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Rene and the Missionary

Author: Bobjj123
Publish Date : Oct 16, 2008
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Strange things happen in war, especially those dirty little wars in out of the way countries and people survive. A man and a woman both suffer and find strength in each other.

* * * * * * *

Rene Devereaux was a freelance reporter, a United States citizen, working in the midst of a civil war in one of those small ex-USSR countries which had become unstable afer the demise of the soviet empire. His work often took him in harm's way but he was often shielded by his work, i.e., the rebels wanted their story told and the government wanted there version out as well - Rene had been careful to accurately report both sides. Then, the unanticipated happened.

As he was returning from a meeting with certain rebel leaders, his vehicle was stopped to repair a flat tire when a government troop convoy was about to pass only to be met by a well entrenched rebel force behind him and blocking the road. The battle erupted as small rockets sailed over Rene's head and into the troop convoy. He dove to the side of the road and into the low lying brush as rockets from both sides slammed into his vehicle.

Then, seconds later, as he began to dig into the soft earth to bury himself for protection, he was struck by a stray bullet which ripped through his left thigh. Rene sensed that in any second he was going to die and, as the pain set in, he felt his mind going blurry; then, darkness.

Rene did not recall when he awoke. His first recollection was of lying on a soft mattress, covered with a blanket and being unable to move in total darkness. Nearby he heard voices and listened but though clearly audible, they were too indistinct to understand. Quickly, fear set in as he felt the pain in his thigh. Concerned, he explored the wound area from which tghe pain emanated and found it covered with bandages.

As he pondered his situation, a door opened and a shaft of light from the adjoining room outlined a rather pretty, young woman. Then, the door opened further and the woman's voice said in English, "You're awake. I thought for a while we'd lost you." His first words seemed to surprise even him as Rene asked, "Where am I and how did I get here"

The woman moved into the room and closed the door to place them in total darkness before she spoke in a hushed tone. She explained that her name was Nadia Baranov and she and her husband had came as missionaries and set up a Christian mission and hospital. They had worked unmolested by either faction in the war and respected by both sides for their stand. Then, two weeks ago, a splinter group of rebels, bandits really, had come to the mission and stolen most of their food and medical supplies before killing most of the men at the mission. Her husband had been one of those killed. You are in my private bedroom. . . to the rest of the world you are my husband and only a few of our villagers here know the truth. Then, having extinguished the light left the room.

Several days passed as Nadia regularly brought him food and looked after his needs. His body grew stronger each day and then Nadia said, "The doctor comes today and he's expecting you in the hospital." So it was that he was covertly carried to the hospital, to a room away from prying eyes and The doctor examined Rene's body carefully, removed the many stitches from the wounds and replace the heavy bandages with a spray-on bandage that kept out all foreign matter and allowed him to shower. As he worked, the doctor seemed concerned as though something was bothering him; then, as he was departing, the doctor remarked that Rene seemed different from the last time he'd seen him. He could hardly believe he was the same man. . .

After they had hustled Rene back to his bed, Nadia came into his room and said, "The doctor is suspicious. Be on your lookout."

Later, that evening, Nadia fixed dinner at their table and Rene sat up to take his food. They talked about conditions and Nadia seemed apprehensive and nervous. Finally, she spoke. She recalled the doctor's suspicions and suggested that there would be a government investigation. It would happen at night . . .always at night! They must be prepared. With that, she started to fill him in on her husbands vital statistics, i.e., age, birth date, birthplace, date of marriage and continued to pump him full of information until bed time. Then, with the lamp they moved to the bedroom.

As Rene prepared for bed, he noticed Nadia also removing her clothing and started to speak only to receive a knowing look from Nadia. Not understanding but in response to Nadia's look, he continued with his bedtime ritual. Nadia followed him into the bed a moment later; leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and rolled again to turn off the lamp.

Perplexed and not understanding, Rene lay in bed next to Nadia, wondering what was going on and somewhat excited by the woman in bed with him. He started to speak and was prompted by Nadia to remain silent. Perhaps an hour passed.

Then, Nadia spoke in a whisper, "We're being watched. We're supposed to be a husband and wife." and Rene responded, "Where are they" Nadia speaking in an even more quiet whisper said simply, "I don't know but they're out there."

It was near morning and Rene and Nadia had slept fitfully as they awaited something to happen. It came just before daylight as a flashlight beam flashed into the window across the couple feigning sleep in the bed. Excited voices seemed disappointed as a voice, louder than the rest said simply, "They're in here, asleep." Then, after a more civilized knock at the door, a young man in mufti entered the small house and explained that they were looking for a fugitive from the law. After a few words, Nadia seemed to sense something. . . she took the young man aside and spoke to him privately!

The leader in civilian dress left, taking his men with him.

