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Her House

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Author: John
Published: 16-Nov-08 Revised/Updated 17-Nov-08
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I pull outside in my blue Cadillac, nervous that her parents will come home in the middle of this. But she texted me saying they left for a date, and she had the house to herself for a few hours.

* * * * * * *

I pull outside in my blue Cadillac, nervous that her parents will come home in the middle of this. But she texted me saying they left for a date, and she had the house to herself for a few hours. I'm really excited about this. After putting the car in park and shutting off the radio I get out and walk up the side walk, pausing for just a moment at the door then opening it and walking in. "Hello Is anybody there" I hear her voice shaking slightly as she calls down from her bedroom. I decide to play with her, knowing that she will come down and see if no one answers. I hide in the closet to the left of the base of the stairs leaving it open a bit so I can come out silently. She makes a clunking sound as she walks down the stairs, it's slightly muffled by the off white carpeting covering them. I can tell when she reaches the floor because it's louder being an uncovered wood floor. Peeking through the small slit of light shining through the door I see her looking through the eyehole. She is wearing pink pajama pants, and a tank top. Her hips look amazing, curving out from her body, and he brown hair falls down onto her back. From the looks of it she isn't wearing a bra. Tip toe on her slender legs, she has her eye pressed up against the look hole peering out. I realize that if I leave her much longer she will see that my car is outside and know I'm here. I sneak out of the closet walking as quiet as a panther, I stealth up behind her and pick her up by her hips. She lets out a squeal before realizing that it's me. "You scared me" She says, I can feel her quickened heart beat against my chest. "I hadn't noticed" I say with a smile on my face. I let her down slowly, till her bare feet are on the ground, I don't take my arms from around her body, keeping her up against me. She turns around to face me, smiling, her heart still racing and she reaches up to my face on her tip toes and kisses me lightly. She then breaks away and runs to the brown leather couch in her living room and lays down suggestively. One leg bent at the knee, her foot on the couch itself, her other leg draped down with its foot on the ground. I slip off my shoes and follow her. I place my knee in between her legs to prop myself up and she tightens her thighs so they close around my knee. Placing my arms on either side of her I lean down and kiss her deeply. She wraps her arms around me and lifts herself so she is pressed against my body. I drop down so I'm propped up with my elbows, and run my hands up her sides, underneath her shirt knowing that it turns her on to do so. She makes a satisfied noise and continues making out with me. Bringing my hands up, I slip off her tank top over her head and her nipples are perky and fine as ever. I can't help but to reach my left hand up and pinch her nipple lightly, again she makes a satisfied little noise and presses herself harder into me. Becoming aroused now I can't help but to kiss down her body and play with the tips of her nipples with my teeth. First kissing with and open mouth and running my tongue in circles around the tip. Then I pull my lips back and drag my teeth from the very outside of the pink on the front of her breast to the very tip of it. Lightly but firmly I play with the one I don't have my mouth on. She squirms in pleasure underneath me and I decide to venture further. Continuing to kiss down her body, the faint crease of what would be abs with more definition, its firm with muscle and tense with pleasure. When I reach her belly button I lash my tongue out to tease her and keep kissing down the middle of her body, I pull my hand away from her nipple to hook my fingers in the top of her waist band as I reach the top. All of my kisses with my tongue lashing out, playing with her skin, She tastes good. I pause and look up at her, She lifts her head up to look down at me. "Why would you stop Don't be that guy" She says with a slightly disappointed smile on her face, like a kid opening a Christmas present that isn't quite up to his expectorations. "I got bored" I say, my face angled down so my hot breath rolls over her stomach, a teasing look on my face. "I didn't, get back with the pleasure making" She says suppressing a laugh "Is that an order" I say feigning being offended. "Damn straig.." She starts to say but I didn't let her finish, I slipped her pants down to the middle of her thighs in the middle of her sentence, and luckily for me she wasn't wearing a thong. I register that she has a beautiful shaved pussy. I got right in open mouth kissing her slit letting a little bit of tongue out to just flick the clit. "Not nice" She says her breath heavy. I don't stop to converse; I keep kissing her most sacred of places. My tongue pushes into her body, pushing the labia aside and messages the clit, rubbing it up and down. It hardens under the warm tip under my tongue. After slipping her pink pants off her body my hands run up her legs as I pulse my tongue in and out