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Noticing Her

Author: s
Publish Date : Dec 31, 2008
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Young man passes by the home of a quiet and demure older woman. He always waves and says hi. She returns the greeting, but is not outgoing. He eventually introduces himself. She eventually invites him to stop by. He does, things go wild, and both benefit in the end.

* * * * * * *

Everyday I see her on her porch, sitting in the chair, and watching us. She watches all of us as we go by. The runners, us walkers, and even the kids passing by and she watches us all from her perch on her porch. Every day I walk and I'll look up. I'll look up and I'll smile. Why I do that, I'm not sure, but I do. I was taught to be that way, taught to be a friendly person. That's what my parents told me. Be friendly, wave to your neighbors, and say hi to them. Most the time I do. I wave to my neighbors, but sometimes I don't. It all depends.

She was different. Don't know why, but she was. A pretty woman she seemed depressed or she looked it. Didn't know anything about her either, but I'd see her every evening around 7:30 and she sat and rocked and watched me go by.

Somehow I came to like this woman. Don't ask me why, I just did. She was quiet and reserved. But she was sad also. I didn't know why she was, but she acted like it. No reason to know why, it wasn't my business either, and besides that she was an older then me. She was much older so why even think she'd be interested in a guy my age, a guy like me And for that matter why was I interested in a woman like her or her age But I was and she caught my eye. There were so many features and so many different mysterious things about her which caught my eye, caught my interest in her so I waved one night. Oddly to my surprise she waved back and she smiled and I saw her say hi.

It wasn't much. It was courtesy smile, a simple friendly wave, but it was what I was taught to do. I did right by my parents. I didn't think much of it. No, not really, but each night as I walked because I physically couldn't run any more I wouldn't think about her at all, not until I'd turn that corner. Once I did it would click in the back of my mind. She'd be up there, on the porch, and she'd be rocking away in that chair. Yes she would. She'd be doing whatever it was she liked doing- knitting or reading or just thinking and she'd be watching all us as we went by. That's what she did.

Oddly, I expected to see her. I expected her to be there, to be waiting for me, to be waiting so we could wave and say hi to me. I expected her to be there expecting me to pass by her home. I expected her to see me pass by, look her way, and say hi and wave. I anticipated all of these things, but the one thing I didn't anticipate was how it made me feel suddenly. When she smiled and when she waved and when I saw her say hi, I didn't hear her, but I saw her mouth the words, and I liked that. It generated heartfelt feelings towards her. No, that was wrong, all wrong, but I looked forward to it but it was wrong.

She seemed sweet enough. She looked kind enough. She was older but not too old I thought. She was possibly closing in on forty. I wasn't sure. It really didn't matter. I was being friendly so I'd wave and say hi. All I did was wave, smile, and say hi to her because that's who I was. That's what I was all about, but this woman made me feel different. She made me feel special. And I loved those feelings generated from the "relationship" we were developing. It wasn't a real relationship, but there was rapport.

She has nice hair. Kind of a sandy blond-brownish tone to it. It fell down over her shoulders. Sort of slinky. It was curled by a curling iron. I wasn't sure, but it was pretty. And how it fell over her face, over shoulders was appealing.

It overshadowed her eyes. I didn't like that, but what was I to do She had a pretty smile, a really nice and pretty smile. I liked it well enough. She was slender, very slender at that. For the most part she always wore lightweight pastel dresses. Those were pretty dresses and I found myself wanting to see them close up. I don't know why and I shouldn't even care, but I did. A peculiar woman, I felt something for her, towards the woman, and eventually as I walked by her home each night I wanted to meet her.

Why I still hadn't figured it out. Maybe it was the mystery of that forlorn look she held on her face. Maybe it was the gentle way about her as she lifted her hand, smiled my way when I passed by, and said hi while waving. Maybe it was her demeanor. An overall friendly demeanor that said stop by sometime, let's get to know each other. I wouldn't mind if you wouldn't. Either way I enjoyed saying hi and told myself I would stop some day and talk with her.

