Lucys first time down the dirt road

Author: Don Sti_ger
Published: Dec 5, 2008
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Oh Donnie, Oh Donnie Oh Donnie Give it to me. Listen you white fucker! FUCK MY BLACK ASS I FUCKIN' LOVE IT. Empty your balls in there" she said...

My wife Bobbie, has mentioned to me a lot more than once about her wanting to complete her dream fantasy. She wanted to have a 3some with me and another women. I thought about it a couple of times over the years. I love her very much and always wanted to give her special gifts for birthdays & anniversary. I have given her sexy clothes. pant suits. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. It would be kind of exciting after 28 years being married to her. I decided this was the year she has asked for more than anything else. I thought that if I didn't give into her wants she would do it with me. This is what she shall have this year. But who I kept asking myself. How can I give this to her and it be a surprise I asked questions of what her dream woman would be like. Like this lady in a catalog was good looking.

"Yeah" she would say, but nothing in detail to go by. I had asked one of her co-workers to come to diner Sunday evening. Bobbie liked her and talked about Andi all time. I was in the kitchen mixing some drinks. They were in watching tv some women's show. I walked through the living room just as the camera scanned the cheerleaders. I said, "Wow that redhead sure is cute. She sure has a bra full" just to get them started talking about women. I turned around and headed back to preparing our drinks. . "You ladies want ah beer or something I asked. I took them both a couple of beers apiece.

I heard Andi ask Bobbi if she had the chance to get some strange sex would she. I listen close for her reply. Bobbi said, "Shush, Don is right in there. He might hear us" I looked between the doorjamb and the doors edge. Bobbi nodded her head yes, and said, "but only if I was involved" Now that is why I love her so. Andi said. "Well do you know the lead order manager" Lucy "Yes I do Andi" I have never had that much to do with her. I never go in the office very much, why" "I happen to know she is divorced and she is bi" Bobbi didn't say anything. She just smiled a little.

That gave me an idea, but how was I going to get this Lucy to our house How was I going to bring it up about a 3 some I continued to device a plan. Over the next week or so. I called Bobbi's work and ask to speak to Lucy.

"This is Lucy, How may I help you She said. "Hi Lucy, this is Don, Bobbi's husband, I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time. You have a minute No, no it's ok Don. What did you need Lucy, I need to pick your brain over lunch tomorrow" Just to talk. Lucy's reply "Well sure, where shall we go" "What's the name of that restaurant near your work" "Mickey's Grill" "That's it!. Let's go there about 11" That's fine she said. I was wondering just how to bring up the subject of her doing a 3some for my wife Bobbi & I. I just let it roll with the flow happen.

Next day I was getting ready to meet Lucy for lunch when the phone rang. The caller ID was (Unknown) "Hell-O

"Don this is Lucy, hey I hate to back out of our lunch date, but my two year old kid is sick in bed and I'm at home with him" I said, It's ok, Is it anything serous Anything I can do" Her reply " No, no he's sleeping now. Tell ya, what why don't you come over here" It's easy to find. Lucy gave me the directions; I was there in no time. "Ding Dong" went the doorbell.

"Oh Hi Don, Come on in. Lucy answered the door in a housedress that was a size too small. "Don what was it that you wanted to talk to me about"

"I was wondering if you could hint around with Bobbi of would what for her birthday. "She has mentioned a couple of times something I know what she wants most, but how can I give it to her'

"Well what could that be Don, you can tell me more of what she likes"

"Lucy, she has mentioned to me of a 3-some with me and someone else, but who I'm not into a man screwing my wife"

"Don is she totally straight, sexually I mean"

"She has mentioned making love to another woman in the past. We never did anything about her dream fantasy. I know she would have sex with another female, but who"

"Well Don, I just may know some one that might help you out, depending on the size of your dick. Tell me about the size of your cock" Lucy reached down to my zipper and gave me a love pat. She lowered my zipper and reached my semi hard cock and pulled out my 7inch cock. She asked when I wanted to this 3-some for her. She started to lick my helmet. "huh" she said. "When"