of her, lapping up the trickle of juices that are coming out of her body. My hands reach her thighs and my left on stops where my right one keeps going onto the warm hole, nearly dripping with her juices. Before slipping my fingers in I moved my head a fraction of an inch down and stick my tongue in her warm sweet hole, moving my lips around it to lock the bond together, I suck gently, drawing the sweet juices out of her hole. She moans and runs her hand through my hair. I move my mouth to above her clit again, but keep my head low so I keep my tongue in her slit the entire time. I can tell she likes this because her had grabs my hair tightly and she arches her back slightly, pushing her slit against my face tightly. As she does this my right hand reaches her hole and I slip my pointer finger in, sparing no time pushing it all the way to my knuckle. Her hole contracts on my finger tightening at the new pleasure, her breath quickens and her hand tightens on my hair once again grabbing a hand full. She lets out a moan and releases my hair going back to just running her fingers through it. I draw my finger back out my tongue still pulsing in and out of her, playing with her hardened clit at the deeper moments, and push my finger back in. After a few ins and outs I pull my finger nearly all the way out and extend my middle finger. I push both fingers in together and rotate my hand at the wrist, moving my fingers around in a circle, causing her great pleasure. At this point she is moaning and arching her back pushing herself into me, a fine sweat is forming on her skin glistening in the light that's allowed in through the blinds made out of polished wood slates. She begins moaning louder and breathing harder writhing under my touch. I keep my mouth tight to her slit and pulse my fingers in and out faster. She cries out screaming "Oh lord, Oh lord" and finally begins to cum. I keep licking her and finger fucking her till I'm sure she is done Cumming. She sits up panting. "John, Your tongue is like liquid silver, its amazing" She says in between gasps of breath. I stand up and take my shirt off, and begin unbuttoning my pants. "I've had some practice" I say smiling. And pull my pants all the way off. I stand there, flat stomach, in nothing except my skull and cross bone boxers, my favorite ones. My erection pushing the front of them outward, she looks at it smiling and crawls to the edge of the couch. I walk forward and stand in front of her. "Let's take care of this" She says whilst reaching forward and pulling my boxers off my fully erect 9 inch cock. It springs up and bobs just in front of her lips. I shave everything down there because no one wants to go down on a tumble weed. She opens her mouth and places the head inside behind her teeth, licking the underside of my head. "Yes, lets" I say, barley able to speak with her warm mouth over the head of my penis. She bobs her head down taking about 3 inches into her mouth. My knees feel weak and she has only just started. Her head withdraws, Tongue running along the bottom of my penis, she knows what she is doing and it feel fantastic. With the next downward stroke of her mouth she takes about 4 inches in this time, I like the progressiveness of it. Back and fourth she goes taking more and more into her mouth until she is deep throating the full 9 inches and it's amazing. I feel my balls start to tighten and blinded with pleasure I am barley able to keep standing. She pushes her mouth further onto my shaft right as I orgasm taking the full of my load to the back of her throat. She pauses and swallows all of it, and keeps sucking till my penis shrinks in her mouth. I turn and sit in the same moment landing next to her. The cold leather feels good on my naked body. "Tastes...delicious, like orange juice" She says licking her lips. "I've been told that, So, What do you want to do now" I say, Slightly panting, She knows how to suck a cock. "A shower sounds really good right now, Wanna come Pun intended" She giggles as she stands up, looking over her shoulder to speak to me, I can see from the side her breasts are bouncing in the light, sweat glistening. "Oh, that sounds good" I say, still tired, not wanting to get up. She turns to face me and puts her legs over mine straddling me. She leans in kissing me passionately, pressing her body against me and I feel myself starting to harden already. She notices this and jumps off the couch, and walks slowly to the stairs. She puts one elbow on the banister, her other hand on her hip, and a foot on the first stair. "Are you coming Slow poke" She says giggling again. I love that giggle its so innocent, yet so erotic. "Hell yeah I am" I say getting up running after her. She lets out a full throaty laugh and runs up the stairs. Following her the view is amazing; she has a beautiful firm ass, and a practically dripping cunt. She reaches the door at the top of the stairs and pushes it open. Her bathroom is full of an ocean theme, there are sea shells everywhere. There are turquoise mats covering the floor, one on the top of the toilet seat. There are two shower curtains, the front one a see through blue tinted cover with more shells on it, the back one is a non-see through dark green like angry waves in a storm. I stop at the top of the stairs to look at her, she keeps going and moves the curtains aside. The shower itself is medium size, enough