And I did. The following week I did stop. I slowed to a crawl as I walked by, and I turned to wave. I smiled and I said hello. I didn't just say hi. I said hello and then I introduced myself to her. She smiled back, but that smile wasn't her normal everyday shy smile. It blew me away. It was one hell of a smile. It was a brilliant smile. Like a day of cloudless skies that light up your day, this smile lit up this woman's face. It was so brilliant that it attacked me like wildfire, but it was incredible. It attacked my heart and seized me. It took me by surprise and descended on my soul. Her smile along with her eyes engulfed me emotionally. I was frozen. I could not believe she was capable of such a smile.

How that ever happened I had no idea, but it did. And when it did I wanted to know this woman. I wanted her to know me. I wanted to stop by all the time. I wanted to stop and talk with her, get to know her, and be with her. I suddenly felt I had to know everything about her. And all because of her brilliant alluring smile. That one day had done me in. It crushed me emotionally. She melted me like I was plastic burning in a furnace. It was incredible how I felt. It was euphoric... almost orgasmic. Oh how I felt, it was so good. All the emotions which began sprouting had me thinking I wanted to know this woman.

She said to sit down. I sat down. She didn't stand up. We formally introduced ourselves. Her voice was quiet, formal. She said it was unusual for anyone to stop and say hi. She said no one, no youngsters ever stopped and said hello. I was only 24, but I've been told and heard I was mature for my age. I always felt that way. I was mature in different ways. I look a few years older, but I also act older too. We talked and talked. Coming and introducing myself to her made her feel special she said. It made me feel special too. I felt it all over. There was something convincing about this woman. There were things this woman said to me that had me roaring feverishly inside. I don't know if it showed, but I felt as if it did. And then once again she flashed that exclusive brilliant smile of hers. It was a wonderful, uplifting, and arousing smile too. I loved it. How couldn't I My heart fluttered uncontrollably. My body twitched out of control. Something was wrong. Something was wrong with me. I didn't understand. Not at first I didn't, but when I saw her flash that dazzling smile, I missed it the first time.

However, something somewhere in the depths of my mind I was being told something. "She wants you and you want her too" my subconscious was saying. "So casually and subtly tell her you think she's an attractive woman. Tell her you would love to please her, love to pleasure her in unimaginable ways, but say so with all honest intentions in the world. When you do, she will first feel insulted. After a while, after you leave she will have thought about it what you've told her. And after thinking about what you've said she will then invite you inside her house."

Where was this insight coming from I wondered And my subconscious mind added "and she will want you. She will want you to take her. She will want you to remove her clothing for her. She is lovely underneath. She is still a sexy woman beneath her clothing and she will want you to notice her. She will desire you to undress her. She will desire and want it done romantically. She will want this and can't wait for you to have your way with her." That's what his mind... his subconscious mind had told him.

I left and began hearing those same words over and over. They seeped out, slowly and they crept out from the back of my head, from the depths of my mind, and when it occurred to me it was all true... when I realized it was true I was suddenly turned on. I was aroused by the idea and by every possibility.

At first I was afraid of my thoughts. At first I didn't like them. I left my house again and walked by her house and she waved, saying hi to me. That time she didn't offer her brilliant smile. It wasn't part of her wave like I'd seen the day before. I loved her dazzling smile. It put me over the edge. I thought of it way too often. When I did think of it I was totally aroused, completely turned on by her.

Something somewhere told me to go, to go and see her. I was told to go and knock at her door, have her invite me in. She will invite me in. She will more then be willing to invite me in and she will have sex with me. I couldn't believe what my mind was saying. And it will be amazing as my imagination lets sex be. I was too horny, too horny for this older woman, but I didn't care about her age. I only cared about her body, her beauty. I only cared about my friendship with this nice woman. I only cared about one thing.

