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Tuesday Morning


Published: 31-Oct-08

Someone sat on the edge of the bed, pulled the sheet back then covered her self with it again and then scooted her body to me. Warm flesh pressing against my back. Hard nipples pressing against my sensitive back. I knew it was you.

* * * * * * *

I thought I perceived a sound of the room door opening; my eyes opened and recognized that the room was overflowing with sunlight but my eyes closed again and started wandering off into dreamland again without moving. Someone sat on the edge of the bed, pulled the sheet back then covered her self with it again and then scooted her body to me. Warm flesh pressing against my back. Hard nipples pressing against my sensitive back. I knew it was you.

"Good morning, my love!" She whispered to me, her hand rubbing over my belly toward my awakening sex.

I reached behind me, felt her warm silky thighs, and gently stroked her as her hand clasped my hardening tool in her gentle hand.

"Ahhhh!" I sighed feeling my cock rise harder and harder.

In a few minutes she had stroked my tool to its full length, she were breathing harder, and kissed my back while rubbing her hard nipples against me. I felt her long hair gently touching my shoulders as I turned to face you.

I clasped her to me, kissed her willing moist mouth, touching her tongue with mine.

"Good morning, my love!" I sighed as I rolled my body on top of her s. Opening her legs to accept me between them she moaned,

"Oooooo! Yessssssssss!"

She was fantastically moist, her vagina exuding love liquid profusely.

She whispered,

"My husband had sex with me last night!"

"Wonderful, Baby!" I smiled at you.

I grasped my hard penis, slipped it gently inside the warm confines of her willing vagina and pushed in all the way in one forceful thrust. She whelped feeling its bulk enlarge her wet pussy and bury deep inside you.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I gasped, "That's it baby! That's it!" You like that, Baby" As I felt the head hit the bottom of her vagina.

"Yesssssss! Yessssssssss! Yessssssss! Oh Baby!" She yelped out loud experiencing the pressure inside the limitations of her cozy vagina.

"Oh! Man!" I heaved a sigh as she tightened the walls of her pussy against my bare skinned penis head deep inside you. Then she released it as I started shifting my penis in and out of her willing, wet mound. In - out - in - out - in - out - in, twisting my ass, rotating my cock - pivoting - in - out - in - out - pivoting, rotating, pushing in - pulling out pistoning slowly at first. Deep in - pulling almost out, head at the aperture, back in all the way. Pussy so wet and willing. Kissing her full mouth. Kissing her neck, arching my back then sucking her hard nipples, kissing her again - all the while reciprocating my cock gently in and out. She arched her back, grabbed the sheets with her hands, opened her mouth,

"MY GOD!!!!" She screamed out loud then I felt her pussy squeeze my cock in its clench and quiver around my buried cock as she released a deep reverberating orgasm spewing love juice around my tool.

I grasped her thighs with both my hands, located the point where my cock entered you, felt the juice streaming out of her pussy to the sheets as she released her load for me. I kissed she firmly as she shuddered under me.

"OOOoooooooHHHhhhhhhhhh God!" She sighed louder, quivering and lurching passionately underneath me as I continued unabated thrusting my tool into her constricting vagina. Faster and faster - rotating - in and out faster and faster. She was untamed at this point - body out of control - still pushing harder and harder.

Felt it coming - felt it rising in my thighs. She orgasmed again, was spewing her load around my cock giving me more lubricant - faster now. I knew it would only be a second. Rising in my prostate - cramming my cock tube with semen - rushing down the tube - voided out of the penis head deep inside her love cavern - it spewed out inside her deep.

"Ohhhhhhhh! I - I - I - I Walt - Wallltttttttt! Fillll meeeeee filll meee! My Goddddd!"

"Ahhhhh - Ahhhhhhhh- ahhhhhhhhh- Ahhhhh! In there, Baby!!" I gasped as my semen filled her full.

We heard her pussy let out a wet fart as our coupled sex rushed to release the combined semen and her juice to the sheets.

Dripping to the sheets now - she released her legs from my back and dropped her knees to the bed with me still imbedded full into you. We were dripping in sweat, body slipping together, when she emitted a sigh of contentment,


"Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" I breathed a sigh as well.

So started Tuesday.

It was about 10 AM we awoke from our lovemaking, my cock still inside her with her on top of me. Our bodies had dried from the sweat, but we were sticky. She looked at me and whispered,

"Oh! Walt! That was wonderful!"

"The best!" I kissed her gently; lifting her up with me as I stood up beside the bed, my cock still implanted in her as it began to thicken.

Her legs grasped me tightly as I pressed my hands under her ass lifting her higher on my belly. She looked at me feeling it grow in her and smiled down at me. I pressed forward into her, as she pressed toward me vigorously accepting its swelling inside her vagina.

I humped her slowly, lifting her ass up and then back down impaling her with my hardened cock with each shove. Soon she were yelling,

"More baby! More - More - more - Ahhh!" Feeling it bulge her pussy on each thrust.