room for two people. She sits on the top of the toilet, looping on leg into the tub, and turns the water on, making it a good temperature. When it's finally to her liking, she steps in and shuts the curtain, and turns the knob switching the water from pouring out of the faucet to streaming out of the shower head. I move forward and step into the bathroom, then closing the door to keep the steam in I move to the curtain and push it aside to let myself in at the far side of the shower. Stepping in I see her pleasuring herself facing me, water dripping down her long brown hair, drizzling down her nipples. This moves my half erect penis into a full erection, so I move forward and put my arms around her pulling her close. She takes her fingers out and guides me in, and I kiss her deeply as she winces at first and then lets out another noise of pleasure, our bodies' pulse together becoming one, one motion, one feeling, a feeling of pure feral lust driving us. She reaches around me and digs her finger nails into my back as I push into her, about 4 inches in, driving forward in an upward motion. She opens her mouth to moan, but my mouth is locked over hers, my arms around her holding her close. I draw my hips back to push in deeper, on the forward motion I put about 5 and 1/2 inches in. She breaks away from my mouth and bites into my shoulder muffling a scream of pleasure. Her body pressed so tightly against mine that I cannot pull back without pulling her erect nipples away from me, which I do not want, so I keep pushing in deeper. She bites harder and moans as I near the base of my shaft being pressed into her. Once I reach the base pressed into her we stop moving for a second and her grip loosens allowing me to pull it away and push back in. She begins to moan loudly and takes a step back, I move with her not wanting to let go until her body is pressed flush against the wall on the shower. She lifts up her right leg and puts it up against the raised wall of the tub. This spreads her hips so I can begin to rotate mine a little and push in at different angles reaching different places, causing more pleasure. She continues scratching my back and rocks her hips with my thrusts, still moaning her head rolls back and she gets quiet. I continue thrusting rotating my hips in circles and she tenses up. Knowing that she is having an orgasm I pull out and drop to my knees to lap her sweet juices up with my tongue. Her thighs tighten on my head as she cums into my mouth which is locked tight on her slit, tongue pressing deep into her. I suck to get all the juices out and when her legs relax I stand back up and put it back in. This time she pushes me down and puts her knees on either side of my thighs. I place my hands on either side of her legs, and wrap my hands around her firm ass. She puts her sweet slit right over the top of my head and lowers it on. She begins to ride my stiff shaft up and down, every time her sweet cunt hits the bottom it makes an erotic slapping sound. I rock my hips up and down with her, to get more pleasure in. The hot water drips down her body onto mine and my thoughts fade into nothing but solid pleasure. Eventually her riding beings to slow and her muscles tense again, I now know this mean she is nearing another orgasm so I gently push her back till she moves over my face. Unable to hold herself up she slacks her body onto my face. I push my tongue deep into her slit occasionally licking all the way up to the clit and back down again. Sucking hard until her cum gets all over my tongue, in my mouth, and on my face. I stand up and turn her around, reaching up her body pinching her nipples and biting her neck gently. I move my right hand down her body and begin to finger her, still playing with her left nipple with my left and biting her neck. She moans and pushes herself onto my fingers more, pushing her body into me. After a few minutes of that I removed my hand from her clit and hole and bend her over, She grabs the faucet head and tosses her hair over as she looks at me, eyes begging me to put it in. I guide myself in as I slide it in from underneath her and begin to fuck her hard and fast doggy style. The hot water is getting into my hair and running down my muscled body, I keep fucking her until I feel my balls tighten again and I pull out. Knowing that I'm close she sinks to her knees and begins sucking my whole shaft deep throating me once more. At the deepest part of her orally pleasuring me, all 9 inches in her mouth, my naked skin pressed to her lips, and her tonsils pressed into either side of my head I begging Cumming. She continues moving up and down my shaft sucking every last drop of cum out of it. When she stands up, she leans against me, tired from having so many orgasms. I kiss her and can taste myself in her mouth, and I think to myself "The does taste like orange juice" I smile at this thought. She bends over and turns off the water, arousing me once more. She pulls the curtain aside and grabs two towels hanging to the side of the shower, both a deep purple and amazingly soft. She dries herself off and tosses the towel on the ground and walks out of the bathroom. I dry myself off exit the bathroom and look around seeing that she went to her bedroom to the right down the hall. I walk down the hall the cold rushing against me feeling wondrous. I can see her bedroom through the doorway, full