So I set out after cleaning up myself and dressing. I hopped in my car and drove to the woman's home. I did not bring flowers. I did not bring any chocolates. I only brought myself and I only brought what the woman desired of me. I hoped I was right. I hoped she would not mind. I got to her house and I heard nice music playing inside. She was sitting in a chair.

She sat in it swaying, listening to her music. She was not wearing a dress like other days. She wore a blouse and I thought a skirt as well. I couldn't be too sure, but it didn't matter anyway. I rang the doorbell and she stood slowly to answer it. She saw through the glass portals that I had called on her. When she saw my face I saw that dazzling smile light up her eyes and light up her face. It was so radiant that my heart and my loins jumped all the way up to my throat. I suddenly couldn't speak.

Her eyes lit up as she flung the door open. But I still could not talk. I was too horny. I was too aroused and needed to bring myself under control. There was no advice to that. I was left to manage on my own.

She knew exactly why I came. She must have. My arrival set the woman into some kind of emotional and wild tailspin. She wanted me. I didn't see it, but she did. She wanted to kiss me everywhere. She wanted me to undress her and take her in my arms and she wanted me to hold her intimately. She wanted to feel my lips. She wanted my body coveting hers. And there were fireworks setting off within her, but they were going off in me too. When it did happen there would be no stopping the two of us.

She sat me down in a cordial way, but her eyes were lit up like roman candles. I could see it in them. It was exciting to see, but she behaved normally other then that. We talked as the music played. She asked me, in her quiet voice, if I like the classic rock. I nodded saying yes I did. She smiled and said it was truly the best. That smile wasn't her brilliant one. It wasn't the one that had my emotions wildly running out of control. I studied the woman and she studied me. We watched one another's mannerisms. We spoke of nothing, we discussed some important things, and she said she forgot herself and offered me a drink. I said water was fine and she hobbled on one good leg, bringing back two tall glasses of water.

I didn't know her leg was bad. She said she fell down. She told me she tripped on her stairs. By that time we sat on her divan, she at one end, and me at the other. The more we talked, the prettier she was, and my heart fluttered everywhere. I found I was closing my legs too often and I wondered if she picked up on it or not. We discussed nonsensical things coming to a void and I noticed I was looking around her house. I noticed the antiques. I noticed more conventional decorations. I turned to ask her about some of her antiques.

I pushed myself back. It was an instinctive move, but I did it abruptly. It didn't stop her. She had unbuttoned two of the buttons on her blouse. A slinky top, it fell off her shoulders and although a slinky, lighter weight pale peach top I was able to see the shape of her boobs earlier. Even though hers weren't enormous they still offered a young guy like me much heralded joy. I found myself calling them out. I found my mind telling me "see I told you so" and I found my loins falling in line with everything screaming at me to take her and make love to her.

She did not smile. She simply sat there, facing me, and slowly but surely undoing another button then another. There seemed to be many. They were small. There were more on her slinky blouse then I would have gathered. I felt my body tensing, riveting, and I was twitching and tingling more then ever now.

She watched me as she methodically unbuttoned that blouse. Her delicate but mid-sized breasts as with her cleavage began to appear before me. Ohhh god I wanted this. Ohhh god I wanted her. What was I doing Oh god that's right... I know now. I knew it all along. I was weakening. I was giving in. She was taking control. It was the first glimpse of a smile on her face. With one hand, her fingers pushed back her soft curling hair. She smiled again, slightly. I loved her smile even if she was overdoing it.

The woman was always sexy, but now... now she was heightening all my senses. Now she was super-sexy. I wanted to come closer. I wanted to look into her face, look at those buttons, and I wanted to undo them for her, but she remained in her spot and gazed upon me. She turned around and grabbed something. She pointed it and there was complete silence in the room. Then she stood, turned out the lights, and she reached out to me never once saying a word. She smiled, quietly and humbly. It was beautiful. She was too.