"Yes - Yes - Yes - Yes, baby! Take it - take it!" I moved her ass back and forth on my tool rapidly.

Her head thrown back feeling an orgasm coming in her,

"Yesssssss! Ohhhhhhhh Yessssssssss!" Her legs tightening around my back again really hard.

I gently laid her on the couch with her back against the back of the couch - kept giving her my thrusts into her sopping wet vagina. Kept her ass on the edge of the couch, as I felt her pussy shudder around my cock and released her orgasm at the same time I shot my load in her again filling her little pussy full of my semen. I pulled out as I ejaculated, stood up in front of her and my white semen shot all over her belly, on to her breasts. She stared at my cock as I shot out on her, then I watched as she opened her mouth and sucked in the head of my throbbing cock and swallowed what was left of my semen voiding out of my cock head.

"God! Baby! SUCK IT! TAKE IT! GET IT!" I screamed out loud watching her enjoy the feast. She looked up at me and swallowed my semen, dripping out from both sides of her mouth.

"Goooodddddd!" I whispered.

"Uuuummmmmmmmmmmm!" She groaned.

I reached to finger her creamed rosy colored, ravaged pussy, semen oozing out and dripping down the edge of the couch. Dripping out ejaculate, I felt it oozing profusely, I fingered the opening, took some of the warm juice on my index finger and sucked it off letting her watch my actions.

Her mouth released my cock as she looked up at me and very softly said with half closed eyes,

"That was Ooooooooo goooooddddd, Baby!"

"Did you feel it - sweet thing Did you feel me come in you"

"Unn huh! Yeah!"

"Like my come"


I again pressed the semi strengthened cock head back into her sopping wet hole, pushed it all the way in again as we both watched her pussy lips puff out surrounding it. She grunted out loud as I again propelled my half hard cock deep in - pulled out - deep in filling her again.

Knock on the door and someone said,


"OK!" I called back, "Come on in we're going to shower."

"We'll come back in about five minutes"

"That'll be good" I called back.

Picked her up in my arms, cock still buried in you, her legs again circled my back, her arms around my shoulders, into the bathroom, turned on the shower and we went into the water still locked together. She completed another orgasm for me and I shot a drained load into you, before withdrawing my cock from her plundered pussy.

We looked at each other and smiled, and washed each other, dried each other off, she retrieved her clothing, I dressed and we were good to go in a few minutes.

As we were leaving our room, the housekeepers were heading into our room, I tipped them and smiled,

"We're going for a walk for a while so there won't be any hurry. OK"

We walked for a long time, sitting occasionally in the cabana they supply for the guests. We talked, laughed, and shared our lives - putting everything out to discuss. We walked along the beach, holding hands and just generally acting like a very happy honeymooning couple.

Finally we sat in a cabana, I ordered us a glass of wine, and lunch. More talking and laughing, touching hands and kissing occasionally. Ate lunch and looked at the time. It was almost 2:30 in the afternoon.

"God! Where does the time go, Baby"

"Don't know." She sighed, "I don't want to go."

"Won't her old man be home soon"

"Yeah! I guess."

"You better go then" I questioned.

She looked at me longingly - "Meet me later on the Internet"

She got her taxi and was gone in a flash.

"Damn!" I thought as I watched it pull away taking her home.

I promised I'd be there for her on the Internet and I was. We shared more into the evening, it was about 10:45, her husband was asleep after she and he had had sex that night. And she shared all her feelings with me as she had for these many months, not hiding anything from me or me hiding anything from you. It was wonderful.

She wrote:

"Drive to my house right now"

"Do you think that would be wise" I wrote back.

"I want to be with you right now!" She continued.

"You are sure now"

"Yes! Please come to me now!!"

Be there in a few minutes." I excitedly wrote, shut off the computer, got my keys and headed for my car in the parking lot. She had given me directions to get there and it was a short drive I knew.

Headed into the night - a growing cock in my pants.

In a few minutes I turned the car into an empty section near her house, shut off the engine and turned off all the lights. I had turned off the lamp inside the car so it wouldn't come on if she came out to be with me.

I looked at her darkened house - In a few minutes I saw a figure open the front door and approach the car. She was dressed in black - it looked like a black short nightgown. I sat in the back seat waiting for her in the darkened car.

I opened the door as she got close and she jumped into the back seat with me and I grabbed her with both hands, crushed her to me and kissed her deeply. She responded anxiously.

"Sure about this" I asked excitedly.

"OH! YEAH! I'm really sure!" She breathed uneasily as my hands found the warm soft skin of her thighs under her gown.

Tenderly my hands discovered her little belly then her breasts, pinching her hardened nipple between my index finger and thumb. She kissed me powerfully when she sensed my finger explore her wet slit and manipulate her unyielding clitoris.

"Oh! Walt!" She breathed in my ear as her hand went down to my crotch and located my hard cock within my slacks throbbing freely. I scooted down in the back seat and let her do what she wanted with my tool.

