Published: Nov 7, 2008
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He moved one hand from my ass, took his wet throbbing cock in his hand, and, as we watched, directed it toward my inflamed lubricated aperture. I felt it divide my slit then he gently compelled the helmet shaped cock head inside with a spontaneous movement, expanding my love cave as it entered but not letting me have it all.

I am here in my house most of the time alone. After playing with my kids I leave them playing in the living room.

It was about two weeks after I had been with my Third Internet Lover that I resumed my adventures on the Internet. And yes, my favorite lover was online. Lover #1, remember the guy with the big cock in my story MY FIRST INTERNET LOVER well we have been chatting since our first encounter and we were ready for some loving again. I really wanted that big cock in me again.

Since he had some issues to resolve near my house, I invited him over when he got done with his stuff. Of course, I knew that day my husband was not going to be around so we made the date for Wednesday.

But meanwhile we get real hot on line, so when I'm alone he calls me.

"Hi baby, are you already wet" He exhaled.

"Yes I am waiting for your big cock to come to me." I heaved a sigh

"Good, cause I want to eat your pussy and suck on your breasts." I giggled at those words.

I proceeded to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. Seated myself on the edge of the bathtub, legs spread open. Started touching my inner thighs as I heard my lover on the phone talking to me telling me how I should do it. It felt so great hearing him and letting my imagination speculate on how my encounter with him would feel.

I took off my slacks and underwear then started masturbating, touching my wet slit, fingering my hardening clit. Telling him between moans all of my movements. He loved it, so did I

"Yes, baby, finger your pussy for me, put one finger inside take it out and suck on it" I did.

"Now two, baby I know you can with that, fuck yourself hard and think I'm in you" I did that too.

" I want your cock so bad baby. I want to suck on it, taste you and have you cum in my mouth." I sighed.

I kept on finger fucking myself, felt my orgasm rise, and thought he was coming too. I put three fingers in and told him this action, and as he heard me moan, doing this, he was hitting hard on his cock and he came. I heard him coming on the phone.

"Here! Have my cum feel it hot inside."

Eyes closed now, three fingers inside my wet vagina then hearing his breathing hard, I started to stroke harder as I orgasmed as well, convulsing hard under my hand actions.

When my passion had subsided a little, we said goodbye as we had to clean our cum and made plans to talk the next day.

The days passed fairly fast and Wednesday came. He called me up at 10 in the morning told me that what he was doing would not take much longer. So I went took a shower, called my husband to assure myself he was not getting home anytime soon.

So everything was ready for him to show up. And in fact he did show up at 11 in the morning, no neighbors to worry about, and my kids, I had put them in the bathtub to play a while, like they always do when they take a bath. That would keep them occupied while I got occupied with something else.

I went outside. I had put on short pants, no underwear and a tank top. I greeted him outside, he was wearing his uniform, and he looked gorgeous in his white shirt and blue pants. I led him the way inside the house and guided him to my bedroom, closing the door behind us. I listened to the kids in the bathroom, they were doing fine.

I remembered this man, as he was the very first of my Internet Lovers and the man who was my very first affair ever. Here was the man when I first touched his penis was taken aback and gasped with its dimensions and asked for him to be gentle with me. Here was the man that awakened the lust in my body as we chatted on the Internet for hours on end. And here was the man I had shared a wonderful sojourn at the motel in March of 2008. He was here again and I delighted in his being here.

He sat on the bed, I smiled at him and after a good kiss, being anxious at this point, and I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. I started to kiss him and to stroke his amazingly strengthening cock, sensing it enlarge and strengthen in my hands. I remembered how good he had made me feel and I wanted that again. He was touching me all over my body, my butt, my legs, my breasts; he caressed them ever so gently. I loved the way he used his fingertips to excite me.

Took off my shorts and top while he watched my every move, then when he laid down in front of me, I went on top of him and unbuttoned his shirt. I stood now on the floor pulled his pants down to his feet, put my hands inside his underwear, took his hard grown cock in my hand and with the other hand I moved his underwear down and dropped them to the floor by the bed.

I bent over his body, his veined, throbbing cock in my hand, directed it to my mouth, and started to suck. His flanged throbbing cock head first, then with my tongue, I passed it around all of his cock, up and down then opening my lips, let it flow inside. I wanted to feel every bit of it in my mouth. Then I went down and took it all in my mouth. It was great feeling it hot and throbbing in my mouth. I remembered the last time how sweet and hard it was. His hips moved under me, then his hand massaged my head through my hair.

Sensed him fondling my wet pussy while I manipulated his tool with my mouth. Putting two fingers inside and slowly taking them in and out. Twisting his fingers inside my vagina. I started to suck harder on his cock as he moaned,

"God! That feels so good!" My head going up and down, taking his tool as far in my mouth as would fit.

I knew I was giving him good head. He took his free hand and touched my breasts pinched my nipples a bit. He was touching my body with his fingertips driving me right up the wall. I loved that.

"I love how you suck my cock baby, feels so good." With him playing with my pussy and me sucking his big throbbing cock I was ready to have my first orgasm.