My cock, it was twitching. I felt pangs wildly, hurriedly pulling power and energy towards it. I was wild about her, wild about what we were about to do, and I wanted to put my hands all over her. I wanted... no I craved her. I craved her slinky curvy figure and I found myself talking, aloud. Not loud, but saying stuff. I was saying things like "She's so beautiful. She's every guy's dream. She wants me, only me, and I... oh I want to be with her too. I want her and I want to be the best lover she's ever had."

And she stopped and she turned and faced me, smiling. "You will be" she said "you will be" she told me again. She led me into this ornate bedroom. There was a huge canopy bed, deep shag carpet, and a huge long dresser with a large circular mirror with three partitions to it on top.

She turned and faced me. Taking my hands she pressed them against her chest, her bosoms, and she held them against her boobs. Her blouse, only partially opened displayed the most gorgeous set of breasts I ever imagined in my entire life. Her eyes remained closed while holding my hands against her tits. She left them closed as I felt them against the palms of my hands.

The silk material made my being there exotic. That material made her appear alluring and more erotic then imaginable to me. She said something. It was a whisper and she told me to undo the rest of her buttons. I did. She closed her eyes again as she felt her blouse coming undone. Surrounding air washed inside it, against her warm soft flesh. She smiled, guardedly. The gentle but guarded smile grew steadily. She looked prettier then I had ever seen her look. I wondered what she'd look like if only her eyes were open.

"You're beautiful" I told her in a hushed voice.

The room, my presence, and the two of us together at that moment were meant to be. I could feel it. She could feel it too. We were meant to be as one, together as lovers, as friends, and I was meant to be there to sexually gratify this new friend.

"I know you do" she came back "and I will find you to be one extraordinary lover" she told me. "You will be a very sexy lover. That's why I have chosen you. Make love, with me, tonight, and let's enjoy all this all the way until morning." Her voice was mesmerizing, hypnotic, and she gazed into my eyes as she said it, not smiling but with great passion and desire in her eyes.

She looked at me and began undoing the buttons of my shirt. As she did, I looked inside her blouse. She was magnificent. They were magnificent. Her breasts were utterly amazing. She said something. She said I was free to feel them, free to feel them all night if that's what made me happy. It would, but she said she wanted to feel me too. She wanted to touch things on me and she smiled when she said it. Our eyes met. She kept unbuttoning my shirt.

I heard her breathing. It was a calm breathing, a relaxed and hypnotic breathing. It heightened my senses. It aroused me. I began to hope I was arousing her as well. My shirt opened up and she saw my chest. She smiled. Her smile, again, was that dazzling, brilliant smile I had seen earlier on her lips. The same smile seduced me. It melted me and broke me down. It broke me completely. I knew I was hers, I knew I wanted to be hers all night. I was overwhelmed by it all. I was overcome by her beauty. I was overcome by desire I had never experienced this degree of it in my life.

Her hands felt my chest. They were idle, but she felt it. I tingled fanatically while her fingers went about delicately touching the flesh of my chest. And then they felt my abdomen. I felt feverish as they trickled over it. My legs cramped up. My cock surged with incredible power.

I had to have this woman any way I could. I had to have her. I started telling her I had to have her. She asked how. She told me to tell her how I had to have her. Her tone was calm, but she wasn't calm. I saw that in her eyes, her face. She wanted to know how I wanted her. She felt she had to know. She felt she needed to know how I wanted her. In what ways did I want her

So I told her. As quietly and as calmly as possible I explained to her how I wanted her. Her eyes did not move. They did not close. She never winced with desire. She did not feel faint. Her knees did look as if they were going weak, but she stood there. She stood calmly listening to every word I said to her. And she yearned for it all, for what I told her I wanted to do with her. She smiled once in a while. She loved what she heard. I was horny and I told I was. I told her I was very turned on by her.

She smiled. It was an excited smile. When she heard me tell her that I was very horny, she smiled hungrily, spiritedly. I asked her if her smile meant she desired me the same way and she nodded. She nodded and told me yes. I told her to tell me, explain to me what she wanted too. My voice, it sounded too eager. Yes, I was eager, but she was eager to and I that's when I pulled off her blouse. We watched it drop, float to the floor.

