it drip hot down towards my pussy.

We lay side-by-side in the bed I had my back to him and he was caressing my back. We rested a while then headed again to the shower. Took turns to clean up. We got dressed and he took me to the place we met earlier.

The evening went well for me. No sex with my husband this time. The next day another faked headache.

In the next weeks I found a new lover. My pussy was becoming insatiable. I never saw this guy again even though he tried.

Look for my next true story right here. If you like these stories write me - KELIANIX@GMAIL.COM

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