It was building inside me, higher and higher. I started to move my hips a bit faster with his fingers inside. I released his cock and kissed him, feeling my orgasm grow deep inside my belly. I convulsed with my orgasm and my hips twisted in pleasure.

I cried out,

"OH! Baby!" My breath catching in my throat, and then exploding my orgasm violently.

I knew, as I convulsed passionately, I needed his cock immersed inside me. I couldn't wait any longer.

He did not come prepared with condoms as he thought we were only going to have oral sex.

"Yeah right!" I squealed at him, "I need your cock, Baby, I want your hard cock inside me, now. "

He was now seated on the edge of the bed and I put my legs around his waist his hands holding my ass.

"I need you now baby." My mouth close to his. I started to kiss him and moving my hips searching for his cock to pierce my wet pussy and yearning to capture it.

"Are you sure we can go unprotected" He asked. My hips rotating, still seeking his cock.

"Please, baby, can't wait, no problem, I can't have no more kids and I'm clean as you know it. OH! Please! Give me your cock." I begged as I compressed my hips to him.

He moved one hand from my ass, took his wet throbbing cock in his hand, and, as we watched, directed it toward my inflamed lubricated aperture. I felt it divide my slit then he gently compelled the helmet shaped cock head inside with a spontaneous movement, expanding my love cave as it entered but not letting me have it all. Large fantastic cock - so bulky and tender, was filling me.

"You want it" He screeched. I sighed, feeling its thickness breach me. "Want it, Baby" He sighed again.

"Yes, please, I need it, please. Do it!!" I squirmed in delight and sighed out loud.

He moved his hand and slowly entered me deeper. I heard him sigh on each thrust; my breath was coming in slow cadence as we thrust our sex parts together harder and harder. The bed commencing to slowly react to our actions.

In this position I was supposed to have control but not this time. He knew I was still a bit fragile from my orgasm so he encouraged me with his hands on my ass. I had my hands round his neck kissing him on the neck and moaning with each thrust he made inside of me.

I recovered a bit and pushed him back. I took my legs and put them on both sides of his hips and as he lay down, I started to take his cock all in. I wanted it all in me and deep as possible. It felt so good having him penetrate me with his big tool all the way in.

I felt shivers all over my body as another orgasm began to rise in my body.

I started to kiss him more aggressive now. Every time I went down I pushed his tool in harder. He took me by my waist leaving his big cock inside, not letting me move. Thrusts after thrust he shoved his tool deep inside me, raising his hips to stroke me hard.

In a few minutes I moaned, "I'm coming, - COMING - COMING!! FEELING IT, BABY!"

I could tell by his heavy breathing that he was about to come also. I could tell by his heavy breathing and the way he held my ass in his hands, forcing his cock deep on each thrust. He picked me up off his body, sat on the edge of the bed, stood up then laid me down on the bed, with my legs crossed behind him my hips raised to meet his tool. His hard cock had pulled out of my sucking vagina as he released me to the bed, but I felt it again discover its mark and without faltering re-entered me with a smacking sound and he harbored it again deep inside. He urged it in as deep as possible with one mighty lunge moaned loud in my ear,

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! That's it baby! Take it Baby!" Feeling my glove tight vagina grasp his tool firmly

He pushed in harder and faster now. I squeezed my breasts as I felt my orgasm coming again; as I came he pushed in hard and massaged my clit a bit. His breathing was coming in gasps now, my mouth wide open breathing hard, feeling his piston reciprocating inside my soaked cylinder

Bed shaking under us, faster and faster now,

"Coming, baby!" He wheezed, "Coming. Can't stop it." He was coming.

"Do it - Baby - do it in me. Come in me!" I cried feeling his penis expand even fuller inside me.

I could sense my orgasm mounting in my belly. Harder and harder, faster and faster, he lurched into my sucking vagina. He was ready to surge his cum in me and I knew I was going to experience the warmth of his cum discharge inside my saturated hollow.

"Too Late, Baby! It's here, Baby! Comminggg - coming! Shooting." He moaned in my ear.

His ass shuddered powerfully pressed as deep as possible into me,

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!" Streaming - squirting - gushing inside me - deep - I felt the ejaculate void inside me.

Hot wonderful cum filling my void. It was heaving into me completely non-stop. I orgasmed again while he shot in me. Throbbing in me, spurting hot come in me. It was so sweetly warm as it dissolved inside my love tunnel. Throb after throb spurt out of his tube into my sucking vagina. Saturated now, my pussy dribbled his come out over my ass to the sheets below. A mess but a good mess. My body trembled from his astonishing orgasm.

"Oh! Baby!" I sighed.

In a few minutes, he pulled out; I was still shaking from his onslaught, trailing his semen and my love juice across my thighs. We were exhausted but with no time to rest, we cleaned up. The kids were still playing in the tub. My pussy was dripping and happy and his semi hard cock was slimy with my love lotion and little rosy colored from his friction inside the walls of my pussy. We dressed, and then I took him to the door where we kissed a long tender kiss.

We said our goodbyes. As he drove away I returned to the bathroom and took the kids out of the tub, dried them off and dressed them for the day.

My pussy dripped until my husband returned home that afternoon. He left a good load in me for sure. I loved it.

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