She was magnificent. They were magnificent. Wholesome, shapely, and flawless. I ogled them, but my mind didn't let me get caught up in them, not yet it didn't. I removed her long skirt and I lifted this gorgeous and lovely woman off her feet. I lifted her up and I laid her, like a feather, on her bed. Laying her on her large and awesome canopy bed felt the same as seeing it done in a movie.

She smiled. She watched me as I lay her down. I removed my shoes and I removed my socks and I mounted her. One leg on each side of her, I mounted this gorgeous woman's body. I crawled upwards, over her body and I swooped down over her. I kissed her tender lips as my arms reached around each side of her. I embraced her as I kissed her lips and she lay motionless feeling me against her, feeling my lips against her lips, and letting me kiss her intimately and passionately. To me it was spectacular. How I felt at that moment was incredibly amazing to that point. How much I desired her, this beautiful sexy woman was spectacular to me. I wanted too many things at once, but I forced myself not to be too ambitious. Appreciate her, appreciate who she is, and appreciate all that I before me and it will all come in time.

Her hands touched me. Here, there, and everywhere I felt her warm hands and fingers touching my back and my shoulders too. As I kissed her tender lips her hands danced like a ballerina across my back, feeling me, and feeling what I was as a man. Her lips were moist. They were definitely gentle. But her lips were accepting lips. They accepted mine into her world and in doing so I was allowed to discover the beauty and sexy nature of this older woman's lips.

I stopped kissing them and pulled away. Still mounted over her slender curvaceous physique, I knelt upright and I looked down on it, upon her I looked into her eyes and what I saw was incredible. She was happy, she was already gratified, and I could see a satisfaction in those once mournful eyes. It felt great and we hadn't done anything. She was to me more then anything in this world a captured spirit, arising from ashes, and now for whatever reason this woman was happy. She looked elated I'd come to her that night.

She looked down. She was looking at me jeans. I knew she wanted them off. I wanted them off too and so I undid them, unsnapped them, and I rustled them off me quickly. It presented itself to her. She was overjoyed I removed my jeans.

I noticed her eyes glisten, an enthralled look on her face, and all the soft features on it suddenly changed. Her face, it filled with pleasure, and it also filled with fire. She was inspired and aroused and this woman wanted nothing but unending pleasure. Her eyes looked towards me, waiting for mine to meet hers. She gazed without speaking telling me what it was she needed, first. How I knew I do not know but somehow she transmitted it. I crept towards her, one leg after the other.

My cock, the shaft, and my balls swiveled over her face. The woman stared at the mechanism and then she looked at me and winked. Her face was lit up. Again lit up like roman candles and her demure hands and fingers took hold of my cock as she eased upwards to have a taste.

Her tongue was first. It touched the outer perimeter. On the underside, it slid from top to bottom. I groaned and arched my back pulling it all away. She smiled and watched me as I settled back into her hands. Her eyes were warm, her look was accepting, and I could feel the tips of her breasts. They flashed against my ass and all I wanted was crush them in some sexual form or another.

But she held my dick, she held the shaft, and she continued licking the underside of the shaft. But I felt them, I felt it... I felt her lips kissing my ball. I heard her. It was pleasing too. She moaned pleasurably while her lips settled on my sack. I wanted her to swallow. I wanted her to suck them, but I guess she would do it all in her own time.

Finally she told me to slide off her so she could get a better position. And I did as she commanded. I lay flat for her. She knelt with her bad leg down at my feet. She stared at me wearing a smile. That's when she reached behind her.

They came to rest not far from where they originally started. Her bosoms didn't drop too far. In fact it was amazing they didn't fall far at all. Her smaller frame, her demure figure hoisted a sizeable pair of tits. I was amazed at their actual size. She knew I wanted to suckle them all night. She smiled and she winked and she nodded her head acknowledging my thoughts, but she looked at my hardened dick and scooted towards it.