Later, after the intruders had left, Nadia explained that there had been a stranger in their midst for several days and she had simply described him as the man she had seen snooping about yesterday. Then, she said dejectedly, ". . .but, they'll be back."

So the sham marriage continued as Nadia and Rene kept covertly to themselves. Rene healed quickly and in a couple of weeks he was walking around the village and doing odd jobs at the hospital. Each night became more of a challenge as their lusty feelings grew more demanding. Each day they looked into each other's eyes and knew. Each passing moment brought them closer. . .

Just as Rene was about fully recovered, and lying in bed, frustrated, he heard noises coming from outside their window. These voices must surely be the government agents returning, he thought as he crept to the kitchen window for a good view. Then, looking out he saw a man, not a government agent, but surely a rebel bandit returned, to raid the village, he thought! The heavily armed man was standing directly beneath the window, not three feet from Rene.

Suddenly there was a woman's scream and another bandit appeared in the moonlight exiting the hospital and dragging a woman with him. More screams came from the hospital as it was immediately evident that the women were being violated. Rene acted impulsively as he grabbed a frying pan from the stove and bashed the brains out of the bandit below him; then, jumping from the window, he grabbed the man's heavy automatic weapon and found it loaded as the second bandit, hearing the noise turned to assist his friend. Rene drew aim in the moonlight and fired as the second bandit went down. Then, attracted by the noise, three more bandits emerged from the hospital and the first of these fell as Rene shot him.

With three of their group dead, the bandits retreated quickly from the village. As the villagers ran to recover the weapons from the dead men and chase the bandits more shots were heard. An hour later, six bandits lay in a row, dead, in the town square. At their head were six weapons that had once belonged to those bandits.

Three of the hospital nurses had been raped and one lay near death from her injuries as Nadia tried to treat and comfort them. A man had been assigned to contact the government for their assistance.

It was nearly eight o'clock when Rene, still charged with nervous energy, remembered he hadn't eaten any breakfast and went back to his house where the events of the morning began to extract their toll. Slowly his nervous energy was replace by misgivings and guilt! He had killed three men. . .one of them brutally! His own life had been in jeopardy! Then, he began to shake with nervous tremors and grew sick to his stomach.

About mid-morning, having done all she could, Nadia showered and cleaned herself of the blood and grime from her morning's work in the hospital before returning to their kitchen where Rene sat, miserable, vomiting into a bucket. Still stressed herself and seeing his state of mind, she understood and sympathized. Still, she felt obliged to do something!

It was when their eyes met that she knew what she had to do. . . what she wanted to do! There, beneath the fear and guilt and tension she had seen his lust more powerful and more compelling than ever. It was the same feelings she, herself, had entertained for some time and her husband was dead. She was alive. The world was for the living. Besides, Rene needed her support even more than she needed his.

Then, having made her decision, she said simply, "Come with me." Rene followed her to their bedroom and once there, sat. numbly, on the bed as Nadia slowly undressed him. As she worked, she gently caressed his arms and face. First came the shoes and then the shirt and Nadia seemed to draw strength from what she was doing. Then, she kissed him gently on the cheek as she unbuckled his trousers. Slowly, Rene began to respond and draw support from Nadia and what she was inciting in him.

She worked carefully and with great sensitivity as she seduced Rene. His respons built slowly as he stopped her hands and said, "No. I want to see you too! You're beautiful!" With that, he stood and commenced removing the loose fitting native garb that covered her body. Cooperating together, they lifted the dress over her head and dropped it to the floor to reveal her body clad in western lingerie and more perfect that Rene had even imagined. "Exquisite," he said as his eyes spoke of pure lust. He wanted to kiss her but his mouth still tasted sour and he stank of vomit as he said simply, "I've got to clean up. . ."

As Rene moved to the bathroom to clean himself, he was horny, more so than he could ever remember, and he wanted Nadia as he'd never wanted another woman before. He silently cursed himself and his physical condition as he brushed his teeth and gargled with mouth wash before shaving; then, he stepped into the shower. As he turned on the shower, he could only hope that Nadia wouldn't change her mind. . . He stepped under the warm spray.

There, intent on getting clean, his thoughts returned to Rene and thoughts of losing his opportunity to have her. Then, unexpectedly the shower door opened and Nadia stepped into the stall. "Thought you might like someone to wash your back," she said as their eyes met and their bared bodies touched for the first time.

As they frolicked in the shower, they quickly became fully aroused and worked at familiarizing themselves with each other. They kissed, a deep meaningful kiss that conveyed their lusty feelings; yet, offering so much more. They caressed each other as Rene's hands washed Nadia's breasts freely and his lips adored her nipples and areolas. Then, Nadia soaped and washed Rene's groin with special attention to his erect phallus. They kissed again - a kiss that seemed to say that they liked what was happening and promised so much more.

