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Mollys early christmas present

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Author: Ash
Published: 29-Dec-08 Revised/Updated 31-Dec-08
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Molly moved her hands down to Andy's crotch gently squeezing his balls through his jeans. He could feel how hard he already was and thought to herself how much she wanted it. Slowly she undone the zip and button on his jeans and gradually pulled them down. As Molly dropped to her knees, Andy's trousers fell to his ankles. Molly looked at Andy's hard cock that was still restrained in his boxers.

* * * * * * *

It was almost Christmas and Andy decided that he would treat Molly early to avoid the busy period that was about to begin.

It was a Friday and Molly and Andy had just finished work, Andy had decided to take Molly out for dinner so he took Molly home to get changed and told her to dress up in the nicest clothes she had and that he would be back once he had got changed himself.

On the way home Andy decided that he would take Molly to a nice country pub in the middle of nowhere so that they could be alone and spend some quality time with each other.

Andy arrived home where he showered and changed into his Ben Sherman jeans, blue shirt. He grabbed his car keys and went to pick up Molly.

Back at Molly's Andy knocked on the door and when Molly answered Andy couldn't believe his eyes. She was dressed in a knee length black and white dress with black leggings. Around her neck was the necklace Andy had brought her for New Year and Andy saw that she was wearing a small amount of make up. Andy loved this look on Molly her figure was perfect in the dress, her legs were amazing and her face looked smooth, soft and glowed with the makeup on. Andy gave Molly a kiss and as he did he could smell a sweet aroma coming from Molly, she was wearing perfume something Andy wasn't used to but immediately liked.

In the car Andy explained to Molly that if we were to go out for dinner at Christmas it would be busy and they wouldn't be able to talk to each other properly and that this way the could have a nice evening together.

They found a nice pub in the country, the car park was pretty much empty only a few customers and staff. Andy parked the car and they went inside. The warmth of the pub was just right and the smell of an old log fire filled the air. The décor for the pub was old fashioned and had a very nice atmosphere. They sat at a table in the corner near to the fire, its warm glow and soft orange and red colours set the perfect scene for the night.

A young waitress came over and took the order, whilst waiting for the food to come they spoke about anything and everything, friends, family, work. After about 15mins the food came it looked and smelled delicious. They continued their conversation throughout the dinner and had a really great time. Whilst they were eating Andy received a text from his mum saying they were going to see his dads mum and were planning on staying there for the night, they were also taking his brother with them.

They finished off their food and decided it was time to head home. Molly texted her mum on the way home asking if she could spend the night at Andy's house so they could watch a film and not worry about getting home ate that night. Molly was allowed.

They turned up at Andy's house they went in shut all the curtains, locked the door and sat in the living room. Andy told Molly to pick a film. As she was doing this Andy lit some candles and placed them around the living room, he switched off the light, went into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses.

They snuggled up together on the sofa and watched the film. Molly had washed her hair before and he could smell the fruity aroma which made him feel warm inside.

The film finished and the time was 11:45 and Andy suggested an early night so they headed upstairs to the bedroom

As they entered the bedroom Andy and Molly turned to look at each other before embracing in a long passionate kiss. Their hands began to wander first Andy ran his hands through Mollys hair, and then he ran his hand all the way down her spine before squeezing her juicy buttocks.

Molly meanwhile was running her hands across Andy's chest and squeezing what muscles he had.

Andy slowly untied the back of marries dress, he then pulled dress down to expose her 32c breasts he gradually moved his kisses down her neck. He could still smell and now taste the perfume that she was wearing, Andy continued down her body. His lips touched Marries now hard nipples. Feeling this he wrapped his tongue around the nipple and began to suck, by marries reaction he could tell that he was doing the right thing. She began to breathe more deeply now.

Molly moved her hands down to Andy's crotch gently squeezing his balls through his jeans. He could feel how hard he already was and thought to herself how much she wanted it. Slowly she undone the zip and button on his jeans and gradually pulled them down. As Molly dropped to her knees, Andy's trousers fell to his ankles. Molly looked at Andy's hard cock that was still restrained in his boxers. She used both ands to pull down his boxers and his cock sprung out, she started to lick the tip of Andy's cock. Drawing tiny circles gradually making them bigger. She took a deep breathe and plunged Andy's cock deep into her mouth, she didn't stop until all of it was in. she started to push her head backwards and forwards all the way along the shaft before plunging it all back in again. Molly began to taste Andy's cum which had started to leak.