"Bobbie's birthday s next week, Lucy" she started licking the under side of my cock bringing it to attention. To it's full glory Herman stands just over 71/2 inches. Lucy asked "What about Friday night" as my cock disappeared down her throat. "Ah-ah Yeah that's fine, danm you're good at that"

"Yeah that is about the only thing my X taught me is how to give good head. Don if you rally want to surprise her, you have to tell me how you eat her pussy"

"Why does that matter"

"I want you to get her as hot as you can, and I will come in and eat her little hole, I need to know how you do it"

I explained how I start my foreplay. I can tell by her movements when she is turned on and demanding to be fucked hard.

Lucy continued to suck me off. Just little short strokes to taking me deep down her gullet. After a few minutes of her deep throating me is all it took. "Lucy, LUCY I'm going to cum. Do you even before I could finish my question my balls erupted into her mouth S w a l l o w You don't have to answer that. Oh Yeah, Take it all" She sucked me dry and I felt her esophagus try to swallow me whole. She finished her head job on me and she said, " Now let's plan this out"

"I need to know what time you go to bed, how I can get in the house, do you sleep naked Do you have dogs She asked.

"Yeah we have one dog but he's stupid, he'll even open the front gate for ya. We head for bed about 9:30 and watch the 10:00 news. I sleep in the buff. Bobbie wears a nightgown. The east side of the house there is a gate to the back yard next to out spa. Sliding door to our guest bathroom I will leave open. Our bedroom is across the hall" I explained how I go about my foreplay and what I do.

I drew her a map of where she needed to go. She said, "Now leave the rest to me and I'll give her ah birthday that she will never forget" I said, "ok Lucy, I'll leave it up to you & thanks... I headed for her front door, she stopped me and went into a pantomime as she slide her fingers in her pussy. She fingered herself and sucked her fingers into her mouth. I just about shot another wad in me britches. I left and thinking about our plan and had to stop just to beat-off.

I walked in my house and Bobbie met me at the door. She said dinner was ready and pointed to the bathroom for me to watch up. "What did you do today Don" she asked. Oh nothing, same ol' thing. Work was the same thing; you know the same thing every day. Bobbie and I talked as we always do over dinner. We had a bottle of wine with dinner. While finishing dinner Bobbie asked why I had such a devilish grin on my face. I shrugged my shoulders as if not knowing what she meant. We finished dinner & I helped with the dishes. (I said nothing about her birthday)

Bobbie said she was going to shower and get ready for bed. She had never gotten ready for bed this early I thought to myself. While she was showering I called Lucy. "Hell-o she answered. "Lucy. This is Don, Bobbie is in showering. I said nothing about her birthday. I think that is why she showered and ready for bed. Give me about an hour before you come in. Ok "Ok Rich, she said. Give me some kind of hint when you want me to come in Rich" "I'll throw in underwear in the hall, Ok" That will be fine, she said. " See you two in a little while" Bye, bye for now" Thanks Lucy!

I joined Bobbie in the shower. She didn't make a move on me like she normally does. She must have figured I forgot her birthday. Bobbie got out and said on her way out of the bathroom. "I had something in mind for tonight. But you have forgotten my birthday. Why do men always forget dates like this anyway"

"Bobbie, I hadn't forgot about your birthday. I just haven't gotten all of it yet. It will be later when I can give it to you" She seemed apologetic as she said she was sorry and said, I didn't mean what I said Don. It's just getting so late and I thought you forgot"

Bobbie kissed me, just ah peck. I kissed her back with more enthusiasm. She responded and kissed me back. I knew she was in my hands then. She reached up and grabbed the collar hem of her nightgown and pulled it off above her head. Bobbie pulled the bed covers over us. She was now in the buff. Her glorious hooters were out and open for the taking. She reached down to fondle "Herman" her name for my dick. Bobbie lightly stroked him and soon had him standing up at full attention.

