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Amateur Night Exhibitionist Act

Author: Anon
Publish Date : Dec 18, 2004
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As the second song began, Marsha knelt down on the stage and asked one of the fellows in the front row to reach behind her so he could unsnap her bra. He put his arms around her, and in a second the bra fell away, exposing Marsha's lovely white 36-inch globes. As the bra hit the floor, Marsha grabbed the man by the ears and pulled his face into her breasts. She let him suck, bite, and lick her lucious tits for quite a while as she began to rub her clit through her sheer lace panties.

* * * * * * *

Not too long ago I decided to have my wife, Marsha, put on an exhibitionist act at the local strip club. Since Marsha is also my slave, she listened intently as I laid out the plans of her act.

The night came a week later, and there were about 20 guys in the audience. Marsha was the third contestant. As she walked onto the stage, she was clad in a floor-length red evening gown that zipped down the front from top to bottom. She had on long white gloves and three-inch high-heel shoes. As she danced around the stage, her long blond hair would flip from back to front and spill down over her shoulders and lovely breasts. She slowly peeled the gloves off and soon begun unzipping the gown, as she moved seductively around the stage. She had to bend all the way down to release the last catch of the zipper, and as it released, she snapped to a full, upright position, letting the gown drop to the floor around her feet. The crown roared approval as she began to glide around the stage, clad now in a red-and-black-lace garter belt, bra, panties. The pale whiteness of her upper thigh stood out in vivid contrast to the tops of her sheer black nylons. The other two contestants had not worn nylons of any kind, and this added feature seemed to turn hte audience on, as their shouts of approval increased.

As the second song began, Marsha knelt down on the stage and asked one of the fellows in the front row to reach behind her so he could unsnap her bra. He put his arms around her, and in a second the bra fell away, exposing Marsha's lovely white 36-inch globes. As the bra hit the floor, Marsha grabbed the man by the ears and pulled his face into her breasts. She let him suck, bite, and lick her lucious tits for quite a while as she began to rub her clit through her sheer lace panties. She then moved from one guy to the next until eight or ten guys in the fron row had sampled her wares with their tongues and mouths.

For the third number, Marsha sat on the stage, facing the audience. She leaned back on her arms, lifted her ass, and stuck her legs out spread-eagled into the face of yet another front-row patron. He was literally drolling with expect- ation as she instructed him to remove her panties. When he had completed this welcome task, Marsha pulled his mouth into her cunt. He eagerly began to lick and suck her box while she leaned back on the stage with her eyes closed, ask- ing the two guys on both sides of him to suck her tits. The crowd was wild as she moaned and squirmed to the triple eating she was now enjoying. Again, Marsha moved from one guy to the next around the front of the stage. I could hardly keep from coming as I watched from the second row.

What a turn-on to look over a complete stranger's shoulders as he wildly eats your wife! Marsha's ass was bouncing up and down to the music, and as I looked around the theatre, I could see newspapers bouncing up and down on at least a douzen laps, as these second- and third-row patrons could only watch for now and beat their meat under their homemade tepees. I must admit that I was one of them and was beginning to wish I had taken a front-row seat. I'll bet as least half of the audience came during that third song. They waited with hand on cock, ready for the next number to start.

As the lights came on for her last scheduled number, Marsha walked onto the stage, carrying a large quilt and a box of dildos and vibrators. She laid down the quilt and positioned herself spread-eagled on it. Still clad in just her garter and nylons, she began to explore her body with her fingers. She pinched and caressed her nipples with one hand as the other slowly traced up and down her inner thighs and along the lips of her beautiful pink slit. Slowly she inserted a finger into her glistening snatch, then two fingers, then three. She reached for a large 12-inch dildo and began licking up and down the side of it. She suck the rubber cock in her mouth with long, slow sucks that matched the rhythm of her finger fucking and the song. The crowd ras really going wild as the 12-inch dick disappeared down her throat.

Marsha then played a switch, shoving the enormous tool into her dripping cunt while licking the sweet juices from her fingers. She began to roll around on the quilt while fucking herself into a frenzy. She moved seductively from one position to the next so the entire audience would have a chance to see her shoving that huge cock in and out of her cunt. She began moaning as she pinched her nipples and kept time to the music with her ass. She grabbed for a small mini vibrator and proceeded to lubricate it with her mouth. Then she rolled onto her stomach, raised her ass in the air, and with one gigantic shove pushed the small vibrator deep into her ass. What a sight she was as she shoved the two tools in and out of her ass and cunt at the same time! As the song came to an end, Marsha had an orgasm like I never seen before, which left her lying exhausted on the floor as the lights went out. From the moaning I heard around me in the audience, I suspect a few of them came also. The crowd started yelling, "More - more, we want Marsha! Bring back Marsha."

Then the MC came on stage and yelled, "Start the music and lock the doors." When the doors had been locked, the music began and Marsha danced into the audience. She started sitting on everybody's lap and stroking the dicks of the guys next to her. You could hear them come as she ground her cunt against their cocks. Soon four of the other five contestants (three of which never did get to dance) came out into the audience and started taking patrons up on the stage as they changed amateur night into audience-participation night. All five girls took on at least five guys each during the next hour. There were threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. I saw one guy come at least three times, and I equalled the same number with three of the other four girls.

The best of the three was a girl named Lynn. Lynn was about five feet two with a slim, neat figure. Her tits were about 34 to 35 and very well shaped. She had long blond hair like Marsha's, but her face was more pronounced due to her high narrow cheekbones. She was ever so slightly cross-eyed, but it added to her schoolgirlish charm. Anyway, Lynn had been the first contestant of the evening and was now back for as many encores as she could get.

I had just finished witha brown-haired fox named Patty when I looked over on my right and saw Lynn on all fours. She was sucking on one cock while another was hammering at a staggering pace in her cunt. I rested while I watched her lovely tits hanging down and swaying to the rhythm of the fuck. She was nearing her peak when the guy suddenly pulled out of her cunt and squirted his load all over her ass. She started moaning, "Don't stop - don't stop. Oh, please, somebody, fuck me, fuck me!" By this time I had a hard-on again. I moved in behind her, sticking my fingers into her snatch. I fingered her in rhythmic strokes as I spread the come on her ass around her puckered little hole. With no warning, I shoved another finger into her ass as the first finger slipped back into her cunt. She cried, "No, not in the ass, please." But her ass told another story as she shoved it back onto my fingers. With the middle finger in her cunt and my index finger in her ass, I began to move at a faster pace. She matched the rhythm by increasing the pace at which she was sucking the guy in front. I spread some of the extra come from her ass on my dick and moved in close behind her. Again without warning, I pulled my hand away and shoved my seven-inch tool into her ass. She screamed as it forced its way in, but she continued to shove backwards onto it. Her scream died into load moaning as she neared orgsam. She came at the same time as the guy in front, and I was not far behind.

The show had started at 11:00 p.m., and it was 3:00 a.m. when the last of the patrons had left. We asked Lynn and her husband, Mike, if they wanted to come over to the house for a drink or two. They readily accepted. By 1:00 p.m. the next afternoon we had totally drained ourselves. I have never seen Marsha so turned on before. She and Lynn gave us some very vivid and fond memories as they kept us hard by performing lesbian style whenever Mike or I said we were tired.

This was the best fantasy night Marsha has ever given me, and now she and Lynn are regular lovers - only when I allow it, that is. Lynn has now become Mike's slave too, and he and I are now forming plans for their next exhibitionist act. Mike and I can hardly wait!

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