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Author: Captain with Luck
Published: Feb 26, 2009
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An athletic boy, Kevin, also the head of the Tennis Team, is behind on Science homework. When asked to come after practice for some extra help, Kevin gets an unexpected surprise and a little more than he bargained for. No longer will Kevin ever consider an excuse for not going to Dr. Ross's classroom for extra help...

Extra "Help"

Class had come to an end, and I was already feeling exhausted. It was not because of lack of sleep, but the thought of 5 more classes to go. Physics class had just ended and I must say it is not my strongest of subjects. As the class exited the room, my teacher, Dr. Ross called me over, clearly with frustration on her mind.

"Kevin, I wanted to talk to you about your work." She said softly. "Oh, I know. I've had some computer problems at home and just haven't been able to get all my work done during study, but I'm working on getting it fixed and should have everything taken care of next week." I replied.

"Ok. Well, I was wondering if you wanted to stay after and I could give you a little help with your work, and also give you an opportunity to get some late work handed in." Dr. Ross suggested. "That sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity!" I said immediately, frustrated as well with about one minute until my next class began.

"Good, I'll be right in this room so we can take care of work." Dr. Ross said. Dr. Ross was not your typical, old snobby women. Rather than that, she was a very beautiful science teacher with voluptuous curly hair that went on for miles; sexy thighs that fit well with her peach shaped ass. I had spent numerous occasions with Dr. Ross after school, and typically there were a few other students there as well. However, as the captain of the Tennis Team I couldn't miss practice, so I quickly ran back to her an hour later to tell her the issue. "That's ok. When does your practice end" She asked.

"4 oclock, so I can get changed and get back up here around 4:15. Is that ok"

"That's perfect actually. I gotta get home around 5:30 so that will give us plenty of time to get you caught up on things.

4:10 drew upon me as I was still getting changed in the locker room. Trying to think of some way to get out of it, maybe some excuse so I could just go home and sleep, exhausted from practice. But unfortunately my mind was unable to gather up an excuse, so I proceeded upstairs to her room. When I entered, I immediately noticed only one person in the room, Dr. Ross.

"Wow, surprised no one else is here. Usually there are a few." I stated, feeling a bit uncomfortable already. "Oh, they all were gone around 4. Come, sit at the table and get to work. You got a lot of catching up to do!" She sounded a bit upset, and I was a bit shocked. 4:45 drew around and while she was sitting at the computer on her stool, I could just see her thong reaching out of her skirt, asking to be stared at. I believe she caught me, because although I made it seem like I was cracking my back, my eyes still glanced at her.

"I got a question about number 5." I said.

"Ok, that one's simpler than it appears (right, because I'm brain dead apparently). Let me try and act it out to you... Um, hm let's see. Let's say the Chalkboard is North and your south. Person A is standing, facing North and has to reach out to grab Object B. Now his arms are approximately 3 feet and 2 inches long, so if she makes a 90 degree angle (acts out the angle) what is the length from her feet to her hands"

Well I must say, at this point I was jumping outta my boots in my mind. I fully understood the question and how to solve it, and proceeded with the story. However, I came to another problem about a question regarding to flexibility. As surprised as anyone, after I asked her for some help she gave me a strange response. "Lemme show you something in the back room, it might help you understand better."

In our school, the doors lock automatically when they close, which can be a hassle if your teacher is MIA during class and you cant get back in from a bathroom run. Yet in my Physics class ,theres a little room in back with some old equipment, a TV, and a spare desk. As I walked up behind her in the room, she immediately turned around, put her hands on the desk and arched back a bit. Her shirt was tight, and the bottom of it was lifting up off her skin from the tightness of her shirt covering her large, firm breasts. I was utterly confused. "Um, what is it you wanted to show me"

She responded in a soft tone "My flexibility....". My mind was racing like a race horse, and she immediately grabbed my shirt and ripped the buttons right out of the holes. My hands felt up her back, slowly moving down to her bum. She was wearing a sexy brown blouse with a black corduroy skirt, and my hands slowly lifted up her skirt and felt her ass, rubbing it smoothly.

Mrs. Ross' lips and I met, and it was so tender. But quick, that was the problem, as she quickly turned me around and told me to sit on the desk. Unbuckling my belt, whipping it out quickly. It was sexy, and she turned around and gave me a quick little lap dance. Confused at how this came about, I spoke up finally. "Um, Miss Ross. Although this is really hot, um, why"

"Kevin, I find you extremely attractive and with my husband on a business trip, I've been very lonely. I need someone young and energetic to take me across the world, and make me cum, cum a lot."

I had no objection to this, and following the dance she unzipped my pants and pulled my stiff member out. Gently slipping it into her mouth, she gagged on my 7" shaft, over time sucking on it harder and faster, as I grabbed her luscious hair and held it out of the way.

"Hmmm.. come on, get up." She said. She led me to one of the science desks, sturdy lab benches throughout the room. She laid back and pulled up her skirt. Without even a word, I immediately got on my knees and licked the hell out of her clit. She put her head back and moaned softly. She removed her shirt, and used it to gag her mouth in fear of a loud moan, which would disturb other teachers throughout the school and draw attention, which we clearly did not want.

After a few minutes of my tongue inside her, where she came and filled my mouth up, I got on my feet and immediately slid my penis into her clit. Feeling it in her, she wrapped her arms around me and I pumped her harder and harder for almost 5 minutes before I whipped it out, and came all over her stomach.

"Aw, I was just starting to have fun" She remarked, a little upset. "It's ok" I responded "I can keep going." "Hm... that is so sexy" Dr. Ross said, in an extremely kinky tone.

As the climbed down from the table, we walked up to the front of the room to a shower, there for safety. We turned it on and it soaked her hair, breasts and ass all in a matter of seconds. Grabbing the pole, Kevin rammed Dr. Ross from behind, as she put her hand in her mouth to prevent another loud moan.

Even after 10 minutes of this, after repeatedly turning the shower on, we were not yet done as she climbed on top of me on the table. Facing me, she put her hands next to my head and began to bounce on my cock, with several moments where she rested and I began to take charge. I was starting to geel my cum come up again, and flipped her over. Her head hit hard but she didn't care, she wasn't going to let anything stop her from more orgasms. As she wrapped her legs around my back, I pumped and pumped, and grabbed her large breasts. I removed myself and moved up a few steps, as she opened her mouth. I came, and it went all over her face, in her mouth, and dripped down her cheek. "Hm, looks like we got a lot accomplished today." Dr. Ross said, followed by a giggle.

"Ya, that was phenomenal." I said.

"Hm, my pool needs some "cleaning". Seeing as my husband is away, no one will know. Can you do a quick "job" for me I'll "pay you well" Dr. Ross said.

I was still stunned by what just occurred, but my mind knew the answer, and so did she.

" I'm available any time this weekend...."

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