The male instinct took over. I reached over to her twin peaks and fondled her "38C's" as her nipples reverberated to my touch. Damn her nipples are as round as a AA battery and a 1 / 2" long. Her moaning sounds became louder more frequent as she always does. I hadn't even touched her coochie yet and I could smell the heavy female pheromone coming from her loins. I threw the covers back to the foot of the bed. Bobbie was on her back and still moaning, "Lick my pussy with your tongue. C mon' Don suck my cunt!" I moved down to her honey pot to find she was slick with her female moisture. That is always so good and tasty. I just plunged my tongue in as far as I could. She really started screaming then.

"Oh Donnie, Suck my clit, suck her hard. EAT ME," she says. I was having a happy meal of raw pussy when she said she heard a sound coming from the laundry room. "That is Jake getting a drink from his water bowl" I knew it was Lucy coming in. She was pretty quite coming in. Lucy saw me and striped down to the polish on her toenails. While Bobbie was moaning with her eyes closed Lucy & I changed places. Bobbie never suspected any difference. Lucy's touch was as mine is. She continued licking and sucking Bobbie's clit while pinching her nipples. I motioned to Lucy that Bobbie was about cum. When Bobbie is close to an orgasm she always tosses her head side-to-side and moaning real loud.

Bobbie screamed, " I'm Going to Cum Don, I'm Cumming. Suck me harder Lick my snatch. Eat Me! Come up here and sit on my face so I can suck that cock" Lucy moved up and sat on Bobbie's face with her back to me. When Bobbie noticed my dick was missing she opened her eyes as she was surprised to see Lucy bearing down on her face. Bobbie never missed a beet; she just smiled and told Lucy to fuck her face. I grabbed Lucy's small but sensitive titties. I molded her breasts as if they were pie dough. Lucy & I kissed as she was grinding her pussy down on Bobbie's face.

Bobbie screamed for me to fuck her. I climbed into bed and aimed Herman at her saturated cunt lips. As Lucy started squirting her female cum all over me from Bobbie's advances. After she came down from her natural high from her orgasm she told me to go for it. I looked at her and said, " Bobbie, Happy birthday Baby" She smiled and said she wanted more of Lucy. Lucy turned over to her back and brought her knees up to her chest exposing her camel toe to Bobbie. "Oh Don, this is such a delightful surprise I don't know how to thank you. I've always wanted to make love with a lady but didn't know how. Thank you"

Bobbie pulled the thong strap over to the side and there it was. The most beautiful bald black vagina. I didn't mention that Lucy is African-American. It is not important to describe skin color. She is just a woman friend. Bobbie looked up at me wanting my approval. I said, "It's ok Bobbie, It's ok do what you want to for your desires. With that she licked Lucy's pussy starting at her clitoris and work down to her butt hole. Lucy jerked when Bobbie's tongue reached her ass. "Bobbie just eat her cunt like I lick you.

We all got on the floor in front of our bedroom fireplace. The warm glow of the fire made a large difference in atmosphere. Lucy and Bobbie were in the 69 position. I have never watched two ladies having sex in front of me. My woody was aching to be used. Just then Lucy said, "Donnie instead of stroking that cock come here and please momma" She razed her hips up to meet me and backed up like a chicken backing up, she's looking for something. I felt obliged because I was the one that started this WMW encounter. I snuggled in close and penetrated dark pink snatch from the rear.

We were soon fucking in harmony. Every thrust in with my cock Lucy's would thrust in Bobbie's pussy. Bobbie would do the some to Lucy's clit, and still licking my balls. I increased my speed and with one hard inward penetration I stopped just to feel Lucy's cunt pulsate on my dick. She looked behind her wondering why I stopped.