Andy picked Molly up off her knees a laid her onto the bed. He went into the cupboard and pulled out a blindfold, he secured the strap around marries head so that she could not see a thing. Andy then took marries right arm and placed it above her head. Molly felt something wrap around her hand, she tried to move her arm but she couldn't it was securely fastened to the bed. Andy continued to tie her up until her arms and legs were well secured.

Andy moved down marries body and lifted the bottom of her dress he could see through her leggings that her knickers were soaking wet, Molly was obviously turned on and as a result her pussy juices began to flow. Andy removed her leggings as best he could with her tied up. He then tore off her knickers and tossed them onto the floor. He lowered his head and began to lick the juice from marries vagina. He gradually inserted his fingers deep into her pussy. He decided to stop at three so that they could easily slide in and out giving Molly the greatest of pleasure. Andy could feel marries body beginning to thrive he knew she was orgasm so he withdrew his fingers and straddled her chest.

He pushed his hard cock into her mouth and began to thrust his hips. Molly started to suck on his cock and instantly began to taste his cum again. Molly took Andy's cock deep into her mouth until she gagged at this Andy withdrew and sandwich his penis between her tits. He began to fuck her breasts until he shot a load of cum all over marries face; most of it he aimed into marries mouth where she swallowed it instantly.

Andy climbed off of Molly and went into the cupboard and went to rummage around in the cupboard. Earlier in the week he had bought a present for Molly and he decided now was the time to use it. All of a sudden Molly heard a buzzing sound. It began to get closer and closer. Marries nipple was suddenly vibrating this felt so good that straight away she started to groan with pleasure. Once again her body started to writhe.

Andy ran the vibrator down marries body and slowly circled her clit with it. Molly started to moan louder now. Andy picked marries cum soaked panties up off the floor and placed them in her mouth to act as a gag, Molly could taste her own juices now and began to gently suck.

Andy laid on top of Molly and pushed his cock deep into Molly her body arched up off the bed as Andy began to pump his cock in and out of her soaking pussy. Andy fucked Molly hard and fast and her screams of pleasure grew louder and louder. He removed her panties from her mouth and once again tossed them on the floor. He smacked his lips onto marries trying to silence her screams he could taste mixture of her cum as well as his own. His cum exploded into Marries pussy they both screamed out with pleasure there now sweaty bodies rubbed against each other Andy removed himself from between marries legs. He then placed his cock back into marries mouth and told her to clean it, she did without hesitation and the mixture of his and her cum filled her mouth.

Andy untied Mollys hands and feet Molly jumped up off the bed and forced Andy onto it, she straddled Andy's chest her pussy juices smothered his top half. She planted a long passionate kiss onto his lips she slowly moved down his face and started to kiss his neck gently sucking but leaving no marks. She moved onto his ear first of all she circled tongue around his lobe then pushed it deep into his ear. She could feel Andy's cock growing up her back as she was doing this. She slid down his body licking her trail of juices on the way and began to suck on his cock again, she then moved on to suck his balls taking them one at a time into her mouth and gently sucking on them.

She then moved to lick the part between Andy's penis and arse. This aroused Andy a lot and he soon began to moan quietly with pleasure. She licked his skin fast and sucked hard. To Andy's surprise she began to move lower, she ran her tongue along his body to the opening of his anus. She then began to circle the opening before running her tongue across his arse. Andy asked Molly if she was happy to continue, she said it was ok for now and began to lick more frantically. She then began to push her tongue harder into his anus and before long she was licking away gradually getting deeper. She then wet her finger and placed it on the opening of Andy's anus she slowly pushed her finger in but Andy found this uncomfortable and asked her to stop. She did and she continued with her tongue.

After a while Andy told Molly to put the blindfold back on as he had another surprise for her. She put the blindfold back on and heard Andy rummaging in the cupboard again. Andy manoeuvred Molly into the doggy style position and she felt him enter her pussy from behind. Gradually he began to thrust into her slowly. She then felt something hard enter her anus. Slowing pushing its way in. she took off the blind fold and looked behind her. In her pussy was a medium sized dildo and in her butt was the tip of Andy's cock. She let out a scream of pleasure and forced herself backwards. This made the dildo go even deeper into her pussy and Andy's cock continued deep into her anus. Andy once again took hold of the dildo and began thrusting his hips as he did so the dildo began to slide in and out of her pussy. Molly took her hand and started to rub her clit frantically she was screaming so loud with pleasure now she could only just about take it. It wasn't long before Andy shot a warm jet of cum deep into marries arse hole. Both of them were screaming out with pleasure. Andy withdrew and Molly laid on top of him their sweaty bodies rubbing against each other as they passionately kissed each other. They soon fell asleep in each others arms and they both continued to dream about what had just happened.

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