In a few minutes I rolled off the seat leaving her sitting there in front of me, pulled up her short nightgown and kisses her breasts, then her belly, sucked her navel, then proceeded to her hot wet slit between her legs. My head went between them and with one push I buried my tongue inside her dripping vagina.

"My God! She screamed out loud as she felt my tongue press the opening to her love trench. I moved my tongue back and forth inside her slit, as they sent waves of absolute joy through her thighs. Then my lips took her clitoris between them and I sucked hard, letting her hard clit vibrate inside my mouth. In a few minutes of doing this to her I felt her hips raise up off the seat a little as she gasped,

"Oh! God! Walt - Walt - Walt - Yyyyeesssssssasssssssss!" She exploded in a rush of orgasm. I felt her vagina convulse around my tongue.

I looked up at her as her body quivered passionately, my hands circling her tits and massaging her nipples. Heave after heave of passion raced through you, her gasps for air was extremely relentless. Calming down somewhat from this violent orgasm she cooed under my touch as I lifted up, removed my pants and underwear and dropped them to the floor of the car. My hard cock sprang up between us. She sat with her back to the back cushion of the car seat, feet on the seat; knees wide open exposing her wet slit to me.

I took her knees, pushed them back toward her breasts, opened them as wide as they would comfortably go, then took my cock in one hand, looked at her and said,

"OK Baby! Look at it!" She looked at my throbbing cock poised there in the darkness, reached toward it and pulled it to you.

"OH! WALT!" She screamed.

"Watch it baby!" I pressed the head forcefully into the gaping wide slit; the flanged head entered the slimy entrance and disappeared inside.

"Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She yelled out loud.

"See it baby" I pulled out dragging some of her ooze with it. I saw the aperture remain opened where my cock had been, and then stroked it in again a little deeper this time.

"Do it - Do it - OH Walt do it" She sighed her breath catching in her mouth.

"Give me that pussy baby! Give me some pussy baby!"


"Want it" I begged, "Want me to bury it in her little sweet pussy"


"How much do you want it baby!" I screamed at you, looking at her writhing body lay back on the seat with her thighs on the edge of the seat. My cock inside her a few inches.

"Please! Pleaseee Pleaseeeee do it baby!" I pulled back out of her watching her toss and turn wanting it really bad. She orgasmed again watching me does this, her little belly convulsed, I took her thighs in both my hands.

"Her husband won't miss this will he" I screamed and pushed the head in again deeper this time.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" She gasped feeling it gong in deeper.

"Want all seven inches baby"

"Give it to me!!"

"Now baby" I asked poised

"Now!! Nowwwww! Yesssss nowwww!

"Here it is baby!" I thrust it full length into her heaving sloppy wet passage, hitting bottom, then said,

"Now baby you got it all in there - It's stretching you wide open baby! In there tight - feel it Feel it" I thrust into her repeatedly for over three of four minutes without stopping my lunges.

She gasped harder and harder as she had repeated orgasms as my cock stretched and forced her ass into the seat of the car. Wet sounds coming from our united parts.

All the way in - all the way out removing my cock for a few seconds from her sucking needing pussy, then back in all the way, back out all the way, and then back in all the way.

I continued to lunge into her - hard, then faster - then harder. She was beside her self with absolute abandon - continuous orgasms.

I cupped my hands behind her neck as I lunged harder and harder, impaling her deep on each thrust,

"Fuck Baby! Fuck Baby! Fuck!"

"Do me!!!" " She shrieked out.

"Give it to me, Bitch! Fuck me!"

"Yessss!" She screeched, as I pulled her head toward me, watching my pistoning cock ram full length into her soaked pussy.

"Fuck me, Bitch! Fuck me hard, Baby!"

"Babyyyyyyy Baby baby!! Go in me baby!" She screamed out again.

The interior of the car muffled the cacophony of sound we shouted at each other and with each other. Faster and faster I threw my cock into you, without complaining she accepted each thrust and relished in the hard thrusts.

Soon my prostate felt an ejaculation growing, she sensed it too, and her thighs were wide open, I forced her knees as far back on her tits as I could press them. Wide open to my heaving thrusts now, her body absorbed my heaving weight as I pounded into her full force. She squealed repeatedly, my cock making wet wounds as it pounded in and out of her sloppy hole.

Her hips fanatically passionate against my thrashing tool as her orgasm achieved a crest; a pussy fart discharged from our coupled sex parts as my cock head discharged out a colossal ejaculation into her - deep inside. I pulled my throbbing cock out of her squirting pussy and discharged the remainder of my semen on her pussy mound, belly and breasts. She reached and found the slimy liquid and sucked her fingers with it streaming down her body as it thrashed and rotated under me.

I withdrew out of her and sat on the seat next to her while we came down from our passion. Wet pussy, streaming come from the ravaged hole - slimy cock throbbing uncontrollably. We kissed passionately and held our mouths together for a long time this time. Sweet soft lips on mine, our mouths dry from our heavy activity.

She returned to her husband's bed in the house and in a while I drove back to the hotel and collapsed in bed after my shower.

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