She twisted and turned and cavorted around it, she moved like an athlete. Her movements weren't swift, but her movements were graceful. I thought I was the partner of a gymnast watching her body move in various rotations. Kissing it, licking it too only drew thunderous desire within me. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to fuck her explosively. I wanted to fuck her cunt. But I wanted also to fuck her mouth, her ass, and also her tits. I wanted to fuck this awesome woman any way possible that night.

And as her mouth and lips and tongue discharged my voluntary decisions, I succumbed to her will. I succumbed to her whims too. She reached forward, she pulled my hips towards her, and I saw my cock... my long narrow cock slip inside her mouth for what seemed forever. And after it disappeared inside she moaned merrily. Sounds of pure joy were murmuring from within her. Sucking it, swallowing it, and also kissing its tip she mesmerized me forever like she was more experienced then a whore.

"Kiss my boobs" I heard her say. "Ohhh god, kiss them" she pleaded with me.

I was happy to pleasure myself in that capacity. I tried kissing them tenderly, but her hands found my head. And as soon as they did I felt my face crushed against her hot tender flesh between her tits. She wailed out telling me to kiss them, suck them, and she moaned that she loved me. Now I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I wasn't about to question her at all.

"Kiss them... ohhh god kiss them, suck them forever, and don't stop turning me on" she cried out. Her hands were still crushing the back of my head. My head was still compressed hard between her tits, but I wasn't complaining.

How many guys get chances like this

I rubbed her arms and I ran my hands threw her hair. I was having difficulty breathing. It was as passionate as anything gets. Finally her hands let go. I began kissing her tits all over. Kissing and kissing and needling them riveted me more. I had to fuck her. I had to screw this woman's pussy, badly. As I kissed or as I licked them I found that I was pushing my cock into her body. I heard her moaning and cooing. I discovered she enjoyed it a lot.

Pleasurable as it was, I think I was releasing pre-cum. Suddenly, I heard her say "Don't, please don't... not yet... not yet honey."

So she had to have felt it. She must have felt it seeping. I didn't like that at all. No pre-cum, none of that, and only do what she wants you to do. I kissed and kissed and I kissed her tits all over, everywhere I could. She hoisted her body, arching it up, and enjoying my sexual entertainment. Her breathing was fast. Her body arched often. I wanted this woman too much.

"Lick me... lick my pussy" she said to me.

Fuck yeah I will I told myself. You bet your ass I will. My face lit up. She knew how I was feeling and when I entered in between her thighs her body forced itself against my mouth hoping I'd give her some surprise. I did my best. She did hers. I was grunting and enjoying the scent from her cunt. God it was beautiful with vaginal hair swarming my cheeks. Her lips were fresh, so was her pussy. It felt like a virgins almost. It was hot, it was tight, but best of all it was juicy.

I gave up holding out. I knelt upright in defiance. I wanted to have sex with this woman. I wanted intercourse in the best way we knew how. And I wanted to cum inside her. I wanted to explode inside this woman soon. I couldn't take it any longer. She was a controlled woman, but I was not a controlled man. No, I wasn't. And I wasn't taking no for an answer any longer. I had to pleasure myself, pleasure this woman, and I wanted it to be so gratifying to her that she'd want me repeatedly to come back to her.

She could tell. She could see that it was my mission. She saw it in me. She could see what was inside me. And she smiled, not timidly, but she did. She looked into my eyes, looked deep within my soul, and she saw it. She saw what I now truly desired. She gave it to me. She allowed it now. She allowed me to have her the way I've wanted her from the outset.

She took me. And I took her too. She waited for me. She waited for me to reach out and take her as I pleased. I placed it against her pussy. It waggled against the opening and it felt right, she felt right. It all felt like it was meant to be.

We looked at the others face. She seemed content. She wasn't reluctant at all. She wanted me now. She wanted me fiercely. Her eyes burned feverishly. I understood the burning desire on her face. She was crying aloud through her eyes, through her face that she had to have me as I had to have her too.