It was when Rene squatted to wash her legs that he found his face inches from her labia and got his closest view ever of a woman's jewel. He hesitated as an idea crossed his mind; then, for the first time ever, he moved to kiss her labia. The taste was not what he'd expected and he explored further. Soon, he was kissing and laving and suckling at her vestibule and up to her clit as he explored for the first time. It was when she cried out that he knew he was doing something right.

Meanwhile, Nadia was experiencing her first cunnilingus. Her husband had been loving and sensitive and a good lover but somehow they'd just never found it necessary. Soon, she was feeling the full effect of Rene's tongue. In a particular moment, her passions had suddenly peaked, she had cried out. . .

The cunnilingus might have continued longer but for the cramped confines of the shower stall which precluded bodies being contorted for any longer. When it ended and Rene stood, a sense of urgency had developed - one that could not be denied.

They stood together and kissed - this time the kiss was deeper and more compelling as it urged them to something more. Together, they quickly left the shower, dried off and raced to the bedroom where they embraced again and looked into each other's eyes seeking validation in each other for their actions.

Once in the bedroom, their sense of urgency seemed to fade and their actions became more deliberate as they prepared for their coitus. Rene went to the far side of the bed and together they stripped the covers leaving the lower sheet as the arena for their tryst. Then, Nadia went to her dressing table drawer and retrieved a condom which she took to the bedside table smiling as she pointed it out to Rene.

Then, as if by some silent signal they both moved to the bed and lay together in a lover's embrace. The kisses were urgent again and more frequent as their passions rose. It was then that Nadia had an idea - one that would repay Rene for his act in the shower. She'd never done it before but somehow it just seemed right! She moved quickly and grabbed his erect cock!

As she toyed with it and kissed it, Rene's cock rose to full attention. Slowly, she inserted the crown in her mouth and sucked on it. Then, noting the obvious pleasure she was giving, she moved down over it until the cock reached the back of her throat before withdrawing and repeating the process. Beside her, Rene was pretty sure that this was her first attempt and, since his experience was also limited, he decided it was a good effort. Still, he wanted to be in her. . .to take her and possess her completely. He wanted to be possessed by her. . .completely!

As he moved, Rene pulled Nadia upwards on the bed and mounted her in the missionary manner; then, having settled into position between her thighs, he reached for the bedside table and the condom which, in his highly nervous state he fumbled and it was Nadia that rolled it gently over his cock. It was Nadia who took a light grip on his man-meat and directed it past her vestibule and into the entrance to her tunnel of love.

With all in readiness, their eyes met in one final act of verification that all was ready for his entry. They kissed and Rene's cock slid slowly into Nadia's depths. Rene had forgotten how much pleasure could be felt as his cock eased past her warm, wet, velvety smooth, vaginal walls and quickly the shear magnitude of his pleasure diminished his powers of his reason. . .acting by instinct alone, he had become an animal, intent only with pleasure! His whole being serving only to give and receive pleasure.

Beneath him, Nadia was also experiencing pleasure. She too, had forgotten the intensity of good love making and allowed herself to succumb entirely to her needs and desires - her mind only intent on their act together. She began to emit soft cries of passion, both to express her feelings and to encourage Rene to new heights as she felt him fully embedded against her cervix.

Rene spoke truthfully as he adored her body and her mind and her soul with spoken words. He truly loved this woman..

As Nadia lay reveling in he sensations she was receiving she thought. Rene was only the second man to possess her. Her husband had been a virgin when they married and they had explored their sex life together. Neither Nadia or her husband had ever felt deprived and considered their sex life great; hence, it had been pretty limited! She had recognized early that Rene was a sensitive and accomplished lover - that he could show her so much more if she allowed him to have total control.

Suddenly, her thoughts were jarred back to the moment when she felt Rene withdraw his massive tool away from her cervix and nearly out to full extraction; then, slowly insert it back to it's fullest penetration. He moved slowly as Nadia's body demanded faster and more violent action; she felt frustrated by Rene's his deliberate slowness and seeking action she ground herself against him to encourage him to further heights. Gradually they began to work together.

As they eventually familiarized themselves with each other's needs and wants, they developed into a coital rhythm that was giving the greatest pleasure and satisfaction. They talked and encouraged and loved one another as their passions mounted.

In only a few minutes, Rene recognized the feelings of his impending ejaculation and he warned Nadia who said, "No, don't you dare. . .Not until I'm ready!" Both felt the urgency of their impending finish and both tried to make it one of mutual satisfaction as they worked with an intensity and fury that neither knew they had.

Then, it happened. Nadia's peak rumbled over her with earthquake force as she cried out and sensing what had happened, spewed forth is own load into the condom.

Then, having experience an outstanding sexual adventure, they lay quietly together, assessing what had happened. There in a war torn, third world country, amidst untold hardships, they felt only peace and serenity.

It was a beginning.

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