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Kirstys at it Again

Author: deepprobsix
Publish Date : Oct 24, 2008
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My daughter asked me to make a movie of her and her two friends. Kirsty was cumming again and again I got some great shots of her cum running out of her fanny beside Daves cock as it filled her.

* * * * * * *

At catching my daughter and her two male friends having sex on a cctv camera I left by mistake in her bedroom and her telling me that she knew it was there and her asking me to now make a movie of them I could not wait for her to say when.

I was sitting at my computer just two hours age when Kirsty and her mates Grahan & Dave turned up she came over to me & said get that camera fired up dad we want you to make that movie, well I did not need telling twice I can tell you Just to see my daughter naked again with that very thick bush of hair between her legs I could not wait.

I grabed the video camera and upstairs we went,Kirsty turned to me & said ready with a nod Kirsty turned to Graham and kissed him Dave not wanting to be left out went round behind her and put his hands between then and started to fondle her breasts with that Kirsty started to give out a soft moan and brought her hands down & placed them on Grahams bum pulling him in to her.

To cut the story short within 15 minutes the two boys were naked Graham's thick tree trunk log of a cock was fully hard and ready for action and Daves long cock was not far behind.

Kirsty as before ordered them to watch as she did a dance while she striped off just leaving her nickers on.

I myself by now had a raging hard on but could not do a thing about it as I wanted to watch and film what was going on.

Kirsty told Graham to lie on the bed which he done and she then sat across his chest facing him, I moved round so I was now sanding behind her and got a close up shot of her moving down and lifting her self up she reached down between then and took hold of his throbing cock which she could not get her fingers round as it is so thick, I zoomed in even closer as she placed the head of Grahams cock in her fanny slit and with a quick little movement she found her hole and the tip of his cock slid into it, Kirsty let go and I got a great shot of Grahams cock starting to split my daughter fanny open 2inch by inch it slid into her she took this f**king big cock without any trouble with out any forplay she just started to ride it and soon every inch was now inside her filling her fully.

After a few minutes Dave said to me can you get that camera out of the way I want to have my go so I moved to aloue Dave onto the bed as he got hehind Kirsty pushing her so she bent forward her arse was now fully in view, Dave got some fanny juice on his fingers and rubed it into Kirsty's arse pushing his fingers inside her at this she cried out "O" my god yes, Dave carried on get more and more fanny juice and placing it in and around her, Then he got up close and placed his long 8 inch cock as I could now see it was from this close up and not just over a cctv camera like last time. Once again I zoomed in as Dave placed his cock up against her hole and started to push.

The head just poped into her and again she screemed not in pain but Joy and without warming Dave just thrust his cock the whole way into her from tip to the bottom one hard deep thrust, Kirsty was shouting Yes Yes fuck me Fuck me hard these two boy did not need telling twice, Both rammed her full and hard.

After I had taken close up's and shots of them fucking in this way I sood back and I tried to move my hard cock that was traped inside my jeans, Kirsty saw my and laught got a hard on dad she said, what the hell do you think watching you getting fucked I said.

It ws now time for them to change places and I knew Kirsty would take Daves long cock up her well oiled pussy but I wanted to she her arse open up to take Grahams cock I still could not beleive she could take that cock.

She sat down on Dave and took it all as I knew she would Gaham did the same as Dave pushed her forward making her arse ready to take him but as Dave had opened her up Graham did not bother with his fingers he just placed his sliky wet cock that was covered in my Daughter cum into her arse and became pushing it in once agaain my daughter screemed out but once again in plesure as this monster cock slid into her filling her full, Graham stated to slam into her Dave started ramming into her to.

Kirsty was cumming again and again I got some great shots of her cum running out of her fanny beside Daves cock as it filled her.

Graham then stoped and lay on the bed Kirsty wiped his cock clean then took it into her mouth as dave got behind her and started to fuck her in doggy style.

Graham shouted he was coming and filled Kirstys mouth with his cum Kirsty drank it down but not before turning to the camera and opening her mouth to show it full of spunk,

She said to the camera "O" I want another cock to suck on I looked at Dave but he said not me I having a great time here,

Kirsty reachout out took the camera of me and gave it to Graham and told him Keep filming and then she pulled me close holding her self up with one hand while undoing my zip and letting my rock hard cock out of the tight space in my jeans.

She just took hold of it and looked at it then with out a further word placed it in her mouth, It felt so bloody good I just closed my eyes and let my daughter suck on my cock feeling my shame at what we were doing. Dave now shouted cumming Kirsty he placed his hands on her sides and with one last hard thrust and pulling her back onto his cock he arched his back to make sure it was as far into her as it could be he filled her full with his cum, four or five most thrusts of Kirstys mouth on my cock had me filling her mouth with my cum also.

Kirsty showed the camera again before drinking it down.

Kirsty truned to me when they had gotten dressed and I had put my own cock away that what she had done was a thank you for letting her live out her fantasy she would never let me fuck her as that would be totaly wrong but she would galdly give me a blow job when we ever did this again as a take yo.

All I could reply was roll on next time.

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