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His Small Thing was Not So Small

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Author: Brenda McClou_
Published: 09-Mar-09 Revised/Updated 24-Mar-09
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I had fucked this cab driver all night. We got a shower together and dressed. The snow had drifted so much, it had covered the door. There we were in this motel room. Me, and this Small Thing. We did manage to fuck a whole lot more over the next couple days. I never did make it to my sisters house.

* * * * * * *

Traveling during the winter, the weather there is rather un-predictable. My flight came in a little early to surprise my sister and her husband with a visit. It had started to rain was starting to come down pretty heavy, like Forest Gump said, Big Ol' Fat Rain. I stood in the rain a few minutes when a cab slowed down and stopped.

"Need a cab Maam" a voice came. "Yeah I sure do" The driver ran to open the trunk and back door. "Hurry up up Maam so you don't get soaked" Here I'll take your bags" My bra and the sheer silk blouse I had on was not quite enough to cover up my cold nipples. They stuck out like a pair of AA Batteries. I could feel them protruding and the cab driver seen them poking their heads out. I tried to act like everything was normal.

The cab driver was an extremely dark tall black man. He spoke with a heavy African accent. He reminded of John Cofe in the "Green Mile" I was apprehensive about getting in his cab alone, but I was cold and nearly soaked to the skin. The rain was going into snow very quickly and coming down in big flakes. The wind picked up and blowing sideways.

"Looks like a bad storm, maam. The driver said. "Better get in before you freeze to the bone. Where shall I to take you" I gave his my distention as he drove off. "Maam, there is a blanket under your seat, you may want to cover up" I reached down to get the blanket and un-folded it and a picture fell out. It was this driver standing near a grass hut & he was totally nude, I thought to myself. Gawd, He had a piece of meat ah hanging. My loins twinged gathering moisture and it wasn't because of the rain.

"Excuse me, this fell out" I handed the picture over the seat to him. "Oh There it is" He said. "Sorry Maam, I didn't mean for you to see that. I lost it some time ago" Thanks...

"Name's Cheche, maam. What do people call you when their not pissed" "I'm Marty, it's short for Martel. I'm visiting my sister and her family for a time. What did you say your name is" I asked. "I am Nigerian. Cheche is my name, in Nigerian it means (small thing) I said, "Well by the picture, you're parents named you wrong. "He smiled and said, "Oh that, it was a gift from the village gods. We both laughed.

The snow was getting deep and drifting over the road. "WoW! Maam, we still 20 miles to go. The snow is pretty bad. We saw flashing lights further up the highway. The county sheriff had the road closed. Cheche had to pull over to talk to the cops. "Sorry folks, you can't go any further. The deep snow has caused a bad accident a mile up the road. You will have to stay at the motel the rest of the night" The cop said.

Cheche said, "What do you want t do Maam, turn around and go back to the city" I said, "You can stop calling me Maam! for one thing. It's ok we can stop and get a couple of rooms." We went inside and the clerk "We have 1 room left, it has 1 bed" We will have to take it, I said to the clerk. "I'll get you a roll-a-way bed"

Cheche & I checked in & the room it wasn't much to brag on, but it did have ah bed and a hot shower. My clothes were still kinda damp from the rain and I was cold. I told Cheche I was going to get ah shower. I locked the door & turned on the water and removed my wet clothes. Letting the hot water just run over my body. Oh the hot shower was just what I needed. The bathroom was all steamy I failed to hear the door open. He stepped the bathroom, I screamed. "What are you doing" He was standing there in the buff, all I seen was his gift from the gods. My pussy twitched I felt moisture building.

"Just what do you have on your mind" I asked. Cheche said, "You are very Sexy, Madam, I thought you might like some help with your shower" My pussy twitched again and my nipples stood out. "I have never had a black man wanting to wash my body.

I reached forward to take Cheche's hand and draw him into the shower. "Ya know, I have never had a Black Walnut Log like that before. Nothing even close to that size" Close the shower door, Stud. This white pussy is going to try to take as much of that black log as it can" I grabbed him by his namesake and pulled him in with me. Completely soft he was 6" plus. His dick started to grow right before my eyes. His Nigerian name meant (Small Thing) BS. It continued its growth. Damn, this dick was half way to his knees and black, almost purple.

I placed my hand around it at the base I stacked hand over hand three times before I got to the head and extremely hard. My fingers didn't even come close to meeting together. I mean this dude was huge. This small thing, so he was named had to be 11 to 12' and 6' around. it was so heavy it hung low. i dropped to my knees and took him to my mouth. I sucked him into my throat. I could only get passed his head and about 3' in my face. I started to jack him off and with my hands. He was soon making low muffled growling sounds. I tried to get as much of him down my neck. I couldn't get any more then 5" passed my uvula.

Cheche was pinching my erect nipples while mauling my titties causing me to become wetter. There was so much of his cock left uncovered. I deep throated him while jacking him in perfect rhythm with him as he was fuckin' my face. I reached up to his ball sack and tweaked them ah little. "Oh Fuck, here it came". Volley after volley of African cum went down my cullet. The men that I have down my neck spurted a few times and then they're done. Cheche kept cumming and cumming with heavy amounts of cum. I couldn't swallow fast enough to get it all. It must have been coming from his leg. We got out of the shower, the water was getting cold.

We rested a bit on the bed while I was running my hands up and down his pole. He said, "Grip it real hard and fast" In just a few minutes he started stroking my pussy the same speed I was. He was cumming again with such force and almost hit the ceiling. I was near my first of many orgasms. Cheche's fingers were doing a triple penetration. His thumb riding my hard clit, he had a finger in my pussy and a finger in my ass and still rubbing my tits. I was in deed enjoying that treatment. "OH "FUCK I'M CUMMING!" Cheche "Oh cum with me" I said. I continued beating his rod and the third round of cum started. OH "FUCK I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" BABE, JERK ME OFF HARD" He screamed. Damn he came three times in 40 minutes. Cheche and I spooned while we rested again. I soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke up some time later as Cheche had started to access my pussy from behind with that small thing.

I raised my hips as answering his nudge. Cheche thrust his knob inside me. I looked up at his smiling face, as he drove as much of it as he could before hitting botton. The over-all length of his dark shaft down between my silky peddles of my flower. He stoked the fires in my loins. He was thrusting so hard my tits hurt from swaying so fast. Cheche was rubbing my G-Spot with his cock. I was close to squirting my love cum all over us. Cheche looked like a oil derrick going after ah gusher.

He said, "You like this black snake don't you" "Oh Yeah I do" I said, "but Please don't stop. I'm close, I. I I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING, FUCK MY PUSSY WITH THAT SMALL THING" He did a Big sigh of relief as I was being filled me with yet another batch of goo! "Oh Cheche' Love Me like you really mean it"

We came all over each other. My snatch felt so full with a quart of cum, my woman cum and yet his dick was still in me. I was wasted. I had been satisfied over and over. He said he was done also, yet he was still pretty firm. I heard a big (Blop) when he took his cock out of me. It sounded like a champagne bottle cork.

"Cheche is there any woman that has taken all that cock If so. I donno where she'd put it. That was so fantastic" It was 7am then. I had fucked this cab driver all night. We got a shower together and dressed. The snow had drifted so much, it had covered the door. There we were in this motel room. Me, and this Small Thing. We did manage to fuck a whole lot more over the next couple days. I never did make it to my sisters house.

"Oh by the way Maam, I can't charge you for your trip. It's on me"

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