"C Mon" White boy, Fuck momma's pussy. Fuck her hard!" I continued my pumping her black hole. I was about to empty my balls. I asked her "Is it ok if I cum inside your pussy hole" She said, You betta Whitey. You ready" I started pumping my seed into Lucy as she was about to cum as well Bobbie was doing a fantastic job bringing Lucy to orgasm. I started to shoot my wad, that triggered Lucy to cum and Bobbie was nearing the peak as we all came as one. We lay there for a while to catch our breath. Herman wasn't ready to quit. Just watching these ladies lay there on the floor cooing and touching each other made Herman come back to an erection.

I stood up and started to auction off my cock. I wanted these ladies to bid on what they would do to me.

Bobbie said, "1 Blow-Job"

Lucy replied, "1 Blow-Job and I will swallow all of your cum"

"Bobbie it's your bid"

"You can have my ass" Bobbie said.

Lucy said, "Bobbie you have won. I won't let do my boyfriend fuck me in the ass. He has always wanted to do my butt. I am afraid of the pain I guess.

"Oh C' mon Lucy. It only hurts for a little while. Donnie does my butt. I bet if you would try it you'd like it. Somehow pussy fuckin' is not always the best. I'd bet Donnie would love to do your ass"

"Last bid ladies! 1cock in the ass, Going once. Going twice. Going- Lucy interrupted me.

"Ok, Don you can have my ass, but you have to take it easy Ok I haven't let anyone do that.

Going 3 times, Lucy got the bid, Bobbie"

But the time the auction finished I had almost gone placid. "Well girls I need to stiffen up this thing. Who wants to suck me off" No sooner then that Lucy was sucking my dick down her throat. She went all the way down to the base and slurped and making shush sounds coming back up increasing her depth and speed. My woody up in no time to it's full potential. Bobbie was fingering Lucy's bald snatch in harmony with her sucking my cock down her throat. Bobbie smeared some of Lucy's female juices around her ass hole in preparation for me. Applying a little pressure and (Plop) Bobbie's finger was in her bung. Pausing a while so her ring could get used to the strange intruded. Lucy relaxed while starting to enjoy the sensation her finger was causing.

"Don, If you want her ass you better get over here. Her ass is ready." Standing behind Lucy's black ass I put my dick on target and pushed a little bit. Her dirty road was indeed ready. Lucy whimpered ah little and told me to stop that she couldn't do this. "Lucy, I'm just past the helmet just relax. I continued my prob Lucy was starting to get into anal fucking. One inch, the second, third. She said a little faster. Each with-drawl I plunged a little deeper. I had about 7 inches in her dark pink circle. Lucy was screaming for more. "Ok" I said. Soon I had my balls resting on her butt cheeks. I stayed there and flexed my cock in her ass. Bobbie was licking her hoody that guards her clit. Lucy was fingering Bobbie's blonde pussy. I had never seen a lady get as wet as Lucy was. My tool was going to depth with each pump. She was squealing between her hard breathing.

"Oh Donnie, Oh Donnie Oh Donnie Give it to me. Listen you white fucker! FUCK MY BLACK ASS I FUCKIN' LOVE IT. Empty your balls in there" Hearing her talk / screaming like that I was about to blow a nut. Bobbie was getting off just listening to Lucy. Lucy was throwing herself backwards wanting all I had. I increased as fast as I could. I pinched her nipples hard. She started jerking and screaming, "IM CUMMMING YOU WHITE ASSHOLE. I'M CUM, (Studder, Studder) Lucy squirted her love cum all over Bobbie's hand. With one last thrust to the bottom I shot my wad deep in her ass.

We lay there in a pile of sweat and cum. We all fell asleep for ah while. I woke up and finding Lucy munching on Bobbie's cunt. I started to finger her. Soon Bobbie came around breathing heavily. We formed a circle on the floor with everyone on our sides. Lucy had my dick in her throat & playing with my balls with one hand, the other was stroking Bobbie's clit. Bobbie was breast-feeding on Lucy's huge nipples. We all had our orgasms together again.

I said, "Happy Birthday Bobbie! Did you enjoy your present" She didn't answer me. I know she did. We both thanked Lucy for her contributions.

About: The author of "Lucys first time down the dirt road" is Don Sti_ger. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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