I spread out across her as my cock slowly coursed its way inside. I immediately felt it. Her walls within, they were swelling. She was tight. They captured it inside just as soon as I entered her. Pressing firmly against my unpredictable erection, her swollen excited pussy guided my cock downward inside her aroused cunt. I did not look, not at first, but she wanted to fuck me.

She wanted us to make love, fuck hard and she wanted me to be spent inside her as soon as possible, I thought. I reached forward, my hands and fingers climbing her forearms, and stretching gloriously towards her hands. I reached them, they intertwined with hers, and we held the others hand resolutely. Feeling her pussy, feeling her tightened walls swollen against my extended cock it was remarkable. She was remarkable. She looked fulfilled. Already she looked like she accomplished her goal. Her eyes were glassed over. I wanted to ask her how she was, but it was peaceful lying on her hands and now, legs interwoven with each other.

My cock felt heightened as I did too. We lay motionless and her eyes remained calm. She closed them, I closed mine, and then I felt this pressure. She pushed against and then pushed again. I assumed she was ready to make love.

I pulled away and shoved myself back in. She let go of one hand. It reached down and she stroked herself. We continued pushing against each other. She moaned, quietly, but she moaned again and again. I found myself groaning too, matching groan for moan. I moved against her, pushing harder and harder, and she moaned louder and we fucked forever.

Ten minutes and then twenty and then twenty five after that, I descended and disappeared and her swollen cunt pushed back. There was squealing. There were odd sounds emitted as he fucked, but she wasn't crying out. She hadn't cried out at all. Fucking harder, fucking faster, her moaning becoming louder. Rapture filled is both and I told her I was in heaven. She smiled, but she winced, and she bucked me harder then a bronco. I plowed and pushed, I knew I wanted to orgasm inside her.

"I am ready" I said. I spoke abnormally. She said no. She said not yet. She said it would be a few more minutes. But I was almost too far gone. Then something happened that was weird. "What was that" I said. She said it did not matter.

She controlled me. She controlled my cock. She kept me from exploding just yet. She humped and she squeaked, she moaned and cried out rapturously. Her breasts swelled, her eyes, opened up, and her body rose off her bed. I kept fucking her and fucking her, trying to control myself from exploding.

"Now... do me now" she shouted. "Fuck me harder, let it go" she exclaimed. She was squealing and reeling. She was cumming harder then I ever imagined. I felt it, I felt her. Like a ruptured pipe she exploded. Like a horrible leak I did too. White fluids oozing wildly from between both of us, a huge puddle was forming just before it disappeared. Her sheets absorbed it all and she lay in our spent cum. And she said to me something that floored me.

She said "Let's do this all again."

I was spent, she was too, and so how the hell could she begin again. Oh god oh wow... how the hell was I, was she going to have sex like this right away

"Wasn't this beautiful" she asked. Her eyes twinkled brightly. Her teeth were whiter then white and she was as dazzling and as sexy as I had ever seen her. I only had one question for her.

"Who are you" I said.

"Just a woman" she replied. "Just a woman, like any other woman, but a woman who doesn't" but her voice trailed off, her mind drifted off somewhere, and she went quiet. Her eyes changed. They were in another world. She was in another world. Her face was forlorn. I had to know. I wanted dearly to know all her deep dark secrets. So I reached for her cheek and I turned it back towards me.

I asked her again "Honestly, who are you really"

She looked into my eyes. I saw something I didn't like, at first. She said it was nothing. She looked away at first, but turned back towards me and smiled. Then she grabbed me. She grabbed me hard. She grabbed my body passionately saying thank you. And she started kissing my lips zealously, feverishly. I couldn't believe how she made me feel.

I was hard in seconds. Her hand slid down and felt my cock, felt it and stroked it, and I heard her pleasant moans. I enjoyed her kissing. I enjoyed how she stroked my already spent cock. But I loved listening to those gentle moans of hers. It meant we were going to have sex again and real, real soon.

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A Need For a Simple Life - Robert Geoffs

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