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Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

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Author: Ken
Published: 17-Oct-08 Revised/Updated 07-Jul-17
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As women get older and finish memopause, they still have a need for pleasurable sex. But, because of their age, many are bypassed for younger women...

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This is a follow up to my experience called, "My Aunt was the Answer to All My Sexual Desires" found in the Incest and Taboo section. After my aunt passed away, I became involved with a number of women, some in their early 30's, others as old as 72. Then about 6 years ago, I was hired to look after a complex that was built especially for single women who had to be 52 and up to live there. Each female tenant had a one bedroom suite to live in. Plus it had a very good recreation center and a large dinning room which served excellent meals. Although they could have male visitors during afternoon and evening hours, they could not have them stay all night.

Today, older women are bypassed as lovers because men view them as dried up. This experience will show that this is not true, They make beautiful lovers and sex partners. As I got to know them, I discovered that they really wanted a built-in massage service available for them to use. So I told them that I would look into their request. But whenever I found a messier who would consider coming there, his fees were just to high for them.

After I reported this to them, one of them jokingly suggested that I could do that for them. And before long the discussion became serious to where some of them liked the idea of me becoming their messier. So, I said I would think about it and we could talk about it in a week's time. In the meantime, I searched the internet and library books for information about this profession and what kind of equipment and oils would be required.

Well I did accept and I have set up the second bedroom in my suite as my massaging room with a special table along with the other things that make up a masseur's room. Since then, I am presently giving massages to about 70 different women and more are trying it as others talk about it. When I first started, I had a lot of trouble with erections and had to be careful until I got to know the women better.

So when I started, I would accept one at a time and when they arrived, they would go to my bedroom first and remove all of her clothes and put on a white gown that opens from the back. Then I would get them to lie face down on my table and I spend around 45 minutes massaging their bodies. I usually started at the neck and work down towards their legs. On their first visit, I did some things to find out how far they would let me touch them sexually.

While working on their bum cheeks, I purposely touch and rub their but-hole a few times. Then while working their legs, and massaging the inside of their upper thighs, I accidentally on purpose touch and rub their pussy lips. And if they didn't object to these little touches on their private parts, it usually meant that they were getting horny enough to want me to massage them to the point of having an orgasm.

I'll explain this in more detail. During their regular body massage, I would always tell each one how nice and sexy her body looks and this would make her feel good inside. Then after I have finished her regular body massage along with the so-called intimate touching, I ask them how they are feeling. And they always said how much they enjoyed it. Then I ask them if they want me to start giving then my special massage. And usually they will ask me what that is. So I explain that it includes very intimate areas of their bodies. That it began with them lying on their back and I would start by massaging their breasts and nipples. Then I would move down to their vulva and massage it until I brought them to an orgasm. Well usually by this time most of them were feeling very horny and wanted me to continue. It's true, I did have a few that declined this offer, likely because of being embarrassed. However some of them have come back for another massage and let me give them this extra treatment.

During this special treatment, I usually have a nice big hard on and let them see the bulge in my pants as I am working on their body. I spend about 10 minutes on their breasts and nipples and by this time they are usually moaning and breathing quite hard from being so horny. At this point, I pull my zipper down and let my hard cock come out for them to see. Some just look at it. Others reached out and played with it.

After doing their breasts, I move down and open the lips on their pussy to see how things look there. But then I stop and put the stirrups in the table. After that I ask them to move down so that their pussy is even with the bottom edge of the table and their legs up on the stirrups. Now comes the part that I really enjoy doing for these older women. I sit down on a chair between their legs and as I reach up to massage their nipples, I start giving the oral sex.

I love the taste and smell of these older pussies and it gives me so much satisfaction to make them cum. Some go off very quickly and for others, it takes them longer. Others will climax 2 or 3 times. And when they do cum, they always let me know how much they are enjoying their orgasm by the noises they make -- breathing fast and heavy -- grunting -- groaning -- even yelling out loud with pleasure. Then there are other signs of pure pleasure too -- such as squirting pee and even farting.

For those who are not completely satisfied, I will stand up and push my cock into their vagina and give them a nice long fucking, bringing them to another beautiful orgasm as I cum in them.

Right now, some of these older ladies even spend the night with me and they make such nice sex partners. For some, I find that they need me to spend lots of time with them because they can't reach an orgasm as quick as most women. So I give them long periods of foreplay and then I move down and start licking and sucking on their clitoris until they finally climax like crazy. And when they do reach their orgasm, they are so happy and completely satisfied after it's over, and they can't thank me enough for giving them that pleasure. I always feel so good inside when I can give an older woman beautiful sexual pleasure. I have only my dear aunt Elsie to thank for this ability. Ken (wat1936@hotmail.com)

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