of rainbows and bright colors, her yellow dresser and blue computer to one wall, and her bed jutting out into the middle of the room with a rainbow comforter and bright pillows. She is lying on her bed panting, her legs open and sweet shaved dripping cunt looking tired, it needs a nap but I'm not going to give it one, she is still a bit moist from the shower. I walk in and leave the door open. Her clock on the red night stand says its 3:57, thinking back to pulling up here it was only 11:30. I have no complaints though. I walk over to her crawling into bed with her and lay face down next to her. Putting my arm around her waist I look over to her. "You're terrible in the sack" I say in jest. "And you have horrible bed banter" she giggles and rolls over to face me. I pull her close and kiss her deeply again, feeling her warm, moist skin and firm tits pressed up against me I feel myself starting to harden again. We kiss deeply and hold each other for a bit until I can ignore my need for sex no longer. I roll her over so she is on top of me and slide in. I place my hands on her thighs like in the shower, I like holding her that way when we fuck. She rides me up and down for a bit until I feel like giving her a break I roll over on top of her and turn, still inside of her, until my feet come off the edge of the bed. I slide off of the bed, hands on her legs pulling her with me. Standing up I begin pushing in and out fucking her hard and fast. She reaches up and claws at my back again, I'm not going to be able to lean back driving home but god damn it is worth it now. She writhes underneath my unrelenting thrusts and arches her back moaning and cums on my shaft. I don't stop to lick it up but keep pounding in and out of her dripping wet cunt. She lays back panting and moaning still biting her lower lip occasionally to keep from screaming. I lean down still thrusting and play with her nipple with my mouth, hand hands busy holding her thighs, holding us together. I part my lips over her nipple and lick it and suck it and bite it. A bit harder than I intended but she doesn't seem to notice in her moaning and Cumming. I can feel her starting to tense again, thinking to myself, "Damn I'm good" and keep thrusting in and out. I can feel her juices starting to run down her legs, making a wet slapping sound when my balls hit the insides of her thighs. I pull out quickly and kneel at the side of her bed and lick the inside of her thigh, putting my mouth around all the juices licking them up. As I get closer there is more and once I place my mouth on her soaked cunt I feel as though I have hit the jackpot of cum. I stick my tongue inside her and place my mouth on the opening again, licking and sucking. I move my mouth over her hardened clit and suck on that while finger fucking her with 3 fingers. She moans and the cum starts to slow so I stand up and begin fucking once again. After another 30 minutes of passion I feel my balls begging to tighten once more, What cum I have left I don't know but I am about to find out. I thrust deep insider her once again and pull out. She grabs my shaft and thrusts the head into her mouth just behind the teeth and licks the underside of the head. Stroking the rest of the shaft with her hand, I can't hold back and I cum inside her mouth, unloading what I have left. She swallows it all and when I am completely soft she lays down, knees bend over the side of her bed. Panting she says "I'm not gonna lie, that was amazingly fantastic." "I try, you weren't so bad yourself. You taste amazing" I say after lying down next to her. She rolls on her side to face me, and I look down at her amazing breasts, a bruise starting for form around her left nipple where I bit her, I decide not to mention it, she can text me about it later. I look deep into her dark green eyes and smile. We kiss some more for a bit, but I can't seem to get hard anymore and she might dehydrate if she cums anymore. We go down stairs and get dressed, I admire her body as she pulls her pants on and then her tank top. I put my clothes on and walk to her door. "We should do this again" She says giddy, while I'm putting my shoes on. "Which 'this' do you mean The oral sex on the couch, the shower fucking, or the bedroom fun" I say smiling up at her. "How about... all of it" She says smiling showing all of her beautiful teeth. "Hm, I'm not sure, I don't know if I liked it" I say with a quirky smile to show her I'm joking. "Oh shut up you know you liked this" she says and she lowers her pants an inch so I can see the top of her slit. "Better stop that now or I won't ever leave" I say feeling myself begin to harden "I wouldn't argue" She says but pulls her pants back up to resting on her hips. I move forward and kiss her deeply holding her in my arms. Finally pulling away I open the door and step out onto the porch, walk down her driveway and get into my car. I start it and turn on the radio and lean back. Wincing in pain from the nail marks in my back, I reconsider and lean forward. As I pull out I see her watching me go leaning against the doorway, her beautiful curves and slouched stance and her wet hair soaking into the white tank top make me think how lucky I am to be alive. Driving down her street I see her parents pulling in and thank the lord I left when I did. All in all it was a good day.

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